Greater Deregulation

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Challenge #03103-H195: Button Smash Victory

The other Deregger empires laughed. They were losing profits by the year, by year five of straight losses, they were the most mocked of Deregger empires, only their current wealth and ranked saved them from a hostile takeover. But year five, they broke even, year six they broke even, then year seven, they began to profit, year eight, year nine... soon their profits were skyrocketing exponentially, and the other empires were not laughing anymore. -- DaniAndShali

Greater Deregulation Upper South-Southwest largely viewed the Lodalute Brothers as having been driven mad by the corrupt influences of the Galactic Alliance. This is what happens when you gamble on learning the strategies of the enemy, they said. They come back and employed them! Just look at all those losses they're taking. They're even trading off trashworlds. And looking after their worker's health. Disgusting.

For five years, the things the Lodalute Brothers were doing was a joke. Comedy routines made bank on the madness of Lodalute. Wagers were taken on what losses they would take in stride next. The confidence of both Nigel and Steve Lodalute was a profitable source of mockery. They'd never make Chief Executive CEO of the realm at that rate. Heck, they might be begging on the streets next. Haha. Then came the unthinkable. Turnaround.

Who could have ever guessed that healthy workers with free time and spending money could stimulate an economy? The assembled CEOs vying for even more money and power reduced the jokes. They were just breaking even. It wasn't as if they were making a profit. They were barely treading-- oh no. They made a profit. A small, laughable, almost regrettable profit... but profit nonetheless. Then the profits started growing. Panic and mayhem were bound to ensue.

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Challenge #03097-H189: The Alliance Has Hackers Too

Look dude I set the bar pretty low, you brought a f@#$%! shovel -- Anon Guest

[AN: Another one I love is, "The bar was set so low that it was a tripping hazard in Hades, but you had to go limbo with the devil." It's just... SO raw and so delicious.]

P.T. Barnum said it best, There's one born every minute. He anticipated people willing to believe his particular brand of bafflegab, but there's suckers that will fall for anything

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Challenge #03096-H188: Grey Goo Economy

They seemed like the perfect set of employees. They actually begged the CEO's of the Deregger colonies to be allowed to live there. They offered to work for almost no pay, even less than what the other workers got. Odd, the other workers were not complaining as this group seemed to do a lot more work, but for less shelter and less pay. But the other workers were getting healthier, the air seemed to be getting cleaner, the stacks were not producing

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Challenge #03092-H184: Ozymandius Syndrome

"Yes, I was a CEO. Yes, I am, was, the richest person on my home-world. So why am in this cell? I surrendered myself. Why did I do that? After what I saw, how they helped me, I grew something I didn't know existed. I gained humility. I hurt them. It's time I faced justice for my crimes. I deserve it. I'm so very sorry." -- Anon Guest

A wise man once wrote that it is often considered criminal to live in

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Challenge #03085-H177: Relative Luxury

The young deregger expatriate, somewhat reluctantly, but at Gorx's gentle insistence, schedules a few days off since Gorx is very safely at home for a few days to relax. He takes his mom out, she is also trying to wrap her head around this concept, and they truly enjoy their first taste of what people would call, "a vacation from work with pay." -- DaniAndShali

Humans Jef and Bea were learning to adapt. Transiteer Gorx would

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Challenge #03081-H173: Assisted Retirement

She was middle aged, approaching her 50's, her lower back hurt so bad she could barely move. Working in those damn factories for so long, ever since she was orphaned when the last big fire that swept through the city killed hers and so many others' families, had broken her. Then they came. It was late in the night, she'd gathered a huge amount of old, scrap, cloth stolen out of dumpsters and did her best to make it comfortable for her

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Challenge #03074-H166: Homo Insula

Libertarian "paradise" world found by the Alliance. Probably called "Freedom" or something similar. -- Anon Guest

Imagine a world where there is no need for government or law, because the only rule is that of righteous morality. Laws come from God, as was intended by the Good Word. All that is right is moral and all that is moral is right. It's all about the fundamental rights of man.

Everyone else can suck it.

The strong rule the weak. It's the way

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Challenge #03073-H165: Soft, Fluffy, Friendly

They had been working for a few months now with the havenworlders, who had gotten quite used to hearing them wake up screaming but it broke their crewmates' hearts to hear it each night. A de-regger rescue who was still learning that the world was not as cruel as they believed. The companion goes in one sleep cycle as the human begins to whimper and thrash in the special sleeping bag. A gentle hand petting the hair, a soft, trilling, lullaby, the

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Challenge #03064-H141: To Deal With Reformed Devils

the Deregulation brothers meet and start to work with with the gentleman that bought trash worlds and developed them into resorts.

Being the Fiscal Empire of Lodalute IS still a deregulation, and given how suspicious Deregulations are of anything from the Alliance, they are happy (and only a little suspicious) to offload their waste, and walking assets onto another Deregulation. -- Adam in Darwin

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Challenge #03057-H134: A Wilful Sacrifice

It was a race against time. Despite the Dereggers giving a weak attempt at a blockade, refusing to believe there was any danger, the alliance ships swooped in to yank every man, woman, and child off of the two colony planets before the sun engulfed the entire system. The colonists had asked for help but the CEO's had been rejecting their requests, saying there was no danger, CEO's hate being proven wrong. -- Lessons

The CEO's of Planetary Domains Inc. swore up

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Challenge #03053-H130: Wrong With Authority

They were a DeRegger CEO on their own private ship with the usual, mistreated, crew hauling a load of captured, unwilling, women to the new Dereg colony. The ship, trying to take a short cut by sneaking through the edge of Alliance space, went down due to several micrometeorites getting through, it happens when a person cuts corners on safety. The CEO learned quickly that, once on an isolated, if somewhat safe, haven-like planet, no way to force obedience and all the

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Challenge #03052-H129: From One Cog to Another

You can’t break a man the way you break a dog or a horse. The harder you beat a man the taller he stands. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link leads to an audio clip from a video game where the quote is from (I think?) that is all edgy tough growling with a warning at the end]

There's a saying in the Edge Territories: You can only try to break a Human. This is a warning, not an instruction. Many have

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Challenge #03047-H124: Free Time

"Human, you don't need to sleep every night outside of my door. This station is quite safe."

The human, looking upon the galactic while they sat upright in a chair, their lifesuit programmed to hold them in that position even if they fell fast asleep. "Two weeks ago my mother and I were dying dereggers. You saved us, I will protect you." -- Anon Guest

Humans, among many other qualities, are illogical. Those rescued from Deregger space have the worst logic. It's

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Challenge #03042-H119: Galactics Bearing Gifts

To make it easier for dereggers to escape oppression, several galactic traders begin to offer to build trading ports on deregger places that "will guarantee a great profit for the leadership" because the leaders won't have to pay for building the facility, and part of the fees the trading groups agree to pay for maintaining the places as well. Odd, though, the "security", while seeming to do their job, sure love to slack off! -- Lessons

The CRC had a loophole that

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Challenge #03039-H116: There's Some in Every Trip

A group of former Degreggers, with their galactic friends, compiling their resources, purchased a trading ship, and outfitted the two largest holds with large, comfortable, reclining seats, blankets, and other creature comforts, each one being able to hold at least a hundred people, and the third largest hold with tons of nutrient packs that would last for long periods of time. The other holds aboard the ship were used for normal storage with many types of trade goods, the three turned into

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