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Challenge #03893-J241: Obscured Needs

Their friend was sent to rehab after caught, yet again, self-harming. The first time was passed as accidental. The second time was the warning that their friend needed help. They visit their friend in the rehab center and hold their friend through the tears. -- Anon Guest

Rescue Humans can have all possible quirks. Not all of them at once, that would be what is technically known as "A Mess".

Human Shae was almost wholly within the 'mess' category. He remained food insecure even once he was made aware of the food printers. He jumped whenever someone approached quietly from behind. And he anticipated far worse reprimands than he actually did.

Lately, he had been purposely hurting himself.

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Challenge #03873-J221: I Need This Deal

They didn't have parenting licenses, didn't care. They raised these orphaned children to the best of their ability and made sure the children were safe, knew love, were educated, and given the best lives they had the ability to give them. -- The New Guy

[AN: Honestly, the parenting licenses are there to ensure that guardians don't harm the kids they raise. Pretty much the same philosophy as your statistical outlier there]

My name is Taro. Yes, like the food. And I'm

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Challenge #03859-J207: Want to Bet?

The CEO brags their life is better than any alliance citizen could ever dream of having. The CRC bets them 1 year that they will instantly join the alliance if they knew that life. The CEO tries, 1 year later, the CEO hands their empire to the CRC. -- Lessons

Day One. These Alliance folk are fools. I'm going to win this dumb wager. I make a better life than the one I already have, and they gain my entire empire. I

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Challenge #03858-J206: Enforced Learning

The CEOs were screwing up, badly. The CRC, for their part, DID warn them. An entire team of Pax Humanis members showed. They were NOT to kill, if avoidable, though a few beatings might take place. Why were they there? To teach the CEO's what WILL happen, if they don't amend their ways. Why do so many of these CEO's have to learn the painful way? -- Fighting Fit

The Humans have a saying: Those who fail to learn from the lessons

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Challenge #03856-J204: Who's a Pretty Birdie?

Their feathers are jewel bright, their songs are sweet. They let themselves be "sold" to wealthy Dereggers as a "pet" to get information on the crimes. It's all about being a good little spy. Welp, tenth time this year, CEOs really need to learn to listen to the CRC. -- Anon Guest

Nature has one primary rule. The brighter and more vivid a creature's colours, the more dangerous they are. Bright and glary? Best be wary. Even Havenworlders have that edge to

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Challenge #03848-J196: Fit the Environment

They had been a CEO, but thanks to an exploding sun, their empire was ruined. They, grudgingly, allowed the CRC to rescue their living resources as they were not QUITE as heartless as some of their ilk. But man, they'd never been this tired, their feet never hurt this much, they'd not worked this hard before. Is manual labor really this harsh? They have a lot of thinking to do. -- Anon Guest

Everyone starts the same in the Alliance. You get

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Challenge #03823-J171: By the Sweat of Thy Brow...

People are so used to getting their food delivered, they would pretty much starve to death trying to so much as boil an egg by themselves. Well, we won't let them starve, but we will help them learn to cook. Otherwise, they're going to get REALLY tired of nutripaste, water, and salad. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, when a Deregger worlds fall, there are those who have no idea how to move forward into the new way to live. There are the poor,

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Challenge #03808-J156: Around the Roadblock

Several Deregger rescues bemoan themselves, constantly claiming they are stupid and useless. The therapist tries an interesting tactic, and teaches them a puzzle game, Sudoku. -- Lessons

Dereggers were, as the Alliance liked to call them, Rescue Humans. Like any other creature that was rescued from a bad place, they had their issues.

"You provided Health and Caregiving with a list of your skills," said Therapist Vide, doing her best to avoid sounding reproachful. "There are several freelance jobs available that could

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Challenge #03795-J142: Curses, Fooled Again

A transport arrives with a large number of young teens, and some as young as 10. Almost no adults to be found. Why? The colony's new CEO decided to give the KIDS the right to get vaccinations and other care if they wished, but it was a trap, for those that desired so were shoved into a transport and kicked off the planet. The adults turning their backs because the kids decided to think for themselves. -- Anon Guest

It was a

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Challenge #03732-J079: A Lesson to Absorb

They were the child of THE wealthiest people in the entire alliance. And yet, all they wanted was to live a quiet life with their friends. Sadly, there were those Deregger tourists that came in, and were mean to their friends just because their friends didn't have as much time. Well, time to teach these Dereggers a lesson in respect! --Anon Guest

Freaking... arrogant people who thought they were above everyone else. They were the worst. Every summer season, they came to

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Challenge #03713-J060: Motives to Change

He changed everything, for her. He went to B'Nar to have his appearance changed, for her. He got a different job to make her happy. He moved away from his home, for her. Then she said he wasn't enough, and left for another. He is going through intense therapy, because of her.

And she thinks she can just waltz back and get him to come back to her?

Her ways need to change, for HIM! -- Anon Guest

Of all the words

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Challenge #03614-I326: Soup and Nonsense

"¡Por favor, no me toques, tengo miedo!"

La persona recién liberada miró alrededor de la estación desconocida con dolor, terror y necesitaba ayuda con urgencia. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated to English by DuckDuckGo- "Please don't touch me, I'm afraid!" The newly released person looked around the unknown station in pain, terror, and needed help urgently.]

Strangers. Strangers everywhere. It had been a long trip in the cold with poor oxygen and worse food. The Culpeo running the ship had charged too

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Challenge #03602-I315: For Everyone's Safety

The Dereggers learn you do NOT skimp on listing potential allergies they might have when entering a station. Fortunately, medics work fast so their children are soon breathing normally again. -- Anon Guest

"This is a list of every possible food ingredient," protested Parental Valentinia, from Greater Deregulation Lower South-East.

"We need to be sure. Allergens can be dangerous for the younger Humans and this is a less regulated space station."

"Doy. Why do you think I'm here," Valantinia scoffed. "You Galactics

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Challenge #03603-I314: An Anxiety of Options

I have no job, no money to pay for food or rent, and yet these people... are just letting me stay in this apartment for...for FREE! Why? They even make sure I have a weekly stipend for food, and care for my health condition. I've... never had anything like this before. Why? I don't understand. -- Anon Guest

It was another day without authority telling hir what to do. Another day without sirens and notices and twenty managers telling hir to

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Challenge #03591-I302: Intervention

A person who was lonely, severely depressed, and thought they had nothing left to live for, saw the colorful vest of Mr. Sunshine and begged the man to kill them. Mr. Sunshine got the person tied up and carried safely to therapists. Then proceeded to find out why this person was self-destructive and... deal with it. -- The New Guy

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for the most severe form of self-harm, also cogniscent trafficking]

Stuart was tired of being terrified. Ever since the

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