Dear Diary

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Tuesday, PLNs in Motion

I have a couple of Leyland's Tours in the barrel. Today, after I finish my daily doses, I take off and get shopping done.

I also have to ring the people who service our sullage system and let them know that they can actually reach the machine.

Making phone calls. My kryptonite.

Still, I braved up and did it. Yay me.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mayhem with me to help MeMum with assorted shenanigans that also involve heavy lifting. Huzzah. Part of my nonsense also included making sure he gets enough sleep tonight so he can be functional tomorrow.

Fun times and a lot of travel ahead.

I'm off on my supply run and my offerings shall happen sometime after I return.

But first, I need to organise myself and make sure I am actually going to get everything we need.

See you on the flip side.

Monday, Backup Reads and Shenanigans

I need space on my compy, so part of today's mission is getting rid of stuff I no longer need on Windoze and hoping for the best. Bit by little bit.

...and then seeing if that works.

Fingers crossed.

I'll get on with my offerings and stream before messing around.

And hope I don't have another fatal freeze like the one I had last night. My entire set-up froze to the point where even the on/off switch didn't work.

...that made

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Sunday, We've Experienced Technical Difficulties

We had some admin issues that's resulted in me effectively twiddling my thumbs all firkin day, waiting for my Beloved to fix the issue.

I used to have instructions to make it go. Instructions that worked.

They don't work any more.

Either things have changed or the interface instructions need to change according to the OS. OR I just need to wait until Beloved deigns to glance at my messages.

This time it took half a day. I have waited days on

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Saturday, Parkrun and Compy Repair

Miss Chaos has her PC back! It was just the power supply that went boom. With a new one installed, Chaos is back to her usual shenanigans with gaming and youtube and more gaming.

I'm about to dive into my offerings and otherwise prep for the VTTRPG that's on early-early tomorrow morning.

I did get some good sleep so that I was able to wake up before the alarm this morning. I might be able to do it again tonight.

I'm already

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Friday, Fuckups and Folderol

We accidentally broke Miss Chaos' computer. A simple birthday gift of extra storage space resulted in the thing catching fire.

We think it's only the Power Supply Unit, but Beloved it taking it away to be certain that it's all in perfect working order before it's back on Chaos' desk.

The rest of her gifts - a game from her brother and some Steam Gift Cards from the fam - are currently moot. Fingers crossed, it is just the Power Supply Unit,

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Thursday, Nebulous PLNs

I'm monitoring my food again. Mostly because I'm worried that I'm not eating right. Pretty certain the QPP will have my back and helpful hints as to how to improve.

Looking after myself is difficult. I have limited hours and so much to do. Getting up late and staying up later, then getting up even later.... It's a vicious cycle. Almost as bad as irrevocably waking up at fuckoff in the morning.

At least with the latter, it feels like I have

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Wednesday, Rant Day and Running Around

I have two... "interesting" loaves of bread on the rack, today. After the shenanigans, I shall wrap them up in paper and pop them in the fridge.

I have just enough bread for today. Tomorrow, I can open a loaf and wrap the both of them in plastic.

Loaf tax:

[Shown here: Two photographs of homebaked bread, each loaf is made of two sections. Each loaf has split along the side, instead of splitting along the scores made in the top. The

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Tuesday, Optometrist and Expensive

I just finished the furforal for today. Stretchies, foot torture, and an appointment at the optometrist. Followed by fetching some meds and then retreating home.

Because new glasses cost four figures. Ooof.

The good news is that I can pay them off at our own speed. Starting tomorrow. By the time they're made, we should have enough to pay the rest.

[Should is not is, and I quietly fret]

I have a loaf proofing in the incubator and the ovens preheating. If

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Monday, Backup Reads and Considering Bread

I am almost out of my artisinal bread. I also have an appointment tomorrow. It takes absolute hours to do bread. But I am also about due to run out of bread.

I think I can wrangle stage one - mixing and proofing - today? I might have to spend two days baking later on.

Time, as always, will tell.

I'll figure it all out in the end. If I start the starter incubating close to now it won't be ready for

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Sunday, Mother's Day and Stream

I've been having fun with the VTTRPG's over the weekend. Call of C'thulu last night - our DM keeps turning us away from our goals, and me running Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

I added the threat of the eldritch influence to the Horn my players are fighting over. Hopefully, I can influence the story we're building to lean into my plot intentions.


I gave my Beloved an emotional overload, this Friday gone. Rainbow chat didn't help. The genderfucky group were

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Saturday, Parkrun, Sore Feet, and Very Tired

I messed up parkrun by getting my wires crossed and finishing before I did the full 5K. Unfamiliar course, already sore and tired. Not inclined to remedy my mistake.

So now I have a Fake Personal Best(tm).

My bad.

We went thereafter to the West End Markets, and I'm glad to see that West End is still a melting pot despite the efforts of Yuppies and Gentrification. Lots of cultural exchange going on.

I am very footsore and very weary. So

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Friday, Catio and Beloved Time

So far today, I have: finished a chapter (#419), done my stretchies, tortured my feet, had my coffee and pills, and cleaned out the catio.

Beloved was still lounging naked in bed, last I looked. Her day starts in a handful of minutes.

Today, I am going to shrink the assets I have for Pseuducku. I'll try 256 pixels square so they can still be 'readable' as the art I've already accomplished.

If that doesn't work, I'll try double that.

Results will

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Thursday, A Little Catch-up, and Listlessness

I'm already on low-batt status and I haven't started my daily shenanigans. I have some corrections to make for the background of my game boards. I mistook construction pieces for whole elements and that was my mistake to correct.

I'll be doing that after I make my offerings today.

I've taken my preventer in case this is an oxygen problem - and no it isn't. I'm still feeling like I'm operating under 1.5G's and that's the trial du jour.

And at

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Wednesday, Rant Entry, Shopping, and Great Sleep

It's ten o'clock and I have yet to put pants on. It's a great morning because I actually got a sound firkin night's sleep. Yay. I didn't wake up until after sunrise.

I feel great.

The financial complications regarding the council-related email are sorted, I got Baldur's Gate 3 running in LinuxLand for an entire hour's worth of game time.

Today, after I finish my stretchies, foot torture, and cat feeding [Most important!]... I shall have to go shopping because Wednesday is

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Tuesday, OW...

Day two of my firkin cyclone headache and I am on hold with the council. About a bill notice I got on email.

Apparently, I'm liveblogging this because I have now found out this biz is genuine and I have to call the recovery agency to verify the payment plan that I'm already using independently.

Isn't red tape FUN?

I've told the recovery people I'm already doing payments on the rates to the best of my ability. So now they're checking with

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