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Challenge #04077-K059: Defensive Action Lessons

Jay asks to sit and watch as Lilicoon is talking self-defense classes. -- Anon Guest

"We both know I don't need it with you," said Lilcoon. "I wish to be prepared for all other circumstances."

"I'm not guarding you," said Jay. "I'm not worried. I want..." they flailed for the right words, trying to fish them out of the air with their fingers. "I want to know how it's taught."

"You already know how to fight, yes?" said Lilcoon.

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Challenge #04076-K058: Hero in Waiting

A: He was born in the wrong era.

B: What do you mean?

A: He improves his skills everyday, but with nowhere to apply it it will all amount to nothing in this era of peace.

B: Isn’t that a good thing? No one should experience war.

A: That’s true. Born in tranquility, raised with love, yet he feels unfulfilled. He will die with loved ones and untapped potential. -- Anon Guest

Some people think there is nothing sadder than

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Challenge #04075-K057: Heavy the Heart...

The young, inexperienced, king made some serious mistakes and now his lands are in chaos. He begs for his people to send for Wraithvine and friends, so he can get advice on fixing the mess. His worst problems? He's young, inexperienced, and his advisors are not exactly always honest with him. -- Anon Guest

A child king is loved by his advisors. Mostly because those advisors can shape him, direct him, and coddle him from the truth. You almost never find a

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Challenge #04074-K056: Zen and the Art of Learning

Several students of Twii have opened their own dojos to help teach that which they'd learned from their sensei. Twii decides to visit to inspect the dojos, and see how lessons are coming along. -- Anon Guest

A good education is like a virus. It's pretty much designed to spread. Knowledge shared is strength that unites both teacher and student. And if the teacher is really good, they're willing to learn from the student.

Thus, Master

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Challenge #04073-K055: Lucky Neighbours

In self-imposed exile, even with a beloved pet, a person can go slowly mad from loneliness. The world is lush, perfect for colonies. The first colonists to come down? A boat-load of GOOD luckers. Bad luck doesn't stand a chance. -- Anon Guest

In all the universe, there is a form of balance. For good luck, there is also bad luck. And, as many Humans know, some people have all the luck.

Those people are called

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Challenge #04072-K054: The Gravy Recovery Project

My name is Joi, and almost my entire life, since leaving Earth, I helped gravy drives escape Sargassos and retire peacefully. My love and I had children, and several were born as I was, at least with the same gift. Now we work as a business / charity, and we're happy. As is our beloved friends sailing through the stars. -- Anon Guest

It's rarer than one might think, to find an abandoned gravy drive in a

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Challenge #04071-K053: Situation Versus Circumstances

Lilicoon looks at the painting that hangs in her home, and smiles in memory. She tells the visiting Jay how she and Sunshine met as friends, and the first time they had tea together. Grateful for that meeting, because through that meeting, her future was secure in meeting Jay. -- Anon Guest

There was a goddess above her fireplace. Well. Pseudo-fireplace. Sometimes, a home needs a mantlepiece to display objects of pride. This was her home.

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Challenge #04070-K052: Pack Bonding Pays

The Human's Companion is having... what the humans would cal... a bad day. A very bad one.

It's not always the companions that are acting as the therapists, sometimes the humans they work with are the ones that help them the most, with warm hugs, soft blankets, soothing tones, snacks, and an ear to listen. -- Anon Guest

Things had been going wrong, and there was little to blame about it. Bad timing, unpreventable accidents; a case of, as Human Nour would

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Challenge #04069-K051: Justice in Plain Sight

The Honor Guard now has bases around the world, after so many centuries. And yet, their principals have never wavered. Corruption is absolutely NOT tolerated in their ranks and cut out swiftly, by any means necessary. And always their goal is the same. To follow the example of their founder, Wraithvine, and help keep a balance to this world. -- Fighting Fit

The Lutemen may pluck the strings to shape the world, but the Honour Guard

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Challenge #04068-K050: Non-Toxic, Hazardous

The male knomira screamed at the guard to move aside, he knew what he was doing. The guard grinned to himself and did so. The knomira ended up on his backside, though really it was only his ego that was harmed. To be fair, the guard DID warn him that they still needed to clean up the rest of the spilled, slippery but otherwise relatively harmless, lubricant. -- Anon Guest

"How can a harmless chemical spill block off an entire walkway? What

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Challenge #04067-K049: Named Helper

As immortal as the "Living God" known as Wraithvine, he had lost his name due to his selfishness. Learning to be kind and giving, he gained a new name after a long time of lessons, and now taught as he was taught, the lessons of warmth, and using his magic to comfort and aid those in need. And, of course, was always grateful in the times his mentor visited to check up on him. -- Anon

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Challenge #04066-K048: The Illogical Solution

CEO -- "Why do you not have any guns??"

"We don't need them."

CEO -- "How do you stop criminals??"

"We have special firearms that shoot out discs that latch onto the body and cause > the person to faint, safely, no matter the species. This way no one gets hurt and we can capture the prisoner unharmed."

CEO aghast "That's so... SOFT! They'll re-offend!"

"Not often, not once we're done with them." -- Anon Guest

CEO's touring Alliance facilities always have culture

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Challenge #04065-K047: A Funny Thing Happened Along the Way...

"At that point, Chain's regular therapist arrived. Out of breath and disheveled. "Sorry! Sorry. There was a thing with a herd of Cleaners and some knomira Dereggers and a kid with a lollipop... and... an accordion..." ze trailed off. "Oh. We're going to need tea and smooth carob and the big soft room."

Well. At least there was a foreseeable moment in which they would all laugh about it later."

Ok, NOW both Chains, the security officer, and therapy assist Threemoon Gudboi

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Challenge #04064-K046: Health and Safety Inspection

This blacksmith's shop is renowned not only for its skilled craftsmen, but also for how well their forges are fired. It doesn't hurt that two of the master smiths are humans in dragon form, and the third who owns the shop is a dragon who doesn't like shifting, but has no problem sharing their flame. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think OP meant "Dragons in Human form" so I shall be running with that idea]

They call the place Featherforge, because these

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Challenge #04063-K045: Something in the Ingredients List

Companion. "Why do you have nothing but bland bags of nutrifood in here? You know there's a lot more you're allowed to have."

Human. "I know, but anything else just keeps coming back up on me. This, at least, stays down."

Companion. "Medics seen you about this?"

Human. "Um..." -- Anon Guest

Humans, as Deathworlders, are very bad at recognising that they could be in slow dangers. They have a knack for harming themselves in ways they can ignore for decades. Some

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