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Challenge #03788-J135: Children Born in Fall...

What is the worst two times to travel? Late Fall and Early Spring. It was cold, the ground was soaked, sometimes half-frozen, there were icy puddles, it rained unexpectedly and the rain was icy cold, the wind was cold and often damp, it was miserable. Yet through this mess they still slogged, carrying their burdens. As the two young infants whimpered, Gikka and the young apprentice each also carrying an infant in their arms, it wouldn't be long now before they got the four infants to safety. -- Anon Guest

Keeping them warm and dry was important. Strodius had two of the world's tiniest Hellkin strapped to his chest. He chanted the verbal spell to keep the group under shelter. Gikka had just one tiny infant and their mother had the fourth. She was fading in and out of consciousness, borne in a basket on Wraithvine's back.

Wraithvine's spellwork was to keep the very worst of the weather at bay, alternating with magic to keep the exhausted mother alive and well. She had surrendered her Hellkin children to the group, but clung to the fourth. Born a Human.

People were wont to take the Human babies of Hellkin from their mothers "for their own safety." Well. For this little family's safety, they were taking them all to a place where they would remain an intact family and get help.

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Challenge #03635-I347: Offered Cup of Kindness

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