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Challenge #02976-H053: Go Out With a Song

"Never raise more devils than you can put down. You raised one devil too many...father."

Watches as the dad's face pales and he's like "Um... oops."

internutter 72 9 days ago

That is one hell of a line and I want to make an excuse to use it :D -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Prompt from the comments on this thing and I'm debating about continuance or something with Tieflings...]

There was a sword poking out of his chest. The red arm of his Tiefling son around him. And the son's voice in one ear, "Never raise more devils than you can put down. You raised one devil too many...father."

Those had been the last words he heard, and then everything went black. The next thing he knew, he was standing in a queue. Ahead of him were some people who he'd seen die in the fight. There were others gathering behind him, but he dared not turn his head. He knew what this was. Before eternity... there was judgement.

Too soon, it was his turn. "All right, next," called Death. He was sitting at a judge's desk and working at a pile of paperwork with a white feather quill. Lord Synope knew, without having to ask, that it weight as much as a guiltless heart. Some things about the afterworld just stuck around. Death didn't look up from their scribing. "Name?"

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Challenge #02965-H042: Time in a Bottle

time loop -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link leads to a looping video featuring temporal paradox. Very clever editing]

"Drink to become... something... immortal," read Thygrun the Powerful. He didn't need to think, he popped the cork and raised it to his lips.

"Don't take it," warned Thygrun the Powerful, yelling at him from across the room. "You'll regret it forever!"

Thygrun had taken one sip already. "What? Are you meant to be me?"

"Yes! The potion doesn't create eternal life. It creates

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Challenge #02947-H024: You Kids Pipe Down or I Swear...

A: Ffs you two are grown adults. Shut the hell up. This is the tenth time I’m tell you two, there will be no warning next time and I will personally make sure both of you stay quiet for the rest of the day

B: Boo we have rights!

A: you better exercise the right to remain silent, or else -- Anon Guest

Some parental threats have no weight. Themes like "I will turn this vehicle around," are empty. Void. Children

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Challenge #02945-H022: End of Program. Next?

Can a tool created for revenge grow to be something more? Something human? -- Anon Guest

I was not grown, I was made. I was not taught, I was programmed. I am not a living thing with feelings... or so I was told. I am a machine. Metal and cogs and magic. I do not have a soul. My maker told me this.

I am made for revenge. I can go places my maker cannot. I am harder than flesh. I am

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Challenge #02943-H020: Inside a Room Without a View

That day, if our positions were switched... would our fates be different? Would I have your life, and you mine? -- Anon Guest

Twenty-three years ago, twin brothers were born holding hands. Great fortune, the Goodwives were wont to say. A great boon. So long as both siblings were raised as together as they were born, and cared for as equally as if one had not been born a Tiefling. Were it any other way, the Viceroy Apprehension "Loyalty" Merrimine might have

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Challenge #02938-H015: Empowered Battle Fashion Choice

Who’s the blacksmith out there moulding titty armour to every strong female character more accurately than a fitter at Victoria Secret?

Tis I Mandick the titty smithy -- Anon Guest

[AN: Titty armour is very silly and not entirely practical and does NOT include the wads of padding that do the heavy lifting of saving the wearer's life. But that does not look sexy on screen. Bleh]

"Impenetrable Armour of Vacuum-Sealed Fit," read Avello the Valiant. "Women only." The sample in

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Challenge #02929-H006: The Trouble With Tails

"I can't do this"

"Yes you can"

"No I can't"

"Stop bitching and just put the fucking pants on" -- Anon Guest

"I keep telling you to hire a tailor with a tail. Your kind always get the tail hole wrong." Viceroy "Loyalty" Merrimine squirmed into the offending clothing. Despite both brother's best efforts, there was the distinct sound of thread snapping. "Damnit..."

His older brother -by twenty minutes, as he kept reminding his twin- sighed and said, "I'll get the sewing

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Challenge #02928-H005: Sdrawkcab Erutnevda

In the world of mirrors, where right is left and up is down. Do not move the hands of time. Walk backwards on the path you taken. Ignore the false eyes that gaze beyond. Only then everything you care for will be safe and sound. -- Anon Guest

I have walked into Rorrim knowing well the hazards. I knew what I had to do. Everything is backwards in Rorrim. It is, after all, the realm of reflection. You go ahead by walking

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Challenge #02921-G364: One For You...

"don't make deals with a Devil, unless that Devil is me,

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't,

'coz NOTHING is ever truly free, ALL Devils have a fee!"

-- 'Ancient' Terran Aussie Saying -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Ah yes, the ancient Aussie sage of wisdom, Kylie Minogue]

It's difficult to trust a Tiefling at the best of times, and why not? They look exactly like they stepped out of a woodcut from The Temptation of Everyman. It's

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Challenge #02895-G338: Kind'a Saw it Coming

This is a new feeling, pride in someone else. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by all this unyielding rage! -- Vegeta

Honestly, it never fails. Spend the better part of a lifetime building up an empire of power only to witness some snot-nosed kid hero gather up a band of five total snot-nosed kid heroes and thereby overthrow you in a heroic example of the power of friendship. The Dark Lord Mephis had attempted to circumvent all of this by seducing every possible

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Challenge #02870-G313: Double-edged Blade

I was Baptized twice. Once in water, once in flame. I survived because the fire within me burn brighter than the fire around me. -- Joshua Graham

There's a reason why certain peoples are fire resistant. Their ancestry is in flames, their genome comes from an active cauldera. There are pyres in their souls. Those who claim to have souls, anyway. Some have given up on laying claim to souls.

It's the way of worlds with magic in their bones. Be dragon-kin

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Challenge #02868-G311: To Change the World

The life of tieflings and kobolds has never been an easy ones. Discriminated against, trodden upon, mistreated practically from the day they are born, it is not unusual, though heartbreakingly cruel that it is, to find an infant of one of those races either deceased or weak, thrown upon midden piles or abandoned in the forests. But that was to change. At least a little.

A new village was starting to form. The alone, the abandoned, the lost, all gathered here. Tieflings,

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Challenge #02857-G300: The Curse/Blessing of Brightherald

Her child, one of several otherwise unwanted waifs within the village that she'd adopted, brought him to Ma. An older woman who was scarred and, yet, quite strong. She never gave up hope. He was old, he was poor, and he spent a great deal of time hungry. She'd seen him begging before, but had never had a chance to speak to him. When he was lead to her by one of her children during the Sunshine Festival, she had the chance

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Challenge #02854-G297: Here's One We Made Earlier

They had left Marvin with the village he had saved through the adventure he'd done on his own. As much as it hurt Anthe to do so, and even Wraithvine felt a tugging in his heart, they knew it was the best thing for him. That village needed the young man, and he needed his home there. Him and his new wife. He'd met her when she'd joined him, Wraithvine and Anthe while they were adventuring together.

Then a message came as

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Challenge #02849-G292: Deserving of Love and Mercy

They called him Sap, but he had another name once. Like almost all of the rest of his kind, the world looked down upon him due to what he was born as. Due to what he is. A Tiefling. All he'd wanted since his childhood was a little bit of kindness, some understanding, maybe to find love one day. A dream he refused to give up on. Then there was Cleric Lachasse. She saw the struggles he went through even as she

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