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Monday, Day 0, Back to School

Two new cases, both imports. Twenty-seven active cases -another drop- and twenty-five of those are in hospital. Two with the alleged freedom of a hotel somewhere.

My PLNs today are nothing more complicated than writing stories and unfuckening the house. IF I get time and energy, then I shall be recording a Does Not Compute for MeMum concerning How To Google Docs and Google Drive. It might not happen until Tuesday. I know I didn't get very far with CSP yesterday.

Baby steps.

In the news:

  • Experts warn Japan against dumping Fukushima wastewater, Japan dumps it anyway
  • China and Russia both attempting to beat up the USA
  • More royal funeral shenanigans
  • ScoMo gets the bird, and deserves far worse
  • MAFS a perfect breeding ground for infidelity. Shocking
  • Netflix may be filming in Byron Bay and Byron Bay does not want
  • Mystery plague spot in Sydney. Cherches le Knomiras
  • NOW they're planning to make the vaccine here after literal months of clusterfluffs
  • More ugly truths surface about Epstein and his pals
  • Yacht shuts down an airport. No, it's not Evergreen at it again, it's huge spinnakers endangering planes
  • CNN anchor calls out the racism in gun laws and faces censure

And now I must wake up Miss Chaos and get her organised for the day.

Sunday, Day 0, Shenanigans

One new case from yesterday, an import. Twenty-eight total cases, twenty-three of those are in hospital. I'm starting to think the ones that are "wild" have recovered to the point where they can chill out in a hotel.

I, meanwhile, am tuned into Toasty's stream and operating on less sleep because a Scammer tried to put one over on MeMum. MeMum's no slouch and asked them a question they'd only know if they were legit. Hem haw oops signal lost. Yay.


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Saturday, Day 0, Tech Support

FIVE new cases. Fuck! The "good" news is that they're all imports and all sequestered in quarantine. Day Twelve without local transmission. The better news is that there's thirty-six active cases - a significant drop - and thirty in hospital. The death count is up to seven, so someone else has died thanks to this plague.


I've made my breads [Yay time management!] so now I'm free to get ready for the day ahead of time. Thanks 2AM wake-up time. Internal

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Friday, Day 1, Bread Day

No new cases! That's Day 11 on the domestic scale, by the way. There's forty-three total cases, forty-two are in hospital and only one is technically loose. In captivity in a hotel with the potential to breeze past security measures version of "loose".

I'm starting the process on some wholly wholemeal loaves so I can maybe regulate the plumbing. I have the bikkie going [nine sliced olives on it BTW] and Wilson is on my desk and growing up for a special

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Thursday, Day 0, Mor Nonsense!

Two imported cases, making it day 10 without local transmission. There's fifty-one active cases, forty-eight of those in hospital. Three remain to potentially sic havoc on my sunny state.

"Sunny" because it's been raining on and off. I can feel a cyclone somewhere within my range [whatever the straight-line distance is between Burpengary and Rockhampton, that's my radius] and it's making my entire left face hurt. The painkillers are not currently cutting it so my life sucks a bit.

HOWEVER, because sleep

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Two new cases, both imports. Which means that there's nine days without local transmission. Hoping to make it to twenty. Fifty-five total cases, twenty-three in hospital. I'm not saying those two fresh ones are the ones in a hotel, but the odds are in their favour in my humble opinion.

Today... I don't want to go off about anything, so it might as well be an exploration of how a pantser plots. I'm going to drag you through the entirety of my

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

One new case, a foreign import. We have fifty-five active cases, fifty four in hospital, which leaves one chilling in a hotel, somewhere.

Miss Chaos and I built her Marble Run, and as near as I can tell, the finished product is fascinating to the entire family. Including the cats. Today, I shall lure Miss Chaos into telling me what she wants for her next grand prize. Hopefully by the end of next term, my thumbs will have forgiven me.

Flatpack wooden

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Monday, Day 1, Yakkety Sax Go!

No cases, foreign or domestic. Huzzah. Fifty-seven active cases, all of them in hospital. It's stats like this that make me want to leave my mask at home again. Not a chance before the twenty days are up.

Today I have:

  1. Household unfuckening
  2. Potential parcel arrival
  3. Mayhem announced an appointment while I was sleeping and that might be happening in the middle of everything else
  4. Also Tale Foundry is doing the reserve readings and I want to be there for that


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Sunday, Day 0, Stream Shenanigans

I don't have news regarding whether or not today's one case is an import or not, but I'm betting on import. There's sixty-three active cases and sixty-two of those are in hospital. Only one with the potential to be on the loose.

There's two streams today and I really hope to be awake for both. Fingers crossed.

The good news for me is that I started a ball rolling. Turns out Jobseek(er/ing) is no longer a thing and now there's

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Saturday, Day 0, Overindulgence

I've already had noodles. I've already had some peanut brittle. I've had too much lolly water and I'm feeling a little nauseated. Blah.

I have eleven hours to write one story. Bet it takes me all of that to get it done. I spent all of yesterday doing all my various bits of work. I got it done all the same.

There's a parcel on the way and, given the shenanigans with this one, I'm thinking of ordering the next Grand Prize

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Friday, Day 0, Exhausted

I woke up at a little past one in the morning, today. It's half-past six now so you can bet I'm about ready to fall over.

HOWEVER, I also have domestic unfuckening overdue and a thousand words I want to write and a Bikkie in Progress(tm) currently cooking. Woot.

The PLUS side being that some ducks are lined up nice and neat. Miss Chaos has her very own bank account, and the Tax File Number is in the post. Huzzah!


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Thursday, Day 0, Further Shenanigans

Day Two without local transmission, but there's six imports, so technically Day Zero. Seventy-three total cases, sixty-seven in hospital and one in the ICU. That's six with the potential to sneak out and raise hob.

Today, Miss Chaos is getting her bank account herself and Beloved and I will be teaching her how to do net banking, how to be wary of interweb scams and so on. I already told her to stay the heck away from wish dot com. Not only

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Wednesday, Day 1, Shenanigans Ahoy

I have three hours to do whatever and trying to work means that I'm not falling into the YouTube wikiwalk trap that can delay me for all of that. Today, there are NO NEW CASES in Queensland! Not even any imports. It's a major deal after so long. There's still seventy cases, all of them are in hospital and one's still lingering in the ICU. I wish them well.

Today, at ten, I get my shoes and socks on, chase Miss Chaos

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Tuesday, Day 0, Learnding!

I've taken some baby steps on Clip Studio Pro, this morning. Yay. Now my vid-making "studio"1 has a new logo. Reveal under the spoiler-cut for those who are catching up. Lol.

Four new cases today, all of them imported. Seventy-five total, seventy-one are in hospital and two of those are in the ICU. Four have the potential to start the local transmissions again.

Queensland is once again counting the days without local transmission. Yay. That's an experience I won't miss when

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Monday, Day 0, SESP Lives!

I have been investigating and learning and finding out. I can use what I already have to make SESP1 a thing again. Which means spending some of my hours working on a thing for the thing. Yay.

Labors of love take a hot while.

Meanwhile, in news of the plague, there's one new case and it's imported. Seventy-two active cases, seventy-one in hospital and two in the ICU. That's as many as one with the choice to break free and wreak

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