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Challenge #03178-H269: Escape By Combi Van

They were beyond poor, living in a very overcrowded Deregger world. After escaping, they got a cushy job in the alliance due to their advanced skills in programming and engineering, something the bosses had barely paid for because they believed they owned everyone, therefore everyone owed them. Time made them rich, at least by Deregger standards. Now Time would help pay to get their family away from that place, then slowly be used to lay the foundations so all those that were "owned" would find freedom. -- Anon Guest

In one way and one way only, she was lucky to be too ugly to be a Wife, and not ugly enough to be a Bod[1]. Through that thin window, Benevolence Andrews gained an education and found a talent. She could wrangle code and work with very little to make a lot. Especially things that demonstrated engineering principals.

The Bosses and the CEO's didn't always listen to her, but that was just life as a female in Greater Deregulation Lower Outer East.

When she met a Galactic... her life changed. She was on board unriddling a tricky wiring problem when the Alliance vessel undocked. They were headed very quickly towards Alliance space. Unnecessarily fast, as it turned out, since the CEO didn't even notice she was gone.

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Challenge #03176-H267: Didn't Stand a Chance

She was a Lucker, a very strong one, but born in a Deregger polity. She was also very beautiful. As a beauty and a Lucker, she was forced against her will - purchased from her parents who were desperate for money - to marry the empire's CEO. However, using that luck, all his other wives and their children managed to escape into the gentle arms of the CRC. And within a few years, SHE ran the empire with him as his subordinate.

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Challenge #03173-H264: Error of their Ways

A Deregger empire decides to attack the Alliance and the CRC using every weapon they have at their disposal. They were determined to force the Alliance to start seeing things their way for once. They learn the hard way why that's a BAD idea. -- Lessons

War has changed. For one thing, it's a lot rarer. The field of defense has expanded itself to the point where offense is rendered next to moot. Nevertheless, there are those who insist on ignoring that

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Challenge #03163-H254: A Song of Sixpence

The spaceport was in shambles, the red lights and sirens blared, there was no one else left here save for a few hurrying to life pods. They walked through the halls in their space hardened livesuit as carefree as if they were walking through a sunlit park on a pleasant day. As the facility was falling apart around them, they sat at the now abandoned cafe', leaned back, put their feet up on a table, and smiled darkly. One down, .. so many

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Challenge #03157-H248: Hypo-crit Fail

The CEOs pushed, they pushed hard, too hard, for too long. Everything has a breaking point, and all the CRC had to do was sit back, relax, then send in mop up teams and medics after the empire collapsed. -- Anon Guest

The thing with Deregger planets is that they're all in favour of business getting their way. They're not in favour of anything related to "individual welfare". They're thoroughly for people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, and then heavily taxing

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Challenge #03152-H243: We Value Our Employees...

A CEO was BRUTAL to their workforce, to say the least. Suddenly, as if they had all become one hivemind: every man, woman, and child - it seemed like - on the entire colony called to the CRC. They sent drop ships and picked everyone up. Given how distant this world was, despite the fact it was THE most valuable resource planet in the CEO's portfolio, they didn't realize it had completely stopped producing for almost two days. When they went to

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Challenge #03144-H235: Change Cometh From Above

You can open the cage of oppression and break the chains of slavery, but it's up to the individual whenever or not they step outside. For what does freedom really mean when demanded of you by a god? -- Anon Guest

To live was to work. To work was to live. Only the newborn were permitted hours of rest and sloth. All of them spent their time in darkness. The light of the sun was a privilege granted by the one on

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Challenge #03103-H195: Button Smash Victory

The other Deregger empires laughed. They were losing profits by the year, by year five of straight losses, they were the most mocked of Deregger empires, only their current wealth and ranked saved them from a hostile takeover. But year five, they broke even, year six they broke even, then year seven, they began to profit, year eight, year nine... soon their profits were skyrocketing exponentially, and the other empires were not laughing anymore. -- DaniAndShali

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Challenge #03097-H189: The Alliance Has Hackers Too

Look dude I set the bar pretty low, you brought a f@#$%! shovel -- Anon Guest

[AN: Another one I love is, "The bar was set so low that it was a tripping hazard in Hades, but you had to go limbo with the devil." It's just... SO raw and so delicious.]

P.T. Barnum said it best, There's one born every minute. He anticipated people willing to believe his particular brand of bafflegab, but there's suckers that will fall for anything

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Challenge #03096-H188: Grey Goo Economy

They seemed like the perfect set of employees. They actually begged the CEO's of the Deregger colonies to be allowed to live there. They offered to work for almost no pay, even less than what the other workers got. Odd, the other workers were not complaining as this group seemed to do a lot more work, but for less shelter and less pay. But the other workers were getting healthier, the air seemed to be getting cleaner, the stacks were not producing

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Challenge #03092-H184: Ozymandius Syndrome

"Yes, I was a CEO. Yes, I am, was, the richest person on my home-world. So why am in this cell? I surrendered myself. Why did I do that? After what I saw, how they helped me, I grew something I didn't know existed. I gained humility. I hurt them. It's time I faced justice for my crimes. I deserve it. I'm so very sorry." -- Anon Guest

A wise man once wrote that it is often considered criminal to live in

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Challenge #03085-H177: Relative Luxury

The young deregger expatriate, somewhat reluctantly, but at Gorx's gentle insistence, schedules a few days off since Gorx is very safely at home for a few days to relax. He takes his mom out, she is also trying to wrap her head around this concept, and they truly enjoy their first taste of what people would call, "a vacation from work with pay." -- DaniAndShali

Humans Jef and Bea were learning to adapt. Transiteer Gorx would

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Challenge #03081-H173: Assisted Retirement

She was middle aged, approaching her 50's, her lower back hurt so bad she could barely move. Working in those damn factories for so long, ever since she was orphaned when the last big fire that swept through the city killed hers and so many others' families, had broken her. Then they came. It was late in the night, she'd gathered a huge amount of old, scrap, cloth stolen out of dumpsters and did her best to make it comfortable for her

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Challenge #03074-H166: Homo Insula

Libertarian "paradise" world found by the Alliance. Probably called "Freedom" or something similar. -- Anon Guest

Imagine a world where there is no need for government or law, because the only rule is that of righteous morality. Laws come from God, as was intended by the Good Word. All that is right is moral and all that is moral is right. It's all about the fundamental rights of man.

Everyone else can suck it.

The strong rule the weak. It's the way

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Challenge #03073-H165: Soft, Fluffy, Friendly

They had been working for a few months now with the havenworlders, who had gotten quite used to hearing them wake up screaming but it broke their crewmates' hearts to hear it each night. A de-regger rescue who was still learning that the world was not as cruel as they believed. The companion goes in one sleep cycle as the human begins to whimper and thrash in the special sleeping bag. A gentle hand petting the hair, a soft, trilling, lullaby, the

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