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Friday, Day 1, Busy Time

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-six total active cases, twenty-five in hospital, and one in the ICU.

I love seeing the numbers drop.

We're still masking in Sunny Queensland and still being paranoid. It seems to be working. Let's hope it continues.

Today, I have to:

  • feed my Starters
  • unfuck my environment
  • write 1K
  • continue building encounter spaces in TaleSpire for the campaign I'm plotting to run
  • continue tagging tales for my app

In the news:

  • Unvaccinated doctor blamed for infections in Olympic village. Firkin whoops
  • NSW looking at another surge
  • Netflix star comes out as transgender. News.Com deadnames her and continues misgendering. Stay classy
  • TV host accuses NSW Premier of "serving other masters" WTF
  • Calls for the Tip Turkey as Brisbane Olympics mascot. Lawl
  • M. Night Shamalayan reveals he's scared of growing old

Busy day. Let's get on with getting on with it.

Friday, Day 0, Almost There

Plague News: Five new cases, three local, two imports. Fifty total active, forty-four in hospital, two in ICU.

I blame myself for thinking we had a handle on this.

Stream done, house unfuckening due, plans to write 1K, and further plans to build dungeons and maps in TaleSpire. I did record a tutorial of sorts, but now I have doubts about sharing it with the world -_-

In the news:

  • Protests erupt over safety rules in Victoria
  • Sydney headed for another
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Tuesday, Day 0, Shrinky Patreon

Plague news: One new case, an import. Forty-seven total cases, forty-five are in hospital.

I'm visiting my shrink today. Fun times. Which means the novel work is happening in transit. I'll probably get a lot done whilst waiting for the bus.

Patreon shenanigans will be happening RSN too. Yeeps.

In the news:

  • Australia is now an example of what not to do
  • Slam the Celebs for daring to be human
  • Muppet wants to know which officer killed one of the insurgents active
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Friday, Day Zero, Overstretched

Plague news: One import, three local transmissions. Thirty-nine active cases, thirty-five in hospital. No lists of where any hot spot might be.

They really need to release people from quarantine AFTER they get the test results back. This is like the fifth time someone tested clean until the last day, when they were tested and released, and came back positive.

I have a lot on my plate today. Including the house unfuckening, starter feeding, instant creating and 1K Friday... I also have

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Saturday, Day 0, Scavenger Hunt - kind'a sort'a

Three new cases, all imports. We have twenty-nine active cases, fifteen of those are in hospital. That's fourteen with the potential to wreak havok and I have a run-around to do today. Huzzah.

The run-around? Well, I got roped into helping out with the Positive Behaviour Learning program's fun day and I have the job of tracking down and pricing sources for all the great ideas we had. Whee.

I'm doing a lot of googling so I'm not looking at the news.

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Friday, Day 0, Finances and Nonsense

Four new cases, all imports. There's a total of twenty-eight active cases, sixteen of them in hospital. Which leaves twelve in a hotel hoping for the best.

Cheevs so far today:

  • Moved the starters to new homes
  • Made the Bikkie
  • Used some leftover Mystery Condiment1 in the process
  • Forgot to add delouser spray to Chaos [whoops!]
  • Fed the cats (very important)
  • Remembered my meds (also important)
  • Wrangled payday

I've still got to unfuck the house, write my Instant, commit 1000 words

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Saturday, Day 0, Excursion

Four new cases, all imports. Today is day nineteen without local transmission. There's eighteen active cases, and fourteen in hospital. Four are therefore "free" in a hotel until their quarantine ends.

In "Bad Air Day" news, constant doses on my nebuliser (Max) have finally shifted some encrusted mucous from the bronchi. On the plus side, I can breathe more. On the minus side, gross.

On the super minus side, this dipshit has to go out into the wilderness to fetch kitty fodder

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Saturday, Day 0, Tech Support

FIVE new cases. Fuck! The "good" news is that they're all imports and all sequestered in quarantine. Day Twelve without local transmission. The better news is that there's thirty-six active cases - a significant drop - and thirty in hospital. The death count is up to seven, so someone else has died thanks to this plague.


I've made my breads [Yay time management!] so now I'm free to get ready for the day ahead of time. Thanks 2AM wake-up time. Internal

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Monday, Day 1, Yakkety Sax Go!

No cases, foreign or domestic. Huzzah. Fifty-seven active cases, all of them in hospital. It's stats like this that make me want to leave my mask at home again. Not a chance before the twenty days are up.

Today I have:

  1. Household unfuckening
  2. Potential parcel arrival
  3. Mayhem announced an appointment while I was sleeping and that might be happening in the middle of everything else
  4. Also Tale Foundry is doing the reserve readings and I want to be there for that


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Wednesday, Day 1, Shenanigans Ahoy

I have three hours to do whatever and trying to work means that I'm not falling into the YouTube wikiwalk trap that can delay me for all of that. Today, there are NO NEW CASES in Queensland! Not even any imports. It's a major deal after so long. There's still seventy cases, all of them are in hospital and one's still lingering in the ICU. I wish them well.

Today, at ten, I get my shoes and socks on, chase Miss Chaos

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Sunday, Day 0, It's Loose

There's another case of local transmission this morning. Six new cases. Seventy-one total. Sixty-two in hospital. Two in the ICU. That's seven with the potential to cause even more trouble.

I'm not looking at the news this morning because Toasty's streaming already and there are untold PLNs of Beloved happening later on after sunrise. So now I'm trying to get as much done before I find out what else is going on.

I may be required to drive after minimal sleep -_

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Thursday, Day 0, Keep rolling rolling rolling...

I made a phone call! I got the data! I've got things shifting about! WHEEEE!

There's four more cases, sixty-seven total, sixty-two of those are in hospital... and one in the ICU. Four people are relatively free.

Thanks to an unexpected hike in Bitcoin at a local level, I now have a LOT more than I need. I'm plotting to help some people out wherever and whenever I can. But I'm still siphoning off value from my Peakd account because the fuckup

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Tuesday, Day 0, Shrinky Shenanigans

Four new cases, today. Fifty-eight active cases. Fifty-four in hospital, two in ICU. That leaves only two who are spinning their wheels in quarantine. The artist formerly known as Spanish Prison Guard[TAFKASPG] has decided to knuckle down and actually do the work they promised me. I hope.

They've turned suddenly polite now that I don't have a lot of ready cash to siphon from my Peakd account. I remain suspicious.

Today, I am writing everything on the go. Today, I am

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Saturday, not counting it because reasons

There's shenanigans afoot. I tried to warn Beloved that this would happen, but Beloved has chronic Doesn'tListenItus.


So now I'm on a mission to write an Instant before we have to haul off and get a present for a party that I was certain was happening some significant weeks away. Yay. And then attend the party.

Hocus pocus, I need to focus.

Let's go.

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Monday, Day 1, Busy Week Ahead

Still seven active cases, and I am eagerly awaiting the moment when that number goes down. An event which may never happen if people keep trying to come in here from plague countries.

So here's the PLN for this week

  • Monday - House unfuckening and the usual writing biz, getting Miss Chaos pointed in the right direction for another weeks' routine. Also, there's a thing on at Chaos' School about Positive Behaviour Learning in the afternoon
  • Tuesday - Shrink time! Still bonkers
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