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Challenge #04224-K206: A Dire Incident

A predator late at night was sneaking up on Gikka. It met, and ran in terror from, the angry claws and teeth of a protective Lilbit. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds, like the Gobelliin, are one of the few species whose destiny is usually to end in a brief and crunchy squeak. There's an awful lot of creatures that view them as food. Including the Kobolds and Gobelliin.

When your entire species is automatically rejected from everywhere and your resources are slim, you don't get fussy about food.

None of this mattered to the lone Dire Wolf creeping up on the camp. It was hungry enough to approach despite the fire, because it smelled live food. The Kobold was huddled up in a big fur, but that didn't matter to the wolf, either. It knew enough to dig for sleepers under their covers.

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Challenge #04216-K198: To Solve the Problem

A person who ran a massive Inn asked Wraithvine, Gikka, and the small dragon hiding in the guise of a brownie to please bless the Inn with protections. The Innkeeper never charged the poor for food and shelter, but did their best to help, but the local rich lord was getting VERY angry about this. -- The New Guy

[AN: Bibrid disguised himself as a Gnome]

"I could deal with the lord permanently," offered Gikka. She made a gesture close to her

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Challenge #04179-K161: Rest and Refuge

Wraithvine, hir cat, Gikka, and the little gnome that was a dragon in disguise came upon a hotel that was a hot spring resort. The very kind family offered a free vacation for all of them. Why? Because the family believed that all travelers should find relaxation on their travels, and it made them happy to help people. -- Anon Guest

It wasn't the first hotel and resort associated with volcanic hot springs. It was, however, one of the few that welcomed

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Challenge #04161-K143: Checking In

Bibrid, Gikka, and Lilbit meet Wraithvine's new associate, Zygorguk. Lilbit is actually the one that is least hesitant about the first meeting. Cats can just tell.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-04028-k010-orphaned-plotline-adoption -- Anon Guest

[AN: Continuity wise, Zygorguk pre-dates Gikka and Lilbit... But I can make it work]

On the side of a mountain is an old, gnarled tree. It's so tall that clouds catch in its upper branches. Advanced students weave them into treats for the novices. The hollows are

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Challenge #04158-K140: In the Nick of Time

They were surrounded by attackers. Before Wraithvine, hir pet Lilbit, Bibrid, and Gikka could do much more, a warrior leapt down from the cliffside to fight, willing to die, to protect the wizard and hir friends. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine remembered thinking, I guess this is how I find out, and readying one last spell to put Lilbit somewhere far away from the strife. Bibrid was technically deathless. He would continue to exist afterwards. It might hurt, but he would continue to

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Challenge #04153-K135: To Breathe Clouds of Joy

Wraithvine, Bibrid, and Lilbit enter a town that is cursed, or blessed, however one may view it, to have an hour each day where everyone, from oldest to youngest, suddenly feels great joy and laughs. Once that moment fades, it leaves a lingering feel of contentment and whatever injuries or illnesses the citizenry has, has healed just that much faster. Though severe illnesses or injuries still take a while, it doesn't hurt as much. -- Anon Guest

The bells rang before a

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Challenge #04148-K130: One Link in the Chain...

A village lost to time, strange and beautiful to behold./ Only one to escape the place before the cataclysm did unfold./ Harmed by those claiming the light the child is forced, fearful, to roam./ The village, the cataclysm did not destroy, but obscured the young way's home./ Evil there to bar the way, fools the light to their crime.../ Until one not of darkness, not of light, guards safe the child./ And the evil pays the price, upon vengeance will the child

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Challenge #04141-K123: Visiting Old Friends

Wraithvine visits hir friend, the young king, to see how things are doing, to introduce hir traveling companions, including the very nervous immortal healer dragon, guised as a gnome, and to relax since the winter months were lousy for travel.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03534-i246-heavier-than-you-think -- Anon Guest

[AN: Bibrid last appeared in An Unusual Affliction ]

His friends and family called him Dex. The rest of the world knew him as King Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, tenth of the name. As

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Challenge #04108-K090: Go Forth in All Your Beliefs

While Wraithvine and hir companions are guests at a noble's mansion, the noble's mate asks if they will watch the children for an hour. Why there? There'd been a major out-wash of several roads, and they had kindly invited all travelers to stay in their mansion until it was fixed. They were ones that fully believed the gods blessed those who showed true kindness. -- Anon Guest

It was, indeed, a dark and stormy night. The wind howled so loudly that it

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Challenge #04086-K068: Gifts According to Skill

Un fabricante de muñecas hace muñecas Wraithvine y amigos como regalos. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated - A doll maker makes Wraithvine and friends dolls as gifts.]

The good news was... the village was saved. The bad news was that the heroes who did it had to be dragged back on stretchers. Well. Mostly stretchers. One had to be hauled back on a cart.

Things were much easier when the potion of Giant's Force wore off and Zygorguk returned to their normal

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Challenge #04013-J360: An Unusual Affliction

Wraithvine, Gikka, and Bibrid disguised as a a small imp enter a kingdom where runners are swiftly going through the cities looking for a strong healer to heal the princess. Unfortunately, the situation is dire as her injuries from the animal attack are infected and getting worse. Sadly, dealing with royals is something that terrifies the immortal healer.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03852-j200-a-well-earned-rest](https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03852-j200-a-well-earned-rest) -- Anon Guest

Legends told of a magical Gnome who could keep

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Challenge #04008-J356: A Lesson in Trust

A terrified child holds Gikka at knife point, their voice shaking, yet their hands are strong as they look at the wizard and the cat and asks... "Why should I trust you? Ones like you kill ones like me all the time. I have no one, but I still don't want to die." -- Anon Guest

Half of the kid's camouflage was filth. The other half was a mottling of hues. If they were in a city, the people would have dismissed

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Challenge #04007-J355: Essential Operations

Wraithvine and friends are asked to help teach apprentice healers who are going to be assigned to local orphanages to help care for the kids and keep them healthy. Some of the children come up to them with torn, or otherwise damaged, stuffies and ask the healers to please treat their "friends". -- Anon Guest

In any large enough city, it's no accident that Healer's schools are in close proximity to the orphanages or poorhouses. They are, after all, the places that

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Challenge #03996-J344: Artefacts of Reverence

When Wraithvine, Lilbit, Gikka, and their immortal dragon friend who's disguised as a little imp, go through a town, they see an unusual sigh. Wraithvine's hat is everywhere in toy shops. But it's not as a hat... but as a stuffed doll for little kids. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Two nitpicks. The Dragon disguised themself as a Gnome, and a hat is more likely to be a dress-up accessory than a stuffie. I carry on.]

The world had changed. That was its

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Challenge #03991-J339: A Gentle Intervention

Wraithvine, Lilibit, and Gikka meet a person who is deep in depression and drinking themselves into an early grave. And stops them before they end up destroying their life. -- Anon Guest

Gikka didn't dip into the Hellkin's pockets. One of the rules of Wraithvine was not to steal from people who were already going through enough. Hellkin were automatically in that category most of the time, but this one was having a worse time than normal.

She was drunk and unhappy,

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