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Saturday, Parkrun, B12, and Assorted Shenanigans

As I write this, my Beloved is having a nap. I am stocking up on some internal caffeine because the B-complex I'm taking only stretches a little further than 24 hours after I took it.

Translation: my energy levels are still shit.

I expect this shall be sorted out in a week or two, but in the meantime I have to deal by other means.

I've seen another image in which it's revealed that Beloved has even more hardware in her arm than I previously believed. Not one, but two pieces of metal scaffolding and the aforementioned half an Ikea's worth of screws.

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt, as expected. At least this time, I had the foresight to ensure I took my preventer and a dose on Max[my Nebuliser].

That at least saw me through the 5K and into the present moment with relatively clear breathing.

Because schedule complications, I have Beloved's company until tomorrow afternoon. So I'll be doing a majority of my work in her company because haptic rewards heal my anxious heart.

I'd kick off my shoes and join Beloved in a nap, but taking off my shoes is a complicated process these days. My new rainbow laces are a bit long and not compatible with the lace holes, so loosening and tightening is... a procedure.

But I am going to stretch out and try a bit of a nap before the drive home.

The game stream is happening an hour earlier because Daylight Saving... which also means I'll be able to spend more hours awake during daylight on my Sundays. Things be weird.

I am tired. Offerings will be happening at a more convenient hour.

Cya later.

Monday, Tale Foundry reads and some PLNs

The Foundry peeps are sharing their stories as I write, which means the offerings may be delayed.

I hope to spare some time for a chapter at a later point, but given how things are sideways, I do doubt.

I'll probably end up messing about in Satisfactory if I'm honest about things.

I need the endorphins, and mucking about in game space gives me something I can actually do and I'm facing today tired.

Tomorrow, I shall likely be visiting, so all

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Saturday, Latest Entry of All?

It wasn't just the Parkrun, today. It was the Parkrun and taking Friendo Awesome to the hairdressers for a confidence booster and brunch at a place that served Coffee Milkshakes [vital!] and then taking everyone and finally us home.

Then I fell ASLEEP.

I just woke up, I'm doing my work on my laptop and then most likely returning to slumber. If I don't get bitten by the urge to write until midnight.

So without further ado, let's get on with doing

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Saturday, Painful Start

I had some intestinal issues that highlight my need to self-maintain a bit more vigorously. Acquire meal schedule. Have healthier meals. Eat more fibre.

It's a little painful to sit at the moment. I shall leave it at that.

So far, my 2K summary stands at 500 words and I need to get more words in there.

I want to sleep through the day again, and that may yet happen.

Beloved is off doing a long walk for exercise and I am

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Thursday, Game Night, Catching Up

It's been a week of it. Monday was too dang tired, Tuesday was tech support, Wednesday was running about for some interesting things...

For those who are interested, getting my hair done and checking out Miss Chaos' school's job expo. Then we had date night.

Today's the first chance I've had to sit down and work on things. I refuse to feel guilty about it, other people needed my time, presence, and muscle. I am only one bean, and I have my

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Long Monday, Around and Around...

Once more, I am in a holding pattern pending payday. Once more, it's a "next payday" situation to wait for the cat's dental.

Tomorrow, I am going to ring the vet's and see if I can pay for it on the installment plan. I don't like waiting this long and it feels like I may never have all of the money I need all at once. Blargh.

It's a momentous week, this week. I am plotting and PLN'ing to get samples of

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Long Monday, Tired Bean

It's school hols so Beloved and I can spend a morning snuggling. Once I have had sufficient rest, I shall post the story stuff.

TBH I'm only posting this now to prevent anxiety in the few people who check this blog for what's going on.

Next week's D&D sesh with my international team of maniacs promises to be interesting. We might be playing Minecraft together :D Depends on who has what ready in time.

But that's a problem for later.

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