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Challenge #02269-F079: Not Really That Deadly

Australia is a deathcountry. No talking back on that.

  • Giant Toads

  • poisonus Everything

  • f*ckt up climate everywhere

  • Birds, who defeated the Government (not even smart ones at that)

  • their Naming (Fairybread, Maccas,...)

Aliens learn of that from a human and an Aussie. (Will Australia receive an honorable Title of Deathcountry stage 5 or 5.5? You decide!) -- Anon Guest

Deathworld classifications work on how many factors can be seen as "being out to get" cogniscents who live there. These factors being one or more of: Flora, fauna, mycota(fungus), environment, weather, and the local solar system's quirks or foibles. For example, the Deathworld Majangahi is class three because of a hostile meteor swarm that regularly peppers the surface of the world with small craters, as well as a hostile weather system and a large population of venomous creatures.

Few have ever been able to classify a Death continent. At least, not before they met Australians.

"Nah, seriously. It gets deadly hot the further north you get. Queensland's not only used to temperatures of forty see[1], but also humidity so thick we swore they'd grow gills." Human Davo flapped their hands on either side of their neck in an imitation of a fish. "You've heard the catchy song we have about the wildlife," they sang a snippet, "Redback, funnelweb, blue-ringed octopus/ Taipan, tiger snake, adder, box jellyfish..."

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I'm Lernding

I didn't get all of my Nothing done yesterday. Beloved had counter-plns to drag me off. I'm still going to work on some of my shit today. I want to focus on learning Java because I really need to get that app going.

When I burn out from that, I'll catch up on the rest of my nothing.

I really need to get rattling with Java. Most of the programming course is about drawing stuff and I want to focus on text

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Challenge #02268-F078: A Light in You

I read an article a while back about humans having some sort of line system (like a fish with sensors) which controls for example diseases like (sorry not english: G├╝rtelrose[AN: Google says 'shingles']) it lays outside of the human visible spectrum. Only humans have this and no other animal or plants have.

Also we humans shine. Like really, really low, but still, we glow very weak in the dark. Again not visible for us.

But what if other aliens don't have

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Gotta love a morning after

It got dramatic, last night. My little Gerblin convert turned away from the light and came back to bite us on the ass with the help of some worgs.

Gaarsh is very upset about all this. Especially since he's had his first kill since the Bad Time, and he was killing someone he was playing with just minutes before.

There's gonna be an angst fest and I plan on loving it to bits. Some arguing between the party members who are not

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Challenge #02267-F077: Friend? Friend!

Alien Snake-/Reptilian species meet the Human Race. Unfortunately (or Fortunately, depending on your viewpoint ^^) first contact happens between a snake lover (Pet the Snek !) and a proud Ambassador. -- Anon Guest

Many unfortunate First Contact situations have arisen because one or more cogniscent species in the encounter strongly resembles another's phobia species. We therefore recommend that all cogniscents finding themselves within a First Contact situation take a few moments to stop all voluntary movement, put down any tools, and properly assess

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I am so stoked for today.

The whole gang is due to turn up and the game shall indeed be on and I intend to enjoy the hell out of it.

Other PLNs include all the flash fictions, as normal, but I've DONE my novel for this week, so I don't have to fret about that.

I might be able to squeeze in some self-education or work on any given project, today. That'd be cool.

We shall see what we see when

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Challenge #02266-F076: Toughest in the Room

"This thing all things devours:

Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grinds hard stones to meal;

Slays kings, ruins town,

And beats high mountain down." - Gollum

Humans are the oldest, wisest but also the most curious and reckless species in the galaxy. -- Anon Guest

Humanity, thanks to various deep dives down one-way wormholes, is officially the oldest species in the known Universe. That said, they are still a dangerously deadly egotistical child race who also happen to be

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[Gif: Mushu rises from the clouds of smoke in a small fountain of sparks]

As you may have guessed, the site's back up. We've paid our internet ransom to the great IP host in the cloud.

This site is safe. The stories continueth.

I have figured out that if I write a thousand words per diem on Wednesday and Thursday on Game Nite Weeks, then I don't have to worry about my output on Game Nites.

That's the PLN for today, and

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Challenge #02265-F075: Realised Set-up

A character rips up some paper -- writingprompts365

[AN: My hub site is down and therefore so is my prompts queue. In the meantime, I'm making do with the tag #writing-prompts on Tumblr. Normal services will resume as soon as we establish what 'normal' is]

In retrospect, maybe they shouldn't have taken the job from Lee R. "Slick" DeSchonko. In retrospect, letting Marvin do the negotiations was a bad idea. The Human fighter and trainee wizard was the most open and trusting

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Challenge #02264-F074: Health Spa and Karma Services

"Death is a door,

Time is a window,

I will come back" - Vigor (Ghostbusters II)

One human has this as his motto for life. -- Anon Guest

They say that the lands of Death are the undiscovered country. They say that mortality is the absolute final frontier, because nobody comes back. Imagine thinking that that is your limit. Imagine being that ignorant. In brief, imagine life before necromancy.

Yes, yes, yes. Subverting the natural flow of the cycle of life and

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I might forget Patron today

Apologies in advance, I will be doing my utmost to be sure it's done, but...

I have a shrink visit in an unknown location and that's likely to fuck me up big time. Getting there. Getting back. I am likely to be a frazzle.

I'll try not to forget that, or the other things I have scheduled, but... I know me.

Now you know I'm at least trying.

Speaking of doing my best, I have figured out that on weekends of Nothing,

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Challenge #02263-F073: Children Problems

Human children grow their teeth. Problems arise as consequence.

How would that be for species, wou have three rows with hundreds of teeth? How would they react to a human toddler with their special problems? -- Anon Guest

The Edge Territories. Here there be Humans. Raashig was assured that, as a Selachid, the Humans wouldn't attempt to start any aggression. That said, such assurances were not a guarantee. There was always a minimum of one Humans who was drunk enough, belligerent enough,

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That was a lovely nothing, this weekend. I enjoyed it heartily.

Today, I have a poll so all my lovely followers can vote on what they want me to write. As you can see, my subject kittens are proliferating nicely.

I have more ideas than I have time to write. Fingers crossed that keeps me going until I reach a grand old age.

Today's another day of the grind, but this time, I can play my vinyl collection again. As I suspected,

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Challenge #02262-F072: Cold Revenge by Proxy (Number 238)

Simply a story over a bloodthirsty psychopath, who listens to classical music, while ripping the faces of his enemies off and bathing in their blood.

Simply put, a normal Monday morning for him at work. -- Anon Guest

There is something to be said about Chamber Music. It inspires the mind. It lifts the spirits. It's an excellent counterpoint to the screams of your enemies. As an aficionado, I know it was originally created to provide a pleasant background to high society

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A Weekend of Nothing

I have nothing planned for this weekend. An entire forty-eight hours of nowhere to go, nothing to do, and everything centred around just hanging out to chill.

I'm loving it.

I got to get one episode further through Critical Role, watched some more Umbrella Academy with Beloved and added an ep of MacGuyver because we were out of brainpower for the evening.

I also got to make an interesting discovery about Minecraft.

Old hats at the game will remember the introduction of

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