Medical Intervention

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Challenge #04211-K193: Repair and Restore

"Can... I ask a rude question?"

Of course little one.

"Why... are your eyes like that?"

Because I got very sick, and now I'm going to a special doctor who is going to make me well so I can see again.

"Okay, I'm going to a doctor too, we can both get treats!"

Sounds good little one, sounds very good. -- Anon Guest

"I wanna have a big cake," announced Dair. "I saw'd one made outta rainbows on the way in."

The grownup in the next chair nodded in agreement. "That sounds pretty awesome. I'd love to see a rainbow again. Why are you seeing the doctors here?"

"I got trouble on my insides that needs a doctor to untie. My bits tied into a big knot and I throw up all the time. I think it's called a high atticus her knee-ah. How'd you get sick and make your eyes go funny?"

"I caught measles," said the grownup.

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Challenge #04162-K144: Help to All in Need

The human had helped nurse the very, very sick dragon back to health. The dragon'd had trouble laying her eggs and it'd taken a toll on her. They stayed to help the dragon, as did their family, and when the eggs hatched, the human and hir family helped the dragon raise their brood, so that all children, human and dragon, knew the love and warmth of a big family. -- Anon Guest

If you believe that all life is precious, truly and

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Challenge #04154-K136: Made to Care

I was built by the B'Nari to be extremely versatile. I care for those who are no longer able to care for themselves, or, due to birth or accident, have never been able to do so. It can be difficult, sometimes, I admit. But seeing my human smile as I help them through their day, and make their life so much easier, is very rewarding. -- Anon Guest

Life is not limited to the organic. Just ask the AI Alliance if you

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Challenge #04132-K114: Injured Ascendant

They were very sick, their body broken in ways that would never be able to recover by conventional means. Their family scraped together what funds they had to send them to the B'Nari, hearing they would help the poor and desperate for free. But the person was afraid.

"Will it... will it really be.. me? Or will I be dead and that... that body live on just thinking it's me? I don't want to die." -- Anon Guest

"You fear for your

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Challenge #04099-K081: To Flourish and Grow

The real Wraithvine meets the fake, the mummer. And confronts them about the prisoner.

The real Waithvine sits with the prisoner to tell the truth of what happened, of their situation, of who their jailer was. And helps them to truly begin to heal. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think the details of what Wraithvine did to the false one are left up to the imagination. It's way more terrifying that way.]

The water was cool

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Challenge #04092-K074: Comfort and Succour

They awakened in an ICU drawer after a major accident required surgical intervention. However, they suffered claustrophobia. Their panicked, albeit weak, cries immediately alerted the medics. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Setting this in the early days of the ICU drawers, because systems are in place to detect distress before full consciousness is established]

For every problem, there is not a solution until it very much becomes a problem. Some solutions contain problems that can't be detected until somebody starts having one. Starting

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Challenge #04053-K035: Help Where Possible

Wraithvine was deep in meditation when the humans shook hir roughly awake. Nearly dragging hir before ze could land. "Hurry, hurry, the cave-in was bad! No one's dead, but there's a lot of people badly hurt, we need you, NOW, my lord!" -- Anon Guest

"Not your lord," Wraithvine gently rubbed hir backside as the people dragged hir out and into the caverns. Where four teams of people were overwhelmed by the casualties at hand. This part of the area was stable.

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Challenge #04025-K007: A Kinder Poison

A very elderly magic user has gotten a bit senile. Their grandchild begs Wraithvine to limit how much magic the elder can use so they're no longer a danger to themselves or others. -- Anon Guest

It's never nice to see a loved one fall to pieces. Watching Odasorin the Wonderous become lost in time and thereafter coming apart had not been something Aqirax had been willing to acknowledge until it got dangerous. After all, he loved his grandren[1]. And in

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Challenge #04015-J362: The Bright Side of Severe Injury

They lost their legs in a wreck, honestly didn't remember the wreck, when they awakened in the alien's craft. Oddly, without pain. The first thing the Aliens asked, what did their feet look like so they could replace them? How kind...wait what?? -- Anon Guest

"My feet are badly engineered. Honestly, glad to be rid of them," Human Funz. "Ever heard of bone spurs? Fallen arches? Rheumatism?" He counted these off on his fingers. "I had nasty things happening below the

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Challenge #04013-J360: An Unusual Affliction

Wraithvine, Gikka, and Bibrid disguised as a a small imp enter a kingdom where runners are swiftly going through the cities looking for a strong healer to heal the princess. Unfortunately, the situation is dire as her injuries from the animal attack are infected and getting worse. Sadly, dealing with royals is something that terrifies the immortal healer.]( -- Anon Guest

Legends told of a magical Gnome who could keep

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Challenge #03976-J324: A Cup of Relief

One leaf is brought in a small, black box. Sweet and flavorful, it has but one purpose. They are suffering. The leaf is placed in water, the tea is made. Their suffering will be alleviated and they will sleep, painlessly, forever. They knew this when asking for the leaf. Anything was better than the pain. -- Anon Guest

For those who suffer the most, for those who beg for it, there is the Last Tea. It

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Challenge #03934-J282: You're Allergic to WHAT?

The Havenworlders meet a human who's actually allergic to chocolate. Quite the rarity. -- Anon Guest

There's an allergy for everything. Even amongst those raised on the same planet as the thing. One might easily believe that this is not a great survival tactic. Especially when the thing is really, really popular.

It can lead to some interesting times.

Solo Ships' Humans encounter no problems when it comes to curating their environment. They frequently have isolated kitchens in order to keep their

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Challenge #03921-J269: Optimal Performance Issues

The human had trouble staying on task. They were constantly distracted or would set their work aside "just a moment," and end up having to be reminded, albeit gently, of the work they still had to do.

(ADHD is more common than people think.) -- Anon Guest

[AN: I don't have ADHD, but I do a remarkable impersonation thereof. I am willing to be wrong about this and therefore welcome any input with ADHD people who know the experience better than I]

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Monday, Doctor's and Debts

It's going to cost us money we don't have yet before I even get my medication. This sucks.

Why the FUCK do we keep trying to be USA Lite?


I am watching the clock and consider myself ready to launch. I shall be doing the biggest offering of the day in the afternoon. least they aren't making us pay to go into the doctor. Only after we get out. [Don't give them ideas dangit]

I can explain we have money

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Challenge #03852-J200: A Well-earned Rest

Wraithvine introduces Bibrid to hir pet cat, Lilbit, and friends. Poor individual has a lot of healing to do. Fortunately, hir friends are as soothing as Wraithvine is. -- Anon Guest

Ze had made a camp inside the abandoned house. A small fire and a kettle, and some special tea set to brewing.

"There's people suffering," pleaded Bibrid.

"There is time enough for tea," said Wraithvine. "You're dangerously close to panicking yourself into a conundrum, and

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