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Challenge #03411-I123: Guards of Honour

The Honorable Guard invites Wraithvine to meet others within the Order and invites them to their headquarters so they can see for hirself who they are.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03347-i059-we-know-this-looks-bad -- Anon Guest

The Honourable Guard did as was expected. They offered the hand of mercy wherever they went. They took in the lost, the abandoned, and the forsaken. They took oaths of justice, and more alarming, kept them.

It should be no surprise that there were a lot of Tieflings in their number. Tieflings, half-breds, and the occasional monster race. All training as equals. All working together as allies. Peoples from the deep-downs walking together with those who feared the dark. Creatures made of light or fire working together with those who had to wear protection against the sun.

Their nearest stronghold used to be a castle. The surrounding lands are farms, and they are prosperous. Those farmers chose to be there. Sometimes, they are old Honour Guards. Others are fosterlings who felt themselves best suited to supporting the Guard.

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Challenge #03390-I102: Ignominious Beginnings

Wraithvine killed a man by accident in attempting to stop them from robbing a shop. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Then learn the man was just desperately poor and his death meant his family was now facing starvation with a very sick wife and four small children in their little, run-down, shack of a home on a failing farm. -- Lessons

A moment, a mistake, and now a mortuary. The man now on the slab had had a home, a family, and some desperate

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Challenge #03383-I095: All For the Want of a Chair

The war has already begun. It's just the continuation of past battles. The gods goad us on with their seven treasures. Rewards for the worthy, the doorway to divinity. Yet buried in the depths of this world lies smouldering remains, a warning to those who dare trespass. “That throne in the sky is not reserved for you.” But mortal arrogation never stops. None will escape the flames. -- Anon Guest

They called it the flying throne. It never actually went anywhere, and

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Challenge #03364-I076: Disparity of Experience

A person develops an immense crush on Wraithvine and starts following hir around trying to ask them out on a date. -- Anon Guest

Love, as the Bards frequently say, is strange. Many people take it for a game. Not Wraithvine. Bernhardine Mev really should have known that. She also should have known that when a Human falls for an Elf, it never ends well for the Elf. It never ends well for the Human, either, but it generally takes them all

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Challenge #03248-H339: Bene Memorium

They were the grandchild of a family that had been raised by Wraithvine, though mother still called Wraithvine "grandfather" when she spoke of the elf, and set out to meet the elusive mage. They used scrying, with a polite message of who they were and that they was seeking to ask Wraithvine to visit sometime and join the family who was preparing for the fall harvest festival. -- Anon Guest

Lyssa was almost at the age when adventuring could be allowed, but

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Challenge #03216-H309: Any Excuse to Party

Some townsfolk lie to Wraithvine and hir friends saying there's a meeting in the big town hall. Managing to get Wraithvine and the rest into the dark hall, suddenly the torches flare and everyone jumps out and shouts "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" With gifts, food, and decorations!

No one actually knew what the real birthday was, but it was decided, because the being was so kind, to throw a birthday party anyway! -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine knew something was up in a cold

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