Saturday, Parkrun and Leyland's Tour

My side of the family has a fine tradition of "while you're up..." which used to be taking advantage of someone after they got up from a shared sedentary occupation.

"While you're up, you can take my dirty dish to the sink."

Today was a "while we're out" day. While we're out for parkrun, why not go and get Miss Chaos a decent sports bra? While we're out, why not do a little grocery shopping? While we're out, let's get the food and litter for the cats. While we're out...

...and that's why I finally sat down to create my offerings at 4:30 PM while I've been officially awake for twelve hours. Yaaaayyyy.

So now I write a story, share a sentence, do a meme, and shift some blogs to the new archive. All to satisfy an audience I may or may not have.

I'm going to have to devote some of my daily hours to learning some marketing skills. I need to start selling my work ernestly if I want to make this love of mine into a career.

I hate it, but I need it.

A necessary evil of the capitalistic structure I live in.


If there was a better way to do this, I'd be there.