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Challenge #03566-I277: Overlooked, Underestimated, Deadly

It was rare someone ever did, but these individuals got the drop on Amatu, Wraithvine, and friends. They bound the hands, they bound the feet, they bound the WINGS! But why - oh - why... does everyone forget about the prehensile tails?? Oh well, Amatu's tail, a knife, and some people learning the hard way, you DON'T mess with a person's family! -- Anon Guest

It seemed like a mandatory turn of events. Just when they had a plan, just when it looked like everything was going the way they wanted it to, the random band of bringands turned up and set things into chaos once more.

They had Wraithvine in a special collar that would not allow hir to access magic of any kind. They had Pondermore in strength-sapping shackles. They had Vee, Rawr, and Amatu in regular, everyday rope, but they had been enthusiastic about binding every limb. Every limb but one.

All other things considered, they were suspiciously well-prepared brigands. They might even be minions of Malforence. Especially considering the way they talked about their 'boss'.

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Challenge #03565-I276: Avast Ye!

Young, wannabe pirates steal a ship. The human aboard refuses to hurt kids, but they are NOT amused! -- Anon Guest

"What are you, twelve?" Human Oz glared down at the 'dread pirate' Bao, who had a kitten face on their overalls pocket. "I'm old enough to be your grandren[1]. I should send you to the corner."

"I'm eight," said the 'dread pirate' Bao. "And I'm the Captain 'cause of my mean scar, and you're s'posed to surrender." The 'mean scar'

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Challenge #03563-I274: Snap Inspection

The person who WANTS power, should never be allowed near it. The person who does not wish for power, but is able to think clearly and is fair, those are the leaders we need. -- Anon Guest

Berthora Marcatrude Aregund Lunjevica, Seventh Matroness of the Eastmount Olikents was right about one thing. They actually did have a noble-born sweeping the streets. Well. Courtyard. Wraithvine had been watching the fellow in Whitekeep livery for some time. Trying to judge the situation on available

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Challenge #03564-I275: Meeting All Kinds

El galáctico es confundido con un canino por un humano con discapacidad visual a bordo de la nave que se dirige a la estación Amalgam. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated by the internet: The galactic is mistaken for a canine by a visually impaired human aboard the ship heading to Amalgam Station.]

The Human had a white cane, but they could also clearly see some things. They could not, evidently, see clearly. They were using pet manners on her.

"Hello, pup? Where's

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Challenge #03562-I273: A Gift, a Blessing, and a Visit

An individual politely asks Wraithvine if they would be willing to sell them a small lock of hir golden hair. Why? To turn it into a bracelet by braiding it and adding some shiny agates they'd found and shaped, and present it to their child as a 5th birthday present. Their child absolutely adored elves, and the family didn't have much money, but wanted to do something very special for the little one. -- Anon Guest

"Beggin' your pardon, yer honour," said

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Challenge #03561-I272: Curing the Cursed

Serial killers always slip up, sooner or later. In this case, it was targeting the daughter of someone very prominent. A daughter who managed to escape before he could "finish the job". The "Past Victims Club" had a way to expose him now, "we were not dead, he left us for dead, but we were just badly hurt."

But some of the survivors are now taking an interest in the dear necromancer's work, and asking to be students. So ones like him

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Challenge #03560-I271: Fare-thee-well to Planet Hell

It's well known the fluids that comes out of humans can be dangerous to other species. Imagine their shock when they realize that some of these fluids are deadly even to humans! Such as the hydrochloric acid inside their stomachs, or the fact their liquid waste product, if it breaks down, turns into ammonia!

Note - one of the reasons human stomach cells never stop growing is the fact that the main ingredient in stomach acids is hydrochloric acid. One of the

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Challenge #03559-I270: Unriddle Me This

They sat in the hall berating themselves with recriminations, head bowed, sometimes swearing at themselves. They did this, unfortunately, way too many times, given their poor self-esteem. The therapist, hearing of them, sits next to them to listen, and try to help. -- Anon Guest

Everyone had done what they could. That was clear to those mopping up the mess. Nevertheless, there were those determined to blame themselves.

Human Yeong had been ordered to sit still. This was evidently a difficult task

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Challenge #03558-I269: Your Body, Your Choice

The planet, a Havenworld, was quite warm, and beautiful. The humans that found it, and created a colony, had only one rule that seemed very abnormal. Except for underwear, and safety equipment when needed, the wearing of clothing was very much optional. Needless to say, this tended to shock Galactics any time they visited. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm sure I did a prompt like this sometime in the past, but I'm blowed if I know where it is.]

Welcome to Pakao,

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Challenge #03557-I268: An Overdue Appreciation

Death is used to the living fearing them when they come to take the living to the next world. But this living being, as they lay waiting for Death's hand to take their pain away, holds out a simple silk flower, enchanted so Death may hold it close. This being's way of saying thank you. For in the end, Death is usually the kindest being of all. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am using everything in my power to not steal Sir

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Challenge #03556-I267: Directed Assistance

A human, once a wealthy aristocrat, is begging in the streets now. They'd made mistakes, big mistakes, and now begged the Elven wizard and hir friends for help. They were truly sorry for what they did. What help did they want? Money? Power? No. Even though they were broke, they were trying to save those they, themselves, had impoverished, before it was too late. -- Anon Guest

Some in rags, and some in tags, and one in a velvet gown... The robe

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Challenge #03555-I266: To Walk the Flame

Havenworlders and other Deathworlders, at least those not from really hot planets, are aghast as they watch humans in firewalking ceremonies. How in the name of the POWERS are humans walking on fire and hot coals barefoot? -- Fighting Fit

Welcome to Terra. Come for the spectacles, stay for the food. The Humans will do anything to show off for an audience. Including things that really should hurt them worse than they do.

These humans were walking barefoot across fire. Well. Technically,

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Challenge #03554-I265: Battling Ignorance

On a twist of fate, Amatu has to defend Wraithvine from racist jerks who hate Elves. Calls Wraithvine his sibling, and ends up in a fistfight, why waste magic on nonmagical bullies? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Check the tag "amatus-adventure" for further shenanigans]

There was a very crude sign outside of the village. It said, NOW NYFEERS. There was a semi-helpful frowny face with pointed ears on the placard, with a red X painted over it.

"If we go through quickly?" suggested

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Challenge #03553-I264: Therapy Augments

They had been through something so immensely horrific they stopped talking altogether. Except, they would speak to animals. They barely looked up, often freezing and curling up into a ball of terror at even the slightest noise over a soft spoken voice. The therapist was broken-hearted, this was going to take a lot of work. -- Anon Guest

Humans were not meant to shut down like this. In and of itself, the spectacle was terrifying. Human Teal was nonresponsive to all but

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Challenge #03552-I263: Wait, What?

Scientists are baffled and confused! The sky ships have been hanging over our planet for weeks now?! Where did they come from and what do they want?! (link) (link) -- AmberFox

[AN: Both links lead to advertisements for Freeview, yet another streaming service full of yet more content. The ads are clever though]

They looked absolutely ridiculous. For starters, most of their structure was wood and brass. Wings of canvas and rope splayed out like fins from an otherworldly fish. There was

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