Challenge #03816-J164: Troublesome Oaths

During the day, they quietly shadowed Wraithvine's party where-ever the group went, the desire was only to protect them. During the night, they stayed up all night, guarding against any potential dangers. But it was not long before they collapsed from exhaustion. Sometimes, a person could care too much. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine found Gruhaag on the second night. It wasn't as if she was trying to hide. Then again, it's difficult for a Bugbear to hide in most places when they wear clothes.

Gruhaag wore armour that was mostly salvaged from other creatures. Judging by the patina, it had been scavenged from old battlefields. She hadn't defeated others to get it. Well. Most of it. Some people still saw Bugbears as vermin deserving eradication.

"You are the wizard who does good," she said. "The one who makes others see people in the monsters. I shall guard you when you are in need. I shall protect you from danger. For the better world."

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