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Challenge #03288-I001: Well-Met by Firelight

A young child is lost deep in the forests. The parents were frantically searching, not knowing where their child was. They'd only taken their eyes off the little one for a short time while doing chores on the farm. But, kids wander away quickly. Fortunately, the "monster" found the child, and, soothing them kindly, brought them back to their home, much to the relief of parents who, when they first saw who was carrying their child, were terrified to start with. Now, they thanked the "monster" profusely. As it was late at night, they let the being sleep in their home, and ensured a good meal, so the being could travel safely at first light. -- Anon Guest

Tilal had begun by following a butterfly. After the butterfly had gone out of sight, ze picked flowers for hir parents. By then, ze was thoroughly lost. Tilal had tried to find their way back, but memory was never the strong point of a child not yet three years of age.

The flowers in hir skirt[1] were sad and wilting, but Tilal still wanted to bring them back home and make Mama smile.

But it was dark and scary, and the lights ze tried to follow were only fireflies. Until ze found a light that was not. A campfire! That meant somebody was out here.

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Challenge #03277-BONUS003: Asked and Answered

They say that if something can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. And today was one of those days. They were making camp, and it began to rain heavily. So they go to a cave, and it ends up almost flooding. They head for high ground, but then the lightning starts up. They find an abandoned cabin, and it's full of bugs and there's no firewood...argh, what next?? -- Anon Guest

There had been skittering and scuttling as Hafl entered the

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Challenge #03271-H362: Draconis Rex

Silverwing, over the years, makes deals with other adventurers. Some even end up with families while living near the dragon's den. After a while a village has formed with one unified goal, protect their dragon friend. Other adventurers, dragon-slayers, come to try to take down the dragon, and find out that this village does NOT tolerate such behavior. They protect the dragon and the kolbolds, and in return, the dragon takes care of any deadly predators that threaten the village. Not to

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Challenge #03270-H361: Forced by the Invisible Hand

The person had been in that world as a "free demon" for some time now. Their friends, back on earth, realize they've not seen their friend for some time. They learn how to call their friends to that world and introduce them to the magic user that dragged them out of the "hell" that is earth and into that world, and how humans, apparently, have power there. -- Anon Guest

"So it's been a while, hi

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Challenge #03257-H348: You and Your Weird Customs

Societies have ways of signaling preferences, or status. From the all black "Widow's Weeds", that said "do not approach" to the earring in the left ear and red shirt that said "I'm gay and approachable", with so many varieties of possible interaction. How about a story of a "Meet and Chat" for All comers. Keep it "G" rated, Kudos for humorous.

With open minds what happens when two completely not interactive just chat about Life, and they don't even have to be

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Challenge #03253-H344: The Big Day

Ok, ok, wedding please? Pretty please? With candy canes and sugar cakes on top?? I SO want to see the upper crust going into conniptions knowing that these young men rule over them and they can't do a damn thing except accept the wedding! And oh how the families will be so happy seeing their daughters married off to such wonderful prospects! :-) -- DaniAndShali

It had been a long, long time since a reigning Duke

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Challenge #03252-H343: A Life of Obligation

May we know of the life of Lady Duchess Pyncosorus Merrimine? What did she suffer under the tyrant? How did she react due to his cruelty towards the children she bore? What she thought / felt when the tyrant was killed? During that horrific fight? Please? -- Lessons

[CW: allusions to domestic abuse]

It is said by the wisest of minds that only a true tyrant attempts to control the natural world. Thus it was that Lord

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Challenge #03224-H315: Like the Softly Falling Snow

Dan builds a larger home for himself, with plenty of room for all his adopted sons and daughters, with plenty of extra room for more kids to come and have someone to help and care for them. Melody helps where she can, when she can, and the kids start to learn what it's like to have a home, and a family that loves them no matter what. -- Fighting Fit

After the fifth morning of waking

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Challenge #03212-H303: They Were Behind You the Entire Time

"Behold the field in which I grow my fucks. Lay thine eyes upon it and see that it is barren." -- Anon Guest

Two adventurers were journeying together down a long and winding road. Almost heedless of what may lie ahead. That was because they were having an argument as they walked.

"Not that I don't want the money, mind," said the first. "It's just that you're so gosh-darn cheerful about dismembering folks. It's off-putting."

"You'd be cheerful, too, if it earned

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Challenge #03207-H298: Solution Evolution

They knew their name, Lillian, named after the lovely flower. They knew that they'd gotten hurt, possibly died. They knew they'd fallen into the mana pool. Now the pool was gone, but they could still feel the upwelling of mana, the raw essence of magic, everywhere. When the magi told them they were a walking, talking, mana fount, their body had become the container for it, they laughed it off. Now, they were learning to take pieces of amber and fill these

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Challenge #03206-H297: The One That Matters

An aged, wizened man. He wishes he could follow his wife, and his kids, and his grandkids into the great beyond. But, when he was young, and on guard duty, he had fallen asleep at his post, failing to raise the alarm when invaders got inside, and a thousand within the city perished as a result. Now, his gods won't let him die, until he has saved one thousand lives. One life for each that had been lost. Marking his arms and

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Challenge #03205-H296: A Parable For All

A village is evacuating en masse. Even the local dragons, normally holding such villages in disdain, are now grabbing as many people as they can safely carry in their paws, allowing humans to strap carry-baskets to their backs, and runners are warning away all travelers. The local mountain is emitting smoke, the rumble and scents mean only one thing, and though a very stubborn few refuse to leave, often to the tears of family members who are begging them to also evacuate,

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Challenge #03186-H277: Pax Draconis

A massive dark dragon, breath of great flame. Enormous wings, hide oddly smooth and soft. The maw was filled with large teeth, the dark red eyes slitted and serpent-like. Yet the voice? Warm, unusually kind, intelligent, gentle. The feared, hated, creature, has never killed save non-intelligent animals for food, and only wanted peace between itself and others. Yet the only ones willing to listen, were the kobolds who'd made their home within its den. Then, came travelers, would they listen to the

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Challenge #03175-H266: A Universal Strength Check

"""" *Standing a pace behind her, perhaps trying to glitter a little too much, was another Tiefling. She wore saffron and wore it well against skin so dark a blue it was almost black. She had her hair net bedecked with little gemstone flowers and her eyes... Her eyes were a softly-shining emerald green.

He was dumbstruck and staring as Mrs Aarincourt introduced Radiance Juniper Daffodil Palmire.

"Breathe," suggested Mrs Aarincourt, just as Jubilation was viewing Radiance through a greying tunnel.

He did,

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Challenge #03174-H265: Complicated Family Dynamic

InterNutter? What happened to their younger brother? The twins Marrimine? He was likely still a small child when they went and killed their cruel, abusive, tyrant of a father, did they take care of them in their home, or did they hand him off to a nursemaid and send him away? They seemed like very kind young men despite their cruel parent. And what happened to their mother? Did she get to keep her youngest son?

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