Close Encounters

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Challenge #02312-F122: Made it Home Alive

Rules for Fighting Humans:

Rule Number 1: Don't fight Humans.

Rule Number 2: DON'T FIGHT HUMANS !!!!!

Rule Number 3: IF you fight Humans, aim for the Brain!

Rule Numb......: ....................... FUUUUUUUUUUUCK -- Anon Guest

Humans are Deathworlders. Some think they are unstoppable. Many think they are monsters. Rumours fly about their unkillable aspect. News like Phineas Gage gets around. They have all kinds of procedures surrounding what to do if one spots a Human.

Step one: Retreat. If possible, retreat expeditiously.
Step two: If retreat is cut off, hide.
Corollary: Humans are very perceptive and may find you anyway.
Addendum: Humans are tireless and can track you down if you run.
Step three: Loud noises and sudden movements can startle a Human long enough for you to engineer an escape.
Corollary: They can also startle a Human into attacking. Do not give Humans enough time to react beyond getting out of your way.
Addendum: Humans have a grip capable of crushing aluminium containers. Havenworlders are advised to be especially cautious when exercising this step.

All of this good, sound advice was written by the survivors. Those who had managed to escape Humans and lived to tell about what happened to those who hadn't. It had worked for many, who added to the extant files. All of it went flying out of Yekys' head the instant ze realised that there was a Human in the same facility.

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Challenge #01459-C364: Dangerous Encounters

A [Human science ship] is basically a prickly little echidna going through space wearing a mortarboard. It just wants to science. If you stop it sciencing, it can survive you kicking it, hurt the foot that you were foolish enough to use to kick it, and call for help from the other, decidedly LESS peaceful ships Humanity has to offer. -- RecklessPrudence

Humans are dangerous. Everyone knows this. The preferred method of interacting with humans, for the longest time, was simply two

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Challenge #01397-C302: Weird Encounters

Frisk Meets....

1) The Mystery Skulls

2) Scooby Doo -- Anon Guest

[AN: This puts the gap count down to ONE. Also, I'm assuming you mean the Mystery Skulls of MSA]


Frisk signed, You're new. Hello.

The formally-dressed Skeleton in front of hir glared down at the child. He was apparently nodding to a beat that Frisk couldn't hear. He didn't speak, and that could be because he didn't have a lower jaw.

Frisk tried offering him some monster food. A

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