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Challenge #02732-G175: Rescue Human

A human stands still, eyes closed, at their work station. Their lips move. They are talking to themself, softly.

"You're having a flashback. You're having a flashback. It's over, it's done with, you're healed. There's nothing wrong with your wrist, and no one can ever make you that helpless again. You're having a flashback." -- Anon Guest

The Galactic Alliance had initially shunned Humans, save for those existing in or near the Edge Territories. Shortly after their admission to the Alliance, the demand for Ships' Humans outstripped the supply. This lead to the beginnings of Rescue Humans.

Humans are terrible to each other, especially in some of their more rigid colonial identities. Some were desperate to escape by any means, including risking their lives by sneaking aboard freight ships. They came with scars that weren't always visible, and required a greater amount of understanding from their Alliance crew. One such Rescue Human was Human Nad.

For the most part, Nad was fine. Ekkus etiquette had it ingrained in the crew of the Risk Reward Ratio that one approached a crewmate so that they could see you approaching. Nobody crept up from behind Human Nad, and that made them more relaxed than when the crew had found them. Which was a definite improvement for Human Nad, but also disturbing for the knowledge that sometimes Humans were so horrible to each other that they never wanted to see another Human for the rest of their lives.

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Challenge #02726-G169: Only Two? Since When?

A: are you a guy or a girl?

B: yes

A: no, what’s in your pants

B: 1.50 and some lint

A: ok, what’s in between your legs?


A: alright then guess my race

B: human

A: why yes but actually no -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't think any decent person would actually utter the words "what's between your legs" because that's way too intimate a question for casual conversation. Person A in the above interchange

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Challenge #02731-G174: A Cautionary Tale

“If you want to hurt a man, do not target him. Target what he loves. Take that which he holds dear to his heart and twist it, corrupt it, or destroy it altogether. Then and only then will you hurt him in a way that he will feel in his soul. But take heed. When you hurt a man in this way, you twist him, corrupt him, drive him to heights of rage never before thought possible. You will have turned that

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Paper Chase!

It's been literal years since Mayhem got his Autism diagnosis [then known as Asperger's, which is now part of ASD yay] and I have since misplaced any paperwork I had regarding his diagnosis. Three guesses what he needs for the employment mob?


The paperwork related to the thing.

So. Today, we are on the hunt for the paperwork necessary to go ahead with whatever the employment mob wants. Fun times.

I have not been writing very fast at all, especially not

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Challenge #02730-G173: Hunting for the Delicate

Some older humans bring their alien friends to a bingo parlor for a night of playing bingo and having snacks. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Though I am of bingo-playing age, I only have the vaguest idea how it is played]

"This is a perfect game for the frailer sort," said Human Jem. "Little strenuous activity, but it still tests observation, response time, and searching skills."

This was a Deathworld game, so Glex knew the right question to ask. "What are you hunting?

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Wednesday? Oof

Third day of the week and I can barely concentrate on the fun writing, so yeah. No book progress this week. Apparently, the conjunction of my state re-opening1 and the spikes in Victoria and New South Wales have set my noggin off into Panic Mode(tm) in which most of my energy is looking for any kind of news and then worrying about it.

God damn, this plague has got me tied in knots.

We currently have an abundance of bread,

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Challenge #02729-G172: Tis the Season

Human 1: so what about you?

Human 2: I learned how to make paper cranes so I'm going to make them in different colors and put them in everyone's bedroom with notes like "this little bird told me xyz"

Human 1: ...

Human 1: epic. -- Anon Guest

Aprilfools: A Human holiday/tradition involving trickery, deceit, pranks, and practical jokes. Owing to many Terran Colony calendars becoming out of sync with the planet of origin, the entire Terran month of April has become

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I was doing so well. Then I forgot to write my alloted words yesterday. I'm feeling a little frayed around the edges and maybe taking a relaxed week might fix things in my head.

If this were Normal Output Mode, I would have five weeks left to finish this book of mine. Part one of a trilogy. This year has been the WORST year to start new projects with high ambitions because all my energy has been expended on anxiety about the

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Challenge #02728-G171: Inner Motivation

I am thou, thou are I, from the sea of thou soul I come forth. Pity a man who yearns for their own protection, and become the spearhead that pierce through the oppression! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Thee, thou, and thy are hard pronouns to use. My grammatical arse had to provide a correction to balm my soul: "I am thee, and thou art I, from the sea of thy soul I come forth." I have no idea why, but I can

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Shenanigans Ahoy!

School holidays have begun once more and I now have very little structure in my days. Woot? I dunno. Beloved has purchased for me a digital box set of Star Control [I, II, III, and Origins] and I want to know the proper order to play the same before I get going. I may or may not stream it. I dunno.


Mayhem has A Thing in which he shall eventually acquire a paying job, today. Here's hoping it plays through after

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Challenge #02727-G170: Doing What You Can

The human was not the ship's human. They were a passenger. They were also paralyzed from the waist down. When she ship crashed, when the human's movement assistive device was rendered inoperable, when the human found themself trapped in the wreckage with half a dozen fellow passengers, all either injured or too distressed to move... Well. A sufficiently determined human with two working limbs, several cases of dental floss, a non-operative movement assistive device, and six people to still going

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Stream Morning Shenanigans

Toastyglow is streaming this morning, but it's like an hour hence. Less than that since I just spaced out for like twenty minutes.

I made bread in full anticipation of taking a loaf to my mum. The day I baked it, someone in Queensland came down with the plague, so we're back on counting up from one.

Hello, day one. What shenanigans are in the news?

  • Muppet keeps claiming the plague is "going away"
  • Evidence to the contrary says there are more
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Saturday, Saturday!

::refrains from singing the entire song:: I'm having an indulgence day and, thanks to cyclone migraine, I'm also awake at just past midnight. Whee.

It's 2AM and I feel I've had enough faffing about. I need to get on with shit so I can spend all day faffing about.

Onward to the story and, true to my resolution not to stress myself out on the weekends, I am not paying any attention to the outside world. Fuck it. I gotta look after

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Challenge #02725-G168: A Matter of Technicality

Human1: Damn if Australia pushed our level 4 deathworld to a 4.5 I’m worried about you guys exploring the unexplored 70% of our ocean.

Human2: it’s not 70% it’s 95%

Crewmate: wait what? -- Anon Guest

"Ah... that's a mis-assumption," said Thorq. "The Deathworlder classification is based on how many environmental factors are hostile to the development of intelligent life. In the case of most of the Earth, it's the fauna, the weather, the flora, and the ocean.

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It's 3AM. Whee!

I've been awake for two hours. Since it's also Bread Day(tm), I have used my time to feed the Starters [now named Wilson and Ingrid. Wilson is the all-wholemeal Starter, and Ingrid is the one from the Instructions I found somewhere on the interwebs] and begin the process of Bread.

I also have savoury crackers planned, so that's going to be "fun".

Beloved just came in to say "goodnight" and I told them I had Ingrid on my desk.

Today also

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