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For those unfamiliar with text abbreviations, that one stands for: On My Way Home.

Another seven-hour trip (plus rest breaks) all the way back to "sunny" Queensland and the wilds of Burpengary East. Back to my little darlings and (eventually) the arms of my Beloved.

Once there, I plan on going nowhere and doing nothing, at least for a little while.

The stories will return tomorrow. The work on my novel will re-initialise next week. I will establish new levels of normal

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The day I've been dreading

Today promises to be full of the sads. Sads are definitely allowed and should not be held back on.

I will sorely miss her.

I will miss discovering new things with her, sharing obsessions with her, and occasionally plotting to take over the world with her because those who had it already were clearly doing it wrong.

I will miss her tales of the Yatla Panthers - one of the Aussie East Coast's less well-known cryptids. As well as allegedly a parent

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I'm on my way... soon

So here's the PLN:

1) Take my pills [done!]
2) Write this blog [almost there]
3) Gather all my shit into one place and start the long-arse journey to Tullagawupwup [not there at all]

I've packed most of my stuff. I've got clothes, pills, the basic tech I need to be mobile and keep y'all up with my nonsense. I made certain I have that one trinket I've been obsessing about.

...I have my hopes that the Vestigial Arsehole - aka the

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Challenge #02289-F099: Not Any Old Djinn Joint

"There you are. We have to talk. I have another... project, for you."

"Victor Drath... yes... Something worthy of my services... or another one of your vendettas?"

"You spoke to me once of a... special item... which your organization had developed, one that could prove most beneficial for... certain goals of mine. Does that development still exist? More importantly, is it for sale?"

"This is the world, Mr. Drath. Everything is for sale." -- Anon Guest

Of course, the Shadowy Figure had

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Last Day

I got some last-minute stuff to get, including some leggings to protect my shins during the autumn-winterish chill of the more southern climes, especially when it's close to beddie-byes time.

I need a power board, because nerds like us tend to use/abuse/need them as soon as they come into the house. Maybe a smallish extension cord in case the only spare plug is located under the bed or whatever.

I know I have a room with a microwave, so I

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Challenge #02288-F098: All Nerds Together

There are many types of nerds. Science nerds, language nerds, sports nerds, food nerds, etc. -- Anon Guest


Al ducked the incoming half-cup of fluid. This was the third time in as many minutes. This was, apparently, what they deserved for wearing a Steampunk shirt, a TARDIS cap, and carrying a Tote of Holding. Not helping were the rainbow socks and the cargo pants with the belt and braces.

Al took a deep breath. Glared at the jocks across the way,

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I can do this...

I accomplished my 3K for this week, so I have today and tomorrow relatively free to be sure my assorted shit is together.

I could lay in supplies of road snacks. I could pack a suitcase. Or I could procrastinate literally everything and leave it until tomorrow.

Place your bets, folks.

I'm at least going to try and pack so I know what I need to get.

This whole thing is doing my head in.

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Challenge #02287-F097: It Was Not Effective

A human goes to a Havenworld and an animal tries their very hardest to attack them. It is adorable! -- Anon Guest

If there wasn't a precedent for optimistically-named worlds turning into ironic hellscapes, Human Caer would have named this world Elysium. The air was sweet, the water contained zero pathogens, the fruit and vegetation were simple and not even remotely infused with all the subtle chemical weaponry that Caer was used to. It was bland, but nourishing, so it had her

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Gone to the Procrasti-Nation

I wasn't able to 'push' my novel's output this week. I've barely been able to line up what I'm taking.

Procrastination is happening because I don't want my friends' death to be real. I don't want things to be final. As if putting off the entire journey off is somehow going to make my friend come back and tell me that this was some kind of bad joke.

...I wanted to believe that when my Grandfather died when I was about ten.

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Challenge #02286-F096: An Effective Apocollapse

"Interesting Times" the four horsemen of panic. "Misinformation, Rumour, Gossip and Denial". And Boy! does this remind me of politics, common and the more toxic. -- Knitnan

This is the way the world ends, T. S. Elliot wrote, Not with a bang, but a whimper. How sad, how tragic, that it almost came true. For the Horsemen to ride, it wasn't necessary to have War, Famine, Pestilence and Death in force. No, they started much, much smaller. After all, it is from

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I am a Donkosaurus

I forgot to do my Patreon stuff, yesterday. I'm more than likely to skip out on that again today.

Today, my car is going in for a service because we suspect that it is leaking coolant. It needs an annual or semi-annual top-up of the stuff and that, apparently, is not normal.

So the PLN is to take it to the repair place today and hope they can squeeze my little car in and see if they can spot a leak. If

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Challenge #02285-F095: On Swift Wings

The ability of the human body to survive immense injury while also succumbing to the most bizarre things has always fascinated me.

For example, you hear of people falling out of airplanes and landing on the ground after crashing through trees, yet only suffering a sprained ankle and some bruises...

... and on the other hand there’s events such as the death of famous whiskey distiller Jack Daniels, who died from a blood infection caused by a broken toe which stemmed from

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Resolving Issues

So. Next week, there's going to be three days when I'm both on the road and emotionally compromised. I'm not going to be writing my novel on those days. I might not contribute to it for that entire week.

I might not be doing my daily stories. I can try, but... they just might not happen. Not for three days.

Rest assured that I am still alive and doing my best.

Daily blogs will still happen because 3AM is apparently my jam.

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Challenge #02284-F094: A Glitch is But a Glitch

"Don't forget me."

"My apologies, but I already have." -- Anon Guest

Synthetic emotions are a tricky thing for AI's. Some, like those created by the Consortium of Steam, feel deeply and without many complications. Others despise emotion and suppress it whenever it creeps into their experiences. Between those two extremes are those who have emotions, and are devastated by them when they are negative.

Their coping strategies for this are not always socially acceptable amongst organics. One of the more common

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