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Challenge #02774-G217: Finding a Smile

"No, thank you."


"Get that out of my face."


"STOP" -- Anon Guest

They said, Give a sweet thing to a sour face. Which was the very essence of the Sunshine Festival. Enough smiles, and the sun would rise, bringing an end to the cold of winter. Which was why the marketplace was overloaded with cloth flowers that had been soaked in cloying perfume. Honey-cakes abounded. Beautiful music filled every corner and turned every road into a cacophony.

Compliments that usually didn't enter Neg's ears flowed from every painted lip. People wore bright colours, lit every lamp, and there were blazing fires in every brazier, as if everyone were trying to give the sun an unsubtle hint. It was the worst day to beg for a bowl of stew, but Neg had to do it anyway. It was the only way he got to eat.

Honey cakes could fill his belly, but they would not keep him warm in the chill of the night. For that, Neg needed nutrition. Something that was lacking in the joyful atmosphere of the Sunshine Festival. He needed to fortify himself against the night, and there was no amount of silk flowers that would insulate him against the lingering winter chill.

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Gotta unfuck on Friday (Day 3)

It's foggy, we're on day three of no new plague cases, even though there's that one bloke who broke quarantine five days early and is in parts unknown. Last I heard, anyway.

I've fed the cats, fed the starters, and my harvest pancake is currently cooking. Yay. I still have yet to unfuck the house, but that is scheduled.

I'm feeling organised as heck.

Let's check the news.

  • Authorities all over the place looking very hard at frozen foodstuffs
  • NZ clamping down
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Challenge #02773-G216: Vent Words

(Unabashedly based on my grandmother and her go to "curse word")

H - "Crab apples, pineapples, and sauerkraut!"

A - "... I think my translator is broken. I got an offensensitivity warning on what you just said, but I think you just listed foods?"

H - "You shouldn't curse... It is rude." -- SilverRey

Humans are bizarre. This is acknowledged. Some Humans just happen to be more bizarre than others. For example: Most cogniscent species acknowledge the need for stresser/expressive words to

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Challenge #02772-G215: To Aid in Aggression

It was a huge battle, they ended up having to ACTUALLY call for help in the form of human space marines. Why? Because these unknown creatures that had attacked the colonial world had been so powerful that the Vorax ships it'd passed had turned tail and fled as fast as it could, after seeing how easily it had overcome two of their biggest warships.

The humans actually were having a challenge with this battle, not just in space but on the ground.

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Still Exhausted

I can't sleep, my body is tired, my brain is wired, and my eyes don't know where they are. Let's get today over with so I can try again tomorrow.

Apparently, I have to be willing to help Beloved cut mask pieces because they really don't want to do that one thing. Sigh. So I have to have razor-sharp timing to catch a moment when we both have time to spare and oomph to do something.

Not gonna lie, that's hard.


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Challenge #02771-G214: A Few Minor Obstacles

Everyone, even havenworlders, like to have pets. The type of pet, of course, depends on the type of havenworlder. One, after visiting, and surviving, her visit to the deathworld known as Earth, and especially Australia, had learned of a harmless, but brightly colored, bug called the Christmas Beetle. It was short-lived, not edible - but only because it had a very thick shell, but otherwise completely, utterly, harmless. She learned how to breed them and soon began to sell them as safe,

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Day Zero. Sigh.

Two idiots in Noosa went to Sydney and then lied about where they'd been back when the borders were still more or less open. Sigh.

I think I'm detecting a pattern.

1) Idiots go into plague zone for nonsense
2) Idiots return to the alleged safety of Queensland
3) Idiots elect to LIE about where they've been
4) Idiots cavort around the scenery, potentially infecting thousands

These two particular idiots are underaged and will therefore be also suffering the wrath of parentals

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Challenge #02770-G213: Filtered Through Children's Lies

Re-Discovery part two: electric boogaloo -- Anon Guest

With enough instrumentation, it is possible to find things you don't understand. With enough inclusive cogniscent contacts, you can also find someone willing to explain it to you.

Human Kev had been hired by the Sciencer EVR890 to scare of anything big enough and mean enough to be a threat to the Havenworlders within. Now, in spite of being hired to be the 'muscle', they were holding what

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Long Weekend? IDK (Day Three!)

Miss Chaos thinks today is a schoolday and she's eager to rock and roll. I don't blame her to be honest. The desire to return to routine is strong. I miss being able to go about and do whatever whenever without fear of nonsense.

...speaking of wherever and whatever, I fully expect to get that power supply for my Drobo and therefore have less to worry about when and if my extant compy dies. I still have $1.3K to save up

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Challenge #02769-G212: An Ounce of Foresight

Human Jane is calm compared to the others, but always carries a cocky attitude. Arguing with the others claiming they will destroy the ship. The day was like no other noise but in a sense calm, until Jane suddenly rose from her chair and dashed into the halls. The moment she left the room an explosion was heard from the training room. -- Anon Guest

Humans are their own health hazard. This is known on an intellectual level to many, but most

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Sunday (Very) Early Morning

It's still Saturday as I start writing this and you know what's going on in the wee small hours during Sunday morning.

My plans today are uncomplicated.

1) Watch Toasty's stream
2) Write story
3) Look after self

There's a second day of no plague in Queensland and once again hope rises. Especially since Queensland has closed its borders once more.

I'm still trying to stay away from the news.

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Challenge #02768-G211: Disturbing Deathworlder Deeds

Ki'it thought ze was ready. Ze had survived Human Kev's "oops"es, learned to anticipate Human Lin's "I know what I did wrong!"s, and even managed to halve zer dosage of calming medication after a half dozen of Human Ren's "uh-oh..."s.

This, however, was zer introduction to the dreaded, "Wheeeee!!!! Again!" -- Anon Guest

[AN: You are of course free to use any gender-neutral pronouns you love in prompts... it's just that I cannot conjugate anything else than ze/hir.

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A Day of Indulgences

It's Saturday and I've already had way too many carbs and I'm loving it. The PLN, such that it is, is to write today's Instant and then spend the rest of my day just faffing about. Pure nonsense, no news.

Apart from this: Dogs are apparently better at detecting Covid-19 than any man-made test. Good news for us, and I hope those brave pooches don't get the plague from us Humans.

I for one welcome any appointment with Doctor Rover.

But enough

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Challenge #02767-G210: The Problem With Pib

More Human Pib, please. -- Escla

[AN: Referencing this thing BTW ]

Havenworlders were on edge, some were seeking out places to hide. Some were seeking out places where something might be hiding. The entire crew of the Jaunty Merchant were operating under a Code Giggle.

Human Pib had escaped.

Humans Orgo and Lun were checking their entire quarters, and every nook and cranny therein. They were doing this for the fiftieth time since Human Pib had "turned up missing". The fact that

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Day One Once More

No new cases today and some rumblings that yesterday's new case may be a false positive. I refuse to take chances and count the false positives as positives anywhere.

Today's agenda includes household unfuckening and no bread. We still have an entire loaf that the family is disinterested in. I shall leave the baking of bread alone for another week. The family tends to tire of a homemade loaf now and again.

Shit happens.

Speaking of immense piles of shit:

  • Calls arise
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