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Challenge #03511-I223: Ready-made Weapons of War

Humans and Casuarids team up aboard an exploration ship. Powers that Be help anyone that attacked, because that was one ship that was every bit as dangerous to attackers as one filled with only humans. The humans, for the record, loved their time aboard, it was fun! -- Anon Guest

Everyone gets sick of the status quo, sometimes. The facts of life as they stand can get either dull or irritating. In the case of the Vorax raids in Edge Territories, it was definitely the latter.

Humans alone were enough to strongly discourage most Vorax from their usual tricks. The ace up the sleeve in this particular patch of the Edge, were the Casuarid.

They only looked like fragile avian Havenworlders.

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Challenge #03509-I221: Big Thoughts in Small Steps

The medics remark on the state of the Havenworlders, and the Human, from rescuing them from an insanely toxic planet. The Havenworlders and the human get a rundown on how much Time their discoveries are going to be making them, once they're well enough, as well as expeditions back to gather those very valuable plants, and oh, by the way, they now OWN that toxic planet and get to name it. Medical science and record books thank you for your contribution.


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Challenge #03506-I218: A Different Contraband

They worked hard to build their own custom ship. It took them a long time, and a lot of funds, and a ton of very hard work. They made sure the ship had the strongest shields and safety features they could build, and, of course, all the amenities that they, and their family and friends, could ever want or need. The first ship in their small business. What business? Smuggling Dereggers to safety. -- Anon Guest

Raymond Barnet, Security Inspector for the

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Challenge #03503-I215: Gunboat Immunity

A species is found that is immune, not only to the immunoflu, but to all other known diseases. Their immune systems are insanely adaptive and very quickly, once one being contracts and survives an illness, the entire species soon develops the same adaptation. -- Anon Guest

[AN: In humans, being apparently immune to everything is an early warning sign for Multiple Sclerosis. Not recommended]

Of course they were Deathworlders. Havenworlders wouldn't have a reason to have such an immune system, and those

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Challenge #03497-I209: Sleepless in Ship's Night

"Can you help me? I can't sleep again. I keep waking up and pacing the floor." -- Anon Guest

Rescue Humans come with their own rewards. They also come with their own detriments. Such as chronic anxiety and sleep issues. The flip side is the hyper-vigilance that has saved far too many to be counted by now. So periodic interruptions to the rest cycle are a small price to pay.

With that in mind, Companion Thark kept any and all reprimands to

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Challenge #03496-I208: Parenting is a Trial

Parent 1 - "And who do you want to sit with?"

Child - "Parent 2!"

Parent 2 - "Here's a seat."

Parent 1 - "Would you like a hug?"

Child - "No!"

Parent 1 - "Oh, OK." -- Anon Guest

[AN: Funny story time. When Miss Chaos (youngest spawn) started her first day of Official School, I asked her if she wanted a hug. Her exact words: "Shut up." Kids'll murder you. Heart first.]

Parenting has its rewards, but they're not where

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Challenge #03495-I207: When You Assume...

They're brought to the medics with blistered arms and burns on the face, though the eyes were protected due to goggles. OOPS, they didn't read the directions when trying to fix a faulty replica of a steampunk machine's boiler. -- Anon Guest

"The good news is that the damage is superficial," said Human Fonz, currently on some really excellent painblockers. "The bad news is that it's over -uh- about a quarter of my body. Who knew those leather aprons were for more

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Challenge #03494-I206: Not What it Says on the Tin

"I'm a cook, but I can't cook for shit!" she said.

"But how can you be a cook?" I replied. -- Anon Guest

"Okay," droned Human Cook. "I have to explain the joke. Cook is my family name?"

"Ah," said Companion Vael. "Asked and answered. From this, I can extrapolate that you complain of too many cooks and perhaps spoiled broth?"

"Got it in one. Thankyou for not making me dragging it out." Cook relaxed. "Shitty kitchen talent not withstanding, I can

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Challenge #03492-I204: Covert Patriotism

The CRC keeps trying to reward them for going around rescuing Dereggers and going from station to station to help clean and repair things and getting the stations back on track. They only accept enough to keep their ship in good repair and have supplies. The rest? Well, there are now a couple of charities set up to help those in need. -- Fighting Fit

Picture in your mind a general transit made for just about any work within civilised space. The

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Challenge #03488-I200: Trouble From the Little Things

A broken-hearted child who was severely scolded and reprimanded all because they were trying to be kind, now hesitates to help even when asked. Constantly terrified they are going to be shouted at for doing even the smallest thing for anyone. They've taken to isolating themselves, afraid of being around others, and in need of a lot of therapy. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you actually read that story, there's not a lot of yelling. Frustration

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Challenge #03487-I199: And Your Choice of Dipping Sauce

A group of humans invite a large group of Vorax, as well as other factions of their kind, such as the farmers, the factory workers and so forth, to a huge planet that's a foodie paradise. Shelling out the time to take them to an all-you-can-eat-high-calorie-lots-of-meat buffet. Why? Just for the fun of it. -- Anon Guest

It's not often that one invites the enemy to a dinner date. Neither side was truly prepared, but the Humans knew how to do peace

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Challenge #03485-I197: A Terror in Tulle

Never, EVER, assume, just because the human's so much smaller than you, that you can just bully them. You will NOT like the results! -- Anon Guest

There is an ancient Human saying, Never trust a very small girl in a frilly pink glitter tutu with a sword. The reason why it's a Human saying is only known to those who work at Renfairs. It certainly wasn't known to the attacking pirates when they encountered the equivalent of a lost tourist bus.

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Challenge #03484-I196: A Basket Full of Trouble

A young Tiefling brings a bouquet of flowers to Vee and Amatu while Wraithvine deals with the local authorities after picking up the young magic user they met. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The WHOLE adventuring party so far is: Wraithvine, Amatu, Pondermore, Vee, and Rawr. Our little thief makes six. That's a pretty full adventuring party. Therefore, Tiefling has to be a recurring NPC. It's usually a FIVE man band for a reason]

"Posies, Daisies, lu-u-ucky

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Challenge #03482-I194: The Time-Out Chamber

A Knomira is locked up for throwing a very violent temper tantrum in a shop which caused a large amount of damage to property and some injuries to various cogniscents. Now they're throwing another violent tantrum, because they're still locked up, and being required to go to therapy. -- Anon Guest

The habitat was a pale and inoffensive grey. Every possible surface was padded with cellulose fabric and cellulose stuffing. It did not help Marciatrude's general mood to know that any surface

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Challenge #03481-I193: Let's Dumb That Down For You

Despite multiple times being told NOT to do it, a Knomira ends up mixing multiple cleaning chemicals to "Clean their room properly." Ends up in an ICU pod with many in hazmat suits trying to clean the mess. -- Lessons

When she woke up, Iyn had the terrifying realisation that she was not breathing. She could glimpse the edges of some complicated machinery on her face and chest. She could not move. The screen above her eyes faded out from colourful blobs

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