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A Change!

I finally got hold of the correct, clinical ashwagandha. You know, the stuff you can't firkin find in the shops. Well. The stuff I can't firkin find in the shops.

This is the stuff I could rely on to get my noggin sorted out to within tolerable areas off functioning. Now I have it back, and I have a way to get it reliably, I am accepting no substitutes.

[YMMV, ask your fave medico, do your own research, etc. etc.]

In other news, I have my String Bag Kit:
[Shown here: a ball of sisal twine and a huge crochet hook]

The crochet hook is a loaner and has to go back to MeMum when the project is done. I'll be picking this up whenever I have the problem of hurry-up-and-wait. Which will be whenever I'm waiting for my compy to boot up.

See, we're attempting to use less electricity. Which means turning off devices that are not in use. I've made the first stitch, so that is the nominal start for this thing.

Three hundred meters of sisal twine costs short of $11 at Bunnings. I still don't know how much a gigantic crochet hook costs. Helpful people could find where they are and what the asking price is.

I know. You can get a hessian shopping bag at literally anywhere for like $3, but this is a principal demo. Nothing more. At the end of the project, I'll have a 100% organic, renewable sourced shopping bag. No labor but my own in the making thereof.

Today, the Patreon stuff goes up. But that'll be happening after today's brat run.

Let's see how good I do and how quick.

Challenge #02093-E269: Start of a Beautiful Friendship

"Wait were you flirting with me? Shit! I should have said something way cooler." -- OohLookShiny

She couldn't help but smile. Sanderson wasn't aloof and cold. He was just dim. Socially speaking, he was thicker than a sack of bricks. Which sort of made up for him being just about everything else. It was hard not to like the guy. Friendly, outgoing, talented, politely outspoken, and smart. He had won a scholarship with his muscles, but he was using his brains once

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