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Challenge #04137-K119: The Founding of the Welcome Inn

The pickpocket no longer went by "Scram" but had chosen a new name for themselves. Thanks to the kindness of a wizard and their kobold companion, they'd opened an eatery that was very cheap, but with wonderous food, thanks to the farm, and the nearby river teeming with fish, they used to supply it rather than buying supplies elsewhere. In honor of the two, those who were poor and desperate were given food for free, shelter, and a chance to learn farming, fishing, and cooking, so they didn't go hungry, either.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03714-j061-change-a-life-change-the-world -- Anon Guest

[AN: Scram got a different story in One Life's Worth of Change but I can have room for more than one street kid thinking their name was Scram]

"Time is a flat circle," sighed the Elf after I introduced myself.

I had no choice but to stay. Trying to look inedible to a Kobold who was bigger than I was at the time. My hand was stuck in the Elf's pocket.

The Kobold was cackling. "More like city people are horrible," she said. "Name's Gikka, little one. We've done this before."

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Challenge #04118-K100: Skills? Share!

Many years later, Wraithvine travels back to where they gifted hair to a person who was desperately poor and had taken to thievery. They found the person had used the funds to feed themselves, get a home, and open a free trades-school so that all those who were like them could learn a solid trade, and get to their feet.

Sorry, keep forgetting to put in the link.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03613-i325-a-kindly-cut -- Anon Guest

Knowledge of what is precious

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Challenge #04112-K094: Data for the Experiments

They enter a swampy area where biting bugs are a real nuisance. The bridges keep people out of the waters, so people can stay dry, at least, but ergh, all the BUGS!! But this is a good test for the enchanted repellants, they were asked to test them after all.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03984-j332-early-access -- Anon Guest

It was fascinating to watch, and Wraithvine watched it intensely. Biting bugs and midges approached hir and hir party, and veered away once

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Challenge #04109-K091: A Long Time Waiting

A being cursed, or blessed depending on whom you ask, with immortality. They want to join their family in the next world and, despite multiple tries cannot. They spend days and nights in sorrow. Then they meet Wraithvine and friends. -- Anon Guest

One thing they never mention about undying immortality, it's that recovering from otherwise fatal injuries really, really hurts. And if there's nobody to help you, you end up healing wrong, and it hurts worse.

Asking a healer to help

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Challenge #04107-K089: Truth and Consequences

An egotistical heir to a throne was lying to everyone about how they were "best friends with Wraithvine hirself!" and using that as a threat to get people to listen. Wraithvine finds out about the loose-tongued young teen and decides to make it so they have to be more....honest, whether they want to speak honestly or not. -- Anon Guest

It's technically well-acknowledged that an heir to the crown can take charge of their nation at the age of twelve. It's

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Challenge #04106-K088: The Most Difficult Choice

They abused the being sorely in their first life and left them for dead, but they didn't truly die. Now in this new chance, the being got revenge on them, but did not kill them. Instead, they got to learn what the being went through, and then, got to learn what compassion felt like. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This sounds like a follow-up to a past tale of mine, but this prompt was gifted to me in early December, last year. It's

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Challenge #04104-K086: One Life's Worth of Change

I was a pickpocket, a thief. I didn't want to be, but when you're starving, and alone, you do what you have to do to survive. Then I met this odd wizard, and hir friends, and my life completely changed.

I WAS a pickpocket, now I'm an adult, and the building they helped me found in this forsaken city has ensured there are very, very few in this city that are as I was, and I have many loved ones to care

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Challenge #04099-K081: To Flourish and Grow

The real Wraithvine meets the fake, the mummer. And confronts them about the prisoner.

The real Waithvine sits with the prisoner to tell the truth of what happened, of their situation, of who their jailer was. And helps them to truly begin to heal.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03864-j212-to-cease-evil -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think the details of what Wraithvine did to the false one are left up to the imagination. It's way more terrifying that way.]

The water was cool

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Challenge #04089-K071: Overwhelmed, Undervalued, and in Need

A young teen comes up to the meditating Wraithvine, sits down, and leans on hir. They just need a comforting presence right now, as they sniffle and sob softly to themselves. This person seemed to radiate peace, and they badly needed to feel that, at least for a little while. -- Anon Guest

Elves did not originate in the mortal plane, or Mundis Mortalidae as it is also known. They started in Nanogh, and were brought into the world by both accident

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Challenge #04080-K062: A Deal Borne From Deception

Magic used to make themselves look elven, the clothes, the hat, the smile. Traveling alone, they used their magic to aid others to the best of their ability, sometimes to their own detriment. They claimed to be Wraithvine, though they were not. But their only desire was to save lives, bring smiles, and ensure the innocent were well cared for. Then... they met the real Wraithvine themselves... -- Anon Guest

Another town. Another cluster of needs. Another group of excited children who'd

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Challenge #04078-K060: Lost and Found

Wraithvine nearly reprimands a group being helped by a person who's thin, exhausted, and still working hard. Until they realize that the group's been trying to get the person to stop, too.

"But... I like helping people, it makes me feel as if I'm worth something, it makes me happy, that I have value."

"But you DO have value, to all of us, here."

"No... really... I don't."

--Sigh-- --Anon Guest

It was an easy mistake to make. From a distance, it

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Challenge #04075-K057: Heavy the Heart...

The young, inexperienced, king made some serious mistakes and now his lands are in chaos. He begs for his people to send for Wraithvine and friends, so he can get advice on fixing the mess. His worst problems? He's young, inexperienced, and his advisors are not exactly always honest with him. -- Anon Guest

A child king is loved by his advisors. Mostly because those advisors can shape him, direct him, and coddle him from the truth. You almost never find a

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Challenge #04060-K042: A Challenger Appears

A rare person it is that can out-stubborn a wizard, rarer still is one that can out-stubborn a cat.

But what happens when a stubborn wizard meets a stubborn feline wizard? -- Anon Guest

Some wild magic areas are more amenable to life than others. Nothing about that previous sentence means that the life is anything near ordinary. In one particular chain of islands, scars of an ancient magical war have made intelligent life from the less intelligent.

More or less.


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Challenge #04057-K039: Kind and Gentle Help

A stranger stumbles out of the alleyway, tired, tear-streaked, and sore. Seeing Wraithvine, they give them a hug and begin to weep. Then they apologize for that, but they desperately needed a hug today. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, all that two kind hands can do is wrap gently and give comfort to someone who is suffering.

The person who collapsed into Wraithvine's arms and soaked hir shoulder with tears took their time shuddering to a halt. They were still clinging to Wraithvine

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Challenge #04053-K035: Help Where Possible

Wraithvine was deep in meditation when the humans shook hir roughly awake. Nearly dragging hir before ze could land. "Hurry, hurry, the cave-in was bad! No one's dead, but there's a lot of people badly hurt, we need you, NOW, my lord!" -- Anon Guest

"Not your lord," Wraithvine gently rubbed hir backside as the people dragged hir out and into the caverns. Where four teams of people were overwhelmed by the casualties at hand. This part of the area was stable.

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