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Challenge #03622-I334: They Foretold You So

A Deregger polity requires people to take Esper tests at a young age. Those found to be of strong talent are forced to go to special compounds where they are only educated enough to be useful, and their abilities are trained to benefit the polity. The problem comes when they start trying to force the Espers to breed to create Esper children, and people rebel in rage at being treated like mere animals. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Eugenics is bad, m'kay?]

Deregger polities have forced reproduction as a matter of course. How they make it palatable to the people living in them is another matter. Some have memorials to "soldier mothers" who "gave" their lives for their children. Some just shrug about it and keep telling their people that their way of life is threatened because a nebulous "they" are going to replace them[1]. Others literally cut off all means of debate by excising the walking uterus' ability to think or act.

As long as the children keep happening, the CEO's are glad. Except on Greater Deregulation Median Northeast. There, the CEO's wanted something special. They want Espers. Lots of them.

The history of Humanity's Esper population is fascinating. There have always been some with what you might call a special knack. In most cases, it's a special knack for flim-flammery and sleight of hand. There are the rare few with gifts that science cannot explain. Those are Espers.

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Challenge #03621-I333: Time Enough and Luck

The rather... unhappy Pax Humanis members, after letting the officially diagnosed lucker depart in peace with their winnings, which was legally gotten since the person didn't KNOW they were a lucker until now and, therefore, had not been breaking any rules, went to find the casino owner and teach them a lesson about judging others the wrong way. And about trying to get innocent people harmed. -- Anon Guest

[AN: That first sentence is too long

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Challenge #03620-I332: For Every Action

A Deregger slips a bunch of theobromine into batches of "Havenworlder safe chocolate", tainting them, in rage and jealousy that the person making so much TIME on such an invention is part of the Alliance and refuses to join the Deregger polity. They are caught before it can do much harm, and will NOT like the consequences!

Anon - I thought you might like the link to the story your prompt looks to be from. --

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Challenge #03619-I331: Pointless Action

[AN: Peakd is playing up for me at the moment, so have the whole thing]

Multiple Deregger polities attempt to sue the owners of Respite Station to try to forcefully get it shut down. And scream bloody murder when they fail. Then they try violent attacks to "prove their point." And are shocked, then scream bloody murder, when they fail. -- Lessons

Dereggers love the word 'free' so long as it doesn't factor in the price

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Challenge #03618-I330: Take Your Ease

They invented a life-saving device that causes them to earn Time almost into the centuries. First thing they do? Buy a planet to make it into a paradise retirement place, with all the latest technologies, and offer it as a free place for all who want to settle down and relax in their old age. -- The New Guy

Whatever happened to the smart aleck who invented the Hungry Caterpillar? The expected tale of corporate takeovers, imitators, and undercutting does not happen

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Challenge #03617-I329: And the Winner is...

Just for the fun of it, some Havenworlders, who've grown braver over the last few years, decide to build a small racing track in the station that was built for all species, including humans. Human children LOVE it as the humans call the sport "Gravity Racing". Havenworlders, surprisingly, find it fun, too.

Aka - Soap Box Racing, aka Box Kart Racing. -- DaniAndShali

Humans play games with gravity. The severity of these games depends entirely on the human. This is, after all,

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Challenge #03616-I328: One in Ten Thousand

A person teaches some fellow Deathworlders how to take fruit, and turn them into alcohol. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm pretty sure most Deathworlders know how to brew anything capable of fermentation. And frequently will.]

"You guys are only using waste paper for your alcohol?"

"There are other things to make fast-burning fuel with?"

Human Ward glared at their fellow Deathworlders, and briefly thought about geologically-rendered dinosaur fat[1] before blurting, "You guys never drank this?"

"It's fuel, why would we drink

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Challenge #03615-I327: Last Entry From Human Dyoth

Death is the ultimate inevitability. Face it with bold dignity or with shrieking rage, but face it nonetheless. -- Anon Guest

The air is so thin. Even my livesuit can't get me enough. It's so cold and my heaters are busted. Its priority is keeping my brain alive, but soon... not even that.

Have to get to the top.

Got the tools. Got the thing. Beacon. Yes. Got the beacon. Get it up above the clouds and save the fuzzies. They're nice

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Challenge #03614-I326: Soup and Nonsense

"¡Por favor, no me toques, tengo miedo!"

La persona recién liberada miró alrededor de la estación desconocida con dolor, terror y necesitaba ayuda con urgencia. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated to English by DuckDuckGo- "Please don't touch me, I'm afraid!" The newly released person looked around the unknown station in pain, terror, and needed help urgently.]

Strangers. Strangers everywhere. It had been a long trip in the cold with poor oxygen and worse food. The Culpeo running the ship had charged too

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Challenge #03611-I323: A Small, Alarming Encounter

A small child climbs onto Mr. Sunshine's lap as he sits and paints. The parents apologize, profusely and nervously, for losing track of their toddler. -- Anon Guest

He didn't notice the child until a small and piping voice said, "Dassa ki'y ca'!"

Mr Sunshine would have come to a standstill if he wasn't already sitting down. As it was, he froze as if someone had pressed his pause button. Staring at what was obviously a very small Human neophyte.

They usually

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Challenge #03610-I322: Safety is Guaranteed

A person once asked, on a sanctuary planet full of predators, and a town full of therapists and other staff that live there as potential "prey", what stops the worst of these predators going after the innocents within those towns, and deliberately doing... well, what got them "recruited" into Pax Humanis in the first place? -- Anon Guest

People who hear about Pax Humanis Sanctuary Planets always get the wrong idea. They think it's a zoo of sorts for the most criminal

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Challenge #03609-I320: Establishing Clear Boundaries

A brute of a man begins to try to touch Lilicoon against her will and will not leave her alone. Before Jay can do a thing, Lilicoon teaches this brute why you do not try to touch anyone against their will. Especially someone with the instincts of a wild feline. -- Fighting Fit

Jay only saw the last handful of seconds, but they were the most glorious seconds in their life.

Lilicoon raised her voice above and beyond her usual murmur. Nice

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Challenge #03608-I319: A Bird in the Hand

Instructor: Today, Class, we are going to learn of how wasteful some species, like humans, got in their pre-space-fairing era, and how it is similar to deregger behaviors in our modern times. Please turn your datareader to the articles on Food Waste, and how excess food was sent to rot in refuse pits, simply to keep the prices high, and the belief that it would do more harm than good to feed those who were hungry.

(It's true, too. In the USA,

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Challenge #03606-I317: Rude Question Session

Can we have more fun with the spider and hir friend? Maybe sometimes teaching others that these giant spiders are not so bad? -- Anon Guest

It's not easy being an arachnid in a universe seemingly made of anthropoids[1]. So many of the endoskeletal life forms want to end those who have their skeletons on the outside.

For the N'ozzies, it was always, "We're going to need a bigger thong[2]," and only half of

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Challenge #03605-I316: Miraculous is as Miraculous Does

The sentient Gravity Drives consider them a miracle worker. They've even gained the respect of the Nae'hyn. They've had a lot of experience with fixing damage to the Gravity Drives, and thanks to a mild empathic ability, know how to soothe even the crankiest ones very quickly. -- Anon Guest

Gravity Drives, it might surprise many to know, are cusp-cogniscent. Their classification as such has lead to a number of rights and protections that are enforced both by the CRC and the

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