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Humans Are Space Orcs

A 134-post collection

Challenge #02043-E219: Through th' Crack's Mirror

Humans had lost against the Fae. The Orcs, and Fairies, Gnomes, and Centaurs, all the "mythical" creatures had banded together and drove us to near extinction. But unlike us, they weren't monsters. We had after all started the war. And the small group of survivors, stripped of magic, were sent to a reality where no natural magic existed. Banished to the fringes, that's where our stories came from, an attempt to keep the history before alive. And remember the times that the odd curious Fae King would come to check on us, challenge us, test us, see if we had changed. -- The Pirate

Tyr Na'Nog tells stories of Humans. Legends. Tales of the Old Times when the Xenophobia Wars raged and these magic-less apes were the most dangerous creature in the world of many. They had short lives, but they learned fast. They learned from the worst of things that happened, and grew unbelievably strong. They bred fast. They made tools that could work as well as magic.

Some say that the Gods made Humans as a joke. And like so many jokes, they were unintentionally painful. They could not unmake what they had made. They could not eliminate Humans completely from the world. So all the intelligent creatures, large and small, banded together. A type of Pax Humanis. Dragons worked with Dwarves. Elves worked with Gnomes. Centaurs and Gryphons and Faeries grouped their skills.

Together, they made a door. And washed the Humans through it in a gigantic flood. So the stories say. Tan'reath found it unlikely that such creatures existed, and had the gall to doubt his teacher openly. That was when Ul'daath the Wise took him to the Library of Horrors. Where the Mirror to the Otherworld rested.

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Challenge #02042-E218: Something's Happening Here

Love your Humans are space Orcs, especially the ones about Ozzies.

Here is one for you, How even without luck, all humans get gut feelings, warning of unseen dangers and how they can drive out decisions especially in rather precarious situations. -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Never sweat your spelling. If I can grok your meaning, I'll correct that biz for the post. Hope you haven't gone troppo waiting for this post to happen, and have a Gaytime on me :D ]


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Challenge #02032-E208: Least Threatening Silhouette

[Title: Words you learn to dread hearing. #1.] "I was only..." -- Knitnan

[AN: Once again I have to remind my dear readers that I don't usually pay attention to the titles of your prompt posts. Doing this sort of thing throws off my rhythm and I've already had a crowded day today]

Humans. They do all kinds of hazardous things without thinking about it. Playing gravity games and forgetting that other beings find these unnerving. Singing songs about death and murder[

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Challenge #02031-E207: Needs of the Many Can Bite Me

“You’re risking the lives of millions - millions of lives! - for the sake of one.”

“Damn right I am! And besides, I promised I’d get you out of this mess alive, didn’t I?” -- Anon Guest

"But... the needs of the many," objected Koraz.

"Flakk the needs of the many, I made a promise." Human Kaf had his head down and his shoulders hunched. "I keep my word. Wanna fight me about that?"

"No," sighed Koraz with a

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Challenge #02030-E206: But Not My Friend

“I refuse to let you die”

-- A surprisingly common (and even more surprisingly functional) human phrase.

More lives than can be counted have been saved due to this statement. -- Anon Guest

Flaax had expected to die. That was what happened when the Vorax attacked. People died. Civilisations ended. If one was lucky, wreckage containing last messages to loved ones could be found after the fact.

And then the Humans became part of the Galactic landscape, so to speak. They hunted

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Challenge #02027-E203: Waifs and Strays

"We have a problem sir. We found the hostage. She looks safe but.... there is an human with her. He is hurt and his translator is broken, but he seems to have protected the hostage, and continues to do so. The fact is that he doesn't want to leave her alone, and she doesn't want to leave him too. And he kind of scares our man." -- Anon Guest

Humans. Some were aggressive. Enough to make Havenworlders like the Graacil extremely cautious

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Challenge #02026-E202: Common Sense Human Medical Advisor

Under great stress, the human brain will launch the production of combat drugs to better face the situation. It will nearly always allow your fellow human crew member to survive and save you, even if the course of action seems stupid and dangerous. The biggest problem could be when those drugs leave the organism : usually the human will act as normal and go back to his/her normal behaviour. But in some case, the human mental will temporary "crumble to dust" and

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Challenge #02023-E199: Home-Going

What if the reason aliens are uniform across their world is because every species has a deep, intrinsic connection with their home planet. So colonising/terraforming a new planet is considered a form of disownment, as it breaks the connection with your home world. Humans connection is much weaker than most other species, but it allows us to still see humans across the galaxy as HUMANS rather than traitors, or a different "breed" of humanity. -- Sarah

[AN: Obviously, this can't happen

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Challenge #02021-E197: Volatile Situation


“Umm... water?”

“Water. The highly corrosive, extremely reactive liquid.”

“I mean, yeah. But...”


“Oh that? It’s fine. Just the carbon dioxide in the air making it slightly acidic.”

“Define ‘slightly’.”

“Umm... ph5 ish? So about x100 more concentrated than pure water? It’s honestly fine, if you think this is bad, you haven’t seen the ACTUAL acid rain on earth.

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Challenge #02018-E194: After Math

And then she spoke. She was xir’s friend, xir’s confidant, xir’s companion through thick and thin. She was the one xir trusted above anyone else. But she is also dangerous, deadly, and vicious; a deathworlder before all else, a human at heart. Xir will never forget those three words for as long as xir lives:

“Actually, I can.” -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm going to take your word on the conjugation of this pronoun, Nonny. I can only handle

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Challenge #02017-E193: Like a Boss

Adrenaline is a well known (and banned due to its effectiveness/danger) military combat drug.

What happens when aliens find out that human bodies produce it naturally when under stress or danger? -- Anon Guest

The V'rithi had known Human Jak as a 'team mom', constantly fretting over their collective wellbeing. Making sure they had rodesnax[1] and clothing that would protect them from the elements. Human Jak was constantly gentle and kind, and -to use a Human phrase- wouldn't hurt a

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Challenge #02005-E181: One Line to Cross

Humans are walking biohazard to everyone and everything. Our saliva can cause several pandemics alone is unchecked. If our gut is punctuated, the bacteria (and acid) inside us will eat us alive, not to mention whoever else may come into contact with it.

What happens when the galactic community first learns about this fact?

What happens when a human is found with an open gut wound that has been left untreated? -- Anon Guest

Humans will risk their lives for the beings

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Challenge #01997-E173: With Understanding

Considering many herbivores on earth are gigantic and fully capable of hurting us “predators”, how would a group of humans handle a diplomatic encounter with a council of large, all herbivore, prey-species, in order to convince them to join the larger space society?

We need them to trust us but also respect us.

Fear is a powerful tool indeed. -- Anon Guest

Havenworlders amble gently into cogniscence and cautiously dip their toes into space travel. They are, by nature, the species most

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Challenge #01995-E171: Dangerous Beasts

This isn’t my prompt but I’d like to see what you can do with it.

“I don’t want to know who I was. Before... before... before I was kidnapped as a child,” ze says, and there’s something pained in zir dark eyes. “A happy, drooling kid. Or whatever. Look- if I- if I wasn’t always this way, bitter and angry, that means xe won. That xe changed me. Made me into a new being. I can’t

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Challenge #01993-E169: The Protection Experiment

Considering the terrifying methods our immune system uses to keep us safe, can you please write a story about how aliens first dealt with human diseases (probably something that has a high mutation rate) that jumped the species barrier?

How did they deal with the pandemic (think of what smallpox did in North America) their own immune systems were unprepared for? How did they handle what they found when they researched the crazy human immune system?

Autoimmune disorders?? -- Anon Guest


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