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It's Friday!

There was a blackout, last night, so I got forcibly booted from my Delta Rune game. The good news from this is that can now exercise self control and not play games until my actual work is done.

Work that will doubtless be interrupted because Mayhem has a short day, today. Allegedly. We'll see.

I'm determined to focus, today.

So of course I'm going on a wiki walk through youtube because that's how I get in the zone.


Besides, I have to drive Mayhem down to the train station real soon now and getting into another universe is a process. Especially making one up from whole cloth on the daily.

So it's been a tad of a rollercoaster, lately.

I got my PC running again after months of idleness, so now I can write my blog on that. Yay.

Alas, what I can no longer do is work on the adventure map until I learn/figure out a way to export a Mac saved game to a PC without the whole thing throwing a massive wobbler.

My PC is about eight years old since the last hardware upgrade. Which is about 80 in computer years. I refuse point blank to buy

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