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Wednesday - Day One

No new cases and a lot of running around on my schedule today. Mayhem has a doctor's appointment. We need to buy cat food. I also need to pop into Spotlight and get hold of some florists' wire to fix the catwalk because the pool carpet is slipping.

Stick a broom up my butt and I can sweep the floor on the way.

In the news:

  • Muppet doubles down on claiming the plague was created and unleashed on purpose by China
  • Sweden denies use of their satellites to China
  • Queensland is opening up only to other areas without new infections
  • Victoria finally actually has less than twenty new cases a day
  • Plague may also have long-lasting neurological impacts similar to Parkinsons'
  • Technological victory from the Hensons, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has been axed from Netflix after it won an Emmy. Sour grapes, Netflix?
  • Muppet and Repugnicans continue to abuse power and flaunt their own rulings, nominating a Supreme Court Judge mere months away from the election. They don't care who they destroy so long as they "win"
  • ASIO wants more counter-terrorism laws
  • Artificial insemination doctor guilty of fathering potentially hundreds of babies. He should be retroactively sued for child support payments

The world is going to shit, and it's going to get shittier. Apparently the plague is bringing out a "nice" crop of violent right-wingers in Australia's populace and I could not feel sicker about that.

Can we PLEASE stop imitating the GD USA?

I have no idea what's going to happen for this week's Wordpress Wednesday, so it's probably going to be A Chapter Of...

May we see better days.

So Here's Teh PLN... (Day Zero)

Two new cases closely linked with a school (institution) and a hospital (also institution). Then there's that muggins from Victoria who got bagged by border control in Brisbane airport. Thanks, arsehat. Now an entire plane of people have to put their plans and lives on hold because you had to be an entitled git.

Onwards with Teh PLN because some of this nonse can't wait for one arsehat. I made myself a busy day. Just look at this:

  • Instant story
  • 100 words
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From Mission Impossible to Yakety Sax

Today's PLN includes a trip to my shrink, a mission for cream and maybe strawberries, and the usual nonsense that is what passes for a life in my neck of the woods.

Thusly, I shall be posting what there is of my Patreon offerings first. I know I'm writing in my novel again, but there's still not a finished chapter because the chapter in progress isn't long enough.

I do not have more of much. Sorry Patrons. At least I should be

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Thursday Already? AUGH!

Well, I have definitely been keeping busy. This morning's experiment is muffins, which are still in the process of cooking in the oven.

Last time I checked, they were looking pretty good.

The last thing I need before publishing my progress is the actual cooking time.

We're up to one hour now.

I still have all my other output to do, but by gum, I know I can do it.

Figuring out what to quit so I have more time for fun

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::Trumpet Riff::

So. Today, I have already fed the sourdough and made Accidental Crepes. I saw Miss Chaos ready for her day, and wrote two hundred out of my allotted five hundred for today.

Very soon indeed, I shall be rocketting off to see Miss Chaos' school about the learning plan, possibly what Keto does to folks, and anything useful I could provide for the entire learning journey.

Mayhem should have had a shift today, but he's down with some kind of Lurgi [GOD

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So Sideways...

Harvesting and feeding the sourdough takes me some time, and I really should be blogging about it all. The problem was where to put it. Instagram has turned into phone-only nonsense and putting a recipe up there is not my best way to waste time.

I briefly entertained using somewhere like Squarespace, but I think they cost money.

However, I also have an alternate Steemit account [which reveals more about me than I want known here] so the entire sourdough experiment will

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SIDEWAYS! As per normal...

I began my experimental sourdough starters on Saturday and had a "harvest" this morning of sourdough leftovers.

I say "leftovers" because part of the sourdough starter brewing process is halving the starter and getting rid of one half. You should know by now that I hate wasting stuff, so I considered myself blessed when I found out that there are several ways to cook and eat that.

One dude fries it up with fresh herbs and stuff on top and uses the

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Set Course, Warp Ten Billion

I managed to back myself into some MEGA nonsense today. Purely by accident, of course. Nevertheless...

Today, I have the usual unfuckening and output shenanigans of course. I also owe my listeners a new ep of Inter-Mission since I forgot last week [thought I did it... didn't :P ] and this might as well be the new schedule because fuckit.

I also have a shrink visit because this Tuesday gone was supposed to be the visit, but I had to reschedule. Now here's

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On the Starter Blocks!

Today's the day, my readers. I am moving as lickety-darn-split as I can to get my output done before I needs must focus my energies on getting primped, primed, and prepped for a very formal occasion indeed.

It's a rare occasion that I actually care about my appearance so I should quit the computer before it hits noon.

Patreon nonse, Instant story and then, if I have the time, the 500 words into KOSBOB.

I probably won't have time.

Let's get this

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Two of our players are out on other business, and we still have four players, so the sesh will be going ahead. WOO!

Character hints ahoy :D gonna drop some backstory clues and hope other players pick it up. I might get a Glare from the DM, but damnit, I love having a few gems for excavation.

Today includes unfuckening the house again, one thousand words, and of course the D&D. It's gonna be fun.

Tomorrow... I am going to

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Tuesday? Okay.

It was busy yesterday because lack of focus. It's busier today because lack of focus plus output on different sites today. Whee.

Further complications are added into this mess because Jolie has decided that she needs my personal love, affection, and round-the-clock attention. This includes singing her sad songs of loneliness, smoodging up to me, and attempting to trample my keyboard whilst also occupying the mouse mat.

I love her dearly, of course, and I lavish attention on her already, but GDI,

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It's seven AM already, and I have yet to do anything related to work. Why? Because I got hit in the face with a collab fanfiction and I'm having an absolute ball with it, that's why.

I am more distractible than a kitten under a disco ball, but I am happy. That counts, right?

It should count.

Anyway. I shall be attempting to get on with the normal workflow at an undefined "later". Possibly whilst 'multitasking' with the aforementioned collab fanfic.


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I edited the heck out of an episode, but I've yet to introduce the background music. I've also found out that I'm an episode behind, so there goes some significant portion of my weekend.

I'm short by one episode so, theoretically, I should be able to make that happen during the following fortnight. Theoretically.

Today, I should be able to get the music in the current episode. Tomorrow, recording the next batch of stories. The day after? Who can tell.

It's Valentine's

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Monday Again? Okay.

This week's goal is a total of 81K in KOSBOB, and today's goal is unfuckening the house followed by adjusting the new cover for 2019's Year of Instants.

If I can get that done with relative ease [I mean, there's not a lot I have to do to the cover to make it ready] then I can try to focus on finishing off the formatting. THEN I can maybe just post the dang story.

Fingers crossed.

I have maybe three quarters of

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Once again, my inability to count is hurting my day. I have to go through my master file and be sure all the numbers are incremental. Whee.

That's going to take a little patch of time.

Things will be fixed. Eventually. From thence onwards, I vow to check my counting accuracy every fifty stories. That should keep me sorted. I hope.

It's been raining here - which I like - but not on the fires. Boo.

I also binged The Witcher and

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