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Friday, Bread, Crash

I'm currently using phone data so I shall be brief.

The internet is down where I am and I'm also making bread so going fully mobile is not an option. It might be an option on another day. Time will tell.

Normal services will resume as soon as the connection does. I'm keeping an eye on it and we've complained to out alleged provider about it. Much fun not being had by anyone TBH.

I did NOT need this. At all.

Doing what I can with what I've got, and that is not much.

Thursday, Bread and PLNs

I was up at 5 to feed the cats and my starter so that I would have ample time to start my starter so that it would be ready by after 9AM. Bread math.

I have the dough autolysing as I type.

I pln on getting a wriggle on with the processing and hope that I get most things done before it's time for the long drive to fetch son-of-mine.

A little bit difficult because my fluffy brain would rather zone out

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Wednesday, Shrink, Bread, and PLNs

I have a shrink appointment in a few short minutes. I also have to figure out what I'm ranting about this week. Probably a little thing about my favourite band.

I really have to plan my bread, this week. Juggling time windows so I can have bread before I run out of it. Which means that I have to do my stocking up today. Thank grop I only need to refresh the sardine supply.

...and snag some croissants for Beloved's digestive nonsense.

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Tuesday: A Bit Crammed

I have a new rig!


So here's my day:

  • Up at 6 to feed the cats and prep for nonsense
  • 2-hr round trip at 7
  • Refuel
  • Fetch my babe
  • Drive to Brisbane to fetch the new rig
  • Drop it off at Adorable's for the new OS install

So now I'm waiting for Adorable to complete the technical difficulties with the OS install.


I didn't get any side-projects done last night. Such is the way of things.

I'm too busy for

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Monday, Patreon and Crammed Timeline

Awake at 5-ish, stretchies until 6, feed the cats, torture feet. Continue with the stretchies (currently incomplete), ferry Mayhem to work. Back home, attend the backup reads.... and actually get to participate.

I still need to work on my daily offerings, post my Patreon stuff, prep to pitch again (I'm overdue), pick up Mayhem, pick up Beloved, and maybe get some time to myself.


I am going to finish my stretchies and then do what I can to get on with

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Sunday, Day Off?

I don't have to go anywhere so I PLN on making the most of that. Four hours of my days next week will be in ferrying Mayhem to and from his new workplace.

The sooner this lad gets a car and license of his own, the firkin BETTER. Or he could move into a place closer to work if that works out for his long term PLNs.

Today, I owe y'all a twofer, which I will be taking at a relatively leisurely

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Saturday, Parkrun and Upgrades

Thanks to a chain of shenanigans involving Adorable, a dodgy compy part, and attempts to repair her compy... I am about to get a new compy made out of all the replacement parts that were never needed.

It's a complicated pile of shenanigans and I can't remember the name of the bit that initially went wrong. Suffice to say that Beloved and Adorable bought a new one that was broken in the box, and subsequently attempted to fix said compy by replacing

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Friday, Very Tired Bean

Done so far:

[X] Tortured my feet

[X] Driven Mayhem to work

[X] Cleaned out the catio

[X] Finished my stretchies

[X] Wrote another half-chapter of A Devil's Tale

Yet to do are the daily offerings and maybe an attempt to unfuck Stencyl's shenanigans.

And I still have to go fetch Mayhem this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I have to get up early for parkrun and, perhaps, an entire day of QPP fun. Which means that I might not have time to make my

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Thursday, Some News and Progress

Following Wednesday's weekly blog thing, and following a discussion with Beloved about a thing I said in there, I can now make a very special announcement:

Book 5 Confirmed!

Book 4 of A Devil's Tale has an official end, which means the chapters I'm involved with are now in Book 5.

This means that part of my nonsense for today will be collating the advance reader copy of Book 4, and attempting to consider ten exit questions for the dang thing.


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Wednesday: Ranting Due and Shenanigans

I'm squeezing productivity out of my minutes available this morning. I have a two-hour round trip commencing in a few minutes, followed by shopping for varied essentials. Then there's the time window to wedge in the rest of my offerings today.

When Mayhem moves to part-time, following his training, we'll both have a schedule to operate with.

This is more planning than I'm used to.

I'm halfway tempted to talk about scheduling issues this week. I am NOT going grumpy again. I'll

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Tuesday, Schedule Rebuggerings

Mayhem has a part-time job. Which, because public transit two and from takes THREE FUCKING HOURS EACH WAY, I am involved with. Delivery and retrieval. So now I have a time window and a dedicated four hours' of driving each day. Huzzah.

I am therefore squeezing in anything I can into the intervening hours.

Doing a little is better than doing nowt.

I'm going to finish my doses, finish my stretches, and get on with my offerings. In that order.

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Monday: Did You Miss Me?

Sunday was fun. I got to experience a Mead Hall (fun) and actual mead (not fun) as well as wandering about and discovering stuff.

I'm a lot of a nerd, so the most I got out of the experience was watching people make things.

I acquired a neat belt-pouch and matching belt, since I couldn't find the kind of corset I wanted.

I also got a metric fuckton of mud all over my shoes, socks, and dress skirt. The shoes and socks

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Saturday, Parkrun, and Hair

In a few short minutes, I'm offski to get my green refreshed and my undercut redone. I have more than enough nonsense to keep me warm in the wintertime now.

Tomorrow, the QPP is off to Renfaire[aka Abbey Medieval Festival], and I will be pre-occupied with possible cosplay acquisition. IF my offerings come out tomorrow, consider it a minor miracle.

Wish me the very best of luck. I'll need it.

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Friday, Ongoing Shenanigans

I have, perhaps, a handful of hours to make and post my offerings before I am called to QPP-fetching duty.

I have yet to clean the catio, but I have ferried Mayhem out to get his work clothes, all paid for by the nice PPL at APM. He even got a free beanie out of it.

I will get to the catio after I make my offerings.

I also need to talk to the Stencyl Discord about the latest nonsense happening with

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Thursday, IT'S ALIVE!

The video is out and running, my lovelies!

Check it out!

I did it all on my only, with occasional input from the rest of the QPP. I wrote the story, I made the cover art, I created the background music, and wrote and performed the ad copy.

I expect to shut up about in long about November 1.

And I will be tagging various authors I know on the interwebs about it.

I got Mayhem to APM this morning and the

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