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Busy Busy

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Aah, Friday

A busier Friday than normal, but still... a relative day of rest for this nerd.

But it's also a cleaning day, so that means I'm working a lot more than normal. Usually, on a Friday, it's all relaxed despite having a thousand words to generate and a son to fetch from Banyo.

Today? I'm not so sure.

I have to make a phone call to talk to some people about getting Mayhem's phone fixed so that it's not a brick any more. Plus arrange a Mum's Day gift for MeMum before the actual day happens.

Mayhem passed the written test to get his Learner's, and now the race is on to find a driving school to teach him good habits before we infect him with our bad ones.

And because Mayhem did so well in his test, all of my grocery money has gone down the tubes. Yay. No regrets though. Would much rather my kids have their freedom and not have to depend on others to get anywhere.

Onwards... part of my mission today is to finish another section of Crime and Punishment before Monday looms because that's the new material I'm feeding to my Patrons now.

Vroom vroom.


My little darlings are returning to their emporiums of education today.

Which means that I have the house to myself again.

BUT it's also the day I plan to post all my Patreon stuff, and I need to get ingredients, and keep myself awake for the multiple trips I need to take.

AND I need to learn to focus again because I pretty much spent an hour doodling about on the interwebs instead of writing this noise.


Guess my scheduled activities

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::Deep breath:: Fuck.

Monday. Following a weekend that was possibly 40% travel 30% hard beds, and 20% what the fuck are we gonna EAT? Leaving 10% for the socialisation that we actually went there to do.

It is possible to go on a Leyland's Tour and stick to Keto, but it's something of an uphill battle, at times. If all else fails, you can order a salad at Maccas, or go pick up something at a Coles. And there's always cheese cubes. Or cheese that

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This time for sure...

I skipped out on buying mince for last night's dinner. Fortunately, Beloved had invested in a leg of lamb at some point in the past, so we were set.

Yesterday... wore me out.

And it wasn't anything new. At all. It was just... crowded.

The round trip to Mayhem's school. Waiting for Chaos' bus. Round trip to the bank because I forgot to get this weeks' money... Then I barely get a breath and it's cleaning time.

After that, I spent the

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It's another Monday!

Our budget is shot to shit. Basically, I needed new underpinnings and my size is not cheap or readily available. Curse of being an odd-bod, I guess.

It's Monday, and I have heaps to do.

Brat run, money quest, cleaning day, the obligatory fiction production and the waiting on tenterhooks for agent-type rejection. And trying to stay focussed despite Shiny Elf art.

Streeman is still down. It will fluff entirely up when I least expect it. So look out for that. If

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Streemit is down. Again.


Well. For various reasons, I have four stories in my queue that will turn up at a later date. And a list of six stories that I shall have to queue up at a later date.

And a story to write today. And a chapter of Over the River to post for the lovely folks of AO3.

And I have to do it all soon because trip to see Capt S.

So of course I have my usual focus issues of

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Mor Busy

This morning, I am taking Mayhem to school at 7 so that I have the time to watch for Chaos' bus at 8 and then taking off AGAIN so I can be at Mayhem's school by 9 for a sincere discussion about Mayhem's scholastic career.

And after that, I have to go get Chaos a school hat(or two) because Wednesdays are the only day for the uniform shop to be open.

Beloved is kept up at night because money worries. Our

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Seven minutes to write this post

Mayhem is ready for school. Chaos is ready for school.

Lunches are packed. Supplies are ready. And I have seven minutes' worth of blogging time.

Two minutes, now. Because I had to ogle some pretty Elf art.

Teh PLN:

  • Wait for the bus.
  • Send Chaos off
  • Do some scheduling
  • Drive Mayhem in
  • Stop by Chaos' school and drop off her box of stuff
  • Stop by the bank and get some money
  • Return home
  • Clean the HUGE FUCKING MESS my Beloved made and
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Another fun day

Mayhem is supposed to go to his traineeship, today. He's begging off crook this morning, and claiming that he did not play with his phone all night despite it being right there with him under the covers.

Temperature checks prove that he's nominally human, so I'm making him get ready for his traineeship.

He definitely has the energy to complain and kick up a stink and give me fifteen colours of shit about getting ready for the day, so I maintain that

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Counting Down

I need to make sure I have The Stuff(tm) to make the semi-fancy desserts I have planned for the yule feast. I need to make sure I have oranges, eggs, cream, nuts, dried fruits, little containers for the aforementioned desserts. A clean firkin table...


And next week, it's YULE!

Thank the Powers that fortune smiled upon me enough to have my dang novel finished before the Big Rush. So now I don't have to fret about doing my five hundred

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Another fabulous workday

Mayhem is due for another fine day of his traineeship. I am overdue for Yuletide shopping.

I have some squirrelings from previous weeks, but I gotta say it is not looking that great for the gift front. Plus practically my entire family is difficult to shop for.

And I should really lay in a supply of diet fizzy water for the feast. And hide it somewhere or the kids will drink it all in less than a day.

Today's story will be

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You know that philosophy, "Do one thing a day that frightens you"?


This has been an entire week of doing one thing a day that frightens me, and I am worn the feck out.

  • Monday - Doctor's visit.
  • Tuesday - Shrink visit.
  • Wednesday - visit to the clinic to get a blood test that was foxed because I didn't read the firkin instructions.
  • Thursday - swimming in the ocean with Miss Chaos, who likes to go deep. And my aquaphobic
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Big day

Assisting Chaos' field trip for what seems like is going to be a majority of the day. So my Instant may be late.

Apologies in advance, but family always comes first.

And I don't have a great deal of time to try doing it now, either. So be warned.

Mayhem is falling under the influence of Lurgi, and I need to get the kid some more sugar-free ginger ale. Fortunately, that is cheap at Aldi's. Yay.

He's not feverish enough to keep

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Another trainee day

Mayhem is going to be making his own game. Or at least pitching one. I can't reveal the details because people will flog any idea off the internet that sounds cool. And I want Mayhem to have some success on this.

I have a long-arse drive, there and back, twice, to deal with. And that's going to take at least one can of caffeine.

And on the second leg, I am definitely bringing my lappy so I can work on things whilst

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Back-to school rush plus cleaning day.

It's all sideways.

Birthday tomorrow. Chaos has a dental visit. I have PLNs for all sorts of promo crap.

I'm busy as shit.


The cleaners cancelled, so I had some time to do some shopping. I still have a lot of cleaning to do because of my PLNs to make delicious things.

And I got my own birthday cake into the bargain.

The much-gassed-about hazlenut praline "muffins" are going to come to fruition today. If

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