Weird Writer Wednesday

A 3-post collection

Wednesday, Blog Rant and Business

I have another rant due today. One of my many offerings for today. Having finished five chapters, I shall be reading them for Adorable.

Coffee doesn't seem to be working. Neither does a sound night's sleep. I've had both and the sleepiness continueth. Drat.

I'm going to put myself on Max in the hopes that this is a low oxygen thing. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to consultation, the ad I've made for my All Hallows Read offering won't be seen by the public until July. All the better to gather the appropriate amount of attention without also gathering irritation.

I'm going to spend some of my squirrelings to boost that stuff. Yay.

Plenty of time to squirrel some money aside for the thing. I should hope. Fingers crossed.

Story first. Then the rest of it.

Wednesday, Leyland's Tour PLNs

So here's the plan:

  1. I put on my knees
  2. I make certain I have the stuff for MeMum
  3. I make certain I have the wrist bracers because no time for stretchies
  4. I feed the cats [MOST important]
  5. I have some caffeine and pills to see to my ills
  6. I take off to MeMum's for egg exchange, tech support, and probable journey to several shops during the day
  7. I get home and create my offerings if I haven't already done them in transit
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Wednesday, No Longer Wordpress

The poll results are in:

[Shown here: Screenshot of a tumblr poll showing that the audience favours "Weird Writer Wednesday" as a tag for my weekly rants]

It's going to be Weird Writer Wednesday henceforth. Hooray.

I already have something to rant about. Fingers crossed, the video evidence can be a part of it.

I'm also recording five more chapters, sorting more vinyl, and moving five more archived blog entries out of Wordpress, today.

I'm making bread, and my offerings, AND making

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