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Challenge #04013-J360: An Unusual Affliction

Wraithvine, Gikka, and Bibrid disguised as a a small imp enter a kingdom where runners are swiftly going through the cities looking for a strong healer to heal the princess. Unfortunately, the situation is dire as her injuries from the animal attack are infected and getting worse. Sadly, dealing with royals is something that terrifies the immortal healer.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03852-j200-a-well-earned-rest](https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03852-j200-a-well-earned-rest) -- Anon Guest

Legends told of a magical Gnome who could keep a living body frozen in time. The iconography was horrifyingly close to Bibrid's chosen form. Which was why he had chosen another. One guaranteed to cause people to take caution and keep their distance.

Bibrid looked like an Imp. An unusual choice, but an Imp in the company of a Wizard, generally with some variety of electrum chain on their body, was automatically assumed to be a tame, summoned creature. It also helped that Bibrid kept himself within flinching reach of Wraithvine.

People who saw them together assumed that Wraithvine held him on a leash, and then were surprised that it wasn't there. They were also a little shocked to see a Kobold so close to an Imp. The assumption being that Dragons and Dragonkindred didn't get along with any creature that entered the mortal plane from another. People assume incredibly wrong things more often than not.

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Challenge #04008-J356: A Lesson in Trust

A terrified child holds Gikka at knife point, their voice shaking, yet their hands are strong as they look at the wizard and the cat and asks... "Why should I trust you? Ones like you kill ones like me all the time. I have no one, but I still don't want to die." -- Anon Guest

Half of the kid's camouflage was filth. The other half was a mottling of hues. If they were in a city, the people would have dismissed

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Challenge #04007-J355: Essential Operations

Wraithvine and friends are asked to help teach apprentice healers who are going to be assigned to local orphanages to help care for the kids and keep them healthy. Some of the children come up to them with torn, or otherwise damaged, stuffies and ask the healers to please treat their "friends". -- Anon Guest

In any large enough city, it's no accident that Healer's schools are in close proximity to the orphanages or poorhouses. They are, after all, the places that

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Challenge #03996-J344: Artefacts of Reverence

When Wraithvine, Lilbit, Gikka, and their immortal dragon friend who's disguised as a little imp, go through a town, they see an unusual sigh. Wraithvine's hat is everywhere in toy shops. But it's not as a hat... but as a stuffed doll for little kids. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Two nitpicks. The Dragon disguised themself as a Gnome, and a hat is more likely to be a dress-up accessory than a stuffie. I carry on.]

The world had changed. That was its

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Challenge #03991-J339: A Gentle Intervention

Wraithvine, Lilibit, and Gikka meet a person who is deep in depression and drinking themselves into an early grave. And stops them before they end up destroying their life. -- Anon Guest

Gikka didn't dip into the Hellkin's pockets. One of the rules of Wraithvine was not to steal from people who were already going through enough. Hellkin were automatically in that category most of the time, but this one was having a worse time than normal.

She was drunk and unhappy,

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Challenge #03971-J319: Toxic Area Disposal Protocol

They slapped Wraithvine hard before hugging him tightly, GLAD that Wraithvine hadn't gotten hurt.

"You IDIOT! I told you not to do that!"

"It was just a little cantrip"

"There's a reason none in this party are using any magic in this area!"

"I will remember that." -- Anon Guest

All things considered, they were all lucky that such a simple spell hadn't obliterated a city-sized area. They were also kind of lucky that the Eternal Wizard of myth and legend didn't

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Challenge #03966-J314: Variations on the Old Story

“The Black Reaper” stand against the fiercest monsters without hesitation.

A young sparrow flush with romantic feelings.

The cool-blooded man who curtly deals with profession of love.

One’s first love is much like measles. The older you are, the harder it is and the more lingering the effects.

Oh, to succumb to an illness torn from the pages of operas.

Quite boorish wouldn’t you say? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Once again, I am not allowed to do fanficcy things so

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Challenge #03950-J298: Truth is...

A demon lord, a dragon, and a wizard team up to fight against those that would harm the innocent. And, sadly, their main opponents tend to be those that claim their causes are "holy" and the innocent villages are the "guilty ones." Whatever happened to beings who claim to be of the light actually helping people? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is only one Demon Lord, usually, and that's the one who lights the Blood Throne of Whitekeep. However, the Hellkin children

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Challenge #03931-J279: Something Popped Up

Twice a year, they keep sending young virgins to my cave. I have never attacked them, or ever threatened them. They just started doing this ever since they learned I'm here. I ended up building a special school so these youngsters can get proper care, a good education, and learn how to be free. -- The New Guy

Stereotypes are a terrible thing, especially for Unwelcome People. There's word pairs that everyone knows automatically. Beautiful Elf. Heroic Human. Clever Gnome. Wicked Hellkin.

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Challenge #03919-J267: Good News, Bad News

One month later, we learned what has happened with the badly injured hand of the foolish, mainly due to the inexperience of youth, kobold friend of Wraithvine's.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03850-j198-this-is-not-a-place-of-honour#@internutter/re-bkf-rxwxja -- The New Guy

It had been a very rough month, with a great deal of Restoration spells expended on one Kobold hand. They were lucky they found a Cleric of the Dawn Lord in the area. Nothing like followers of a god of rebirth and redemption

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Challenge #03885-J233: Forewarned is...

The person had the power to predict the future. Sadly, it usually only worked when it was predicting disasters. Yet, each time they warned a village, or city, or kingdom of it, they were usually laughed at and told to go away. Only to be blamed when the disaster struck. Why won't people listen? It always broke their heart. -- Anon Guest

Cassandra Syndrome: The condition of exact prognostication, with the inherent curse of not being believed about it. -- The Multiversal

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Challenge #03852-J200: A Well-earned Rest

Wraithvine introduces Bibrid to hir pet cat, Lilbit, and friends. Poor individual has a lot of healing to do. Fortunately, hir friends are as soothing as Wraithvine is.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03739-j086-better-than-waiting-it-out -- Anon Guest

Ze had made a camp inside the abandoned house. A small fire and a kettle, and some special tea set to brewing.

"There's people suffering," pleaded Bibrid.

"There is time enough for tea," said Wraithvine. "You're dangerously close to panicking yourself into a conundrum, and

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Challenge #03850-J198: This is Not a Place of Honour

Gikka has gotten into the bad habit of sticking her hands where they don't belong. Something shiny ends up being something that needs fast treatment, and faster prayers, to save her from losing that hand. Sometimes even a thief needs to learn to be prudent. -- Lessons

Certain words, chained together in a specific way, are a guarantee of doom. In this case, it was Gikka peering into a crevice and saying, "Hey there's something shiny in there!"

Wraithvine said, "It should

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Challenge #03839-J187: To Guard, Protect, and Defend

A family asks Wraithvine and hir companions if they would be godparents to their children. -- Anon Guest

"Not many people want a Faekindred goodparent[1]," Wraithvine said. "Many of those with origins in Nanogh are... quixotic to say the best of it."

"I know I am," said the Brauniin, popping into visibility as ze leaned over the babies in the cradle. "My blessings come out as curses, it's a whole thing. You might not want me in the equation to be

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Challenge #03834-J182: The Right School

They come upon a town with a fairly advanced academy of magic. Oddly enough, not a single magic item to be found. All the students had to use their own abilities, not gimmicks. -- Anon Guest

There was a twisted tree, shaped by magic into several rooms and chambers with purpose. There was shaped stone merged into it. There were groves growing hazel wood, there was a river lined with interesting stones. There were built structures clustered in and around it, making

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