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Challenge #03679-J026: A Gift and a Price

A goddess offers Wraithvine's apprentice mage the ability to resurrect the newly dead. But the price is that their magic, and most of their stamina, is wiped out for the next 24 hours. -- The New Guy

Of offers from the gods is meant to come in crumbling temples. In deserts, where the Divine can find a mind crying out to the stars. In working with Wraithvine, and walking with Wraithvine, he had seen and heard many things.

He never expected to get an offer from the gods in a fallow field.

Mastorava was a glowing shape in the night, appearing as a curvaceous woman made of starlight and swirling chaff. The mother of crops, the queen of the harvest, the guardian of the fallow field. Larger than any woman that Strodius had ever seen. "You seek to change your fate. You seek to alter fate," she said. "You fight against a corruption in this world, and do not fight against the natural order, in that, you have our favour."

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Friday, ALMOST incommunicado

I will admit, I am a dilly daddle dummins. Only this afternoon in the hairdressers did I realise that I could actually do my content work whilst my Beloved is still slumbering in the morning.

All that I miss out on is all the content on YouTube that I want to watch because preserving her rest is tantamount. I must unearth some headphones so I can listen to things and work like I'm used to doing at my desk.

And then maybe

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Challenge #03678-J025: Mandatory Teenaged Rebellion

A: What did I say about demon summoning?!

B: You’ll never keep us apart!

A: I don’t care if your boyfriend is a demon, JUST STOP SUMMONING HIM THE CHURCH! Their blood and brimstone gets everywhere. And he's literally being incinerated by god light! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do NOT know what happened, but I wound up working on a prompt scheduled for the distant future. Normal services will resume tomorrow. Apologies to everyone about this]

"I'll go through

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

It's Sausage Day tomorrow. The day in which all Australians take a day off to make burned offerings to the Beach Gods.

Well. That's what an alien might think.

It's the day that the Whitefellas ruined everything for all the Blackfellas already living here. Or it's the day in which the Gallant and Brave Captain Cook Discovered our wide brown land for the Glory of Britannia. OR it's the day when communication began between an empire and a stone-age civilisation and things

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Challenge #03677-J024: For Intended Use Only

Human Child: This! Is! SPARTA!

Human Parent: This is not Sparta, and you won't like what happens next if you hit your sister with that broom. -- Escla

"I told you not to let them go through the archives unchecked," said Mami. "Now you know why there's 'parental guidance' advisories."

Deni lowered his broom, knowing better than ticking off Mom. "I was just playing," he protested.

"You were just playing a little too dangerously," insisted Mom. "Brooms are for sweeping up garbage,

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Tuesday, Glasses and Patreon

One of the nose-pieces of my glasses has dropped off and I'm unable to find it. So I have to get my shit together and head on up to the shops to get that fixed.

The bit of metal that a nosepiece fits into? Uncomfortable as all shit.

So after I'm done with this, I don clothing and seek the world outside my hermit cave house.

When I get back, that's when the content will flow.

I have a new tactic that

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Challenge #03676-J023: Learning of Life and...

A young orphan's pet has passed on, their mentor, a very kind giant who guards the orphanage, soothes the young human when they don't understand why their pet won't wake up. -- Anon Guest

Feslas found Allyl in the stables, cradling one of the barn cats. Which was limp and unresponsive and... very dead. Nobody had killed the beast. It had been an old cat before Allyl took a liking to sitting still in the sunshine and straw with the animals.


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Monday, Craptastic Computer Shenanigans

So my computer overheats and then nothing works when it does. If it gets above 85 Celcius, then literally everything falls over.

I have to hurry and publish since I managed to procrastinate my way to 77C and only have a few degrees until functionality apocalypse.

My plns include naps and writing more angst devil boi.

I just have to publish right now.

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Challenge #03675-J022: Desperate Measures

An emergency ship lands on a pax humanis sanctuary planet. The medics beg for emergency blood donations. The people there are all too eager to roll up their sleeves. -- Anon Guest

They say that you have to be desperate to crash-land on a Pax Humanis sanctuary. It is, after all, a world full of killers. For interesting values of 'full'.

Most of the planet is wilderness. Empty of intelligent life.

The Fittleton Driver was desperate. They tried for a soft landing,

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Sunday, Game Night

Where's yesterday's story and why wasn't it out like usual?


I over-extended myself on Parkrun this week (ow. It still hurts) and needed an extended nap. Added onto that is a cyclone headache thanks to a low pressure system with its centre somewhere near Vanuatu.

Fucking VANUATU!

The low extends closer to Queensland, but HOLY SHIT. Vanuatu. Deesh.

I also had a social engagement in the evening. Hurry though I may, I could not get the word out everywhere.

I'm working

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Challenge #03674-J021: If You Can Hear This...

"I will be honest with you. Pax Humanis is coming to haul you to court, your chances of escape are slim. What, they're sending a Humanis member that's a lucker? Turn yourself in, now, and spare yourself the pain. Your chances just became none." -- Fighting Fit

Humans are, possibly, the strangest Deathworlders known to intelligent life. Those weird little apes had a rough evolutionary path. They almost went extinct several times, and for at least one of those, it was self-induced.

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Saturday, Parkrun Tardiness

My Beloved woke me up with a firkin movie night with the girls. Hudson Hawk, which is good taste, but I wanted to SLEEP. Ow...

I did a deliberate run last week and I should not have tried to do it again this time. Ow.

Also, there's a severe low pressure system off of Vanuatu and my face can feel it. OW!

So I shall now commence an attempt at the daily tale before my love and I are offski towards another

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Challenge #03671-J018: Were You Talking to Me?

"Do that again, I will take you over my knee!"

" don't have knees...."

"You KNOW what I mean!"

".....sorry...." -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't endorse abuse so I'll have to figure a way around this prompt]

Of every unlikely adventuring companion, the least likely to share adventures with in the frozen mountains was a Sserith. If it wasn't for magical means to keep a body warm, everything would have stopped -ha- cold.

And some idiot at the bar had

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Challenge #03673-J020: Audience Survey

The bard saw Wraithvine and Gikka's camp, saw Wraithvine was sleeping, Gikka on guard. They quietly came up, asked to join the camp, and in return, offered to play music to while away some time -- Anon Guest

[AN: Elves don't sleep, Nonny, but I understand what you mean]

A wandering minstrel needs many things, it is true. Besides sustenance, rest, and shelter, a minstrel also needs an audience. So, footsore and travel weary, Chantalla Pascadill was glad of a fire with

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