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Challenge #02448-F258: Butsuri Mage

There is a famous or infamous trends that been happening in the anime community of people going to other worlds and become the most broken character in the series, called the isekai genre. So let set this up. You've been transported to another world. You had been studying some post grad physics and know a thing or two about the world. But in this world, there's magic and it is heavily influenced by how the world works in yours. Soon enough you became the most powerful mage in existence. -- Anon Guest

One moment, Shin had been browsing a crowded old curio store of the Escherian variety[1], the next, he was falling from a purple sky towards an open field of low plants. Not that he could see in that great a detail from that height. The next surprise, after coming to terms with the rapidly-approaching ground, was the animal person who rose to greet him. It was easy to tell they were an animal person. They were people-shaped, covered in fur, and had a snout and pointy ears.

...and very pointy teeth when they grinned. "You're new," they cheered, and caught Shin in a hug. "I'm helping!"

What happened next would be confusing until it was explained to him. The rate of their fall slowed, and assorted strawberries from the fields below zoomed upwards into the air around them. First, the fattest strawberries bordering on being too overripe, then the smaller and greener ones until stones and clods of earth elevated from the field. They only elevated a few inches, because by then they were safely close to ground level.

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Challenge #02439-F249: All Perfectly Reasonable

Just because I have demonic powers doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy, and I have valid reason murdering 36 people. -- Anon Guest

"Was it the voices?" said Lady Anthe.

The Warlock smiled. "You mock me, but you can't understand. Ardnassac can remember the future, so he bids me to alter it for a better world. There's so much disaster that each and every one of those people could have caused. Averted now." A smile that was so deep

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Challenge #01644-D183: The Hero's Third Hand

"Hah! And what can you possibly do? We have already defeated the Destined Hero!"

"Not Destined, but gonna be a Hero anyway!" -- RecklessPrudence

The thief arrived in the Evil Sorcerer's tower two minutes too late. Just in time to watch the Hero Foretold breathe his last. Just in time to hear the Evil Sorcerer laugh malevolently at the sight of the unforetold corpse. There were no tears. There was no sorrow. Just a quickly-rising rage.

"The hero foretold to bring my

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December 23, 2012

Some say it’s the end of the world. Some say it’s a new beginning. I like the latter. Namely, because people of all kidneys have been predicting the end of the world since time immemorial and not one of them got it right.

So. Here’s a few of my predictions for that particular day.

1) Squid-all nothing/business as usual. Yup. It’s going to be just another day when the world didn’t

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