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Challenge #03114-H205: What Was I Talking About?

Never, never, get an obsessed person talking about their favourite subject. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The alternative is to always encourage a person to talk about something they love, but I guess that's a matter of perspective]

"I mean yeah they had cardboard sets and easily recognisable props, and plotlines that were scraping the barrel, but it had heart. Like they knew they were doing the best with the little they had and they were pulling every trick they had their hands on to make it work. They were trying so hard and it shows. This wasn't even shoestring budget. More like spiderweb budget."

Kraznark the interrogator wondered if ze should initiate a tag team system. It had been five hours and this Human had yet to reach the end of their rant about debatably terrible science fiction features. Without, apparently, pausing for breath, water, or food.

"It's the ones with the spiderweb budgets that have the most heart, you know? Like, they had nothing but an idea and a handful of buddies willing to pull something out of their collective asses and it shows... but there's a good concept and everyone's behind it one thousand percent. Like, there's no way in the world that high-ticket studios can even try to catch that lightning in a bottle."

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Thursday, Day 0, Energy Rationing

Plague news: Nineteen new cases, seventeen local, two imports. One HUNDRED total active cases, fifty-nine of those are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

I don't have much in the way of output expected today. No Patreon, no Wordpress. Therefore, there's a chance I can write a bit more in my novel than I've been able to manage of late.

Still planning to be kind to myself. No pressure. Just go wherever the muse leads me. But first, reading my new

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Challenge #03113-H204: Proof in the Party

Our comments gave me an idea!

Companion Gann carefully wrote the scientific paper after several months of reading up on Humans' relationship with water. He brought the report to his people with the shocking, incredible, revelation that Humans were, in fact, mammals that were semi-amphibious by their very nature! The scientific community in his world was in an uproar, many hotly debating it and demanding proof. Huge pools of clean water were set that were quite deep, safeties were placed, just in

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague News: Day four of the three-day lockdown. We're extended to Sunday. Sixteen new cases, all local. Eighty two total active cases, forty-seven are in hospital and one in the ICU.

Desire to stay at home and order in my nonsense increases. Not that we're in danger of running out of a lot just yet. I'll have to see if my usual bargain haunts do delivery. Just in case.

Stupid plague.

On one hand, I want to rant about some things, on

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Challenge #03111-H203: No Good Deed

They were dead... they knew they were dead... the explosion, there was a gaping hole in their side and yet... yet they were alive. A breathing mask on their face, they were in an ICU drawer, but it was a rough one, just barely enough, who.. what saved them? Their last memory, explosions, they were getting those Vorax kids off of their ship, not as prisoners, the ship had been struck by some kind of debris, cometary? A face showed, oh no,

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Tuesday, Day 0, Extension Lockdown

Plague news: Lockdown's extended until Sunday. Fifteen new cases: thirteen local, two imports. Sixty-six active cases, thirty-eight are in hospital and one in the ICU.

There's a new variant out there. It's called Lambda and it's even deadlier than Delta.

In unrelated news, I have just now heard that there are people in the USA who deny that the plague was ever real. Dude. We're still swimming in it.

Being kind to me is working. I reached quota yesterday, but I didn't

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Challenge #03111-H203: Rewarding Consequences

It's been a few years since Mx. Edda had begun implementing new policies in order to win Healer Allie's favor and get the Healer to work with her in a more significant manner. Mx. Edda, though she found her profits lowered to start, is now shocked to find she has higher profits than ever before, as well as healthier, longer-lived, employees who actually greet her with smiles. -- Lessons

Change, especially the change Lucky Medik Allie

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Monday, Day 0, Lockdown(cont'd)

Plague news: Nine new cases, all local transmissions. Fifty-three total cases, thirty-four are in hospital, with one of those in the ICU. I honestly don't know how staying indoors for three days total is going to help, but it's masks on outside the home bubble once more.

One of my loafs turned out extra crispy because this idiot forgot to turn the temperature down for the browning part of the equation. The good news is that the extra ten minutes to rise

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Challenge #03110-H202: Friendship Formed With Rock

You want someone who can protect you, go to a human-made space station. There are so many there that can't throw a rock without hitting a strong protector! -- Anon Guest

Okie should not have tested the literality of that statement. In their thin defense, the rock was small and her throwing arm was not as significant as the Deathworlders present in Bahydawiyal Station. The pebble sailed up into the ambient atmosphere, arced according to the laws of physics, and landed on

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Sunday, Day 0, Lockdown Unyay

Plague news: Delta's in Queensland. We're in a three-day lockdown which may extend depending on the behaviour of the Knomiras. Seven new cases, six local, one import. Forty-six total active cases, twenty-nine in hospital and one in the ICU

Monday and Tuesday are hermitting days. I don't know what's happening vis-a-vis house unfuckening. We shall see.

I will probably insist on masks back on -_-

The news of lockdown hit me yesterday, after Beloved dragged me from the house to secure

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Challenge #03109-H201: A Walking Holiday in Rainbow Park

A Human takes their Havenworlder friends to Earth to walk through a beautiful park where the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. Lining the path are beautiful lilac bushes, also blooming, and not far from there are early blooming apple trees. A lovely garden of flowers surrounding them on a warm, early, summer afternoon. -- Anon Guest

It was a cascade of colour. Pink and blue and primrose too. Some of that colour was literally cascading downwards with every gentle breeze.

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Saturday, Day 0, Bread Secundis

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Forty-three total active cases, twenty seven are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

My wholemeal bread's been in the fridge all night and is now both thawing and rising in the bread incubator. I've been working with Ingrid, this week. Which is kind of fun because Beloved has taken a little dab of Ingrid to grow their starter.

We're calling it "Ingrid Secundis" aka Is-ie. When we're not calling it "the pet".


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Challenge #03108-H200: The Cratered Path of Progress

The only difference between “f* around and find out” and science is whether or not you write down your findings -- Anon Guest

Mishi checked his ears for blood. Okay. None there. That meant that there was an increased chance that the hearing loss was temporary. Next, he risked wiggling his fingers and toes. Nothing hurt too badly. Sitting up -carefully, of course- revealed that he was now some distance away from the smoulding ruins of his former workshop. Ow. Living hurt.

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Friday, Day 0, Bread Day

Plague News: One new case, an import. Forty-two total active cases, twenty three are in hospital and one is in the ICU.


I have a starter in the fancy-arse bread incubator this morning. It's still growing, but I got to keep an eye on it. I can only cook the bikkies after Miss Chaos has got on her bus. Timing is everything.

Meanwhile, I fear my wholemeal flour has gone sour. This is an immense pain in my butt since it's

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Challenge #03107-H199: Too Helpful

welcome to the internet, I’ll be your guide -- Anon Guest

Benevolence Org had spared no expense. They had put everything they could into their shield AI which, in a moment of pure egocentrism, named Bo. It was meant to protect the new, the unfamiliar, the gullible, from those who would exploit them on the nigh-lawless seas of the internet. It was friendly, it was helpful, and users could even customise the friendly avatar of its interface for maximum comfort.


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