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Friday, Sydneyside PLNs

As you may well guess, we arrived in Sydney safe and sound. Adorable is off for her morning run and Beloved is keeping her company, so I have some limited time to attempt offerings.

Because today... and TOMORROW... are for the dreaded...


Which means being present and talking to people about stuff that isn't my merry blue boy.

Speaking of such, I'd best get a wriggle on with today's offerings. Sooner done, sooner less to fret about.

Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and then all the other things

I am helping MeMum with the byzantine Gordian knot that is Queensland firearms license paperwork, today. Which means that I will be largely incommunicado until that is well over with.

Which means that all my usual offerings unto the altar of notes [better known as the internet] will be either late today or not present until tomorrow.

Also going on behind the curtain is yet another one of those "why am I even trying" existential crises based entirely around the blatant fascism

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Friday, Unfucking, Leyland's Tour, and Sundry Nonsense

Beloved has to get some medical equipment and she's maintaining her passport for assorted techie business. I have a Thing happening this weekend, so there won't be any more streams next weekend.

I will be flat out getting my offerings in order, then. I'm going to put a pause on everything else behind the curtains.

Adorable has more than enough chapters to listen to as is, so I don't need to panic about that part.

Beloved is getting the tix and arranging

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Saturday, Parkrun and Leyland's Tour

Beloved has taken a disused computer tower from our place to Adorable's so there's more chance of us sharing games or such of the like.

Tomorrow, I do my stream nonsense, and then pick up Beloved at the train station for a day of Baldur's Gate and snuggles.

Today, I get on with my offerings and have a napnap.

Tomorrow, I fully anticipate getting buggerall else done but the barest of basics.

Stay tuned for that.

Let's get going.

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Saturday, Parkrun, Leyland's Tour, and Heavy Stuff

The expedition to Captain S' old place was more of a scouting and planning mission than any serious unfucking.

We also found out how much had been "creatively borrowed" by members of the fam who thought they were entitled. Some old tools and Captain S' password book. Charming. Not.

Whoever nicked the password book potentially has access to what little money Captain S had in her account. What a "winner" this person was to choose to do that.

Quoth Beloved: "Have a

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Saturday, Out all day

We did parkrun, we did brunch, we came back for a shower and a change, we got our hair did and had dinner.

That's why this post is so late in appearing.

A whole day out and about. And to your eventual benefit, more chapters in A Devil's Tale

Current chapter count: paused for names and profiles in Chapter 306.

There's a limit to the number of times I add TK[Fix] to a WIP because otherwise I will let something slip

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Thursday, Visiting PLNs

Beloved does not have experts today and Adorable has not laid her hands on The Princess Bride so I am taking a very special book on a very special journey.

HEALTH UPDATE: The "wobbling" is perfectly normal. Dangit. Also, Beloved has been given the "just because you can..." speech. We may have to sit on her.

I actually don't have to thread the renfair dress. It was hung up properly to boot. Either we threaded it properly earlier and forgot, or we

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Friday, Freedom and Shenanigans

Beloved is OUT of the hospital, but she has yet to escape the swarms of experts there to be assured of her full recovery.

I mis-reported her arm as broken this whole time, it's "only" fractured. If there's "just" a crack in it, they don't need to put her in a cast.

IMNSHO there's no such thing as "only" fractured.

So. Full update on conditions:

  • Broken jaw
  • with added plate and braces
  • which means liquid/puree diet.
  • A shoulder that
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Sunday, Home Again, Tired Bean

It's after five in the afternoon, I have been talking all day and socialising with people, and I am bloody worn out.

All I want to do is nap.

So it's highly likely that I will be doing a twofer tomorrow, or at least the minimum a day behind and a twofer on Tuesday.

I don't want to make it that extended, but I might have to.

My feet hurt and I am very sleepy. If anything comes out of my warped

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Thursday, Leyland's Tour and a Bad Air Day

I'm having trouble with air. Boo. I might be hauling ass all the way across to MeMum's for the Grand Washing Machine Hunt because her old washer decided to flood a part of her house. Yay.

I've been on the nebuliser and I've taken my preventers. I'm currently in the midst of my coffee and pills.

As soon as I get the go-ahead, I am heading offski on the long journey to go help do the things. Yay.

I'm'a finish my soup

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Monday, Meatspace Mania

The instant I'm done with the blog, I'm in the car and off to MeMum's to help with assorted nonsense.

Donations, educations, lunch, and fuel money ahoy. Yay.

Hopefully I get MeMum to stop using the goshdang comment button the entire firkin time.

If I get back in time, I shall be doing the Instant Story then. If not, y'all get a twofer tomorrow.

Chapter count: working on Chapter 267.

Let's get going on the stuff. Yoiks and away!

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Sunday, Excursion PLNs

So apparently some aggregious TERF from the United States has come all the way to Australia to stage some bullshit about how genderqueer folks are all dangerous pedos and a danger to womens' sports or whatever the fuck.

Naturally, this should not be allowed to stand.

So everyone in solidarity is poised to counter that bullshit with a show of numbers, including everyone who stands with the genderqueers and their right to live their lives in peace.

First they called gays "pedos"

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Saturday, Other Shenanigans

The weather bureau predicted flooding rains and the shittiest of weather for today. That in combo with Friendo Awesome and the busted tooth meant that we took it easy this morning and went on with more leisurely plns.

Cue a Leyland's Tour that included: breakfast, a haircut for Friendo Awesome, two pickup points and a coffee break.

And that's why I'm doing my normal nonsense in the afternoon.

In the bad news department...

My old phone is delaminating because swelling battery syndrome,

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour & Wordpress

Today, the PLN includes taking Beloved to the train station so she can get to work. I am also taking Mayhem to the Dept of Main Roads so he can get his replacement license and then going to the bank so he can get a replacement bank card.


I shall be posting another part of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale very soon to now because I know damn well that I won't have the time for an extended rant

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Saturday, What a Day

So I started this morning with a double spider attack. A relatively tiny [1.5inch across] Huntsman spider decided to jump on me whilst I was in the shower. It effectively vanished until I rinsed my hair and climbed onto my hand.

Obviously, it had to die.

We set off after this to the Parkrun with Beloved's friend from the gender support group. Whom I shall henceforth name as Ms Awesome.

I managed to walk 4K this week. Wahoo!

Then, following a

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