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Saturday, Parkrun, and Further PLNs

I made good time this week because I purposely pulled ahead of Miss Chaos towards the end of the 5K. She continued to plod along at her own pace.

I got eleven weeks until my fiftieth parkrun. That promises to be some fun because I have a firkin soundtrack for that. Yay.

Stay tuned for news about that incidence of Mischief Gremlin Hijinks.

My PLNs for today include retiring relatively early for my streaming nonsense early-early tomorrow morning.

I'll still record some chapters for Adorable, and tool around with Stencyl for another go at making things work.

I have offerings to make. Let's get on with that.

Saturday, Parkrun and further PLNs

I got Miss Chaos running to win this week. She really earned her sweet treat.

It looks like the game tomorrow morning might be off. Still consulting with my players about that.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

I might be spending alternate weeks doing book reads for my early morning stream. Stay tuned.

My immediate PLNs include my daily offerings, some chapter recordings, and if I'm still in a mood to stay awake, I'll likely play more BG3.

But I'll probably nap.

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Saturday, Parkrun and Impending Panic

I am waking up early tomorrow morning, and it looks like the rainbow crowd is having a game night tonight.


I shall probably end up spending a lot of my weekend asleep, this time around.

I don't expect a lot of extracurricular activities until after Monday.

I shall get my offerings done, maybe play a bit of Baldur's Gate 3, and then catch a napnap before tonights game.

I'm going to check that it's really on before committing to being awake

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Saturday, Parkrun and Leyland's Tour

Beloved has taken a disused computer tower from our place to Adorable's so there's more chance of us sharing games or such of the like.

Tomorrow, I do my stream nonsense, and then pick up Beloved at the train station for a day of Baldur's Gate and snuggles.

Today, I get on with my offerings and have a napnap.

Tomorrow, I fully anticipate getting buggerall else done but the barest of basics.

Stay tuned for that.

Let's get going.

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Saturday, Parkrun and The Barbie Movie

The planned shenanigans had the plan implode so the four of us [Beloved, Adorable, Miss Chaos, and I] zipped off to see Barbie starring Margot Robbie.

My recommend: WATCH. IT.

It's meta and philosophical and heartwarming and hilarious and it doesn't even matter that Will "I was hot shit on Saturday Night Live" Farrel is in it. As a character, he's effectively useless and just is there to draw in the SNL fanboys. Strictly IMHO.

It's also got some very subversive things

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Saturday, Parkrun and Game PLNs

Whoopsydoodles, I forgot to work on the blog before setting off towards today's story.

Successful parkrun, today. Beloved walked, and had to slow down because OW, fractured arm. She didn't take her sling, which she still needs when doing a lot of moving about.

Derp de derp derp, my love.

Something we will remember for the next time.

We have to wrap that lovely lady in cotton wool.

The three of us managed to get Miss Chaos moving faster than a taffy-esque

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Saturday, Parkrun and GAMES!

I have discovered the key to getting Miss Chaos moving during parkrun. Lemon Demon.

It's a band. She's a big fan.

I have a victory playlist that has The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny) on it and when that baseline got going we were stomping together with spirits on high.

So if I want to get Chaos happier about a long walk and getting fit, Lemon Demon is definitely the soundtrack to her motivation.

She was crying about being mega unfit, and

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Saturday, Parkrun and further PLNs

My bone spurs are pulling bullshit on me again. I need to acquire some little thing to help me out with that. In the meantime, I'm wearing the Torture Shoes whenever I'm not in bed.


FWIW I need a piece of broomstick dowel that's about 20cm long so I can stand on it and roll it around for like five minutes per foot. Then I go sit and roll around ice bottles under my feet until they start to melt.


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Saturday, Parkrun and Torture Shoes

Miss Chaos was my only company today. Because the other lovelies were off to Mt Tambourine for other shenanigans. And because I ran out of money, Miss Chaos was in charge.

Also, because of the bone spurs on my feet, I was a little more in pain than normal.

Now I need the Torture shoes and my feet still firkin hurt.

...I'm going to have to stand on broom handles and roll frozen bottles under my feet every day. Again. Blahaaargh I

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Saturday, Parkrun, Bikkie, and Game Night

I didn't do the Bikkie yesterday because I was offski with the family tech support. So I shall be working on that, later today.

For now, I rest my feet and prepare my offerings for my lovely readers.

Miss Chaos managed to do the whole 5K walk today, so now she's in the system and may even persist in what parkrunners refer to as "the cult".

She doesn't like the pain, but she may yet appreciate the gain.

The game that should

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Saturday, Parkrun and Game PLNs

I managed to get Miss Chaos to come with, though she had to sit at the first bench. She gave it a good go and we shall see whether she's amenable next week.

Looks like KIABIL is super un-enthusiastic about doing the parkrun. He's not really scheduling his rest cycles to make sure he can participate.

ANYway. I have offerings to make, and some WIP to write and perhaps some dwarves to micromanage.

Let's see how that goes.

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Saturday, Parkrun and Security Blanket


Beloved and I had a discussion earlier in the week about how long it was taking for the repairs to go ahead. So we agreed to go seeking info today after the parkrun shenanigans. I even asked her to hold my liddle hand while I did all of that.

Fast forward to Friday. My love spends so long with Friendo Awesome and the Rainbow Chatters that she's too tired to drive home.

Leaving me to drive

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Saturday, Parkrun and Altered PLNs

We got the parkrun done, and I managed to sleep until the early afternoon.

Story finished, and I shall be altering my usual plans. Doing tomorrow's story stream one hour after the game stream. All so we can be ready for the PLNs of the day.

That's right! It's go-carting day tomorrow.

As for today? The remains of today... I post, I've done the meme, I try to write a little bit more of A Devil's Tale. Speaking of...

Chapter count: Just

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Saturday, Parkrun & Hairdo's

Started the day at 5AM, getting the whole self-maintenance regime done and going to parkrun of course.

Managed the 5K in under an hour, and then it was off to-- SHENANIGANS!

Helping KIABIL get some parcels. Going with Friendo Awesome to get all our hair did. With meals between destinations.

I am a very tired bean because I haven't had my post-walk nap.

Nevertheless, I must to get the daily offerings done. At which point I shall be free to messing around

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