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Challenge #03673-J020: Audience Survey

The bard saw Wraithvine and Gikka's camp, saw Wraithvine was sleeping, Gikka on guard. They quietly came up, asked to join the camp, and in return, offered to play music to while away some time -- Anon Guest

[AN: Elves don't sleep, Nonny, but I understand what you mean]

A wandering minstrel needs many things, it is true. Besides sustenance, rest, and shelter, a minstrel also needs an audience. So, footsore and travel weary, Chantalla Pascadill was glad of a fire with shadows around it.

That kind of fire meant a camp. Camp meant people. People meant listeners. Feedback! Sweet, glorious, golden feedback!

When creation is a soul's meat and milk, knowing that the creation can appeal to an audience is the difference between life and death. Chantalla increased their pace. A trade already in their mind.

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Challenge #03672-J019: A Wolf With Honour

I am a member of Pax Humanis. I have sworn my very life, my SOUL, to this Havenworlder and their family. I will protect them for as long as I can draw breath. They saved my beloved family, they saved my children, anyone that touches them, or my family, will pray that death finds them before I do. -- The New Guy

Once upon a time, a Human decided that it was a good idea to throw food to a wolf. Eventually,

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Challenge #03670-J017: Nothing Scheduled

The station was quiet, well as quiet as a major hub could be, but more than that, it was peaceful. They sat in the garden, enjoying the relaxation, nibbling on snacks, and petting a cleaner, who was scooping up the snack crumbs. -- Anon Guest

Rare indeed in the public service industries is an entire day off. Yes, members of essential services get their holidays, but the day off is a direct result of slowness in the system. A lack of demand

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Challenge #03669-J016: Don't Ask About Dog Hair

The human race has only recently been allowed into the Alliance, and people are just getting used to their odd ways. And, ah, the poor medics, they are convinced and worried as they are dealing with a human with very strange symptoms, until another human teaches them about Hangovers. -- Lessons

From The Care and Maintenance of a Ship's Human, the collaborative infonet community: "Humans, especially Humans from their sovereign territories, are known to imbibe toxins for fun. They enjoy the sensory

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Challenge #03668-J015: Unjustly Underestimated

Valuing strength above all, she saw no worth in me. —————————— “It’s ok dear let mama carry the groceries.” -- Anon Guest

Life is long, and full of struggles. There are many mountains to climb in the span of a lifetime, and I shall do many great deeds. This, I know in my heart of hearts. You may call me prideful, but I name myself 'motivated'.

You, who scoff and sneer at me. You, who judge me by my size. You, who

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Challenge #03667-J014: Earned Retirement

Once survivors are rescued, a shuttle with a very talented pilot hovers low enough to retrieve the loved ones that are lost.

https://beta.peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03615-i327-last-entry-from-human-dyoth -- Fighting Fit

Some Humans give everything for their assigned crew. It's their pack-bonding. They can't not save others despite the risk to their own lives. Human Dyoth judged their life worth the sacrifice.

Their "Fuzzies" didn't agree with them.

Dyoth had attempted to make a safe descent and passed out in the

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Challenge #03666-J013: Indeed in Need

"It is my dying wish, my beloved havenworlder friend. Take my fortune, for I have so many centuries, and hand out to each person in need one decade each, until the fortune is fully distributed." And with those last words, recorded for posterity, the elderly individual died, peacefully. -- Anon Guest

What does one do with a massive fortune? Centuries of Time, and now the earner of such had declared it a charity fund. For anyone in need. For everyone in need.

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Challenge #012: Versatile Lessons of the Crown

“Your daughter is doing something ridiculous”

looks at the father doing the exact same thing

“Ah I see, it’s hereditary” -- Anon Guest

Duke Garibald Tansie would never admit out loud that he was slightly ashamed of his King. There were several good reasons, starting with the fact that Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, ninth of the name, was devilborn. A Hellkin.

There was also the matter of his upbringing. Sent to the other side of the world to learn martial arts

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Challenge #03664-J011: Any Rogue With a Pencil

Una familia se acerca a Wraithvine y le pide el don... de la alfabetización. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated from Spanish by DuckDuckGo: A family approaches Wraithvine and asks for the gift... of literacy.]

"Of course I can teach," said Wraithvine. Ze would begin with the Trader Tongue, since it was literally everywhere and understood by most, if not all, intelligent creatures. It would do them the most good in the least amount of time. Ze would also take hir time to

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Challenge #03663-J010: The Hardest Lesson

"You have everything. Wealth, houses, tons of food, staff to satisfy your every whim. Yet, you say you feel empty inside. Lonely, and unfulfilled. How about try... sharing your wealth, and gaining a type of wealth no money could ever buy?" -- Anon Guest

Not every Dragon is born with scales and wings. Many are born in Human bodies, and live like their fellows. Save for one difference - they have it all, and they want more.

Witness the young Emperor Ymmus,

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Challenge #03662-J009: Gentle Corrections

Two travelers: a massive bugbear, and a small half-fae. The bugbear, a priest of the Church of Wraithvine, soothing, kind, soft-spoken; the half-fae, fierce, a warrior, and the bugbear's protector. Unfortunately, people get them mixed up all the time, much to their detriment. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: I have, in the world of Alfarell, fae-kin: people who came from, or are related to people who came from the Plane of Magic, also known as Nanogh. So that means I can make up

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Challenge #03661-J008: To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn...

When is it appropriate to kill? And when is it appropriate to allow yourself to die? These are questions roiling through the head of the young adult who is on their first job as a ship's human, protecting these kind scientists who were treating him as if he was their own family. -- Anon Guest

Human Zan's first log entry on the first day of his first job as Ship's Human was, Sweet Powers, it's full of nerds.

It was a science

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Challenge #03660-J007: Save the Warrior

The ship blew apart, the last one aboard, the human. One last message as it rammed into the enemy flagship, causing the enemy forces to be completely crippled. "One Life for the saving of millions, I'll gladly pay it!" But... what happened to the human? No body was found. -- Anon Guest

This was the battle that stopped the Vorax from using their Dreadnaughts. The Humans - in their near-eternal battle with their traditional enemy, other Humans - had come up with

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Challenge #03659-J006: Balm for a Shattered Heart

They care deeply for Wraithvine, and ask them out on a date. If rejected, they take it well and ask if they could at least sit and talk over tea. If accepted, they smile, and plan for a wonderful dinner. -- Anon Guest

Once an immortal has been an immortal for a few eras, the signs start to show. Not in wrinkles or grey hairs because immortality isn't worth spit without the associated eternal youth codicil. What gives an immortal away, after

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Challenge #03658-J005: Unskilled at Bargaining

A dragon "kidnaps" Wraithvine's friend, Gikka, and flew off with her. Though, oddly enough, seemed to be flying slow enough to let Wraithvine keep up. Only to gently put Gikka down by a pile of books, and ask Gikka to please teach them how to read, offering dragon's gold in return for the favor. -- Lessons

Kobolds and Dragons go way back. Some say that when the world was very new, Dragons allegedly created Kobolds to be their servants. You know, since

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