A Devil's Tale

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Challenge #03500-I212: A Rare Kind Touch

Do you know what it's liked to be hugged, when before all you ever knew was a hard hand? Do you know what it's like to have someone hold you and tell you it'll be alright, when before, all your life, all you've known is to be told you are worthless? I do. Thank you for your warmth, I love you, too. -- Anon Guest

It had been quite a chase. It had been quite the revelation. The mad lord in morning, the Earl Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, had not believed it at first. Yet there was only one person in the wide world willing to lay their lips on his.

"Hello?" There was still a madness in his glowing eyes, but it was ebbing. "I must thank you, yes? Shall I thank you? You're really here. You... you really..."

Cordelia said almost the same thing he had said when they had met in an underpopulated pocket of the undercity. Back when he was still masquerading as an adventurer. "I put my lips to yours, yes." She couldn't help but smile for him. "And I would do it again."

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Challenge #03491-I203: Audience With the Thrice Sworn King

"I'm not a King."

--But you're wearing a crown...---

"I'm a servant.

---I don't understand....----

He goes to the window and points to the cities and lands stretching far and wide. "I serve them. They are MY Kings and Queens."

The thief nods in confusion as they are not being punished, but being offered more funds to help feed their family. -- The New Guy

What are kings? Conquerers and bullies. Greedy guzzling gourmands with cloth-of-gold over their guts. Gilded

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Challenge #03466-I178: The Rest of the World is Wrong

That push of regret was everything. But it happened, and now things were forever changed... -- Pixels By Kris

The regrets of the past poison the decisions of the here and now. Valiant Stormwight Hallowfine Whitekeep, third of the name, had watched his older brother Purity roll himself in debauchery and excess. There wasn't a girl in all the Earldom that he hadn't sweet-talked into a bedchamber or, in extremis, an alley. And why not? Bastards of the Earl's line were a

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