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Challenge #03006-H083: Thus Sayeth...

It was simple curiosity. The curiosity of a single man that destroy the universe and created a new one. A new universe, your world was born. The single man was reborn as a god and created a system. As the world advanced to each further stage, it was inherited by generations of different life forms oversee by the single god. As time goes on the single god was defeated by the new god the he himself created. Thus this world has become stagnant. It has expired. Therefore I must ask you it new god. Will you allow the world continue to stagnate? Or will you let it evolve to the next level? The choice is yours to make. -- Anon Guest

It is, when one thinks about it, the ultimate power. The power to create. There could be a plan, points in a straight line that joins aleph to omigh. There could be fiddling and twiddling just to see what happens next. Give them curiosity and a tree from which they must not eat. Will they obey or will they take the knowledge of good and evil? Was it an ineffable plan or a quixotic creator messing about with things. Were apocalypses part of the endless cycle of time, or was the creator just tired of messing about with Pleistocene? Only one could ever know, and they weren't in the habit of talking to anyone.

Until now.

Iam had thought they were alone, until the Voice spoke from the firmament. You have made many things, the Voice said. It is good.

Iam reached out to the Voice. "And who are you?" they spake.

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Challenge #03005-H082: Land of the Loveless

From around the world, tieflings were vanishing. Sometimes just fading away, sometimes disappearing in a gout of flame, but they were not dying. The spell was cast, though the summoners had to work very hard on it. A kingdom, a beautiful one where people, all people, were treated with dignity and kindness. The rulers, the queen and king, both tieflings. They were calling for the outcasts, the unwanted. "Come here, come home, please, let our lands shelter you." Twin brothers, one tiefling,

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Challenge #03004-H081: Guilt of the Survivor

I was a trained soldier, I taught others how to fight.

I was a trained soldier, I taught others how to escape.

I was a trained soldier, I taught others how to kill.

I was a trained .....soldier..... I taught them... how to die well.

A flower was placed upon the stone, tears sliding down their face. Two dozen stones, each one with the same, white and red, flower, upon it. The old man's head bowed. His caretaker, a gentle havenworlder, placed

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Challenge #03003-H080: An Honest Mistake

These havenworlders were marsupials and, as such, it was not unusual to see a tiny head poking out of a specially modified set of ship skins from time to time. When the human said she was expecting, her spouse was excited, but the havenworlders were confused that the humans politely turned down the offer for a modified set of skins with a pouch opening. -- DaniAndShali

It was hot news on the Trembling Whisker - the Ships' Humans were reproducing! The pair

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Challenge #03002-H079: Friendship Offering

They were used to having humans aboard ships over the years. One group or another would work with them to protect them whenever they were heading out to map the Edge. As usual, they had four humans with them. Two scientists, two guards. But one of the guards was different. Unlike all the humans the havenworlders had worked with in the past, this individual politely declined all of the sweet desserts that were offered in friendship and preferred fresh fruits and sliced

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Challenge #03001-H078: How to Befriend a Monster

An alien meets human's pet cat and has an existential crisis dealing with the fact that their seemingly sane friend keeps a tiny ferocious predator around and thinks it is cute. -- Anon Guest

"[GENDER PRONOUN] is just an old softie," should definitely be classified as words of impending horror. Brex had just been told not to mind Meep, and then spotted a low, fast shape zip through his peripheral vision. Human Pod had assured him, "He's just an old softie, really.

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Challenge #03000-H077: Scheherezade III

I can't help it, I gotta know, how DO people react at the royal event seeing the twins together?

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02929-h006-the-trouble-with-tails -- DaniAndShali

Viceroy Jubilation Araveth Falsworth Merrimine could always tell when the rest of the room spotted his brother, Apprehension. It was not quite a universal gasp, but there was a definite chorus of indrawn breaths. Usually from the gallery of those waiting to see who was whom as they arrived. Then the musicians would stutter to

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Challenge #02999-H076: Full on Pinkies Up

There were cupcakes, which immediately drew attention to the activity. There were also the ship's humans, both of them, sitting quietly and sipping from fancifully patterned drinking vessels, despite usually becoming a shrieking maelstrom of highly active competition when interacting with one another. There was a small container with a spoon in it that, upon inspection, contained sugar. ...there were more cupcakes than two humans could reasonably eat on their own. There were extra cups. There was, it turned out, an open

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Challenge #02998-H075: With Great Power...

Power is power; it is pure, cannot be corrupted, intentions can. It is up to the individual whenever or not they use their power to ascend to divinity or fall to hell -- Anon Guest

They say, Power corrupts. They say, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What they fail to recognise is that those who grasp for power are already corrupt. There is a true difference, indeed, between those who grasp for power and those who have to accept it. It begins with

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Challenge #02997-H074: For Neurochemical Imbalances

A level 3 deathworlder has to come bail their human out of jail again! The human has an arm band showing they are currently battling a mental health issue. The poor person is an addict undergoing treatment and had escaped from the care center. The havenworlder medic at the caretaker's side sighs, shaking their head as the human is dealing with a major hangover. Helping addicts clean up is so incredibly frustrating! Sure the work is rewarding, but it's no wonder the

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Challenge #02996-H073: Fixing the Wrong Problem, Fixed

N-now do you understand? This is... the true form of your Legion’s power. All it can do is... is cause pain... nothing more. ...we have that in common. In this form... e-even if you do survive... In the end... can you... can you... call yourself “human”? -- Anon Guest

[AN: My right wrist decided to have the fail this morning. Joy. I really needed more noise in the way of my goals]

It began with a fallacy. The world would be

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Challenge #02995-H072: A Great Need of Angels

They were privateers. They attacked pirate ships as their primary prey. However, there were times they attacked civilian vessels as well. However, when they attacked civilian vessels, it was not the outcome people expected. While everyone was unconscious from the knockout gas, they would go around the ship repairing any damage they did, and any issues they noticed, make sure the crew and passengers were unharmed, and then leave a listing right where the captains and crews could find them of where

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Challenge #02994-H071: Survival's Edge

One of the squishier, timid alien species is marooned on a dangerous planet with their ship’s human. The escape pod has disintegrated ejecting various components over the landscape. The human is injured and unconscious through the ordeal. The alien survives by initially reciting the mantra of “What would Human Sal do?”. And then venturing out to retrieve bits of the craft to create a shelter, healing technologies, food, etc… Macgyvering all the way as they have seen their human do in

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Challenge #02993-H070: Small Disaster Control

Sometimes, previously scheduled social bonding activities go wrong, especially when dealing with humans. In this case, one of the humans in question was found drinking beer in the corner and crying during a time that was blocked out for a social gathering. When questioned, they explained that there had been some tension between two other members of the group, which had just sort of gotten worse when they tried to defuse it, until the whole gaming session had dissolved into raised voices

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Challenge #02992-H069: Justice Warriors

In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of

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