Medical Intervention

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Challenge #03458-I170: One Post-op Debrief After the Mess

The human is badly wounded, in an ICU drawer, half-conscious, but at peace. They had fought hard, protecting the innocent, and in their heart and mind, what they had suffered, and was recovering from, had been worth it. No lives had been lost. -- Anon Guest

The really great thing about Alliance Medicine was that they had absolutely kicker drugs. Human Wat was effectively floating on a pink cloud of nice, and she was feeling no pain at all. This also meant that she couldn't move, lest she hurt herself even further.

Currently, she was also narrating the slow-floating friendly blobs on her over-face interface screen.

"Orange has left Blue, seemingly forever, to explore the intricacies of Emland[1]." At least, that's what she thought she was saying. It would take a studious and attentive listener to realise that there were words in there. "Is Blue feeling blue? No! Blue is a serial monogomist and immediately hooks up with Red. The hussy."

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Challenge #03378-I090: Surprise!

A homeless, sick, human, one of the last few survivors from a Deregger world. One that was now a grave world, having torn itself apart in a civil war after the uprising against the brutal CEO and their polity had driven the population into desperation. They smuggled themselves onto the last cargo pod that made it to a small way-station and soon collapsed to fall asleep in a small green park. -- Anon Guest

The woods were silent, dark and deep. Britta

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Challenge #03332-I044: Don't Try That at Home

A young Havenworlder was in the infirmary having their wing carefully bandaged, the bone broken. Fortunately, they'd been strong enough to not go into shock from the injury. What had happened? They had decided to try some of the self-defense moves they'd seen humans do in a movie and ended up having a bad fall. The parents had been in the process of signing them up for beginner lessons and now would have to wait until they healed. -- Anon Guest


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Challenge #03323-I035: Replacement Parts

It'd been a very hard week. All I want is to sit down and forget this week, to be honest. You're a therapist, you know what it's like? All I really want is a cup of coffee and something to read. Hey doc., when will my eyes be fixed? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hey OP? OP? Ow... That's one hell of a kick in the pants. Well done]

"Three more days," said the soothing voice of Therapist Ka'renn. Ze was always so

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Challenge #03293-I005: Reluctance to Report

A Human from a Deregger world snores terribly and even sound baffling doesn't stop it all. Then, shockingly, the room goes silent for a few seconds before there's a sudden, even louder, snore and then the normal noise again. They worried for him and had an observer in to check why it went quiet sometimes. The observer noticed the human had, for a brief moment, stopped breathing! They were worried the human would, one day, not start again. -- Anon Guest


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Challenge #03094-H186: They Will Write to Each Other

A human child, hearing a loud bang, finds an alien who looks, at least to the human, like a medium sized dog that's hurt. The child picks up the alien to bring them home and then gives them a bath since they were covered in mud and sticks. The alien wakes up realizing they're now wrapped up in bandages, stuck in what looks like a makeshift "hospital gown", and the child is rocking the small bed they were put in, reading them

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Challenge #02660-G103: Minimising All Possible Harm

"Don't fix what's not broken."

"If it's not broken, you haven't tested it enough." -- SilverRey

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
If it isn't broken, test it some more. -- Conflicting Human Axioms.

Some things need fixing before they break. Emergency services anticipate even the ridiculous emergencies so that they can be ready before they happen. This has lead to the 'zombie plague' and 'black hole' plans in the emergency systems all over Alliance space.

Zombie Plague has been on

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