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Challenge #04148-K130: One Link in the Chain...

A village lost to time, strange and beautiful to behold./ Only one to escape the place before the cataclysm did unfold./ Harmed by those claiming the light the child is forced, fearful, to roam./ The village, the cataclysm did not destroy, but obscured the young way's home./ Evil there to bar the way, fools the light to their crime.../ Until one not of darkness, not of light, guards safe the child./ And the evil pays the price, upon vengeance will the child dine. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Props to OP for the poetry. Sorry I had to wreck the formatting for space reasons. It will be restored in the final archives]

In the beginning, so the stories say, there were only Dragons. The two that made Alfarell plucked stars out of another reality and some fell to become Elves. The D'varuv tunneled their way into sunlight shortly after that. As soon as one species met another, they started flinging magic at each other as well as various other weapons.

That was just the start of the Xenophobia Wars.

In all that mess, there were inevitably portions of the world that bore the scars of past conflicts. Wildlands. Floating firmament. Portals into other planes... and portions of the world that could only be found under specific circumstances. The Elvish word for such has passed to common parlance - bryg'haduun.

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Challenge #04061-K043: The Ultimate Test

They really did not give me a choice here. I mean, I did my best to behave and sit still... but those little claws all over me, up and down my shirt... how could I sit still...

I'm sitting in a room full of kittens! -- Anon Guest

To seek out the Sensei of the Shadow Arts in Whitekeep, one must first find where the Dojo is hidden. One must be clever. One must be observant. And being sneaky helps. A lot.

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Challenge #03816-J164: Troublesome Oaths

During the day, they quietly shadowed Wraithvine's party where-ever the group went, the desire was only to protect them. During the night, they stayed up all night, guarding against any potential dangers. But it was not long before they collapsed from exhaustion. Sometimes, a person could care too much. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine found Gruhaag on the second night. It wasn't as if she was trying to hide. Then again, it's difficult for a Bugbear to hide in most places when they

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Challenge #03456-I168: Meet Lilbit

A small stray cat is following Wraithvine around, often trying to climb up hir robes to sit on hir shoulder. And when ze sits down to relax or meditate, the sweet kitty tries to climb in hir lap, constantly purring. -- Anon Guest

Elves do not keep pets the way Humans do. Though there are whispers and dark stories of Elves keeping humans as pets, in a long bygone age, the evidence has yet to be found. Animals live a fraction of

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Challenge #03170-H261: Nothing Was Hurt

Human Lass has to mentally contend with the fact she's been eating the body parts of COGNISCENT beings and their pets, since she's been refusing all other foods, and the plants on this planet are almost all cogniscent. One has to imagine the mental collapse as she recognizes the pieces she had on her plate not long before, with the surgical procedures she just witnessed on the plant-beings.

Here's hoping therapists can heal a full mental collapse.

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Challenge #03116-H207: I've Been Eating WHAT?

Heh, so it was requested it be made a prompt, who am I to say no? :-)

[Submitted picture which is now transcribed below:]

ryivhnn682: Lass deliberately sabotaged their own ship? o_O

bkf482: I can see it, they deliberately crashed their ship, but it wasn't damaged enough where they couldn't have just left. So they deliberately sabotaged their ship so it would look like their ship had been hurt a lot worse in the crash forcing them to stay there despite

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Challenge #03065-H157: All Life Feeds on Death

"How do you think I feel seeing you eat a salad??"

A die-hard vegan's ship crash-lands on a planet that's what appears to almost be a haven world, lots of small animals, lots of plant life, absolutely paradise. Except...that the vegan sees a plant suddenly snap shut when an animal gets too close and the animal is eaten.

The cogniscents there are green, skin, hair, eyes, and they move with a slight rustling. They are descendant of carnivorous plants that have

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Challenge #02692-G135: Should Have Written a Fix-it Fic

There was a knocking at my door, annoyed I ignored it. But they are determined to reach to me. When I eventually answered, I haven’t a foggiest clue about them. Told them I’m not buying what they trying to sell, but before I was able to close the door they stop me and the next word was seared into my mind. “You don’t know who I am, but I know you... I know how your story will end, I-I

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