Challenge #04204-K186: Not Like Other Rogues

I was born looking human in a community of those most call Unwanted. They treated me kindly and rarely mistreated me for my appearance. Save for a few with grudges who learned quickly it was wrong. So why do so many who look like me treat them so badly just because of how they look? -- Anon Guest

I grew up in ShadowCluster. A tumbledown community wedged into the crevice of Halgal Cliffs, the edifice that gave the city Myncloch its name. The crevice was too unstable to mine, but fully stable enough to shelter Myncloch's ghetto. Here there be Unwelcome People. People who are criminals just by existing.

I was six years old before I saw the sunshine without my mother hovering nearby. By then, I was old enough to wear the artificial horns and the mock tail that made me look like all the other Hellkin in ShadowCluster. I, like many Hellkin, learned to run home fast if I saw the City Watch.

I was eight when I learned I wasn't a Hellkin.

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