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Sunday, Mother's Day

Today is the last Mother's Day I celebrate for myself. Rennie's Day, as I have just discovered, is the third Sunday of April. Could have been informed sooner, but... meh.

Beloved is taking over the accepting of Coffee Cups, gimcrack jewelry, and macaroni arts with beaming smile and that weird soft feeling one gets when the smols make a thing just for her.

Motherhood is many things, and one of those things is wearing a macaroni necklace like it's diamonds and feeling it.


Today's a fun day. We will probably be doing some variety of Leyland's Tour because visiting matriarchs and maybe a lunch out. THEN I have to at least nap before D&D game tonight.

I'm gonna sleep through most of Monday and I know it.

But I also have to hurry up and publish so I can potentially nap in the car. Yay.

Saturday, Party Shenanigans

We're off on the Leyland's Tour today. Gathering the fam for social stuff and good times. Not exactly helped by the fact that I slept wrong and my back is an achey mess at the moment.


Nevertheless, I shall look fantastic when we're there.

The PLN goeth thusly:

  1. Do my stream shenanigans
  2. Wake my Beloved and perhaps Mayhem and Chaos
  3. Get dolled up
  4. Exeunt

Let's get rolling.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and shenanigans

I have PLNs today. PLNs to take Mayhem all the way out to MeMum's and then help her move a heavy object to a place where the neighbours won't nick it.

IF I get around to doing a Wordpress Wednesday, I shall likely concoct a topic on either of the drives. There, or back again.

Beloved is off to get her face zapped again, today. So we should be done with both of our respective shenanigans about roughly together. And then it's

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Saturday, Leyland's Tour

I have written the story. I have the bikkie cooking in the background. All my normal activities are now orbiting Beloved's schedule and on hold for MeMum.

And later on this week, we are getting stuff to make a door betwixt the official front of the house [master bedroom, lounge] and the rest of the house. Just so Pippi can't leap into the greater outdoors and put her life at risk.

Also so that we can have nice furniture in the front

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Sunday, Shenanigans!

Today, I do my stream EARLY. So I can then get ready to go on a Leyland's Tour for family meet and birthmas partay.

This may make D&D later tonight "interesting".

Nevertheless, I am making certain that I have the time windows to do this. Yay.

So my PLN is thus:

  1. Do the story stream
  2. Get ready for the day
  3. Travel all over the countryside
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. Travel all the way back over the countryside
  6. SLEEP! For the love of
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Saturday, not counting it because reasons

There's shenanigans afoot. I tried to warn Beloved that this would happen, but Beloved has chronic Doesn'tListenItus.


So now I'm on a mission to write an Instant before we have to haul off and get a present for a party that I was certain was happening some significant weeks away. Yay. And then attend the party.

Hocus pocus, I need to focus.

Let's go.

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Running around, today

It's Australia day, so the entire family is gathering in Scenic Coominya for the traditional burned offerings.

I didn't get anything done on my side-projects yesterday because my writing absorbed my personal energy (and that's okay). Plus the big plan of the evening was to visit Carl's Jr to try their carboriffic fare for my first feast day in a fortnight.

Burgers: delicious, juicy, and prone to fallout both liquid and solid.

Chips: less like a salt lick and more like a

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Merry Roadtrip!

I'm off again into the mountainous, twisting, animal-corpse-scattered roads of Australia on a day-long trip all the way from Tullagawoopwoop to my home sweet home.

Just like before, I'm taking breaks when safe, every two hours or so. Driving carefully at all occasions and staying below the speed limit at all times.

Unlike before, I have a part of my car that is currently held in place with packing tape and a prayer. If it even looks like it's coming loose at

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