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Thursday, Day 0, ...fuck!

Plague news: TWENTY new cases. One local, nineteen imports. I breathe a little easier knowing these numbers. All the same. Yikes time.

There are Aussie expats so desperate to get back on these sunny shores that they are considering becoming boat people. Have fun in out Dang Foreigner Concentration Camps Detention Facilities, folks.

I have the usual array of words to write and stuff, but I have been lagging behind when it comes to tagging the fics in the app. So. Today, in between frustration with Talespire, I will be tagging fics with abandon. I aim to get at least halfway through 2015. Thereafter, one of my afternoon wind-downs will be tagging a month per diem.

In the news:

  • Sydney Lockdown keeps on keeping on because of all the Knomiras
  • Olympics cringe
  • Dusty Hill of ZZ top fame, died at 72
  • Woman dies of domestic abuse. Cue, "But he was so nice..." excuses
  • Investigations into the 3k+ protest continue
  • ScoMo in hot water over plague handouts. Again
  • Mum tells all after antivax son dies
  • Calls to ban unvaxxed folk from restaurants

Enough of that nonsense. On with this nonsense.

Challenge #03106-H198: The Curse of Insight

A Tiefling who's one of the rare ones respected as a cleric, with golden horns instead of black, blue eyes instead of red or yellow, and dark red skin, encounters the camp as they've settled in before they make their destination. He hears the harsh words of the nanny / nursemaid toward a child and can sense the child's sorrow, the fear, the self-dislike, and scowls. He decides to take that nanny's fate into his OWN hands and teach her what that child

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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress

Plague news: No new cases. Twenty-five total active cases, twenty-five in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I'm booked to get my Pfizer shots in September. Huzzah. After I'm over that nonsense, I'll sync Chaos' shots with the holidays so she can be miserable at home with them... and discuss things with Mayhem about his. Beloved is apparently getting their shots at work. I don't know the time window there.


More Terrible Tiefling Tale is due on my Wordpress and I

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Challenge #03105-H197: To Break a Curse

I'm trying to get around the Akmet filter, this prompt was what InterNutter suggested in their comments but for some reason the bot hates it when you use comments from one of your postings as a suggested prompt. At least for this one. So let's try a screen shot and the address to the Challenge it comes from? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: For the record, the idea given by BKF/DaniAndShali is, "That's sweet, he finally has

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Tuesday, Day 0, Shot Day?

Plague news: One new case, a local. No imports. Twenty-six total active cases, twenty-five in hospital, and one in the ICU.

Today's the day I chat with my quack about potential side-effects and the time window in which someone will be home to keep an eye on me when they hit.

Finger's crossed, it's also when I get The Jab. So. Before that nonsense happens, I shall be taking off to collect a parcel from the post office locker because WHO KNOWS

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Challenge #03104-H196: For Great Justice

She was a nanny who was required to care for a Tiefling child. She disliked Tieflings, the whole race were nothing but demons, but her lord ordered it. It was his daughter after all. The child rarely got smiles, save from her parents, rarely got a kind word, except her parents, and then a stranger came to the palace and gave the nanny a hard, cold, lesson in caring for children. One the nanny ever forgot, especially after what that man did,

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Monday, Day 0, Anxiety Max

Plague news: Five new cases, all imports. Twenty-six total cases, nineteen in hospital and one in the ICU.

Tomorrow, I talk to the local quack about getting the Jab. The stuff for my age bracket versus my asthma, maybe also versus Beloved's diabetes. And the best time bracket to get the kids' jabs too.

I'm thinking start of school hols for Miss Chaos so we can all keep an eye on her. Dunno about Mayhem. Possibly ASAP, knowing the way of things.

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Challenge #03103-H195: Button Smash Victory

The other Deregger empires laughed. They were losing profits by the year, by year five of straight losses, they were the most mocked of Deregger empires, only their current wealth and ranked saved them from a hostile takeover. But year five, they broke even, year six they broke even, then year seven, they began to profit, year eight, year nine... soon their profits were skyrocketing exponentially, and the other empires were not laughing anymore. -- DaniAndShali

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Sunday, Day 1, Well Shoot

Plague news: No new cases! Twenty-one total active cases, nineteen in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I'm daring to have hope.

Meanwhile, some thousands of Knomiras had a protest in Sydney about not being allowed to go out and spread Delta all over civilised spaces their right to free movement. There's been violence.

I used to think that it was evil to wish death on fellow humans. And yet... may the Powers forgive me... I'm starting to want to wish every

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Challenge #03102-H194: If Knowledge is Power...

war, war never changes. But men do, through the roads they walk. -- Anon Guest

"Humans are trained to combat from an early age. It is considered a rite of passage that adults 'attack' their young as part of play activities. See file, Household Nerf Wars." Educator Mil read to the class. "This is an older entry on the infonets regarding Humans and Human development. My question to you is, how accurate or inaccurate is it, where is it inaccurate, and why

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Saturday, Day 0, AFK

Plague news: three new cases, one local and two imports. Twenty-five total active cases, twenty-two in hospital and one in ICU.

Total numbers are still going down, but I don't like those local transmissions. I heard this week that some idiot tied a bedsheet rope to escape quarantine and I want to smack them.

Just got news that someone with Delta was up in my neck of the woods. At a pub in Caboolture, which is nowhere I or Beloved will be,

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Challenge #03101-H193: Knowledge Versus Wisdom

A Deathworlder who is a student in a human-run Dojo finds their Sensei in a classroom working on homework and is surprised. The human is more than old enough to have graduated from most classes and was advanced in years. So...

"Sensei? Why are you here? Surely there's little you need to brush up on now?"

The human turns and smiles in a kind, almost grandparent-like, smile upon their student and offers them a seat. "My dear student, remember our first lesson?

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Friday, Day 1, Busy Time

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-six total active cases, twenty-five in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I love seeing the numbers drop.

We're still masking in Sunny Queensland and still being paranoid. It seems to be working. Let's hope it continues.

Today, I have to:

  • feed my Starters
  • unfuck my environment
  • write 1K
  • continue building encounter spaces in TaleSpire for the campaign I'm plotting to run
  • continue tagging tales for my app

In the news:

  • Unvaccinated doctor blamed for infections in
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Challenge #03100-H192: Unusual Pun-Ishment

The prisoner was sitting cuffed to a chair that was welded to the floor. The human was sitting with a pile of books next to them across the metal table that was also welded to the floor. The chair was not uncomfortable and the cuffs were padded.

[Pirate] "I will never tell you the size of our group or who our captains are. You're wasting your time!"

[Human interrogator with a sigh] "Are you sure? I really don't want to have to

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Thursday, Day 0, Nonsense Ahoy

Plague news: one new case, an import. Thirty-one total cases, twenty seven in hospital, two in the ICU.

I now have a replacement for the marble run that we broke on Miss Chaos though incompetence and mishandling. The trick now is to find enough time to make it in one sitting. Possibly on my own. I deserve the thumb pain for ruining Miss Chaos' chosen prize.

I still have to call the local quack about getting my Plague Jab. Today's the day

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