Technical Difficulties

A 11-post collection


So. Yesterday's PLN to go seeking publishers/agents went awry. Why? Because yet another instance of site skimming apps cropped up and this time, I had to take action.

Site skimmer apps are more or less little bots that go through other sites' content and present it as their own. Some are little more than cosmetic windows by which users can interface with the site, others... copy without permission.

What they all do is remove traffic from the origin site, so statistics for that site take a nose dive if the app gets popular. For a site funded entirely by user donations, this could mean death for AO3.

No traffic means that the apps don't transmit that AO3 is doing a funding drive. No funds means that the legal team defending all the fanfics on there can't do their jobs. No funds also means that updates and functionality don't happen.

No funds, in the extreme case, means no AO3.

So I did my bit. I reported every suspected fanfiction site skimmer I could find in Google Play and I spent most of my afternoon locking every single fanfiction I've written from outside view.


  1. It is illegal to make a profit from fanfiction. Especially where I am.
  2. If my fanfics are found on a for-profit app, some dullard in the executive wing could easily conclude that I am making profit from this app.
  3. Which, in turn, means I could go to jail for a crime someone else committed.
  4. Site skimmer apps, as outlined above, are some shade of light evil and I refuse to enable them by inaction.
  5. Locking a fic to AO3 members only prevents other site skimmers I may have missed from using any of my fics for the aforementioned light evil.

Sometimes, it's the little, seemingly harmless things that cause big problems. For want of a nail and all that noise.

Today, though, Mayhem has work, and I shall use that time to collect my "ice cream ration" aka six halo tops and something TRULY sinful from the sugary edge of the tub collection. You know. For the 'day off' Keto. Sometime in the middle of everything, I shall find the most likely to like my bullshit and jump through their hoops as I send Adapting off to potentially yet another rejection.

Four rejections to go.

You know what? Fuck it. I'm going to collect 52 rejections from #MSWL after this arbitary thing. Once a week. Pick a person. Send it. Don't even bother waiting. Repeat next week.

If that doesn't work, then I'm officially toast and using GoFundMe to get my other books edited at minimum.

52 rejections per book. Let's go. The way I write? I'm never running out of material.

Sooner or later, this is going to work.

I can't know I've failed until I've failed my whole life.

Welp... Today Sucks Already

So. Mayhem sick at home. Me due to see my shrink. A plausible time window in which I could record and edit Inter-Mission but there's the whole issue about the interwebs being down. Again.

Just what I needed. Another absolute pain in the butt. Thanks. Fresh-made and ready for the anguish.

I'll get things sorted somehow, even if it is a pain in the butt. For instance - using my phone as a Wifi spot gets this message to you, my dear

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Whelp. There's some nasty...

Just when everything was coming up sunshine and lollipops, the interwebs goes down. So I'm using my phone data to do my awesome things. Which means you won't be seeing much of me online until that gets fixed.

Beloved has left the task of calling the Interwebs peeps to me, so that'll be happening sometime after the shopping expedition to The Place on the Corner. We need single-use plastic bags to cart away kitty poops.

It'd probably be better for the environment

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Oh shit, it's Thursday

Amazing how the week flies by.

I got some more cleaning happening, today. And this is after cooking up a whole mess of Cauli Cakes for Chaos.

On the pro side, I have at least a fortnight's worth of cakes from one and a half heads of cauliflower. On the no side, I have a fuckbunch of washing up because making cauli cakes gets intense.

On the super pro side, I got Beloved to cook us up some cheeseburger soup, which sounds

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Figuring it out

I got the new Pixel 2, just before the end of the year, and it has been some interesting colours of Hell just to get it to perform properly. Case in point - I'm still getting all of my music on my computer copied to this little devil's storage.

I'm going to have to make a new phone case for the thing, since it's just that little bit bigger than the original. And I have a continuing problem with the headphone jack.

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We're Back!

The site is alive. Yay.

On the other hand, my email is dead. Boo.

Mayhem has a thing this morning, and I need to make sure that happens, and it's happening at ten.

I have linked up all the stories we've missed, and I'll be adding the prompts I was given via Steemit to the prompt queue.

So there might not be today's story until a lot later than usual. Be warned.

I have a son to poke. Back whenever.

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I am frustrate

I was so proud of myself, this morning. I went from scribble-sketch to proper sketch to neat inks in one morning. I was so happy, I wanted to try colouring the thing, or at least making a start on colouring the thing...

But Procreate wasn't co-operating. It now refuses to let me use the airbrush tool and, for a while, it wasn't letting me use the tablet pen.

It would work elsewhere, just not in Procreate.

After backing the iPad Pro up

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Bug'rem bug'rit...

State of affairs: One out of three scheduled posts happened as I think I scheduled them. The others, set allegedly two hours apart, didn't. And that scheduled post happened seven hours ago, now.

Fun times.

I'm just going to let those other two go, for the majority of today, because today is all about Chaos' Adventures at the Orthodontist. Yes, today Miss Chaos is getting Government Brackets for her skewed teeth. I'll probably have to shell out some kind of cash and

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Technically technical difficulties

Okay, so here’s the scoop.

While I was over in Thailand, I used a (gasp) foreign chip so I wouldn’t be landed upon by positively ginormous roaming charges. And so I could, you know, call home without also gathering a huge debt.

Now that I’m home and back on my regular chip, my computer refuses to recognise that there’s photos in there at all. And I know for a fact that I have almost

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