Technical Difficulties

A 8-post collection

Oh shit, it's Thursday

Amazing how the week flies by.

I got some more cleaning happening, today. And this is after cooking up a whole mess of Cauli Cakes for Chaos.

On the pro side, I have at least a fortnight's worth of cakes from one and a half heads of cauliflower. On the no side, I have a fuckbunch of washing up because making cauli cakes gets intense.

On the super pro side, I got Beloved to cook us up some cheeseburger soup, which sounds gross but tastes firkin delicious. And this is the first time in history that Mayhem has eaten around a carb. The recipe calls for a swede which, as a root vegetable, contains the dreaded carb. But the whole thing only uses one fist-sized little sucker, so the whole thing isn't drastically polluted.

Today's the day that I have to pay my firkin car rego, and the website just... refuses to let me in to do that. See, Qld Roads never sends me a bill for the damn thing, so I have no reference number to use. And no Bpay deets either.

Which means I have to go through the official site to pay for the use of my car. Said official site keeps me blocked from access and I might have to do the unthinkable:

Call them on the phone.

Ugh. Terrible.

BUT... if I can't do this thing by ten, then I can't do this thing on time, and a phone call is necessary.


At least the phone call might get things moving. I hope. This is the last day it's legal for me to drive my firkin car.

Figuring it out

I got the new Pixel 2, just before the end of the year, and it has been some interesting colours of Hell just to get it to perform properly. Case in point - I'm still getting all of my music on my computer copied to this little devil's storage.

I'm going to have to make a new phone case for the thing, since it's just that little bit bigger than the original. And I have a continuing problem with the headphone jack.

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We're Back!

The site is alive. Yay.

On the other hand, my email is dead. Boo.

Mayhem has a thing this morning, and I need to make sure that happens, and it's happening at ten.

I have linked up all the stories we've missed, and I'll be adding the prompts I was given via Steemit to the prompt queue.

So there might not be today's story until a lot later than usual. Be warned.

I have a son to poke. Back whenever.

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I am frustrate

I was so proud of myself, this morning. I went from scribble-sketch to proper sketch to neat inks in one morning. I was so happy, I wanted to try colouring the thing, or at least making a start on colouring the thing...

But Procreate wasn't co-operating. It now refuses to let me use the airbrush tool and, for a while, it wasn't letting me use the tablet pen.

It would work elsewhere, just not in Procreate.

After backing the iPad Pro up

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Bug'rem bug'rit...

State of affairs: One out of three scheduled posts happened as I think I scheduled them. The others, set allegedly two hours apart, didn't. And that scheduled post happened seven hours ago, now.

Fun times.

I'm just going to let those other two go, for the majority of today, because today is all about Chaos' Adventures at the Orthodontist. Yes, today Miss Chaos is getting Government Brackets for her skewed teeth. I'll probably have to shell out some kind of cash and

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Technically technical difficulties

Okay, so here’s the scoop.

While I was over in Thailand, I used a (gasp) foreign chip so I wouldn’t be landed upon by positively ginormous roaming charges. And so I could, you know, call home without also gathering a huge debt.

Now that I’m home and back on my regular chip, my computer refuses to recognise that there’s photos in there at all. And I know for a fact that I have almost

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