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Challenge #04104-K086: One Life's Worth of Change

I was a pickpocket, a thief. I didn't want to be, but when you're starving, and alone, you do what you have to do to survive. Then I met this odd wizard, and hir friends, and my life completely changed.

I WAS a pickpocket, now I'm an adult, and the building they helped me found in this forsaken city has ensured there are very, very few in this city that are as I was, and I have many loved ones to care for.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03714-j061-change-a-life-change-the-world -- Anon Guest

Adventurers are a weird lot. Most of them take up Adventuring through a lack of other options. The Rogue known initially as Scram was one such. They could not say he was down on his luck when he met Wraithvine. That would imply that he had any luck to begin with.

Meeting Wraithvine was the luckiest mistake that Scram made in his life to that day.

Two kind hands can change a life. Gifting food, cleanliness, new clothes, and a new name - Robbie. Gifting education. Guiding and shaping a better path for someone who previously had no choices. Such as finding an occupation that Robbie loved to do.

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