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Challenge #03657-J004: Lessons From Ozymandias

This was a Deregger world, as cold, as harsh, as they came. This....WAS... a Deregger world... so... why was the new, young owner of this empire holding out a hand to the lowly plebian child who was thin and crying in the street? Why was he... carrying the child and handing the child to the family... wait.. was he... helping them? Helping them???? And how in the he... was he making all those profits? This was a DEREG world! WAS. -- Anon Guest

There was a new boss of the Polity. Something about a takeover bid and a ludicrous amount of Quatloos paid to do it. There was also the "hands off" codicil in the purchase contract.

All of the lower-ranking Higher Administrators were buzzing about that one.

Their polity, their rules[1]. They owned four stellar systems and everything in it. Which made the Law Enforcement Officers nervous since the new CEO owned them as well.

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Challenge #03656-J003: Without Orders

They sat Deathwatch as the entire polity's leaders refused the "evil" medicines that were desperately needed to cure the deadly virus sweeping their empire. The leadership died of the virus, the few people left, the sick and the very few immunes, reached out. The leaders are gone, please help us? -- Anon Guest

Greater Deregulation Lower Median North-Northwest was dying. Worse, it was dying of a preventable disease.

It wasn't often that a whole world died of Measles[1], but it was

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Challenge #03646-I358: Welcome to All

Desperate, and hearing the Alliance gave medical care for FREE, Dereggers from many systems within the empire begin sneaking away, often with help, to save their families lives and get help. -- Anon Guest

They came in drifts. They came in droves. Freighters arrived with their holds full of the tired, the weak, and the huddled masses. The desperate, the starving, and the all-but-hopeless.

They had nothing but the clothing on their backs and the knowledge in their heads. They had risked

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Challenge #03622-I334: They Foretold You So

A Deregger polity requires people to take Esper tests at a young age. Those found to be of strong talent are forced to go to special compounds where they are only educated enough to be useful, and their abilities are trained to benefit the polity. The problem comes when they start trying to force the Espers to breed to create Esper children, and people rebel in rage at being treated like mere animals. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Eugenics is bad, m'kay?]


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Challenge #03620-I332: For Every Action

A Deregger slips a bunch of theobromine into batches of "Havenworlder safe chocolate", tainting them, in rage and jealousy that the person making so much TIME on such an invention is part of the Alliance and refuses to join the Deregger polity. They are caught before it can do much harm, and will NOT like the consequences!

Anon - I thought you might like the link to the story your prompt looks to be from. --

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Challenge #03619-I331: Pointless Action

[AN: Peakd is playing up for me at the moment, so have the whole thing]

Multiple Deregger polities attempt to sue the owners of Respite Station to try to forcefully get it shut down. And scream bloody murder when they fail. Then they try violent attacks to "prove their point." And are shocked, then scream bloody murder, when they fail. -- Lessons

Dereggers love the word 'free' so long as it doesn't factor in the price

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Challenge #03598-I309: It's Expected?

Several humans and Galactics start to play music and sing for a crowd getting off of a large vessel. The vessel is carrying many, many individuals who recently stole the ship to escape from a brutal Deregger polity that had just collapsed. -- Anon Guest

They expected police. They expected to be shot. They did not anticipate doctors. They did not expect music. The musicians were behind a barrier, but the music played through speakers as the livesuited Mediks ushered them towards

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Challenge #03558-I269: Your Body, Your Choice

The planet, a Havenworld, was quite warm, and beautiful. The humans that found it, and created a colony, had only one rule that seemed very abnormal. Except for underwear, and safety equipment when needed, the wearing of clothing was very much optional. Needless to say, this tended to shock Galactics any time they visited. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm sure I did a prompt like this sometime in the past, but I'm blowed if I know where it is.]

Welcome to Pakao,

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Challenge #03541-I253: From Little Things


I secretly took some medicine to test the ingredients, and found out that most of them didn't match the records at all. Vitamin C tablets, starch capsules, glucose solution... Some of the medicines are just placebos. Health deteriorates. What frightened me even more was that I figured out their intention in an instant -

Some were designed to find out what differences the treatment would make. Some were designed to test the effects of placebos in follow-up treatment. The

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Challenge #03538-I250: Black Widow Boss

Not all Deregger CEO's are male. There are very powerful, very dangerous, very cruel female CEO's that are just as bad as their male counterparts. And their counterparts know, just like other male CEO's, you don't mess with these individuals. Fortunately, the CRC doesn't care about gender, all Deregger CEO's must one day face justice. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do not want to fall into the trope of the "cold uncaring childless girlboss", so thanks for putting me on a seesaw

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Challenge #03528-I240: Those Deserving of H(e)aven

On the planet all women fled, except old ones who can not have more kids. Their laws are cruel to women, so the women left.

note: sorry if it is not worded well, English is not my first language. -- Anon Guest

[AN: You do wording very well for someone not familiar with English. It's a hard language to learn. I've been at it almost 50 years and I still don't know how it all works]

It didn't happen overnight. It just

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Challenge #03506-I218: A Different Contraband

They worked hard to build their own custom ship. It took them a long time, and a lot of funds, and a ton of very hard work. They made sure the ship had the strongest shields and safety features they could build, and, of course, all the amenities that they, and their family and friends, could ever want or need. The first ship in their small business. What business? Smuggling Dereggers to safety. -- Anon Guest

Raymond Barnet, Security Inspector for the

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Challenge #03493-I205: Covert Operations

The CRC rewards handsomely for those that rescue Dereggers from their polities, but what of those who do not wish to leave their home planets because they are trying to help, from the inside, make things better? Does the CRC reward if they are kidnapped and taken as a "rescue" against their will, or are they allowed to go home to continue their work? -- The New Guy

Consent is essential when rescuing Dereggers. Forcing people to go where they do not

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Challenge #03492-I204: Covert Patriotism

The CRC keeps trying to reward them for going around rescuing Dereggers and going from station to station to help clean and repair things and getting the stations back on track. They only accept enough to keep their ship in good repair and have supplies. The rest? Well, there are now a couple of charities set up to help those in need. -- Fighting Fit

Picture in your mind a general transit made for just about any work within civilised space. The

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Challenge #03459-I171: This Way Out

On their world....

Good Girls Don't Speak

Good Girls Don't Read

Good Girls Don't Think

Good Girls Clean

Good Girls Cook

Good Girls OBEY...

It's a good thing the transport ship is taking them away... from their world. -- Lessons

Good Girls don't pick up flyers in the exercise yard, but one had stuck to Charissa's foot, so it didn't count. Good Girl's don't read, but this glossy page had no words to read. It had pictures, and arrows, and told a

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