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Challenge #03687-J034: Mutually Assured Devotion

"You need to stop and get some sleep!"

"Aw, just one more page?"

"We have work in the morning."

The human grumbled, put the book away, sighed, and fell asleep almost as soon as their head hit the pillows.

"Silly, sweet human, you look after us, and we look after you." -- Anon Guest

Humans, though they may deny it, need their Companions. Humans are rough around the edges, tough against many opposing forces, and many have a gruff demeanour. This is all true.

They are also very silly creatures who can forget where they put small, everyday objects.

Make no mistake, we love Human Can. She's the team mother, everyone's BFF, and can get obsessive about things to the point of self-detriment. She takes care of us, she cares for us. And we care for her. She needs it.

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Challenge #03686-J033: Magical Awakening

They lived in a simple apartment building in the middle of a large, busy, city. They'd always been considered a bit of an oddball, and loved books on fantasy. Then came that fateful evening, they did something they didn't think was possible, to save a kid from injury, and an individual who seemed old and wise, and yet youthful in appearance, came to them, to explain that they, in this modern world, possessed something the modern world tended to eschew. Actual magic.

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Challenge #03685-J032: Your Plastic Pal...

"I have my best friend in my pocket!"

They press a button on their wrist unit, and a small holograph showed smiling and saying hello.

"Is that an AI?"

"Yep! Their name is KIP, and we've been best friends since we met when I was 8. And we still are!" -- Anon Guest

Kindly Interactive Pal was made for children in remote vessels or settlements, so they would not feel lonely. Kids could personalise them. They were meant to be put away

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Challenge #03684-J031: Gezundheit

The human always wears a livesuit, or at least a protective head covering with full face mask when around havenworlders. Even when other humans were not. When asked, the human would sigh, sadly, and say, I'm allergic to everyone. -- Lessons

Some people should never go to space. Some people go anyway. I mean, who wouldn't right? Space is where all the cool stuff is. All the interesting people and fun places to see.

Hi. I'm Human Vaun, and I'm allergic to

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Challenge #03683-J030: The Best Time to Mend

"I can't... keep up, even with... magic."

"Worry not, I help."

The giant grabbed Wraithvine, his young mage apprentice, Gikka, and the cat, put them on their shoulders, and kept running. Time was running out, that bad storm was getting closer, and safety was a distance yet. -- Anon Guest

Cikaros ran hell for leather, feet making craters in the otherwise blasted landscape. Normally, she would have to step carefully to avoid villages, hamlets, and isolated cottages, but nobody came to the

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Challenge #03682-J029: Shortcut to Catharsis

"Of all the species in this universe, HUMANS are my least favorite."


"They're cruel, they're selfish, they're relentless, they're greedy, and they have absolutely no remorse for any of they pain they cause, or the planets they destroy."

"Aren't... you human?"

"That doesn't change how I feel about them." -- Anon Guest

"And what's worse," continued Human Vid as she waited for her turn at the buffet, "is that we're so very stupid. You know the system I'm from? Planitia Magus?

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Challenge #03681-J028: Sweet Poison

Brain: They're definitely a red flag.

Heart: But red is my favourite colour…

Brain: no.

You know: Hey-

Brain: You, shut up

You definitely know: But I didn’t say anythi-

Brain: we a part of the same body, I KNOW what you about to say -- Anon Guest

The adults of the Elven community called it the battle of head, hand, and heart. The wants of different parts of the whole. Qimaris was warned that this would happen when hir body

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Challenge #03680-J027: Come Relax by the Volcanoes

Humans build a wonderful resort station where the main attractions are a large assortment of hot spring baths and plenty of food. -- Anon Guest

Only Humans could look at a planet that was, essentially, a bubbling cauldera on every continent and say, "This is the best place to build a resort!"

This is just one among many reasons why the Alliance believes that the Humans are insane.

That said, Humanity also loves an engineering challenge. A planet ripe for geothermal energy

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Challenge #03679-J026: A Gift and a Price

A goddess offers Wraithvine's apprentice mage the ability to resurrect the newly dead. But the price is that their magic, and most of their stamina, is wiped out for the next 24 hours. -- The New Guy

Of offers from the gods is meant to come in crumbling temples. In deserts, where the Divine can find a mind crying out to the stars. In working with Wraithvine, and walking with Wraithvine, he had seen and heard many things.

He never expected to

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Challenge #03678-J025: Mandatory Teenaged Rebellion

A: What did I say about demon summoning?!

B: You’ll never keep us apart!

A: I don’t care if your boyfriend is a demon, JUST STOP SUMMONING HIM THE CHURCH! Their blood and brimstone gets everywhere. And he's literally being incinerated by god light! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do NOT know what happened, but I wound up working on a prompt scheduled for the distant future. Normal services will resume tomorrow. Apologies to everyone about this]

"I'll go through

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Challenge #03677-J024: For Intended Use Only

Human Child: This! Is! SPARTA!

Human Parent: This is not Sparta, and you won't like what happens next if you hit your sister with that broom. -- Escla

"I told you not to let them go through the archives unchecked," said Mami. "Now you know why there's 'parental guidance' advisories."

Deni lowered his broom, knowing better than ticking off Mom. "I was just playing," he protested.

"You were just playing a little too dangerously," insisted Mom. "Brooms are for sweeping up garbage,

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Challenge #03676-J023: Learning of Life and...

A young orphan's pet has passed on, their mentor, a very kind giant who guards the orphanage, soothes the young human when they don't understand why their pet won't wake up. -- Anon Guest

Feslas found Allyl in the stables, cradling one of the barn cats. Which was limp and unresponsive and... very dead. Nobody had killed the beast. It had been an old cat before Allyl took a liking to sitting still in the sunshine and straw with the animals.


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Challenge #03675-J022: Desperate Measures

An emergency ship lands on a pax humanis sanctuary planet. The medics beg for emergency blood donations. The people there are all too eager to roll up their sleeves. -- Anon Guest

They say that you have to be desperate to crash-land on a Pax Humanis sanctuary. It is, after all, a world full of killers. For interesting values of 'full'.

Most of the planet is wilderness. Empty of intelligent life.

The Fittleton Driver was desperate. They tried for a soft landing,

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Challenge #03674-J021: If You Can Hear This...

"I will be honest with you. Pax Humanis is coming to haul you to court, your chances of escape are slim. What, they're sending a Humanis member that's a lucker? Turn yourself in, now, and spare yourself the pain. Your chances just became none." -- Fighting Fit

Humans are, possibly, the strangest Deathworlders known to intelligent life. Those weird little apes had a rough evolutionary path. They almost went extinct several times, and for at least one of those, it was self-induced.

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Challenge #03671-J018: Were You Talking to Me?

"Do that again, I will take you over my knee!"

" don't have knees...."

"You KNOW what I mean!"

".....sorry...." -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't endorse abuse so I'll have to figure a way around this prompt]

Of every unlikely adventuring companion, the least likely to share adventures with in the frozen mountains was a Sserith. If it wasn't for magical means to keep a body warm, everything would have stopped -ha- cold.

And some idiot at the bar had

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