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Week Five? Week Six?

I have lost count, and the person who said they'd take six weeks max to get back to me hasn't got back to me and I think I should scour my sent box to see if a reply wound up in my junk folder and... PARANOIA!

Anxiety is sometimes a sack of suck.

Today is Ekka Monday, and the kids are at home, but Beloved is going to work. Once it hits 7:30-ish, I shall have to lock the kittens outside in the Kitty Kondo, and then scoot off to get cashes. A process only slightly hindered by the fact that Pippi is the World Champion of Hide and Seek. That sleek little creature is excellent at stealth.

I now have half an hour to find her and that promises to be some degree of fun.

Today... after the cleaning of the house is finito, I shall let the kitties back into the house and get on with whatever I have going on. I still have episode 10 of Inter-Mission to finalise with the new advertising blurb in place. It's longer than the old one, so I can't splice it into older episodes because timing issues.


I could look at the shorter ones and try it, but that leaves any longer ones high and dry on the old spiel. I dunno. I'll take a look at what I've got and see about things.

Sometime soon, I have to ransom my car back from the repair people. If the place is open today. If it is, I have the Big Card to pay for my vehicle and if not... well, nothing spent is a gain of sorts.

To do today:

  • Money run
  • Unfuck the house
  • Ring the nice ppl who have my car
  • If they do have the car, go get it thanks to rentable rides
  • Instant story
  • 500-1K words
  • If possible, write some fun fiction too.


Challenge #02405-F215: What Wrong For Right

You know, when people do a quick Google search of their dating partner's name, they usually don't get series of international headlines pondering the ramifications of whatever that person happens to have done this time. -- RecklessPrudence

There's pros and cons to dating someone famous. Pro - everyone knows who you are. Con... everyone knows who you are. Alongside the paparazzi getting into your underwear drawer and looking for skid marks - so to speak. It's slightly more interesting when you're dating

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Two wee sleekit beasties, now

Beloved wasn't just gassing about getting that second cat. We wanted one with the same rough age as our new kitty, now christened Pippi.

[Shown here: A black and white kitten with white spats, one white sock, and a white blaze on her neck and chest]

Say 'hello' to my little friend. This is the kitten I've been working for for so long. It's been nineteen weeks she's been alive, and it's been nineteen weeks we've been working on the Kitty Kondo(

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Challenge #02404-F214: The Nature of the Beast

Humans have DETERMINATION in spades, monsters have magic... what about werewolves? What happens when a human contracts lycanthropy? Are they the key to turning DETERMINATION into magic, or vice versa? -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Welp. Definitely not earning anything from this year's anthology]

Legends tell of a Monster with a Human SOUL. By the light of the full moon, the Human body transforms into that of a Monster, but there are terrible differences... this new Monster has no magic, and still harbours hatred

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I has a very frightened baby kitty

There is a wee sleekit timorous beastie in the house and this time, it's a cat. Yes, folks, I have finally finished working on the kitty shelter and obtained my little feline from a friend.

She's 19 weeks old and absolutely terrified of this house and all the weirdoes in it. Not surprising in the slightest, IMHO.

For those disinclined to do the math, that's three months and one week old. 1/4 of the way to being a grownup kitty.


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Challenge #02403-F213: Come From the Woodwork Out

“My heart feel like it gonna implode, and my body feels like shit”

“Well this is the Edge, you have been awake for 72 Terran hours, two days ago”

Fun fact if awake for more than 3 days, humans will hallucinate or so symptom of insanity. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Feeling a lot like Hudson Hawk at the end of his movie RN. Check my Hub site tomorrow for details.]

"Does... that explain why you're so... shiny?"

"You could probably explain it

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Kitty time! And Game Nite!

We're but a few staples away from having the Kitty Kondo(tm) completed!

It's game night, so Beloved and the family have some extra hours in which to bond with the fine feline that has caused NINE WEEKS of anguish and effort from us.

I am going to ENJOY being a blob this weekend. Snuggled up with my new kitty and finding her a name.

Hell, I might even post pictures.

But for now, I watch for Chaos' bus... and then get

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Challenge #02402-F212: Macgyvering it

You know, after seeing how humans break video games, aliens shouldn't ve so surprised by the dumb things humans think of to solve problems. Also, they should practically expect said dumb things to work. -- Anon Guest

There is a saying, If it's dumb and it works, it wasn't that dumb. It should be no surprise at all that the Humans were responsible for coining it. Humans have a song celebrating how they do, or did, 'all the dumb things'. Reports of

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Trust me to write this nonse just before I have to watch for Chaos' bus. I'm THAT organised.


Mayhem is home sick with what's looking like a contender for the Ekka Flu. Yay. We didn't even go, and he has it. He's going to be helping me with my bullshit as the day progresses.

I also pln or getting a reserve roller support so Mayhem can join in with the bullshit.

And then... WE PAINT!

...I'll get the story done sometime

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Challenge #02401-F211: Nothing Up Their Sleeve

After humans meet aliens, they witness an alien do what we now call magic. After a explanation it turns out human can use magic, but the earth has a natural 'magic jammer' in the atmosphere that blocks magic. Humans then push the know magic research to the max and open new doors for the galaxy in magic. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is obviously not happening in Amalgam Universe]

"What was that?" demanded the Human.

Theroq put their wand back into its

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Well my leg is better...

My left knee has decided to co-operate after literally four days of relative hell. Then my left ankle decided, "Nope. We don't get to walk normally any more."

I think my left leg is over its tantrums for now. Just in time for my right leg to pull shenanigans on me. It would just even things out.

But no, wait. My left hip hasn't had a tantrum yet.

Sigh. It's not easy getting old and still needing to do stuff.

Today... I

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Challenge #02400-F210: From the Ashes

Who comes to the aid of someone marked as "bad"? Where is the villain's hero? -- Anon Guest

Morality is not a binary switch. One does not flip from 'good' to 'evil' or vice versa. There's a sliding scale of evil that moves from refusing to tip your restaurant waitstaff through parking in disabled parking spaces to outright deciding that hungry people need to deserve to eat before one can give them food. After that comes definite evil, like not paying employees

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Ow My Left Knee

OK. So. Beloved and I have begun work on the interior of the Kitty Kondo(tm) more as something to do whilst I paint the last junction box and the table/bench thing we already built for inside it.

Ekka week starts this Friday (also a D&D night), and the following Wednesday, I have my Beloved home to work on things. By this weekend, I should have everything they have made so far painted and ready to rock and/or

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Challenge #02399-F209: They Can't Have Nice Things Anymore

Aliens learn about the furry/scalie communities, which lead to both awkward and helpful situations. -- Anon Guest

"Huh. How about that?"

This surprised remark was not unexpected over morning nourishment hours, since many were prone with checking their news updates. Someone, somewhere, was bound to find out something interesting that was worthy of a similar comment. Therefore, Grux, who preferred to huddle over their morning nutrition and stimulants, said, "How about what?"

"Humans..." this delivered with a seemingly mandatory eye-roll. "There's

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So here's the PLN

  1. Blog
  2. Brat run (doy)
  3. Cash run (because Monday)
  4. Instant Story
  5. House Unfuckening
  6. Mesh cut to fit
  7. 500-1K words in Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones

That's a lot... and most of that is normal, average, ordinary BS.

Throughout the week, I have two objects to paint, six if you count each individual angle-iron foot for the final unit of the walkway.

We have a table/chair/bench for the interior of the actual cage and I'm counting that as a pure win.

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