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Tuesday, Shrinky Dinks and Unriddling

I have a Telehealth shrink appointment today. Huzzah. I also have some technical difficulties to unriddle on the opposite side of Brisbane involving GoogDrive, chevrons, and whatever the heck my Mum is doing to view my chapters ;_;

I can't really get there until tomorrow, and BOM is telling us there's going to be cataclysmic rain sometime real soon now. Whee.

Next on my agenda is attempting to unriddle whatever the fuck is going on with OwlBear Rodeo so I can populate my maps and then initialise fog of war on them.

Also the mandatory week of tags in the app, the sorting of vinyl, and very probably, the building of next map to streamline the process. And at some point, I shall also make a copy of the 2K summary of Adapting so I can whittle it down to 1K words.

::wheezy panting noises::

We get paid today, and there's only one thing of cat food left to feed the poor starving kitties with tomorrow. I may have to grab a box of something at the local shops just to be sure there's enough for them before we do shopping.

...somewhere, our math went wrong and there is no more overlap. I worry.

Gotta gotta publish to get money from my work. Gotta gotta have things done to publish. Gotta gotta keep working on this or else.



Onwards to the fantasy. At least A Devil's Tale has approached an interesting junction.

Saturday, What a Day

So I started this morning with a double spider attack. A relatively tiny [1.5inch across] Huntsman spider decided to jump on me whilst I was in the shower. It effectively vanished until I rinsed my hair and climbed onto my hand.

Obviously, it had to die.

We set off after this to the Parkrun with Beloved's friend from the gender support group. Whom I shall henceforth name as Ms Awesome.

I managed to walk 4K this week. Wahoo!

Then, following a

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Thursday, Round Round Run Around...

I'll run around!

Immediately after Miss Chaos is on the bus to school today, I am taking off to MeMum's for paperwork-related missions and perhaps sorting out tech issues.

All that fun stuff.

Poor Beloved came home long about 3AM so she could catch some semblance of sleep. The demo of the thing is today and after that, she needs a day off.

Which will be at least partially spent at Chaos' graduation.

Which also means I have to cancel tomorrow's stream.

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Tuesday, Vet Visit, Patreon

Today, Jolie is getting some of her shots. Vaccinate every living creature you love, my dear readers. That includes yourself.

Also today, I am sharing some of my literary output with my dear readers over in Patreon. I aim to be working on the tags and dungeon and so forth, today. I might even get an album or two sorted.

Beloved has been out all night on the big project, and will be coming home later to catch up on her sleep.

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Thursday, Spinning Plates

I have to stop wanting to do more things. In the space of an early wakening, I almost volunteered myself for: doing audiobooks, making animations, creating some variety of serial entertainment for YouTube, and maybe being involved with the filming of A Devil's Tale.

Fortunately, Beloved is 90% of my self-restraint.

I kept to reading her some chapters and leaving it there.

I must focus on finishing some projects before beginning others. Making more work to do is just going to make

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Thursday, Rushed and Bamfoozled

I forgot about Wordpress Wednesday, yesterday. Caught up this morning with what it was likely to be anyway: another installation of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. The pro version of which is going to be 111 chapters and is STILL nowhere near being finished.

I'm getting closer to individuating all the chapters for mum. I may change the folder name so it's more universal. And if the Master Document won't let me edit it any more, I can always write

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Tuesday, Patreon + Shrink

I think I shall be kind to myself today. There's a lot to tax my energies in spite of my best efforts.

As the title suggests, I'm chatting with my Shrink, today. There's also the Patreon posts to do, as well as the chambering, summarising, tagging, and individuation to do.

On the plus side, I now have the shelf I got for my birthday installed. Well. Stage One.

I've yet to enquire about Stage Two.

Beloved has Wanderlust, so tomorrow's date night

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date?

I am still dedicated to tagging stories for the app, and that takes some time. I have NO idea what I'm writing for Wordpress today, so it might be another installment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale.

Or I might have to go on another rant about all the stuff I have to deal with.

But at least Jolie has an appointment about her teeth. Also on the good side, Beloved and I are reforging intimacy together now that things

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Tuesday, Patreon and Other Nonsense

I need to fix the footnotes for B'Nar -- This will be happening _after I fix the chapters. Nothing is ever easy.

Le sigh.

Today, I must unearth or create stuff for my Patreon patrons, build a chamber of dungeon for my players to dragon in, do the first formatting pass for B'Nar at minimum, and perhaps devote some hours to creating articles for Alfarell.

Goblins and Brownies to start with. Since I put them in A Devil's Tale.

Now that

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Wednesday, Le Scramble

I have Chaos to ship off to camp, a doctor's appointment, and Date Night happening in 24 hours.


I also should gather up samples from all of my books and figure out how to develop press kits for each of them.

Or at least suitably satisfying blurbs about them for my potential publishers to use.


I think I might arrange all the samples first. That's easier. For ALL the books. Even the unfinished trilogy and A Devil's Tale.

Because go

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Tuesday, Patreon and Shrinky Dinks

I forgot I had a shrink appointment today. Whoopsy doodles. Fortunately, automated systems saved my butt and I can keep an eye on the time.

So I can rant about the publishing slog BUT I gotta remember to talk about self-blame and get some strategies because I need that AND I've been forgetting for a large amount of time. If I forget again, my Beloved will be ticked.

Chaos is going on an overnight thing again tomorrow, and she seems to enjoy

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Sunday, Continuing Shenanigans

There might not be a game night tonight? My crew of maniacs have no other plns and might call the whole thing off.

Which might make Monday a bit more interesting. Or less so.

Monday's stream may be heinously late because I slept all firkin night. We shall see.

Beloved is visiting Capt. S again and things aren't looking too happy for her. I have other shenanigans and can't be there and fulfill audience expectations and stay sane.

I have finished the

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Saturday, Absolute Chaos!

Beloved initially had PLNs to take most of the fam to Scenic Coominya for the benefit of Capt S. BUT Miss Chaos has a hair appointment and I firkin need sleep in order to function.

Therefore Beloved has elected to only ask KIABIL if he wants to come along and is leaving Mayhem at home. She may be alone on the journey. I hope not.

Today should be the day that one annoyance gets dealt with. Hopefully permanently.

As for tonight... Beloved

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Thursday, William Tell Overture

Today is Mayhem's bifdy and what he gets on graduating to official adulthood is working for his keep. If he can't pay rent, he pays sweat equity.

Welcome to adulting, kiddo. Nobody rides for free.

My PLNs today involve travelling down to MeMum's, taking her shopping for nonsense whilst Mayhem does the tech support. He's already demonstrated that I can't trust him to wait for Miss Chaos, so...

I'm taking him with me and that cuts my time in half. Blargh. BUT.

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Thursday, Appointments and Such

I need to book Jolie in for her dental check-up. I need to talk to my quack about flu shots and Rona booster(s). I also need to get a wriggle on with Miss Chaos' NDIS horseshit so we can sign her on to SLES [School Leavers Employment Service].

I have been procrastinating on such for TOO long. And according to other parentals of other disabled kids, we have to find the case manager ourselves.

What. The. Shit.

FUCKing red tape

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