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Challenge #04144-K126: Cost Effective Retribution

Utter chaos ensues when Mr. Sunshine actually gets peeved off. He and his friends go to town on this glittering mask hiding a hell-hole. The dereggers there are shocked. The innocents who didn't know what was going on were spared. Those who were actively involved? Death, when it eventually came, was a blessing. -- Anon Guest

The big problem was finding the source of the rot. They keystones of the culture inherent in the mess of maggots that was Iedenn Station. And when one is seeking out the roots of rot, look first to the kinds of people who are above the law.

Like most dereggers, keeping half of the population tied down in body-reproduction was standard operating procedure. Unlike most dereggers, the children were not the precious burdens that had to be protected by their deity-given parents. Once the child was old enough to use the bathroom and follow orders, they became the property of the government, which knew better.

Unless, of course, that child was the product of the reigning CEO's and the biggest movers and shakers of the society. They were the government, so it made a skewed sense that they kept their children.

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Challenge #04142-K124: Limited Choices

Deregger leadership mobilizes their fleet, and tries to hire mercenary fleets, to attack the planet of "evil naked perverts" who are trying to "corrupt the innocent", at least according to their propaganda.

Despite multiple attempts, and, a lot of unfortunate incidents, it does NOT go well. The dereggers scream even louder at the consequences. Esp. when their later attempted lawsuits fail, too. -- Anon Guest

Shakespeare had a phrase that heartily encapsulates the nature of angry

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Challenge #04133-K115: Lawsuits From Ignorance

A strongly male-dominated deregger group sues the woman who has so much time she could practically buy their entire solar system, and that's even after paying her taxes and giving to charity. The "crime" they claim she's committing? She's a woman who's making more money than they are. -- Anon Guest

Engineer Dean read the message for the third time, juggling her latest foster child on her hip. She read it out loud in a singsong

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Challenge #04056-K038: Handle With Extreme Caution

This crate contain dimensional rings that bends space in a way so it acts as a nice little pocket to store our customers belongings. You two idiots put it beside our GRAVITY GENERATOR. If you don’t know how gravity works, you better be grateful that I check the cargo and didn’t turn on the engine. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Dimensionally transcendent spaces usually don't mix with scifi (Doctor Who is a documentary lol) and can be a problem for drama

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Challenge #04018-J365: Bad Habits and Good Reminders

The former deregger has trouble letting go of, well, anything. While they tolerate the cleaner animals coming in and dealing with organic debris, their quarters are getting SO full of.....stuff... that it's getting hard to move around in there. Hoarding, sadly, is common with those with severe mental trauma. -- Anon Guest

Cleaners were initially a problem. They were genetically programmed to consume debris and break it down into stable compounds. "Debris" in this case, was defined as anything below a

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Challenge #03942-J290: The First Steps

May we see the CRC's point of view on what happened here? And how they helped this poor young person and all the ones they saved? -- Anon Guest

CRC Case File: Deregger Taro, confessed criminal offence - Parenting Without a License. Medical intervention necessary: Standard Deregger Poverty Intervention, eye exam, suspected dyslexia. Psychological benefit from supervised visits with prior charges. Immediate intervention, parent license verbal exam.

Taro sat nervously on what should have been a

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Challenge #03941-J289: In Every Home, a Garden

"But.... you're wealthier than I am!"

"Yes, so?"

"But they're making you pay those insanely high taxes!"

"Your point?"

"Why aren't you mad? Why don't you take it out of your people's wages??"

"Do you know why my empire is continuing to grow and so many of your people's empires collapse?"


"Come, let me show you a new path forward." -- Anon Guest

The heretic lead the oligarch around a heretical polity. The air was so clean all over the world

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Challenge #03937-J285: Time to Save

Time is, in the Alliance, literally money. And many people work very hard to save time. However, when you are both the employee, and the boss, it can be hard, without gentle reminders, to avoid being a rather cruel one, at least when it's your own self you're bossing around. -- Anon Guest

Several words and phrases have changed in the Alliance. Since the Shattering, terms like "self-employed", "worker-shareholder", and "public benefit" have transformed into something new. Something a lot more truthful

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Challenge #03933-J281: Dreams For Sale

I run two businesses, one open, one clandestine. My open business is running catering to the wealthy, deregger CEO's love me. My clandestine business is taking rescues from their worlds who want to escape, and making sure these rescues eat in a way the CEO's only WISH they could eat. I never charge the rescues for the food though, they deserve as much kindness as I can give them.

Both jobs pay, but only one of those jobs makes me truly happy.

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Challenge #03893-J241: Obscured Needs

Their friend was sent to rehab after caught, yet again, self-harming. The first time was passed as accidental. The second time was the warning that their friend needed help. They visit their friend in the rehab center and hold their friend through the tears. -- Anon Guest

Rescue Humans can have all possible quirks. Not all of them at once, that would be what is technically known as "A Mess".

Human Shae was almost wholly within the 'mess' category. He remained food

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Challenge #03873-J221: I Need This Deal

They didn't have parenting licenses, didn't care. They raised these orphaned children to the best of their ability and made sure the children were safe, knew love, were educated, and given the best lives they had the ability to give them. -- The New Guy

[AN: Honestly, the parenting licenses are there to ensure that guardians don't harm the kids they raise. Pretty much the same philosophy as your statistical outlier there]

My name is Taro. Yes, like the food. And I'm

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Challenge #03859-J207: Want to Bet?

The CEO brags their life is better than any alliance citizen could ever dream of having. The CRC bets them 1 year that they will instantly join the alliance if they knew that life. The CEO tries, 1 year later, the CEO hands their empire to the CRC. -- Lessons

Day One. These Alliance folk are fools. I'm going to win this dumb wager. I make a better life than the one I already have, and they gain my entire empire. I

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Challenge #03858-J206: Enforced Learning

The CEOs were screwing up, badly. The CRC, for their part, DID warn them. An entire team of Pax Humanis members showed. They were NOT to kill, if avoidable, though a few beatings might take place. Why were they there? To teach the CEO's what WILL happen, if they don't amend their ways. Why do so many of these CEO's have to learn the painful way? -- Fighting Fit

The Humans have a saying: Those who fail to learn from the lessons

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Challenge #03856-J204: Who's a Pretty Birdie?

Their feathers are jewel bright, their songs are sweet. They let themselves be "sold" to wealthy Dereggers as a "pet" to get information on the crimes. It's all about being a good little spy. Welp, tenth time this year, CEOs really need to learn to listen to the CRC. -- Anon Guest

Nature has one primary rule. The brighter and more vivid a creature's colours, the more dangerous they are. Bright and glary? Best be wary. Even Havenworlders have that edge to

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Challenge #03848-J196: Fit the Environment

They had been a CEO, but thanks to an exploding sun, their empire was ruined. They, grudgingly, allowed the CRC to rescue their living resources as they were not QUITE as heartless as some of their ilk. But man, they'd never been this tired, their feet never hurt this much, they'd not worked this hard before. Is manual labor really this harsh? They have a lot of thinking to do. -- Anon Guest

Everyone starts the same in the Alliance. You get

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