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Challenge #02673-G116: A Calm and Hostile Takeover

She was an avid inventor, had been ever since she was a small child. She had been born on a world controlled by DeReggers but her family had moved away from that place and into Galactic Alliance space finally settling on a haven world that allowed for havenworlders and deathworlders to live together. When she was 9, she'd found a way to improve upon the translators that allowed for better communication with other species. When she was 13, she'd graduated from school with honors and entered university at 14. And now, here she was, at 21 and having graduated universities with honors. She, with help from others for the project had begun when she was 17, had built a massive space station with all the reinforcements and luxuries a human could design into the thing for all species they could think of. And, thanks to the landing fees, and immense commerce this huge hub had, she had managed to not only grow quite wealthy, bring bring the rest of her family out from DeRegger space and set them up with good homes of their own here on the station.

The problem is, the Leaders of the DeReggers were NOT happy with this. Someone born from their worlds, even though her family had moved away with her when she was only a little girl, living in Alliance space and getting wealthy without THEM getting a cut?? And then now pulling away hundreds of people that had once been under their thumb to give them the lives that the DeRegger leaders had insisted were NOT possible for people like that? They were going to make sure their voices were heard! -- DaniAndShali

They called it the Patriot Tax, and were trying to retroactively enact it for all ex-citizens of Greater Deregulation Lower East[1]. It was a debilitating tax and would, dependent on the gender of the "patriot", reduce their effective income to nearly or beyond nil. In her case, it would put her income into the negative and place all her property and earnings into the greedy, grasping hands of her place of origin.

She would have none of it. Rylie spent the allotted time to comply in studying the very letter of that law in combination with all the other letters of their law. Such as they were. They of course had conflicting laws in place that could make life a living hell for the uninitiated and the underfunded. What she specifically went for was the loopholes.

Once she had them by the loopholes, she had them by the goolies. She had enough money to do it and, once done, it was next to impossible to un-do... which was the important part. Revenge may be a dish served ice cold, but in this case, it paired well with a side of boiling rage and retaliation. She therefore re-entered Deregger space with a slim folio and her head held high.

The board of CEO's and Chief Executive In Charge sat on their polished thrones with a greasy smugness that expected her to cry or beg. Half of them were looking down their noses at her. The other half barely acknowledged her presence by looking her way as she entered.

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Challenge #02517-F327: Kintsugi Badass

The person was a bodyguard, and damn good at their job. However, others did not realize this when they saw the person. Sure the legs could have been replaced long ago with what they made from their work, but it was rather amusing when an enemy saw the bracings and the skin suit covered stumps, and assumed the lack of legs meant being helpless. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, when the Human was in a good mood, they called themselves Brad the Broken.

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Challenge #02455-F265: Murder Most Satisfying

What if someone was addicted to murder? They had to kill someone one out of necessity, but enjoyed it too much. Now, they want to stop, but it's hard. -- Anon Guest

You know all those hokey old serial killer dramas? The ones where the murderer always says that killing's a rush? They were right. There's no thrill like it, you know.

I know that watching the light die from that bastard's eyes was the closest I could get to heaven without

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Challenge #02454-F264: You're in Trouble Now

Newscast Breaking news!

Successful but peaceful Human colony world "Nirvana" a category 2.5 Deathworld, gifted to the humans for their contributions during the Acridith Incursion, has been attacked via Orbital Bombardment. Casualties are expected to be to be in the in the 10's of thousands, with the Injured numbering in the Millions.

The Vorax Empire has immediately distanced themselves from the atrocity and ,in a once unfathomable move, has offered aid, condemning the unknown aggressors for attempting to destabilise the most

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Challenge #01833-E009: Revenge is Purring

If you truly hate someone give them a baby bear. Comment from Historical source. Nobody mentioned Bears just get big. But what if you give them a pregnant female house cat? -- Anon Guest

Across societies, across worlds, there are things that could be counted as gifts - but definitely aren't. Drum kits for the hated one's children. A bear cub. A baby ape. A dragon's egg. All of those and more can only be called trouble. And then there is the

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Challenge #01753-D292: Quest's End

"Are you okay?"

"I may be crying, but I can still kick your ass!" -- OohLookShiny

To be heroic, you don't have to be physically strong. It's an advantage to have that, but it is not necessary. To be heroic, all one needs to do is continue in your efforts to improve the world despite the torturous circumstances in your way. People even have a term for the sort who can deal a lot of damage, but also end up almost ruined

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Challenge #01505-D044: Convoluted Revenge

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

There had never been a more elaborate plot to advance a child in the history of anywhere. It was so elaborate that it didn't come to light until years after the fact, when they found Chatelaine Fairweather's diary.

It began, as most things do, with a snub. Chatelaine Fairweather's daughter was passed over for advancement to the Lady's Maid, or even one of them,

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Challenge #01334-C239: So Unfair

School 'Pain in the Anatomy': "Well, he'll either wind up in Jail or grow up to be an Archbishop." -- Anon Guest

Life is unfair. Anyone trying to tell you different is either trying to sell you something, or is one of the people who actively make life unfair. Such are the lessons drilled into us at school. Not by the teachers, oh no. They're still trying to sell us all the ideal that hard work earns good rewards.

The lesson is

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Challenge #01268-C173: Don't Make Her Angry

Sara Louise Adrian gate-crashes group of wanna-be Queen Bees. Chaos ensues. Sara can be any age.-- KnitNan

Dangerous things happened when Sara got bored. At the moment, according to her mother, she was 'between schools' and 'trying to find her place in life'.

She could hear them from the top of the stairs. All that ego and no real audience. The younger voices thought that they were the absolute best that humanity had to offer. And her mother was agreeing with

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