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Challenge #03533-I245: I've Got Them on My List

Sorry InterNutter, heh, I gotta, this is just TOO delicious not to prompt it!

Lillicoon offers to move in with Jay and Sunshine as a friend and companion, and the two decide to take her list of four special targets, the ones who hurt her the most, and give them their "special brand of justice". It will not be over quickly, and these four will NOT enjoy their time under these two men's hands.

From here - especially from the comments. -- DaniAndShali

Blame. Punishment. Cold justice, served at near to zero kelvin. Pax Humanis could be very good at that. The CRC and the Alliance it served sent out the very vilest Humans to permanently deal with reprehensible people. The mess left behind was an object lesson in why it might be smart to choose kindness.

Mr Sunshine was very neat. Very orderly. He left bodies that were works of art, in their own way. Separated parts catalogued by the crimes they supported. Pinned neatly to corkboards filled with other documentation. And no other traces of his passage.

Jay... preferred the pound of flesh. Suitably tenderised and often pummeled into an unrecognisable mass. Investigators had to perform DNA tests as identity verification.

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Challenge #03524-I236: Still Waters

They were small, thin, wiry, bespeckled and lanky. They spent most their time reading, or quietly relaxing, listening to music. But there was a reason this human wore the red, yellow, and black of Pax Humanis. And a reason those that became their friends knew that they would never be alone, or left to face a frightening world by themselves. -- Anon Guest

Most of them have a cabin in the woods where the hunting is good and they are far away

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Challenge #03519-I231: Stop By For Dinner

I'm a chef and in Pax Humanis, my blades give my friends a sweet delight. But if you are my target, well, dinner won't be a good night. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Cogniphagia is usually frowned upon within the Alliance. Taboo, certainly. Inadvisable, definitely. Immoral... that's a grey area]

They love giving people like us names before we're caught. You'd think they'd learn after so many centuries, but there's always a few who feed our egos as we paint the walls with

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Challenge #03515-I227: Where Can I Sign Up?

"Mr. Sunshine, sir?" Asked the teen he just rescued "How did you join the Pax Humanis?" -- Anon Guest

It was a bad scene. Mr Sunshine had left it that way as a warning to others. The child was clean and dressed and currently on some medication that made her emotions inaccessible by her brain. Sunshine understood, on an intellectual level, that she had been through an intensely traumatic experience previously known as her life.

Why she wanted to talk to him

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Challenge #03449-I161: What a Mix-up!

A person who recently joined Pax Humanis is a chemistry expert, a poisoner. But also uses their chemistry knowledge, and their lab, to make antidotes for poisons. A great combo to save a life of someone who was poisoned, while still taking out a target who was found to be a slave-trader trying to kidnap Alliance Citizens. -- Anon Guest

A common mistake in the Edge Territories is thinking that the Diminished Responsibility bracelets and anklets are there strictly to tell people

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Challenge #03446-I158: Lucky You

A rich idiot manages to trick a couple of Pax Humanis enforcers into going after an innocent whose only "crime" is that they're a Lucker who managed to win a lot of money off the rich idiot. Once the enforcers learn the truth, well, the idiot's lucky they got away with only a severe beating. -- Anon Guest

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Pax Humanis - they'll be lucky if they find your body.

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Challenge #03432-I144: Bonus Action

Mr. Sunshine and his apprentice, Jay, are on a Deregger polity on a mission when a small child runs up to them terrified, pulling on Jay's blood-stained clothes, begging them to help rescue hir family that have been trapped and are being hurt by "bad people". -- Anon Guest

"It could be a trap," murmured Mr Sunshine. "At least wear a fresh 'drop'[1] for the occasion."

"Right," Jay shrugged off the old garment, leaving it in Mr Sunshine's capable hands. The

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Challenge #03424-I136: Ferocious Friend

Captain Gorx and his crew find out that this pax humanis member is actually a kind individual, and a good friend, even during a fight, it shows. -- Lessons

It was the stare, more than anything else. Daiz had an unblinking way of viewing the world. A habit of standing just a fraction too close. An air of alertness not often seen outside of the wild. The closest domesticated analogy that Captain Gorx could reach was

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Challenge #03407-I119: Strained Benefit

A level two Deathworlder barrels toward Mr. Sunshine at full bore and slams into him, knocking him to the ground and landing on top of Sunshine, just as a large part of a scaffold falls. The Deathworlder is harmed though not fatally, but is glad they saved the Human from serious harm. -- Anon Guest

Humans are bizarre creatures to begin with. Members of Pax Humanis are what Humans consider abnormal psychology. In this case, it meant dismissing quite a lot of

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Challenge #03363-I075: You Made This Hell

A Deregger CEO, one who was CEO over all the other CEOs in a small empire ruling an entire solar system, four inhabited planets. Their blatant cruelties earned a cry of help from their people. That is why Sunshine and his apprentice Jay were here. To answer the call, and end the empire, their way. -- Anon Guest

Big Chief Dominic Roman liked to remind everyone that he was the Chief of Chiefs. The Commander of Chiefs. The owner of it all.

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Challenge #03355-I067: Diminished Concerns

They asked only that their injuries be treated and they be allowed to be on their way in peace, after saving a Pax Humanis Sanctuary Planet. Nope, not enough. The Pax Humanis decides to send one of their more experienced, and gentler - by their standards, individuals to go and work as a permanent bodyguard for captain and crew, if the crew and captain will allow it, of course. -- FightingFit

The Human was large, muscular,

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Challenge #03333-I045: Artistic Appreciation

Mr. Sunshine is sitting on leave at a fairly crowded, and quite pleasant, space station in the park painting a portrait of a pair of young kittens that were rolling around playing in the grass under the watch of the nearby mama cat. Behind him, there's a light clearing of the throat, and a young Havenworlder comes up to him and asks, politely, if he could teach them how to paint portraits, too. -- Lessons

Sunshine had to look twice. "You did

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Challenge #03330-I042: Fun Times With a Friendly Monster

It's been many, many, years since the Pax Humanis agents attacked the pirate ship and freed the children. Some of the children, with permission of parentals and guardians, kept in touch with the agents who became friends with them. Sometimes even being allowed to visit in person, carefully of course. -- Anon Guest

Cem sprang back into full excitement mode when the dark sky changed to the unique glow of atmosphere. They were finally here! Unty

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Challenge #03310-I022: What Worries Most

Lilicoon talks to her therapist about the request for a date by someone she cares for quite a bit, and her fear and confusion because of it. -- Anon Guest

Lilicoon flexed her fingers in her current crochet piece. It was an instinctual comfort motion from the feline side of her genetics, and therefore unstoppable. Having something soft to flex her new hands in was a boon for her.

"I know that Human Jay is one

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Challenge #03301-I013: To Preserve Life

Despite the Alliance's best efforts, not all meteors are spotted in time. They were by a Pax Humanis sanctuary world when one is nearly to the point of striking. Not thinking of their lives, only of those on the planet, their ship plowed into the meteor, the resulting explosion knocking the meteor well off course and toward the solar system's primary while they, in their lifepod and very, very badly injured, plunge to the surface with the lifepod crashing into the heart

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