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Challenge #03466-I178: The Rest of the World is Wrong

That push of regret was everything. But it happened, and now things were forever changed... -- Pixels By Kris

The regrets of the past poison the decisions of the here and now. Valiant Stormwight Hallowfine Whitekeep, third of the name, had watched his older brother Purity roll himself in debauchery and excess. There wasn't a girl in all the Earldom that he hadn't sweet-talked into a bedchamber or, in extremis, an alley. And why not? Bastards of the Earl's line were a guaranteed pension for the lifetime of the child.

Valiant, aged only fourteen, had had to listen to Father yell at Purity about his excesses.

"I haven't put my blood to the oathstone and why should I bother?" slurred Purity, drunk again. "I've done the maths. I'm going to sire the next demon lord and after that, what do oaths matter?"

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Challenge #03448-I160: Transparency Would be Nice

A Human Adventurer is collecting Kobold eggs, carefully putting them into a lined basket. They are attacked, defending themselves and avoiding harming the eggs. They explain about the danger to the eggs, and continue to gather them to get them to safety. -- Anon Guest

Litefinger had learned well. One being can change the world with two kind hands. Those kind hands had stolen a basket, foraged a lot of wool from the thornbushes, and were now lifting eggs from a Kobold

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Challenge #03440-I152: Practice Makes Perilous

Several individuals go into caves and start hunting the Kobolds. But instead of harming them, the wooden blades are covered in red dye as they teach the Kolbolds how to better defend themselves, how to hide better, while others teach some Kobolds healing magic to treat the wounded. -- Anon Guest

It was chaos. The entire warren was in disarray. Kobolds scattered in all directions. The caverns, tunnels, and chambers alike echoed with the screams of hundreds of the burrowing dragons. Peasants

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Challenge #03429-I141: The Last Song of Ease

An apprentice cleric is about to be elevated to journeyman status. Their mentor goes to teach them the song of death. The melody which ends a life gently, and eases the dying into the next world. The apprentice is appalled that such a song exists, but there is a reason it can only be used on those who are at the edge of death and in pain. The journeyman has to sooth the apprentice, this is one of the hardest lessons among

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Challenge #03425-I137: Explosive War Prevention

Please tell me, father, why we keep going to war? It never works, and all that happens is we lose the ones we love most. -- Anon Guest

"That's the trick of it, my lad," said King Gerhardt. "They also lose the ones they love the most. Make them pay for killing ours, eh? Balance the scales a bit. We must remember the pain they caused us so that we can claim our vengeance."

Prince Ethelbert frowned at the concept as he

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Challenge #03410-I122: From the Mouths of Babes

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the air is much warmer now. So... WHY does our village run the ice festival NOW instead of in the coldest part of winter where everything would've remained more solid? -- Anon Guest

"But this is the middle of winter," insisted the grownup. "It says so on the calendar."

"We're tobogganing down mud," insisted Galiena. "The crocuses are out. Birds are returning from the south. It's not winter."

The officious officer Thoralf Rutsk

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Challenge #03409-I121: Curse-grown Blessings

I curse you with ten thousand years of life! Sounds like a blessing doesn't it? But I'm not done yet. You are now incapable of doing any harm to ANYONE ever again except under two conditions. You are actively defending your OWN life, you are actively defending an innocent's life. Good luck. -- Anon Guest

Year One:

Sword and dagger alike failed to hit. Fists stopped short of their intended victims. Arrows missed their target. Even words meant to injure pride failed

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Challenge #03405-I117: With Two Kind Hands

"You are rubber, they are glue...." Normally it was the other way around, but not for THIS spell. The wizard, in secret back alley-ways and run-down shacks found the downtrodden, child Tieflings, child Kobolds, and other such children, and did a spell that ensured, if anyone should physically try to harm them and be cruel, it rebounded upon their abusers. But there's a catch, if THEY were to act in a cruel manner, they were the ones struck instead -- Fighting Fit

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Challenge #03401-I113: Sudden Onset Godliness

Everyone assumes once you gain enough power to be considered one of the Gods, you become omnipotent and know everything. But you don't. Almost none of us have such a thing. We have power, true, but we still have our hearts. -- Lessons

Deification is one hell of a drug. Do something that the world remembers, and your name and soul become immortal. Do something truly awesome, and you become worshipped. Which is something of a shock when you started life as

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Challenge #03395-I107: Entrance Exam

An aspiring wizard wants to prove they have what it takes to join an adventurer's guild, quickly learning magic, despite being born with a surprising amount of power, is far more complicated than it first appears. -- Lessons

"I'm supposed to what?" said Avorune the Unprepared. "I thought there was a scholastic grant program."

"There hasn't been one of those in decades," sneered Loharith the Judgemental. "Who told you about that, your grandfather?"

"Um," Avorune blushed. "He said it would be easy.

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Challenge #03382-I094: Divine... Wrong?

What makes a ruler? Is it their crown? Their bloodline? Their birthright? Is it their strength, their power, their magic? Is it all of the above? None of the above? These things go through a young prince's mind, as they are told their older sibling has stepped down as heir, and they must take their sibling's place. -- Anon Guest

Centuries ago, a warlord had made a throne, and put a circlet of gold on his head. He made his friends into

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Challenge #03381-I093: The Lucky Ones

Please forgive my siblings, they mean no offense, honest. We're all just... really scared. -- Anon Guest

Fear does interesting things. Some cry, some freeze; some, like the small child repeatedly trying to kick his leg, attacked. The repetitive ding, ding, ding of small wooden clogs against featherstar plate[1] indicated that this particular toddler was going to protect their family or go down trying.

A reasonable reaction for a small family of Tieflings when encountering a paladin.

Sir Gard of Brightshield

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Challenge #03376-I088: Of Sticks and Stones

A parent severely scolds their children for using terms like tief and trash dragon, among other slurs, when talking to, or of, other beings within their village. They were, after all, just as valuable as citizens of their lands, as everyone else. -- Fighting Fit

The parental shadow loomed over Minta. "If I heard what I thought I heard," menaced Rennie Ainsel. "I'd better not have."

Minta noticed that his older friends had fled for better environments. Ones without - for example

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Challenge #03373-I085: Conflict Resolution

Hammer headed cane, sturdy, handy assistance device, it can 'hook' bags off the floor, and dislodge high items from shelves. It also strongly resembles a Medieval War Hammer. -- KnitNan

[TIL: If you search for 'cane' you get a whole bunch of doggos. Cute, but not what I was looking for]

Reeve Hallad Stoneblood had a limp from an old injury. In cold weather, especially, he had need of a walking stick. This made bandits assume that he may be easy pickings

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Challenge #03372-I084: Taking Out the Garbage

We have something that makes the day brighten up a bit. It's often some small thing that makes you smile. -- Nonny the Mouse

Even naturally miserable people smile. It's a wonderment when it happens, and many people taunt them about it. Therefore making the smiles even rarer. Kosh had made note of this and chose to defeat it by wearing his smile all the time. An expression all the more intimidating for the fact that all of his teeth were pointed.

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