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Tuesday, PLNs in Motion

I have a couple of Leyland's Tours in the barrel. Today, after I finish my daily doses, I take off and get shopping done.

I also have to ring the people who service our sullage system and let them know that they can actually reach the machine.

Making phone calls. My kryptonite.

Still, I braved up and did it. Yay me.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mayhem with me to help MeMum with assorted shenanigans that also involve heavy lifting. Huzzah. Part of my nonsense also included making sure he gets enough sleep tonight so he can be functional tomorrow.

Fun times and a lot of travel ahead.

I'm off on my supply run and my offerings shall happen sometime after I return.

But first, I need to organise myself and make sure I am actually going to get everything we need.

See you on the flip side.

Wednesday, Leyland's Tour, Shrink, and STUFF

I need meds, I need to acquire foods and maybe a few other things. I need to check out all the White Goods PPL in my zone to help MeMum narrow down brands of washing machines she needs.

So I'll also be asking to see their dumbest washing machines with a priority on a separate spin cycle. And real buttons.

It's promising to be an expensive week, this week. My flight path today includes Costco and Petbarn and that's how you know

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Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and Patreon

Mum needs help and hand-holding. IIRC, there's furniture involved and there may or may not be a technical issue somewhere.

The SSD thing is solved at last. Beloved got back to me about my concerns and I am no longer a wet, pathetic beast.

Anyway. I went to bed early yesterday so I could do all the other nonsense this morning. I have learned that I do indeed need to do my stretchies. I also know that, despite my sleep, the B-complex

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Wednesday, Leyland's Tour PLNs

So here's the plan:

  1. I put on my knees
  2. I make certain I have the stuff for MeMum
  3. I make certain I have the wrist bracers because no time for stretchies
  4. I feed the cats [MOST important]
  5. I have some caffeine and pills to see to my ills
  6. I take off to MeMum's for egg exchange, tech support, and probable journey to several shops during the day
  7. I get home and create my offerings if I haven't already done them in transit
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Monday, Shopping and bread

The Archive [aka Moth in the Archive] has a tummy bug, so there's no backup reads today. Which means that I'm free to take care of the groceries.

I'll start on the bread after I get back and put away the haul.

And, time depending, I might have to cancel the stream today.

Time will tell.

I've already been distracted by someone trying to shill their art skills for my twitch channel so... it's not looking that great.

I have my knees

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Friday, Fish Day, and Moving Forward

It's Good Friday, so we traditionally eat fish.

I'm pulling my head in this week since I overspent last week, and thereafter only getting what we need when we need it.

At some point this afternoon, I shall take a leisurely trip to acquire fish and chips. But today... Mayhem wants to go shopping, I have a catio to clean, and five chapters to record for Adorable.

So my day's already packed.

I'm going to finish this blog and then take Mayhem

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Saturday, Parkrun and Associated Shenanigans

Beloved and I walked together while Adorable tried to break a thirty-minute run. Miss Chaos ended up dawdling along as per usual.

That done, I took the whole crew around for Brunch, then we went to some specialist shops so that Adorable could get her Mate [pronounced "mah-tay"] fix.

I tried it. Unfortunately, to my tongue, it just tastes like liquid choko. A taste that was never my favourite.

It was quite the lengthy trip. Involving driving through the city. Which is

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Friday, Shopping day, Phone calls, and Beloved Pickup

I have MONEY! Yay. It's immediately going to go on some foods and a couple of treats.

...and staying alive is getting expensive, these days.

Even my normal pinchpenny tactics aren't making the grade. Hell, it's got to the point where filling up on petrol spells a rough financial week.

I can still cope, and I can still save, but it feels like I'm just scraping by. This might be also influenced by being pushed to pitching by Beloved. It might only

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Saturday, Parkrun and Leyland's Tour

My side of the family has a fine tradition of "while you're up..." which used to be taking advantage of someone after they got up from a shared sedentary occupation.

"While you're up, you can take my dirty dish to the sink."

Today was a "while we're out" day. While we're out for parkrun, why not go and get Miss Chaos a decent sports bra? While we're out, why not do a little grocery shopping? While we're out, let's get the food

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Monday, Leyland's Tour Coffee Quest

Thunder is rolling so I'm cancelling my story stream. The power is getting unreliable so the internet may soon follow. I will find a way to write the offerings regardless.

As for my shenanigans, this morning... Read on:

  • Read Beloved a couple of chapters for a slow and lazy morning
  • Delivered Beloved to the train station [fed cats along the way]
  • Realised I could not linger by the shops for two firkin hours while I waited for them to open
  • Returned home,
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Thursday, Cheevs and Setbacks and Supplies

I have done the video I was threatening to do. Huzzah. And since it's past ten in the morning, I am technically free to do some supply shopping. Research has indicated that it is cheaper to get the cats' Fancy Feast supply at Costco. I shall be making a shopping list, checking it twice, and at least dragging Mayhem along to get everything on the list.

THEN I get on with my offerings per diem.

If I have the fortitude, I will

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Tuesday, Patreon, Shopping, and a Long Day

I PLN on recording some chapters for Adorable today, having finished chapter 370 of my ever-increasing WIP. I should also be receiving moneys that will enable me to get all the things.

I have to take Mayhem to the train station this morning. Then? After 10, it's shopping time... and I will attempt to drag Miss Chaos along to get reminders on the stuff we need that isn't the stuff I want.

And I can introduce her to making some very simple

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Tuesday, Patreon and Errands

Mayhem's got an appointment this afternoon. I have stuff to post on Patreon. I have offerings to make for y'all's entertainment.

I've put my nebulous PLNs to make bread today on hold. I'll have way more time for that tomorrow.

We should get paid today, and that will be a breath of fresh air. If I have the funds when Mayhem's in transit, I'll get the supplies on the way home.

Otherwise, I'll have to do all of that on Wednesday. Perhaps

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Tech Support

I am on the Leyland's Tour, today. Helping MeMum with making her printer turn on when the internet sucks. The leading suspect is a lack of internet connection or a direct connection to the computer.

Since I'm also due to write an essay about the fanfiction I just posted, my time may be a little bit cramped. Wordpress may be happening tomorrow.

I'll see what I can do about writing that thing on my journeys. GoogDocs for the potential win.

Results may

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Friday, Preparation PLNs, Unfucking, and Other Things(tm)

I am gathering lists of things to acquire, places to go to get them, and maybe even the budget for doing all of that. Fun.

My aim is to get as many non-perishables or freezables as possible so I can avoid as much pre-holiday zombie hordes as I can.

Mayhem's making two pies. He can keep those cool or frozen before the Big Day(tm). Finally got some ideas out of Miss Chaos, so now I can concoct a PLN. Yay.


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