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Challenge #02937-H014: Let the Trash Be Treasured

Can you imagine a world where there are more, empty, livable, homes and apartments than there are homeless individuals, and yet the wealthy allow those homes and apartments to fall into disrepair and ruin rather than allow the homeless live there and maintain it? Can you imagine a time, a place, a world... where people build small homes for the homeless, a 'tiny home' with a bed, a roof, basic toilet facilities, and tiny kitchen, just enough to be comfortable and survive without being out in the elements, and those safe shelters being confiscated by the governments, torn down, burned down, and the homeless individuals being homeless once more? And yet, those same governments wanting to claim "We are trying to help the homeless but they don't want help. They want to have and refuse our aid." And then criminalize the very act of being able to sit for a few moments to sleep so they can throw these people into prison? A world where a massive number of the workforce are working long, exhausting, hours, yet cannot afford so much as a tiny apartment in the worst area of town and are forced to sleep in run-down shelters, in tents, or in their vehicles?

This happened in the world of humans in the past. This was a common, cruel, thing in the world of the Dereggers. A helpless workforce of homeless. And yet.. what happens to that Deregger world, when the homeless start disappearing off the streets and from their world altogether? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Honestly, Habitat For Humanity could probably prove a point by buying/fixing up abandoned and foreclosed homes in the USA and then giving them to people with no-interest loans]

Welcome to Greater Deregulation Lower South West. We do the things that were illegal by the end of the twenty-first century, but we will never admit to that. The graffiti only ever stays up on the Galactic's side of the one customs and trade station, and there's continuing debate about making it an official sign.

The Galactic Alliance agrees that every citizen had the right to health, shelter, and reliable means to support themselves. Greater Deregulations refused to join the Alliance because giving their citizens any rights were against their moral superiority. The dissonance in that statement fails to land on Greater Deregulations owing to the fact that education for the common populace was also against their "moral superiority".

Which lead to problems that the Dereggers refused to consider on their planets. Especially within Greater Deregulation Lower South West. Where there is money in building homes, but none in keeping them occupied. Houses sprang up like a rash, but people didn't live in them. They couldn't afford to. There was more to be made in criminalising the poverty they manufactured. It was a permanent workforce of people desperate enough to do anything for food, water, and shelter. No matter how bad any of those were.

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Challenge #02913-G356: Poverty to Profit

As it turns out, some aspects of my life are so horrible that people think I'm making stuff up for shock value. -- Anon Guest

Human Daz always had one week of food on their person, and an atmospheric condenser that stowed two Sivu[1] of purified water. They had a very small molecular reassembler integrated with their livesuit that could only make one thing - Nutrifood Paste. It had one job and it did it very well. The livesuit was a

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Challenge #02909-G352: The Biggest Little Threat

They were banned from almost every DeRegger place known. Their ships had a standing order to shoot on sight. Yet... they came. How they managed to get through the security? Well let's just say DeRegger security is usually spotty at best due to how they choose to "fund" that security. Or maintain the people, supplies, and equipment.

Why were they so hated? So feared? They were telepaths. All of them, the entire team. They had learned to not only block out thoughts

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Challenge #02902-G345: Escape By Mercy

They had nothing to give, no funds what so ever. With them was their youngest sibling, unable to move due to the injuries so severe that even the best medicine around could not fix it. Their only hope were the B'Nari. The sibling wept, feeling terrible because their beloved family was going through so much for them since the accident. But kept being assured that it was the least they could do since the injuries which caused the complete paralysis of the

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Challenge #02883-G326: Learn Something, Guys

The dereggers owed him a lot of money. But they didn't want to pay. However, he knew a way to get what he wanted and get back at them at the same time. He wrote a contract, iron clad, and had both deregger and galactic witnesses to sign as well as the leadership, smilingly, signed over a solar system that was at the edge of their space in between their space and galactic space. And in the signing, he grinned.

It was

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Challenge #02879-G322: A Bad Influence

She grew up in the slums of a DeRegger colony. But her family wasn't like most of those here. What little funds they got, they used for books - though carefully hidden. She was forced to dress, and act, like a boy to fool the rulers. The small family, two sons, their father, and her, were all very well educated and well-read. And they believed it was time for a true change to this brutal regime. But to do that, more people

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Challenge #02836-G279: Sphere of Influence

I have a brother, he just so happen to have a girlfriend. Honestly they’re a lovely couple the girlfriend get along with the family. My brother with his gf are very, “intimate”. I play a beautiful instrument known as the saxophone. This night they learn that walls are thin in this house, if they can hear me, they better connect the dots and realize I can hear them.

the music I’m gonna was play -- Anon Guest

[AN: The music

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Challenge #02804-G247: How Can I Help?

We're out there, you know. The people who slip through the cracks. The ones that hurt too much to really succeed but don't hurt obviously enough to get help. It's a terrible feeling, to be jealous of someone who's in more pain than you are, just because they have legally mandated support. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Speaking as someone who's lived in the cracks, I get it. It's one of the reasons my pet universe has systems that patch the cracks.]


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Challenge #02802-G245: The Difficult Choice

Sometimes the deadliest part of a viral infection is not the virus itself, but the immune reaction to the virus. So what happens if an apocalyptic mad-scientist type unleashes a viral pandemic that will cause every deathworlder species he could get his hands on to die because their own immune systems will basically liquefy their lungs, gills, or other oxygen-extracting apparatus, but forgets to take into account that a virus that uses strong immune systems to attack will completely bypass higher-level havenworlders?

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Challenge #02800-G243: Where the Hand Dictates

A deregger colony espoused that they would have a thousand-year reign. They have held onto their power, and the colony fanatically believed in that thousand year reign. It is year 999.

None of their lore held anything to indicate what would happen after the thousand year reign. -- Anon Guest

One thousand years of glory! The posters were everywhere. This year, on Landing Day, would be the thousandth year of glorious progression towards a better and more deserving future. One thousand years

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Challenge #02796-G239: Redemption in Progress

This is a continuation of this prompt, from your story. If it's ok?

The young woman, despite her past, despite the harassment from her old family, the family that sold her in the first place, had gotten a very good job and, through some series of hard work, and very lucky breaks, ended up quite wealthy. But her old family was still out there, more incised than ever because the fact she was living a rich,

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Challenge #02787-G230: A Necessary Education

All of the Top Schools, get 'problem students', some get rid of the fast. Our Lady of Purity embraced them. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Throwback to this thing in case you were wondering]

Somewhere in the known universe, there is a paradise. Nothing sharp exists there. The weather is always balmy and pleasant. The sands are soft on the beaches, and the shells are always pretty. Somewhere, sweet water flows and the air is full of birdsong. This is not that place.

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Challenge #02758-G201: Organic Pest Control

A shipment of fruits and plants that had gone through a DeRegger station was opened in a very large Alliance station. The plants were bound for a new section that had been added to the botanical garden there. Unfortunately, an unwanted guest came along with it. Within a month or so, that dreaded high-pitched sound that all humans from Earth knew all too well was starting to be heard. An invasive pest that bred rapidly anywhere there were pools for it to

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Challenge #02750-G193: What Evil Sows...

Human's blood is a well-known weapon. Full of leucocytes ready to protect human body from disease and foreign invaders. While used on other forms of life it can act like acid; burning and destroying skin. Blood isn't a cheap thing, because selling it is forbidden everywhere. But black market found a way to produce enough blood to gain on it — blood farms. Cages where humans are drugged so they won't fight back. Everything begins to fall apart when one of farm workers

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Challenge #02694-G137: A Deserved Education

One of the Greater Deregulation planets found itself short of breeding stock and extended offers to girl's schools to come study abroad at their planet. St. Trinians accepted their offer. Greater Deregulation never saw what was coming next. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Since I really don't want to nick anyone else's IP, for my universe -excepting guest cameos- I shall have to use a St. Trinian's expy for this tale]

"They can't be serious," said Dame Lorx. "An extended offer to add

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