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Saturday, Plague Day 26, day of rest?

Game night tomorrow night and I have no idea what's happening. D&D with Discord tonight is a hard MAYBE depending entirely on whoever wants to turn up for the game.


I can still say that I have never played a D&D campaign from Session 0 to level 20 and a good end. Blargh. At least I have a book compelling me to write so that is something.

The weather is dingy and miserable this morning so I would absolutely love being able to just stay at home and lie around. Beloved may have other plans.

Maybe after I get to things not in the campaign, I might get my hands on Dragon Heist and see what should have happened.


Friday, Plague Day 25, An Attempt?

I now know that the tremula is one hundred percent the result of the roid puffer. How did I learn?

I forgot to take it last night so this morning was amazingly tremula-free until I took it. Yay.

It did take most of the day, but I got most of Mum's online stuff sorted. She still can't do internet banking because of an ouroborous entry system. That's going to necessitate talking to a person at the branch.

Today, I am going to

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Thursday, Plague Day 24, Tech Support

Finally and at last, I am venturing out to the other side of Brisbane to help MeMum navigate the terrifying labyrinths of internet-based support systems.

I'll begin with the essential navigation skills and branch out from there.

And assist in setting up anything that needeth setting up, and so on. Fun times. I will need my chug jug for sure.

The puffer continues to work and the shaking seems to be less now that I'm off the Twitchy Pills. It's still there,

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Wednesday, Plague Day 23...

So. "People's Day" at the Ekka means lots of stuff is shut. Assorted stresses of recent memory means that all I want to do is lie down, cuddle, and cry. And maybe try to sleep until the trouble goes away.

I have no idea what we're doing for date night this week.

What I do know is that I am making a cake for Beloved at some time approaching her Outaversary. And do my best to fancy it up a smidge with

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Tuesday, Plague Day 22, Patreon & PLNs

I am officially off the roid pills today. I'm still on the puffer though and I shall see how that goes for me.

On the pills and the puffer - shaking like a little wet dog but also clear nasal passages. Off the pills but still on the puffer - the nose is closing up and I am still shaking like a little wet dog. I can still breathe, but the tightness in the throat that "reads" like an incipient asthma attack.

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Long Monday, Plague Day 21, End the Roids

Today is the last day I am taking the roid pills. Also the day I should make appointment to find out about roid puffer and get body mod referral. Not that I know when those mods will -or if- ever happen.

Today is also Long Monday, so most of my activity will be via apps.

There's also the Foundry reads, later on.

After I get a napnap.

I have PLNs to at least acquire Beloved's Outaversary present. I may be making a

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Sunday, Plague Day 20, Extra Stressors

Things have been piling up for a while. Capt. S is in hospital and there's complications. I can say no more on my blog just in case hateful people in her life decide to do horrible things.

Wedding arrangements, Outaversary arrangements, trying to hold my tongue about interpersonal bullshit for Beloved's sake. It's all a heap of straws on this camel's back.

And it turns out that the doc I thought I had is MISSING 30K words [I have been through this

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Saturday, Plague Day 19, Time Sucks

Time is pressuring me, and there's not enough money for all the nonsense that needs to happen. Kait's truth day - her coming out anniversary - is approaching and I really want to get her a present and buy her a cake for the party.

Jolie still needs her dental seen to and that's a three figure bill and I had thought we need only wait one payday, but nah. Other bills eat money.

BUT - not a lot of dosh.


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Friday, Plague Day 18, Fucking Stress

So today's disorganised from the get-go. So obsessed with taking my meds that I forgot to parent this morning. Rushed kid ready anyways so yay there.

I have Post Covid Cough. Fun times. The steroids I'm on should fix that. [Should is not is, far too frequently in my book] But also I have some lingering tremula. Shuddering and shaking like a little wet dog. That interferes with many things.

Mostly including strength checks, but I find my way around it. Thanks,

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Thursday, Plague Day 17, Medical Intervention

So I'm on steroids now, albeit temporarily. I might have taken an overdose because New Puffer Who Dis. I have learned all the same.

I have new pills for five days and a new puffer for a time period that I have temporarily forgotten. And I have already apologised in advance in case I grow another foot in height.

I doubt it will happen, but it's a fun joke. Because that's exactly what happened the last time I was on 'roids.


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Wednesday, Plague Day 16, Wordpress, Date Night

So much to do, so much to see to, so many appointments happening today. It's going to be fun.

My oxygen was at 99% before the nebuliser, this morning. Yet I still feel like my throat is trying to strangle me 9_9

I don't know what the fuck this is, but I do not want it either.

I'm currently taking a dose via Max and I can already feel it in the pinkie side of my palms. A little bit of

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Tuesday, Plague Day 15, Patreon

I'm still battling with clogged bronchii and I'll be doing some time on the OPEP to get some of my ability to breathe back. Or at least shake loose the clinker that's still in there.

I have done three self-cares this morning. Trying to get back into some kind of routine with those. Namely - Took my preventer, brushed my teeth, and did my face-care routine.

I'm re-establishing my gut biota by ingesting Aldi's Yakult-esque in the form of a fruit smoothie.

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Sunday, Plague Day 13, Game Night

Looks like not many people are playing, tonight. I will finally get a guide to Drekki's spider spawners and get a wriggle on with making the grinder because string is a commodity we all need.

Me especially, because scaffolds are essential to my building process.

I have already created the story for this week's Tale Foundry challenge. Pruned and ready for reading. Of course my Patrons get a peek at the unedited version. With maybe a link to what the finished product

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Saturday, Plague Day 12, Game Night?

There might be D&D with my fellow Brisbane Lunatics tonight. There will definitely be games with my International Lunatics tomorrow night, because my voice is back up to snuff.

I start streaming my daily tales on that Long Monday. Whee.

Here's hoping I make it through.

This, my readers and friendos, is the acid test. If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere. I might be slow about it, but I can still do the things.


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