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Challenge #03664-J011: Any Rogue With a Pencil

Una familia se acerca a Wraithvine y le pide el don... de la alfabetizaciĆ³n. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated from Spanish by DuckDuckGo: A family approaches Wraithvine and asks for the gift... of literacy.]

"Of course I can teach," said Wraithvine. Ze would begin with the Trader Tongue, since it was literally everywhere and understood by most, if not all, intelligent creatures. It would do them the most good in the least amount of time. Ze would also take hir time to teach as much as possible of their native language. That, too, was important.

No time is ever wasted in teaching anyone literacy. Not even an immortal's time.

The reason for their request came easily enough. They had relied upon their neighbour to help write down the accounts, and were therefore helpless against the local tax collectors when the lies cost them more than they could usually afford.

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Challenge #03659-J006: Balm for a Shattered Heart

They care deeply for Wraithvine, and ask them out on a date. If rejected, they take it well and ask if they could at least sit and talk over tea. If accepted, they smile, and plan for a wonderful dinner. -- Anon Guest

Once an immortal has been an immortal for a few eras, the signs start to show. Not in wrinkles or grey hairs because immortality isn't worth spit without the associated eternal youth codicil. What gives an immortal away, after

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Challenge #03643-I355: A Gift in Kind

Young Salma, thanks to the money from the braids Wraithvine left in her home, was sent to school by her mom. Now, an older teen, she was about to enter an Academy for Alchemy. And, spotting Wraithvine, she went to thank hir for the kindness ze showed her family. And give a blessing in return.

From here -- https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03562-i273-a-gift-a-blessing-and-a-visit -- Anon Guest

"It's hir! It's really hir! WRAITHVINE!"

The eternal Elf braced for impact. That kind of

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Challenge #03640-I352: A Needed Break

A runaway from a brothel hides trying to use the cloak Wraithvine had set aside during meditation. A very rude individual then grabs the floating wizard to demand where their "property" is and demand "it be returned". -- Anon Guest

It's very rude to shake an Elf out of their meditations. Most Elves find ways to retaliate that range from subtle and disturbing illusions to disfiguring or near-lethal touch attacks. Most people knew this.

This fellow didn't seem to care.

"You have

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Challenge #03629-I341: Populist or Perish

Wraithvine enters a village where everyone is absolutely terrified of hir. From the oldest adult, to the youngest toddler. One child bumping hir and falling down screams, while the mother gets to her knees begging hir not to harm the child. The reason? A cult going around terrifying entire villages with horror stories about Wraithvine, trying to get people to fear and shun the gentle Elven mage. What a mess. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine hadn't even introduced hirself to anyone, nor had

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Challenge #03625-I337: Small Acts of Mercy

A drunk person stumbles out into the street and grabs and kisses Wraithvine before passing out from the drink. They are very apologetic for their behavior in the morning. -- Anon Guest

The morning after the night before. Where ev'ry hair on your body is sore...

Such words had never been truer for Luane Emberguard, waking up to the very concept that fingernails could ache. Where the memories of the previous evening were vague, fragmentary, and always regrettable.

Someone poured liquid into

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Challenge #03613-I325: A Kindly Cut

A thief sneaks up behind Wraithvine while they are meditating, and, with a scissor, cuts some of the very long hair and tries to flee with it. -- Anon Guest

People think that Elves are insensate when they are resting. It's easy to believe. After all, they seem unresponsive to any sudden disruption in their environment. The truth that very few know is that Elven meditation is a means of connecting with the world around them. They are very aware of everything.

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Challenge #03612-I324: Cirque de Sade

The child is found to have wandered off deep into the woods. The ones that had her held other intelligent beings, though these were mostly adults, in cages as a traveling freak show. They demand Wraithvine give their "exhibit" back. Wraithvine shows just how peeved off a parental, even if the child is still new to them, can get at such cruelty.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03514-i226-mine-now -- Anon Guest

The music lead Wraithvine to the carnival, but the very sight

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Challenge #03607-I318: You Have Questions

Others in the church realize the "god" Wraithvine is there and go to talk to hir. Including individuals considering opening such a temple back in their own homelands.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03539-i251-inside-the-church-of-me -- Anon Guest

It wasn't the first Church of the Eternal Elf, but it was the first one to have what might be called a personal visit. Which eventually caused a stir as others realised the resemblance between the statue at the altar and the Elf helping out

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Challenge #03584-I295: Teaching Good Manners

A child is petting Lilbit and tries walking off with Wraithvine's sweet kitty. They are gently taught to ask permission before touching other people's pets, and to not try to take them. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine was arguing history with someone who drank deeply from the Well-Actually. As one might imagine, Immortals get into a lot of these fights.

"Well, actually, the diaries of Wraithvine are the most common subjects of forgery and are therefore spurious sources of alternate history," droned the

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Challenge #03571-I282: An Inevitable Change

There are many gods for darkness, many for balance, but the ones of light sometimes can seem fewer, far between. Living gods even less. Poor Wraithvine has the equivalent of an "infant god" on hir hands. Now ze has to protect against those that covet this power, will kill for it, until the new temple is built strong enough for the new god to be settled in, and truly get to work.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03311-i023-eggshell-crackd -- Anon Guest


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Challenge #03570-I281: Object Lessons

Could we have a scene of Wraithvine, Amatu, Vee, and Pondermore teaching this young mage? I'd love to see how he teaches the mage, and the young mage stopping his former instructor, now turned tormentor, from ever killing again?

It's from this. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03504-i216-the-right-teacher

Forgive me, I saw you have Gikka there, so it would be those others and gentle Gikka, so Vee would be all grown up now, or maybe gone of old age herself? And I'm

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Challenge #03569-I280: Pretty Poison

The farmer's spirit cannot return, but it can get a message through thanks to an observant medium. He forgives the death, understands it was an accident, and only wants for his family to find peace in their lives, and to live good lives. He also forgives the Elf that killed him, hoping the being finds redemption.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03507-i219-making-amends -- DaniAndShali

Old madwomen of the woods were to be expected, honestly. In tracking the source of the farm's sour

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Challenge #03563-I274: Snap Inspection

The person who WANTS power, should never be allowed near it. The person who does not wish for power, but is able to think clearly and is fair, those are the leaders we need. -- Anon Guest

Berthora Marcatrude Aregund Lunjevica, Seventh Matroness of the Eastmount Olikents was right about one thing. They actually did have a noble-born sweeping the streets. Well. Courtyard. Wraithvine had been watching the fellow in Whitekeep livery for some time. Trying to judge the situation on available

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Challenge #03562-I273: A Gift, a Blessing, and a Visit

An individual politely asks Wraithvine if they would be willing to sell them a small lock of hir golden hair. Why? To turn it into a bracelet by braiding it and adding some shiny agates they'd found and shaped, and present it to their child as a 5th birthday present. Their child absolutely adored elves, and the family didn't have much money, but wanted to do something very special for the little one. -- Anon Guest

"Beggin' your pardon, yer honour," said

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