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Challenge #03150-H241: An Idiot in the Dark

The apprentice wizard had screwed up and had messed up the invisibility spell. They were stuck. They went to find the immortal wizard Wraithvine and found them with the bugbear child and the kolbold companion. Soon as the bugbear child spotted them, they cried begging for help. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possibly related to this one. Making me look these up eats time]

Being invisible sucks. Though there are senses that make up for it, like seeing your hand in the dark[1]. However, actually looking messes that up. The good news, slight as it was, was that the invisibility spell had worked on Yngvar, hir clothing, and anything ze carried. It even kept hir safe from splashes of telltale liquids.

The bad news, and there was plenty of it, was that Yngvar was stuck like that. Most spells fizzle out until an action is performed, a spell cast, or a certain time period expires. Yngvar had had made the mistake of looking into curses for a spell duration boost. And like any other curse, it clung like a lover.

There was only one person who could help. One wizard who had been everywhere, seen almost anything[2], and just about done it all. Wraithvine the Eternal would know about things that tended to stick. The real trick would have to be making hirself known. Because, since Yngvar's aim was stealth, any sound that could give hir away was also muted.

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Challenge #03149-H240: Motivation Inclination

The young, 'chosen one', Kevin, is learning about his destiny. The fall leaves are changing, his mother is being her usual self, and the poor kid has just screwed up his fifth spell covering himself in yet another layer of overly bright colored dyes. Well, better learning on dyed dolls and straw dummies than anything alive, for now. Ah, what a lovely fall day! -- Anon Guest

[AN: This prompt harkens back to Kevin Oxbrydl in this story. PLEASE give the URLs

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Challenge #03138-H229: The Opening Volley

Poor Wraithvine, the trauma of trying to train, and protect, a young chosen one by the name of Kevin, and his strong-headed mother while Kevin was training, still fresh in his mind, and now yet another young one, this time even stronger, and even MORE reluctant, to leave his home. Destiny isn't kind though, not by a long shot. If it was, then why are those rather pissed off looking purists trying to raid the village and get rid of "monsters"? And

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Challenge #03135-H226: Incitement to Heroism

Amatu is reluctant to leave his home, the farm, the village he grew up in. A place where he is loved and accepted despite his odd appearance. The immortal mage decides to stick around for a while, since things about this young man are more than a little interesting, but thanks to one form of magic showing in the bell, the next starts to show in his abilities growing stronger. He yells at a crooked trader from another land to tell the

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Challenge #03091-H183: Pause Button Broken

bkf48a day ago:

I'd love for wraithvine to meet this guy! :-)

internutter73a day ago:

They'd for sure bump into each other via other shenanigans.

WV: Whoa! That's one heck of a Destiny you've got there. What do you have up your sleeve.

A: Well I have this weird bell, these passive qualities, and I can [ABILITY] once a day.

WV: Cool. I can teach you how to be clever with that.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03050-h127-fate-destiny-a-basket -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Whoops

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Challenge #03088-H180: If I Had a Bell...

The bell, when rung, could be heard loud and clear, but no one whose ears worked, could hear it. Only those who had magic. When it was rung, it caused all other bells in hundreds of miles to ring as well. The louder it rang, the louder they did. And only Amatu could ring it. For the bell was his, it formed the day of his birth. -- Adventure

[AN: Big thanks and love to DaniAndShali who provided the link to the

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Challenge #03082-H174: A Random Act of Kindness

He sought out, not Waithvine, but the kobold he traveled with. The young man, finding them along the trail, carried with him a basket of fresh fruit, fresh breads, dried meat, and sweet-filled pastries. Once he saw her, looking to the three travelers, the bugbear, the kobold, and the elf, the youth held out the basket to her, bowed and said softly, "Thank you." For he never forgot how she undid his bindings, and stopped him from ending his own life that

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Challenge #03072-H164: Surprise Change of Plans

She was hunting for them, seeking hir out. The ancient one, the magi who went by many names, the one who had a thousand children, and more grandchildren than the world would ever know, yet possibly none by their own blood. Spotting their camp, the kobold, hir, and the bugbear child. Slowly through the underbrush she went as silent as a shadow in the moonlight. Then, swiftly, she sprang. Sudden flares shot out behind her in brilliantly colored sparkles, almost blinding in

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Challenge #03072-H149: Artisinal Life Story

I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth is irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are -- MewTwo

Wraithvine had a saying. It went, Everyone starts the same - wet, naked, and screaming. If you were truly awful, ze would make sure you exited life the same way. It was rare, but when it did happen, the whole world heard about it. That is not this story.

This was a story

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Challenge #03065-H142: According to What Plan?

A young man, still a boy really, is Called To Adventure. His mother, well aware of the mortality rate of heroes, leaves the rest of her children with her unmarried sister and sets out on her OWN journey, to make sure that her eldest survives HIS journey. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows the story. A great and ancient wizard finds the hero foretold, who then goes across the country to fulfill a series of prophecies and finally defeat the ultimate evil, making

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Challenge #03061-H138: Of Monstrous Men

Ardin, after being cared for by the very residents he would've once killed, despite his now monstrous appearance, was given a chance to break the curse. He must now protect those he once would've killed. Save the lands from the true evil that sometimes came to harm them. In doing so, he may redeem himself. In doing so, he may regain the humanity he once lost in his adventures. He may learn to have compassion once more.

Reference story: https://peakd.com/

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Challenge #03040-H117: Accepted Market Price

If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit. -- Anon Guest

"Two thousand gold per square quarter-inch of ear... five hundred per digit of phalanges... three hundred for the tarsals and metatarsals..." The person running the tally was not a necromancer. They were not a crime lord. They were an "acquisitions agent" for the Dark Market. Not the Black Market, the Dark Market. It's much, much worse.

"Oh don't worry about me," Wraithvine muttered to hirself,

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Challenge #03013-H090: Something Popped Up

Young Vee gains a reputation among the village as a child healer, a toddler prodigy, a little sorceress with a healing touch. It is rumored she can heal any wound, and any illness, that befalls a person. Unfortunately, that rumor spreads outside the valley through travelers, and falls into the ears of less than scrupulous adventurers seeking to gain fame and fortune.

Vee's from this prompt.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02854-g297-here-s-one-we-made-earlier -- Anon Guest

Several alarming things occurring in Lower Petraine.

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Challenge #02949-H026: When You Assume

They were a HERO! That is what everyone said they were. They crushed nests of kobolds before those imps could spread, destroyed dragons for the gold freeing the kings that sent them after the dragons from their scaly wrath, cut down teiflings where-ever they were found to ensure those demons could claim no souls.

They were a hero, everyone said they were... right?

So when they entered the city to cleanse it of the blight said to exist there, seeing all that

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Challenge #02935-H012: Our Little Monster

Could we have a story of how Anthe and Wraithvine met the little bugbear Rawr? How he lost his eye? And how they rescued him? Please?

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02854-g297-here-s-one-we-made-earlier -- DaniAndShali

"Hate the cold, hate the cold, hate it hate it hate it hate it hate the cold," Anthe grumbled. She was bedecked in a yeti fur coat, if 'bedecked' fit the fact that she was in there somewhere. Boots of Insulation and a Ring of Warmth seemed to

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