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Thursday, Appointments and Such

I need to book Jolie in for her dental check-up. I need to talk to my quack about flu shots and Rona booster(s). I also need to get a wriggle on with Miss Chaos' NDIS horseshit so we can sign her on to SLES [School Leavers Employment Service].

I have been procrastinating on such for TOO long. And according to other parentals of other disabled kids, we have to find the case manager ourselves.

What. The. Shit.

FUCKing red tape horseshit how is anyone supposed to just know this the system is rigged against anyone getting in because right-wing DIPSHITS are afraid of one "faker" getting something they think they don't deserve...

...rant rave foam cuss fume...

I shall do the appointment things at the appropriate time, but I need my Beloved and Miss Chaos nearby to do the NDIS stuff because scary firkin paperwork.

I've been sleeping longer, which means the imbalance of my mental nonsense has tipped towards Depression rather than Anxiety. Yay.

On full Anxiety mode, the best I can hope for is four hours' sleep. On pure Depression, there's no such thing as enough sleep. But never fear! I shall soon be anxious about all the content I'm not producing and back on not enough REM sleep to function. One day, the seesaw may actually balance in my favour, but I doubt it.

I have other plns for today. Bare minimums of goals. One month of Instants tagged for the app, five rooms decorated and set up for my players to dragon in. If I get ten, I shall have a treat of some sort.

IDK what it will be, but it will be treat.

Also on my goals is rowing and a training session on my OPEP.

Why is it that Thursday has become the day to do everything? I know, it's the day I left blank for such things.

I do this to myself.

Why do I hurt myself?

Wednesday, Date Nite and Tight Schedule

We have a hair appointment later today, Beloved has beauty treatments, we have social engagements, and we have a date tonight.

It's Beloved's turn to buzz around like a fly in a bottle, today.

As for me, I was up until almost midnight packing meals for later consumption. We're never buying three kilos of salmon again. There's a LOT of salmon meals.

Thank the Powers that I love salmon.

We also wound up with a surplus of kale. Never buying three firkin

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Friday, Divergent Paths

Beloved is offski on assorted nonsense with the relatives. I am lingering at home to both rest for tomorrow, and wait for a delivery.

Tomorrow involves more travel all over the countryside. Huzzah.

I have a nice outfit for the occasion, and it needs to be rearranged with steam because of how it was packed. High volume object in low-volume bag. You know how it goes.

I may or may not have time to rearrange the Box of House set with my

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Thursday, Understandable Delays

I did not write my Wordpress yesterday. It's not looking that great today. My Beloved is taking me on a whirlwind journey of Retail Therapy(tm) with a distant in-law who also knows fashion and style.

It's going to be fun, and expensive and I do NOT have time for a thinkpiece. Lucky for all of y'all I have LOADS of fiction rattling around in my Google Drive so you get to see some of that.

...it's probably going to be about

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Tuesday, Shrinkydinks

It's difficult to work this morning since Jolie is making it known that she really really missed me by getting between me and my keyboard. Poor thing.

I have a shrink visit today, so she's going to be more of a sad baby about the whole pack of noise, and it can't be helped because I NEED my shrink today.

It's been a frazzling time.

We're in the process of evicting all the garbage in our house. My work yesterday was sorting

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Sunday, Complicated Day

So. Capt S is having a day in which she should not be without some fam nearby for comfort and succour. We have plns to visit her in the morning, because I need to sleep for D&D tonight, we need to get going ASAP because Capt S is two hours' drive away.

As a direct result, I am streaming at 4AM and missing out on the Tale Foundry readings. I shall catch the VOD1 at a later time.


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Long Monday, and an extended quest

I have been awake since 10PM last night, I have tasks and errands that will keep me awake for most of the day, belike.

All to help my Beloved have a better stay in hospital.

And when I'm done there, I need to go get some cream because we're nearly out. Fingers crossed, they won't be sending Miss Chaos home early because weather.

...you watch. I've spoken it into existence. It will happen.


I can only try my best. It's all

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Thursday, proposal, and shenanigans

I do not have much time this morning so I make an effort to be quick.

Bullet points:

  • Re-proposed to Beloved as part of the pre-anniversary celebrations
  • Beloved has a tummy bug. Not related
  • Mayhem has a job interview
  • I'm trying to build the Box of House as a base for my players
  • I still want to have merch but I have little in the way of time today because of the above
  • If I don't hurry, I won't get my story
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Thursday, Day 0, STILL busy

I'm feeling a bit better about my place in the world this morning, but I know I'm still on recovery. So. No stats. No news. Just me doing my utmost to just achieve stability.

Speaking of stability, Mayhem is renewing his learner's permit, an event that I predicted. He's starting to realise that time and procrastination is going to bite him in the bum. BY having time and procrastination bite him in the bum.

...speaking of time and procrastination, I should focus

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 20 566 new cases
  • 109 524 total active cases
  • 529 hospitalisations
  • 27 in ICU
  • 1 new death.

Vax news:

  • 289 717 doses given nationally
  • 53 208 doses given in Qld

I have stuff to do today. Dungeon room for the players to dragon in, title checks for the anthology, at least one page of edits in Adapting, the WORDPRESS THING... I'm a little bit lost for ideas and all my old ones still suck.

Maybe Learn Some Manners: OR YOU'RE

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Friday, Day 1, Bikkie Day

Plague news: No new cases! There's thirty-eight total active cases, twenty-seven of those are in hospital. Australia's at 93% first vax, 88.7% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still tied with WA for last place in the vax race at 87.9% first vax, 80% fully vaxxed. Because Omicron, we're all going to need a booster. I shall be discussing that with my quack at a later time.

I have starters to feed, bikkie to make, Catbox to change and maybe a task or

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Friday, Day 0, Ho Boy

Plague news: Three new cases, all locally acquired. There's eighteen total active cases, fourteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 92.6% first vax, 87% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 86.8% first vax, 77% fully vaxxed.

I have starters to feed, bikkie to make, bikkie to consume, catbox to see to, more dungeon to build, and maybe some time to play.

Streaming my flash fictions is helping me stay on track, so I shall be keeping on with that through next

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Tuesday, Day 3, Busy busy busy...

Plague news: No new cases! There's four total active cases and all of them are in hospital. Australia's at 91.5% first vax, 85% fully vaxxed. Queensland's just edging out of being last at getting the jabs, at 84.6% first vax, 73% fully vaxxed.

I have Patreon nonsense to share, the usual story, and shopping to do. There's a lot of rain so when I go out on my adventures, I will be driving carefully.

Miss Chaos missed her bus yesterday,

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Friday, Day 1, Busy Day?

Plague news: No new cases! There's eleven total active cases, ten of those are in hospital. Australia's at 91% first vax, 84% fully vaxxed. Queensland is barely inching ahead of WA with 83.6% first vax, and 72% fully vaxxed.

Beloved came home so late that we're celebrating her birthday today. There is cheesecake, but IDK when that's all going off.

I have:

  • Starters to feed
  • Bikkie to make and consume
  • Dungeon to dress
  • Words to create
  • Beloved to spoil rotten.


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Friday, Day 0, Busy 'Nutter

Plague news: Three new cases, two local and one import. There's sixteen total active cases, twelve of those are in hospital. Australia's at 89.9% first vax, 81.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 80.5% first vax, 68.8% fully vaxxed. My fair sunshine state is the LAST ONE in the race to fully vax the population. ARGH...

Today on my agenda (in no particular order):

  • Feed starters
  • Cook bikkie
  • Consume same
  • Capture and vaccinate Jolie
  • Phone the landscaping people and ask
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