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Challenge #03561-I272: Curing the Cursed

Serial killers always slip up, sooner or later. In this case, it was targeting the daughter of someone very prominent. A daughter who managed to escape before he could "finish the job". The "Past Victims Club" had a way to expose him now, "we were not dead, he left us for dead, but we were just badly hurt."

But some of the survivors are now taking an interest in the dear necromancer's work, and asking to be students. So ones like him get their comeuppance in the future. -- Anon Guest

Some of them are coming to me alive. Alive, but in bad shape. They know "crazy old Zahilde" will not let someone die without true cause.

I have been asked, many times, to curse the boy who loves killing. I should not, and I have refused. To do that is to invite evil into your home, corrupt your good heart, and rot your soul. To do that is to throw aside every good in favour of revenge.

Revenge can kill a good heart, in time. Better by far to heal and mend and make things better. My patients often don't see it that way.

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Challenge #03505-I217: Offer of an End

A very, very, powerful old magic user finds a way to cure those who wish to give up their immortality and become mortals again. A special crystal they developed and make several of such crystals, which the immortality is placed within, leaving the person mortal once more. But how many are truly brave enough to give up their immortal lives, knowing that they will, from the point they are now at, live a normal life span and die of normal old age?

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Challenge #03284-BONUS010: A Cure For a Monster

They were in Pax Humanis for a long time, working with therapists due to their explosive temper. A new medication was found that could aid in controlling the temper due to the chemical imbalance in their brain and they volunteered to try the new treatment.

It's been ten years since they've had even a single violent episode. An individual at a station got in their face, pushed them, became belligerent and violent themselves, and instead of killing the person, they merely grabbed

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Training up the Baby Tongue

Okay, so I will admit to having a diet free of anything slightly burn-ish. The spiciest thing I cook is chilli con carne sans the chilli, and with a moderate amount of ginger instead.

Trouble is, everything everywhere is full of hotter spices than a splash of ginger.

And I often can’t stand it.

I need to train up to withstand the spicier stuff. And I need to do so in such a way as to not turn me off

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