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Wednesday, Crosssed Wires and Wordpress

I got miscommunication'd yesterday. Too used to shrinky events happening on Tuesdays that I didn't actually read the date, just the time.


So now I have to wait for the same appointment a second time. Yay.

Which also means that I shall be doing Tech Support under the threat of hellstorms because Climate Change Denial has been financed by our coal companies. Huzzah.

I might consider going out to MeMum's in the afternoon on the off chance that it will be better than going tomorrow. I shall see what the BOM has to say about it anyway.

I still have to think about what I'm doing for Wordpress today. Maybe another installment of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale or perhaps going on about how the book is different from the fanficcy draft.

Something of the sort.

Story in a hot minute.

Tuesday, Shrinky Dinks and Unriddling

I have a Telehealth shrink appointment today. Huzzah. I also have some technical difficulties to unriddle on the opposite side of Brisbane involving GoogDrive, chevrons, and whatever the heck my Mum is doing to view my chapters ;_;

I can't really get there until tomorrow, and BOM is telling us there's going to be cataclysmic rain sometime real soon now. Whee.

Next on my agenda is attempting to unriddle whatever the fuck is going on with OwlBear Rodeo so I can populate my

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Long(?) Monday, Light Writing

I shall be streaming soon, and the usual post-stream nap nonsense shall also be happening.

For the rest of the day, I'll probably be noodling about with A Devil's Tale. Assuming that I won't be able to get help sorting out the sullage pipe situation.

Tomorrow, or the day after? We should have the moneys to go get the cats more food.

I have few other plns than that.

...but I somehow also need to PLN for Crimbolio.


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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

I'm waiting for Tale Foundry to go active, and pondering the next entry. But first I must at least write this entry.

I don't expect much out of myself today or tomorrow. At some point, my love and I will have to rejigger the sullage pipes because the neighbours have sic'd the council on us to get that done.

We still don't have the money to make a sullage garden because food and amenities bills. Blargh. And the neighbours behind us are

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Saturday, What a Day

So I started this morning with a double spider attack. A relatively tiny [1.5inch across] Huntsman spider decided to jump on me whilst I was in the shower. It effectively vanished until I rinsed my hair and climbed onto my hand.

Obviously, it had to die.

We set off after this to the Parkrun with Beloved's friend from the gender support group. Whom I shall henceforth name as Ms Awesome.

I managed to walk 4K this week. Wahoo!

Then, following a

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Friday, Stuff and Things

I have some writing entry(s) to read and judge. I have another week's worth of fics to tag for the app. I have to take the dressed map that I have just finished and prep it by learning how to fly my own OwlBear Rodeo setup [that promises to be fun].

There's also Starters to feed, bikkie to make and ingest, vinyl to sort, and a chapter to, perhaps, write.

I'm going to find out SOMETHING on bells and whistles with

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Thursday, Messing About

I have Streamlabs. What I don't have is any idea how to tweak it do do what I want. Some educational videos are in order, methinks.

I shall continue with set dressing and fic tagging, but I shall learn how to do ONE thing with Streamlabs today. It may not be a thing I want, but I shall be learning.

Turns out, I can only use one profile in Streamlabs, so maybe learning IF I can use another profile might be the

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Rejiggering

I have little idea what I'm doing for Wordpress today, so it shall probably be copypasta of more fanficcy edition of A Devil's Tale.

Unless I find something else to be tetchy about, today.

I'm going to put my other activities on hold until I've worked out what the heck is up with Stream Elements. What I need to do about that, and so on. Other streamers can use little sound bites, so I know I can use something of the like

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

Today, one of my primary goals is working on my Twitch channel. Not just for my morning Instants, but also for the other stuff that's behind the curtain.

Working on my novel, tagging fics, prepping the pre-publishing nonsense, and the dungeon building for the upcoming second part of the campaign I'm running.

That's a lot of my day, all things considered.

I should also be working on sound bites and gimmicks for people to play with when I do stream. I might

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Long Monday No More?

Usually, Mondays are a long day for me, but that may no longer be the case. I shall see how I fare today.

The nap is still planned for between the stream and the Tale Foundry readings, but after that, I have no expectations beyond experimentation.

Time will definitely tell.

I might even ponder having a stream somewhere towards the afternoons. But not that hard.

Stream soon. Story posted when I wake up.

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Sunday, Game Night and the Future

I'm playing with my international maniacs, tonight. Which means I have less expectations. I don't even have to worry about Miss Chaos being ready for school.

Tale Foundry will start in a few minutes, and I will FOR SURE be trying to write the story entry early. I love doing that.

I finished another chapter of A Devil's Tale yesterday. Another one for MeMum to complain about. I might make progress on another one today. Still no ending in sight. I want

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Saturday, Parkrun and Organising

I almost got to 4K on the Parkrun this morning, but I did also get some paragraphs in during some waits.

With Eggs Benny and Iced Coffee for brunch.

...I just got Taste Demerits from MeMum.

My immediate PLN is to do my stream and then reply to all the comments on my entry for TaleFoundry this week. I've had stuff in the way before now.

I should not have stuff in the way next week.

...fingers crossed.

After I do all

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Friday, Graduation & no more schedules

I am OFF the clock, as of tomorrow. No more waking up on purpose at fuck off in the morning. The only scheduled streams will be on Sunday/Monday as I have other people needing me on those days.

I might try streaming my day's activities, but for the first week at least, I will stream the story when I decide I have to get up.

There's a point in my waking up where I can't lie down any more, and I

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Thursday, Round Round Run Around...

I'll run around!

Immediately after Miss Chaos is on the bus to school today, I am taking off to MeMum's for paperwork-related missions and perhaps sorting out tech issues.

All that fun stuff.

Poor Beloved came home long about 3AM so she could catch some semblance of sleep. The demo of the thing is today and after that, she needs a day off.

Which will be at least partially spent at Chaos' graduation.

Which also means I have to cancel tomorrow's stream.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Dinner Party

Miss Chaos has a Graduation Dinner tonight. My love and I managed to luck into extra tickets, so we will be attending with Chaos. And maybe doing some dancing if dancing becomes a thing.

Meanwhile, I have some racist ablism to go off about on my Wordpress so I could be doing a thinkpiece about this wonderful piece of news.

I'm glad there's an active community to get cheesed off about this and I can only hope that the petition works. As

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