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Challenge #04049-K031: The Dawn of Engineering

A kind human teaches Wraithvine and friends how to properly use spinning wheels. Then gifts them enchanted ones that can become pocket sized, or full sized, as needed. -- Lessons

The denizens of Nanogh had never had to make things by hand. They could weave anything they liked out of raw magic. So when the Faekindred invaded the Mortal Plane, they had some difficulty. Setting up magefonts, manafonts, moon pools, and the like had been their priority. They opened doors they should not have opened. Changed the world forever.

It was quite the adjustment phase, to say the very least of it.

Wraithbind was born into the Mortal Plane, and never held with the rights of the strong to punish the weak. Ze was therefore a wandering outcast, seeking to maintain hir oath with what little ze could do.

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Challenge #04046-K028: A Portentious Offer

My name is Vizmo, and I am a god-king of cats. Gentle Wraithvine, I offer you a gift for your furry friend, Lilbit here. That they remain youthful and healthy for as long as you live, and breathe their last when you, yours. In this manner, even in your darkest, saddest, moments, you'll never be alone. -- The New Guy

[AN: Y'all really don't like the idea of the cat passing on, do you?]

Live long enough, they say, and you will

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Challenge #04045-K027: In the Darkest Years

A rumor was going around that living unwelcome peoples were Good Luck Charms. People were hunting hellkin to knock out and cut off their horns, capturing kobolds to steal some scales, and other such actions. -- Lessons

Ward off unwelcome fate with that of unwelcome form, -- Old Human Superstition.

It's honestly amazing how simple statements can turn to misinterpretation. The origin came from a distant settlement that paid host to the Unwelcome. They found their troubles almost halved at first, and

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Challenge #04044-K026: Hoard, Lair, Hat

A small, intelligent, dragonling lands on Wraithvine's hat carrying its treasure, a single gold coin. It looks quite pleased with itself, Lilbit the cat, however, is indifferent to the new arrival. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine thought it was an insect at first, hitting hir hat and resting there for a moment's ease. What alerted hir to the truth was the fact that Lilbit glanced up, and went back to sleep on Wraithvine's shoulders.

Lilbit was absolute death on anything insectoid. She would

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Challenge #04043-K025: Just One Story

"Unty Wraithvine, I don' feel so good, read me a story, please?" -- Anon Guest

The book was thick, and may have been weight training for the small child. It had been read many times and handled by many readers. Generations had added to some pages. Some scribbling illustrations in the margins, others colouring in the woodcuts. At least one baby had teethed on the hard cover. It was a relic of many generations.

Wraithvine handled it with the reverence it was

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Challenge #04040-K022: With Great Gratitude

A village got together to make a gift package for Wraithvine and friends. New ever-lasting boots that would be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, new clothing again, warm in winter, cool in summer, and bags of holding enchanted to not only hold.. ... well a lot, but also so foodstuffs could never spoil while within, and drinks could never spill while within. -- The New Guy

The thing about immortality is, even when something is made to last for centuries, those

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Challenge #04035-K017: Conflict Resolution Strategies

Two individuals are arguing fiercely. They are so close they are nearly twins. A powerful wizard forces them to be chained together until these two are able to realize they are more alike than they think. Before blood ends up spilled. -- Lessons

Of all the things to argue about, this had to be one of the more ridiculous ones. One was shouting "Mustard!" while the other responded, "Mayo!" Since they were both Harukh, the argument was about to have an area

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Challenge #04028-K010: Orphaned Plotline Adoption

A creature, once evil, cruel, corrupt, now greatly changed, comes up to Wraithvine offering a white rose. A peace offering. -- Anon Guest

It had been at least a millennium since the last time they'd met the immortal Wizard. Zygorguk the Imp had received hir mercy and had their entire existence changed. For a start, they could never go back to the Plane of Torment.

Demons could not return to their origin realm if they appreciated kindness. It's all about the relativity

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Challenge #04025-K007: A Kinder Poison

A very elderly magic user has gotten a bit senile. Their grandchild begs Wraithvine to limit how much magic the elder can use so they're no longer a danger to themselves or others. -- Anon Guest

It's never nice to see a loved one fall to pieces. Watching Odasorin the Wonderous become lost in time and thereafter coming apart had not been something Aqirax had been willing to acknowledge until it got dangerous. After all, he loved his grandren[1]. And in

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Challenge #03997-J345: One Spell From Concerning

A mage, a very strong one, sought out Wraithvine and asked, very politely, if they would be be willing to spar her. She wanted to see how well her abilities matched to the legendary wizard's. Of course, this was a sparring match, not a full-blown wizard's duel where one was trying to kill the other, so while tiring, it would be safe enough. -- Anon Guest

For training purposes, no Wizard of a higher level is permitted to use harmful spells on

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Challenge #03989-J337: Oath Check

They came to us to swear an oath so long ago. Now we're going to go down and visit our old friend, our oathsworn. It will be good to see Wraithvine in person again, even if it's just a short visit. -- Anon Guest

In all the world, in all the planar realms, there is little so powerful as a heartfelt oath. Heartfelt prayers must be answered, of course, but an oath... Beings like Us exist for oaths like that.

We remember

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Challenge #03984-J332: Early Access

A young mage just learning her magic makes a set of lovely gifts for Wraithvine, Gikka, Lilbit, and their traveling companions. What are they? A special bracelet, or for Lilbit a collar, that scares away all biting insects, fleas, mites, and other such vermin. A great thing for traveling near waterways in warm months when the mosquitoes were getting bad. -- Anon Guest

"It's not much, but it's the best I can do in gratitude," they young mage presented a set of

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Challenge #03978-J326: Fel Fortunes

My fate is to be a demon king. Just like my father, and his father before him. But I don't want to be a king. I am a demon, but I just want to live a peaceful life. Kind wizard, what do I do? Can you help me change my fate? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is a difference between Actual Demons, who would never say this thing, and Hellkin, who are called demons by the ignorant public]

"The one in Whitekeep

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Challenge #03964-J312: Stumbling First Step

A human noble family is holding a big birthday party for all the children of the unwanted peoples. They don't know the actual dates of the birthdays, so twice a year, they hold a celebration for all of them. Because these children are innocents, and the innocent should be celebrated, not mistreated. They ask Wraithvine to please come to help set up entertainments for the party. -- Anon Guest

You are cordially invited, said the ornate script, to the celebrations of the

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Challenge #03963-J311: One Fatal Flaw

They pretended to put shackles on Wraithvine's wrists, prodding him at spearpoint, they ordered him fiercely to move away from the camps toward a cave with metal bars where prisoners were being kept. Their leader smirking at the wizard. They grabbed Wraithvine's ear roughly to stop hir just outside the cave, holding them there as the leader unlocked the cave so their subordinate could shove them inside. A tiny key secretly slipped inside Wraithvine's pockets, and the whisper "sorry, please, save them.

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