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Challenge #03017-H094: Benevolent Weeds

Those lovely blossoms known as dandelions to us. Whole thing is edible, though better when its young. There are a few other plants like that where the entire thing is edible. Well, she was a botanist, not that she let her family, or the deregger, government knew she'd become so well educated. A well-educated young woman there? They'd kill her for being too smart and her family followed the CEO's like they were gods.

Everyone thought her too simple to be of any use, and the bawdy houses were closed down because the current CEO, unlike his father and grandfather, thought them vile pits of sin that distracted the workers. So, since she was considered useless, and there were no bawdies to stick her in, her family let her sit for hours in the field all alone with the odd yellow weeds that the outworlder had given her to play with. People in their world were starving, at least the poorest ones were, but was it not odd, those yellow weeds... now seemed to be everywhere. -- Fighting Fit

Sometimes, the best way to be smart is to play stupid. Orchid learned this as part of the Free Alliance Schooling on Tradeside Station. Her parents sent her because it was free, and because all the best people got an education from Alliance schools. Those "best people" got an education from Deregger establishments that was more akin to deprogramming, but that point was lost on her parents. Thank whatever deities that had decided to interfere in her destiny.

The CEO if Tradeside Station also managed to miss the memo, and his heir had a dim view of the bawdies, and shut them down as mercifully as possible when he took the reins. Also thank those deities. Orchid had learned her lesson and pretended to be very dim in order to please the old guard. As long as she was silly and frivolous, and scrubbed up well, she was not a threat, and therefore not in danger.

Her parents never understood her fascination with botany. Specifically, old Terran plants that could grow anywhere and frequently did. Some had been gengineered for specific purposes, but had become weeds in the modern era. Sunflowers, Tukkatukka, Kudzu, and Dandelions.

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Challenge #03010-H087: Secrets of the Network

They were the sons of the owner of a DeRegger system. Their father was the CEO above all other CEO's, and his word, and theirs by extension, were law. However, seeing all the degradation in the worlds their father commanded, they decided to change things. They'd had the best education money could buy, even being allowed to get a higher education in the Alliance worlds, "to know their infidelities, insanity, godlessness, and excess my sons" was their father's reason. However, that education

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Challenge #02995-H072: A Great Need of Angels

They were privateers. They attacked pirate ships as their primary prey. However, there were times they attacked civilian vessels as well. However, when they attacked civilian vessels, it was not the outcome people expected. While everyone was unconscious from the knockout gas, they would go around the ship repairing any damage they did, and any issues they noticed, make sure the crew and passengers were unharmed, and then leave a listing right where the captains and crews could find them of where

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Challenge #02988-H065: It's Friendly Out There

They'd stowed away aboard a galactic ship. They were very sick, feverish, shaking, and all alone. They had no family, and the few friends they'd had died of the coughing sickness that was common among those that lived in the slums that smelled of acrid soot. They spotted the owner of the ship, but dizzy from illness, had collapsed. They expected to be spaced, now, and was surprised to wake up alive. -- Anon Guest

Bubba had one goal. I am not

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Challenge #02972-H049: Don't Tell Them the Odds

The dereggers had managed to get a licence to run casinos in space that was, technically, Alliance space, but was so far from the beaten path that the CRC had trouble keeping an eye on things. There's where Lucky as people called him, came in. He was a lucker with only a single real talent. He never lost a bet. Didn't matter if it was cards, dice, board games, slot machines, whatever, he never lost. So, when it became clear just how

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Challenge #02957-H034: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny wanted to link to this particular song, but it was found in this playlist. Enjoy at your leisure]

If there was one upside to the situation, then Bo would never run out of things to do. There was always something that needed doing. Something that needed fixing. Something that needed sweat and muscle and time to do. The downside being that Bo had swapped life in one crapsack situation, for

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Challenge #02955-H032: We, the Undersigned...

The Dereggers gave up their trash planet, a toxic hell-hole that would've cost them a fortune to clean up. They signed an iron-clad contract that had every single i dotted and t crossed. Not so much as a gnat-sized loophole anywhere. And it was signed by their leaders and several leaders from the Galactic Alliance as witnesses, and him, of course.

He took all that was there and made enough time to make himself an insanely wealthy man. Wealth he then turned

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Challenge #02937-H014: Let the Trash Be Treasured

Can you imagine a world where there are more, empty, livable, homes and apartments than there are homeless individuals, and yet the wealthy allow those homes and apartments to fall into disrepair and ruin rather than allow the homeless live there and maintain it? Can you imagine a time, a place, a world... where people build small homes for the homeless, a 'tiny home' with a bed, a roof, basic toilet facilities, and tiny kitchen, just enough to be comfortable and survive

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Challenge #02913-G356: Poverty to Profit

As it turns out, some aspects of my life are so horrible that people think I'm making stuff up for shock value. -- Anon Guest

Human Daz always had one week of food on their person, and an atmospheric condenser that stowed two Sivu[1] of purified water. They had a very small molecular reassembler integrated with their livesuit that could only make one thing - Nutrifood Paste. It had one job and it did it very well. The livesuit was a

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Challenge #02909-G352: The Biggest Little Threat

They were banned from almost every DeRegger place known. Their ships had a standing order to shoot on sight. Yet... they came. How they managed to get through the security? Well let's just say DeRegger security is usually spotty at best due to how they choose to "fund" that security. Or maintain the people, supplies, and equipment.

Why were they so hated? So feared? They were telepaths. All of them, the entire team. They had learned to not only block out thoughts

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Challenge #02902-G345: Escape By Mercy

They had nothing to give, no funds what so ever. With them was their youngest sibling, unable to move due to the injuries so severe that even the best medicine around could not fix it. Their only hope were the B'Nari. The sibling wept, feeling terrible because their beloved family was going through so much for them since the accident. But kept being assured that it was the least they could do since the injuries which caused the complete paralysis of the

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Challenge #02883-G326: Learn Something, Guys

The dereggers owed him a lot of money. But they didn't want to pay. However, he knew a way to get what he wanted and get back at them at the same time. He wrote a contract, iron clad, and had both deregger and galactic witnesses to sign as well as the leadership, smilingly, signed over a solar system that was at the edge of their space in between their space and galactic space. And in the signing, he grinned.

It was

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Challenge #02879-G322: A Bad Influence

She grew up in the slums of a DeRegger colony. But her family wasn't like most of those here. What little funds they got, they used for books - though carefully hidden. She was forced to dress, and act, like a boy to fool the rulers. The small family, two sons, their father, and her, were all very well educated and well-read. And they believed it was time for a true change to this brutal regime. But to do that, more people

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Challenge #02836-G279: Sphere of Influence

I have a brother, he just so happen to have a girlfriend. Honestly they’re a lovely couple the girlfriend get along with the family. My brother with his gf are very, “intimate”. I play a beautiful instrument known as the saxophone. This night they learn that walls are thin in this house, if they can hear me, they better connect the dots and realize I can hear them.

the music I’m gonna was play -- Anon Guest

[AN: The music

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Challenge #02804-G247: How Can I Help?

We're out there, you know. The people who slip through the cracks. The ones that hurt too much to really succeed but don't hurt obviously enough to get help. It's a terrible feeling, to be jealous of someone who's in more pain than you are, just because they have legally mandated support. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Speaking as someone who's lived in the cracks, I get it. It's one of the reasons my pet universe has systems that patch the cracks.]


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