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Challenge #04160-K142: Delivery Completed

A: you salvaged a high priority package? In this desolate place? There’s barely any colony in 500 lights years. Surely you must be mistaken.

B: A, this is a human thing don’t worry about it.

A: I will, because this “high priority package” destination is tangentially 1200 LY of our original drop off point!

B: Look we’ll restock when we get there and you’ll listen to what I say, captain’s order.

Later in the ship A slip out of his post to inspect the “package”. Frustrated that it was in human writing they whip out their translator to read what it say

[ Lora Nala. Human Fellowship 42nd Captain of the Sidis Ultra ] -- Anon Guest

[AN: Changed a word or two to fit better into my universe]

This is space: it is automatically hostile to most known forms of life. Even those in the protection of a station or ship can come to an unfortunate end. For the wreckage, if there are not fast responders, there are scavengers. Salvagers. Opportunists.

Only lazy ones let the Hungry Caterpillar break a find down into stable molecular compounds. Some of the finds left on a wreck are more valuable in their existing state. If the crew of Naxzoprin had been lazy... none of the trouble would have happened.

This wreck was a courier, one of the low-budget ones that cut every corner until their business model was a perfect sphere. One casualty, the pilot. Killed by a slow leak of the air system while they were in stasis. They did what mercy they could, sending the body for identification, and gathering what had survived from the hold. Personal effects went from the body. Everything else... reclaimed for compounds.

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Challenge #04159-K141: Bet'cha Can't

Human, why are you painting tiny pictures of animals along the tops of the walls near the ceiling?

...because my partner said they didn't think I could. -- Anon Guest

Companion Thark initially thought they were stickers. The Humans did have their peculiar little ways when they thought a space was too bland for their liking. The most popular redecoration tool was the humble adhesive image. It was only when ze attempted to peel one off the cornice that ze realised hir

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Challenge #04156-K138: Scarab, Elevated

You claim that I have everything and you have nothing. No, my friend, that is far from the truth.

You have close friends, you have loved ones you can truly trust, you have people who you know for a fact would be there for you no matter what.

All I have is money, and people constantly seeking it. My dearest dream is to just have one true friend who wants to be at my side as yours are. You can take all

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Challenge #04154-K136: Made to Care

I was built by the B'Nari to be extremely versatile. I care for those who are no longer able to care for themselves, or, due to birth or accident, have never been able to do so. It can be difficult, sometimes, I admit. But seeing my human smile as I help them through their day, and make their life so much easier, is very rewarding. -- Anon Guest

Life is not limited to the organic. Just ask the AI Alliance if you

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Challenge #04152-K134: Postgraduate Course

They "graduated" from being "taught" by a Pax Humanis member, to being in a cell on a prison station run by the Alliance and going through therapy. They still screamed in their sleep and woke up gasping, while clinging to their pillow and wanting the lights left on. -- Anon Guest

How far is too far? How ethical is it to torture someone who once spent people like people spent tissue paper, before the Shattering. How

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Challenge #04151-K133: Flying Free

An old, struggling, barge manages to dock with an Alliance station. The barge was widely reported as stolen from a deregger system. Who ends up tumbling out of it? Dozens and dozens of young individuals, especially kids. Who do they credit for being able to do this? The video they saw on the info nets. -- Anon Guest

When something's stolen from Deregger space, it's generally code for "destroyed for the insurance money". If it doesn't

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Challenge #04146-K128: Feels Familiar

The animals on this planet were immensely cute, but surprisingly aggressive even if they were mostly harmless to even a level 1 or 2 havenworlder, and almost completely harmless to most deathworlders. The colonists carefully guarded this place against dereggers who decided these fierce little feisties would be the new "must-have pet". And they were not subtle about their protection of this world against such behaviors. -- Anon Guest

They were eventually named Fizzgigs after a

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Challenge #04145-K127: Do the Math

"You're a CEO.... but.. you're paying for the High Grade air and water filters for your people??"


"AND paying them higher wages with... HEALTH and HOUSING BENEFITS with paid time off??"

"That I am."

"So how in the name of MONEY are you making so much profit??"

"Oh that's easy. My people are happy, and they are healthy. Happy, healthy, workers means good production. They also tell me if something is wrong, and I mitigate it quickly. Safety is included."


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Challenge #04144-K126: Cost Effective Retribution

Utter chaos ensues when Mr. Sunshine actually gets peeved off. He and his friends go to town on this glittering mask hiding a hell-hole. The dereggers there are shocked. The innocents who didn't know what was going on were spared. Those who were actively involved? Death, when it eventually came, was a blessing. -- Anon Guest

The big problem was finding the source of the rot. They keystones of the culture inherent in the mess of

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Challenge #04143-K125: Deadly Precedent

There is a massive meeting within the CRC, and representatives from around the Alliance are invited to either watch, or participate as they wished. This was for all the public to also be viewing.

The message was clear, when distress signal goes out, you go help. Don't you DARE dawdle just because they're Deathworlders. They can die, too! -- Anon Guest

The recording of Ret's last breaths played out in shocked silence. So many illusions were

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Challenge #04142-K124: Limited Choices

Deregger leadership mobilizes their fleet, and tries to hire mercenary fleets, to attack the planet of "evil naked perverts" who are trying to "corrupt the innocent", at least according to their propaganda.

Despite multiple attempts, and, a lot of unfortunate incidents, it does NOT go well. The dereggers scream even louder at the consequences. Esp. when their later attempted lawsuits fail, too. -- Anon Guest

Shakespeare had a phrase that heartily encapsulates the nature of angry

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Challenge #04140-K122: You Want What Why?

A charity asks to get A LOT of the "sweetheart paper". They wish to sell it at a premium in order to fund a program that was building ships to better help smuggle deregger escapees from their polities to safe alliance harbors. -- Anon Guest

The first efforts were gifts to Thal's crewmates and friends. It did not take long for the word to get out from there. All it took was for one Companion to

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Challenge #04136-K118: Essential Knowledge

The human and their beloved Gyiik companion opened a restaurant together. Their love taught them how to cook, they taught their beloved Gyiik how to set up for safe, human, parties. -- Anon Guest

"Economies of scale," lectured Sous Anne, displaying plates on the table before Thag the Gyiik. "A Gyiikish dinner plate is a Human share platter. A Gyiikish snack is a Human meal. A Human meal is a Havenworlder share platter, and our snacks are their meals. As for Havenworlder

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Challenge #04135-K117: Baby Steps

Vrax became closer to the badly harmed human. Introducing them to individuals who, though they didn't wear the uniforms, were highly trained therapists. It would take a long time, and a lot of careful, gentle, care. But this human was going to get the help they needed, even if it was in a round-about manner at first. -- Anon Guest

Nobody went homeless in the Alliance. Even if they chose not to avail themselves of the

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Challenge #04134-K116: Peak Performance

A new, rather strange, band formed that was a mix of humans, and former pirates that used to be their enemies. They have one hell of a reputation for their eclectic music styles, and immense imagination. They end up pretty popular, too, their concerts are often pretty packed. -- Anon Guest

Call it serendipity. Call it synchronicity. Call it kismet. They called their band The Starfarers. A band of pirates met with a band of Humans

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