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Challenge #03513-I225: Time to Spare

Several kids flying kites accidentally run into Wraithvine and hir friends. Giggling, they offer the kite strings to the individuals, asking the group to come play -- Anon Guest

They had the time. And why not? Between one place and another, with all the urgencies currently out of the way, playing in a park had its lures. Especially for Marvin.

Wraithvine hadn't held a kite string for too long, and accepted the spool with giddy laughter. Which more or less gave the others permission to play. If an Elf almost as old as the world could play with kites, then anyone could do it. And, for the sake of the game, the spell to Control Winds was very, very useful.

Marvin was running around with the other children and laughing. Careful of the smaller ones anywhere near his feet and trying not to tangle his kite string with anyone else's. Wraithvine was far more sedate, enjoying the spectacle and the occupation, and the peace.

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Challenge #03512-I224: Walk a Mile

A being that HATES tieflings, and goes out of their way to hurt them, ends up in a temple. The magi (the cleric who is the scion of the god of that temple) sees the being harm a tiefling child, one of the many orphans there. And does the one thing that, to the hateful person, is the ultimate nightmare. The person wakes up having the form of the being they hate most. -- Anon Guest

Beware the hand of Justice. It

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Challenge #03511-I223: Ready-made Weapons of War

Humans and Casuarids team up aboard an exploration ship. Powers that Be help anyone that attacked, because that was one ship that was every bit as dangerous to attackers as one filled with only humans. The humans, for the record, loved their time aboard, it was fun! -- Anon Guest

Everyone gets sick of the status quo, sometimes. The facts of life as they stand can get either dull or irritating. In the case of the

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Challenge #03510-I222: A Place For You as Well

A memorial goes up to the men and women that wore the Crown of Days to protect the youngster who helped them win the war. The young woman, the parents, and the duchy both honor her, and the brave ones who sacrificed their lives, dying one day at a time, to give her the strength needed in those terrible days, also thanked the last one, bent and aged before their time, for their lives. -- Anon

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Challenge #03509-I221: Big Thoughts in Small Steps

The medics remark on the state of the Havenworlders, and the Human, from rescuing them from an insanely toxic planet. The Havenworlders and the human get a rundown on how much Time their discoveries are going to be making them, once they're well enough, as well as expeditions back to gather those very valuable plants, and oh, by the way, they now OWN that toxic planet and get to name it. Medical science and record books thank you for your contribution.


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Challenge #03508-I220: Educating Warriors

"Kids, I could use some help in the kitchen!"

sound of many running feet

"FO' DIN-DIN!!!" -- Escla

Warrior cultures aren't warriors all the time. Many people think so, and presume that everything is a fight. They presume that the entire tribe lives by the sword, on a horse, and nothing else ever happens without bloodshed. No culture is a monolith and no one group of people ever do the same thing.

The Orcish steppes are chilly, that much is true. The

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Challenge #03507-I219: Making Amends

"When's Papa coming home?"

A young toddler goes to Wraithvine to ask about hir daddy. Wraithvine must now tell the family what happened to the farmer. -- DaniAndShali

Lulanie Tiller stared at the coils of hair on her table, and at the humble Elf who had appeared in her hut. She gave the being small chores to keep them busy until the children were sound asleep.

She made tea, and wound up the hair

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Challenge #03506-I218: A Different Contraband

They worked hard to build their own custom ship. It took them a long time, and a lot of funds, and a ton of very hard work. They made sure the ship had the strongest shields and safety features they could build, and, of course, all the amenities that they, and their family and friends, could ever want or need. The first ship in their small business. What business? Smuggling Dereggers to safety. -- Anon Guest

Raymond Barnet, Security Inspector for the

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Challenge #03505-I217: Offer of an End

A very, very, powerful old magic user finds a way to cure those who wish to give up their immortality and become mortals again. A special crystal they developed and make several of such crystals, which the immortality is placed within, leaving the person mortal once more. But how many are truly brave enough to give up their immortal lives, knowing that they will, from the point they are now at, live a normal life span and die of normal old age?

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Challenge #03504-I216: The Right Teacher

A young wizard politely asks Wraithvine to teach them how to duel for self defense. -- Fighting Fit

The problem with immortals is that they get a reputation. Strodius had been through five mummers so far who claimed to be the immortal Elf of lore and legend. They would hear him out, listen to his cause, and then attempt to charge gold for their services.

The real Wraithvine would do no such thing. Gold did not enter into an equation where the

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Challenge #03503-I215: Gunboat Immunity

A species is found that is immune, not only to the immunoflu, but to all other known diseases. Their immune systems are insanely adaptive and very quickly, once one being contracts and survives an illness, the entire species soon develops the same adaptation. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In humans, being apparently immune to everything is an early warning sign for Multiple Sclerosis. Not recommended]

Of course they were Deathworlders. Havenworlders wouldn't have a reason to have such an immune system, and those

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Challenge #03502-I214: Last Warning

“This breaks our immortality deal,” the being slammed the butt end of their staff on the ground, causing the palace to shake and the floor began to crack around him. Some poor souls were blown away from the room while the some of guards were barely able to hold their ground while the rest collapsed. Ten beings were all that were left standing wearing some very prestigious clothing. “Please forgive us, this may be an error in our side. We would not

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Challenge #03501-I213: Blessed With the Ability to Curse

They were born with heterochromia and when their canines grew in, they grew in long and pointed. Yes they were human, it was a genetic anomaly. But hey, they loved how it scared pirates when they smiled fully and showed THOSE teeth!

[While I don't have heterochromia - a condition where the person is born with one eye being one color and the other eye being a completely different color, when I lost my eye-teeth, aka the canines, as a kid, the

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Challenge #03500-I212: A Rare Kind Touch

Do you know what it's liked to be hugged, when before all you ever knew was a hard hand? Do you know what it's like to have someone hold you and tell you it'll be alright, when before, all your life, all you've known is to be told you are worthless? I do. Thank you for your warmth, I love you, too. -- Anon Guest

It had been quite a chase. It had been quite the revelation. The mad lord in morning,

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Challenge #03499-I211: She Demands Her Tribute

They're trying to get work done, they're at their desk, there is a pile of paperwork, but the local cats are being absolute cuddle-bums today! -- Anon Guest

[AN: With reference to Meet Lilbit]

Two kind hands are not enough for one cat. There were times and civilisations when cats were worshipped like gods. Neither cats nor Wraithvine had forgotten this. The kitten was just a little bit of fur with claws and teeth attached, thus earning the name Lilbit.

This became

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