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Challenge #03307-I019: The Sword Often Loses

The man was a reluctant killer. Forced by his lord to slay any his lord demanded lest his own family be slain. He was sent after an Elf that, once he heard the name, knew that meant he would never see his family again. Not in this world at least. But the Elf, the mage, was merciful. In swearing to save the man's family, the man swore to find the families of those he had slain, and make sure those families were set up with protection and care, so the evil lord, and his brothers, would never harm them again. -- Lessons

"Go out and kill Wraithvine the Eternal," said Duke Averl, as if it were the simplest of things. "If you fail to return with his head, I shall give you the heads of your family."

Wilkinson was left with no alternative but to set forth and do as his Lord bade him. He had two tiny ones and a third on the way. He may never see them again, but if he set out and perished, the Duke could not punish those who remained. Not lawfully anyway.

To face Wraithvine in battle was to face death. So many had gone against the immortal Wizard and met their end.

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Challenge #03305-I017: One Arrow, No Problems

They enter a village under siege. The village's heavy gates on their walls slammed shut not long after they'd arrived with a near army of zealots and slavers banging at the gates trying to force their way through. This "army" has already destroyed many villages, killed many innocents, and now they were trying to get this one. And worse, this village was backed into a box valley. It may now be up to young Kevin to help save them, along with help

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Challenge #03292-I004: First Night Away

Young Vee and Rawr were sitting and talking by the fire while others were having tea, or having some sleep. They spoke of how they met, of what their lives were like before they began to travel together, of the close bond they have, the equivalent of uncle and niece.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02854-g297-here-s-one-we-made-earlier -- Lessons

Amatu was learning things. In this case, learning how a Bugbear and a Human could be related. And, in the case of the Human,

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Challenge #03285-BONUS011: Old Quarry Time

Wraithvine decides to see just what this bow can do in Kevin's hands, and has him start shooting at targets in an old quarry. But carefully instructs him on what to concentrate the arrow doing when it hits. Ze's both impressed, and disturbed, and if ze were any other Elf, a little spooked, at the immense power that worthless little bow could have. But when anyone else drew the bow, not only would it not draw or bend, it was like trying

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Challenge #03274-H365: Of Moose, Mistletoe, and Minors

Wraithvine's friend, Pondermoore, finds a human child lost and afraid in the woodlands. They'd wandered away from home to pick fall fruits, and had gotten very lost. Wraithvine was trying to locate the child's home and family, and it was very dark out, so not all that safe to travel. While the child was curled up on a bedroll, they looked up at Pondermoore and asked "Tell me a bedtime story, please?" -- Anon Guest

Judging by the squeak as she picked

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Challenge #03265-H356: A Worthy Adversary

They met the four adventurers and challenged Wraithvine to a wizard's duel. To ensure the safety of the companions, the wizard used a strong magic to shield them. Introducing themself, they fought Wraithvine to a standstill. As they had the elven wizard on the ropes, they suddenly stopped, grinned, and put out their hand stating they were glad to find someone just as strong as they were, for a change. They almost never killed in these duels, only went as far as

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Challenge #03248-H339: Bene Memorium

They were the grandchild of a family that had been raised by Wraithvine, though mother still called Wraithvine "grandfather" when she spoke of the elf, and set out to meet the elusive mage. They used scrying, with a polite message of who they were and that they was seeking to ask Wraithvine to visit sometime and join the family who was preparing for the fall harvest festival. -- Anon Guest

Lyssa was almost at the age when adventuring could be allowed, but

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Challenge #03246-H337: Weirdness in Abundance

What if... MA is the Chosen One, and due to poor Kevin being so damn unlucky, Wraithvine accidentally pinged HIM as the one when it was his mother all this time? And that's why she was able to all but teleport the young Goblin into her arms before Wraithvine, or the kid, knew what happened? That Kevin, poor kid, is just along for the ride and, maybe, part of that quest is to cure him of the stain of bad luck that

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Challenge #03245-H336: 20/20 Hindsight

Ok, so I read this one, and read the comments, and I laughed so hard my coffee came out of my nose, by the way that hurts! PLEASE, my friend, write more about what happens to this harmless idiot once Wraithvine helps hir, and then kicks hir tail? Did ze learn from hir mistake? Did the kolbold and the bugbear get a chance to kick hir tail for hir stupidity? Did Wraithvine force the kid to go back and apologize, sincerely, and

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Challenge #03240-H331: Not As Expected

Hey, can we have a story of Healer Varicelle testing Wraithvine and the others, and maybe of teaching them? This sounds like a REALLY neat story arc of seeing Wraithvine getting an education instead of educating others for a change!

Heh, by the looks of it, you look like you really wanted to go longer than what you put for this story, maybe several pages worth! :-D

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03166-h257-sense-motivation -- DaniAndShali

There's certain things an immortal holds firm

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Challenge #03223-H314: Schoolyard Encounter

Marvins beloved daughter, Vee, is a little older now and is a child that's apprenticing for her magic and her ability to heal using magic is becoming all the more impressive. Thanks to her dad's influence, greed, or ego, has never touched her, and compassion has become the solid core of who she is. Many still seek the youngster's aid, and as she gets older, she's getting more dragon-like in appearance, though retaining her human form, and she lives a happy life

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Challenge #03219-H310: On the Road to Destiny

Though it was reluctantly, he followed Wraithvine and Pondermoore, he convinced his mother and the rest of his family to remain behind to care for their farm, and they decided to follow the map provided, and to turn over the criminal in the cage to the proper authorities. In the meantime, he was trying to find a way to keep his bell from knocking Wraithvine to the ground like that.

From this prompt https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03138-h229-the-opening-volley -- Anon Guest

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Challenge #03216-H309: Any Excuse to Party

Some townsfolk lie to Wraithvine and hir friends saying there's a meeting in the big town hall. Managing to get Wraithvine and the rest into the dark hall, suddenly the torches flare and everyone jumps out and shouts "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" With gifts, food, and decorations!

No one actually knew what the real birthday was, but it was decided, because the being was so kind, to throw a birthday party anyway! -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine knew something was up in a cold

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Challenge #03215-H306: Why Didn't You Say?

Ms. Oxbrydl decides the poor elf needs a mother's care as well and decides to go from treating hir as just a protector and teacher of her son, to looking out for hir as well. Cooking meals, sometimes trying to get hir to wear a jacket as it gets cooler, fussing as she does for Kevin and her new goblin child, and even sometimes singing a lullaby at night trying to get hir to shut hir eyes and sleep for a while.

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Challenge #03214-H305: Instant Adoption

Little Scut gets a new name, a new "mom", and a new, if clumsy, "big brother". Wraithvine helps them pack up camp and watches over the family, and one has to wonder what ze's thinking, and feeling, knowing the small creature ze rescued now has a loving family, thanks to hir.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03149-h240-motivation-inclination -- Anon Guest

[AN: Fixed the pronouns up there. Wraithvine is a ze/hir just like your humble author. I called hir 'him' in one

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