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So That Happened...

We had a short session last night because (a) One party member was away sick and (b) the plot arrived quicker, but...

Despite all that...

I was bloodied twice in one fight, surprise-attacked by a troll, and learned that my faux german accent was too much for our new DM so I'm toning it down next sesh.

It's not easy being squishy.

Thankfully, I have tactics of a sort. Tactics and ten darts. I'll have to engineer a system to make sure I keep accurate count of how many I have left on the next sesh. Using one of my 'junk' dice as a counter seems like a good idea at the moment. It means none of my sets get disrupted and I can stay honest.

I can even put it where the DM can see.

Next time I go shopping, I'm looking for more firkin darts. Ten suddenly seems like not enough.

Anyway. Back to the real world. I got ahead on my allotted words by Thursday and only had 300+ to write on Friday afternoon. Do you think any of those 300 words came easily? Did I have as much fun as I did on Thursday?

Nope! It was HELL.

But I did emerge from the fight victorious, and bearing a marvellously descriptive passage about chickens with an attitude. Onwards to the next 3K on Monday.

Today, my Beloved is off working on servers and suchlike, making sure they're prepared for Spring Carnival. Tomorrow, I 3D print a miniature of my Monk. Then I learn how to paint that bad boy.

But for today? Storytime.


I am so excited. I am going to play a slutty, slutty Tiefling who's basically Fantasy Nightcrawler. Because I rolled low for my constitution, I gotta clear with the DM about whether or not using a plotline to fix that could be a thing.

If not, it's still early enough to re-roll that and retcon some shit. We shall see.

I got way ahead on my word count, yesterday, which means my novel writing needs only 300-ish words before my 3K for

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Beloved forgot to give me the Ashwagandha. I still cannot brain well, but I nevertheless managed to get my nonsense out regardless of shenanigans.

I have four more days before the potential week in which I get my order to come in. It might take the entire week so I have to remember to menace Beloved for my dang braining pills.

Not looking optimal here since I need brain to get braining pills.

Fun times.

I was really hoping to be back

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Wednesday Already? Wow.

Today, I have to come up with something for Wordpress. Today, I also reach the bottom of the chocolate stash my daughter-from-across-the-water sent me in her last care package.

I owe her the good stuff, no joke. I just gotta scratch it all together.

Speaking of, I also need to scratch together today's content.

Here I go.

[Addendum: For those of you tracking my brain meds, I'm still waiting on the shipment]

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So we had some hail. Light hail, thank goodness. But it served to wake me the heck up and make sleep impossible for me since.

On the plus side, I did get another story edited for episode 15 of Inter-Mission. I'm that little bit further forward on that count. Yay?

The best news today is that my Beloved will be bringing me an emergency supply of Ashwagandha so I can brain during the rest of this week. It's almost time to be

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Once more around around again

It's Monday, and I have the usual shenanigans going on. Only this time, I have to schedule a trip to the post office because Capt S. Forgot some important things at our place and it's easier to mail them down.

Watch my forgetful ass mess this up in so very many ways.

I shouldn't forget the money run. If I hang around after getting the cashola, I should - underline should - be able to do the mail thing.

...except the Aussie

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Fun times ahoy

My brain is back to being like a sieve. Even more so than normal. Well, what passes for normal when I'm actually on Ashwagandha.

Bad news: I gotta wait a week before my order is ready. Y'all know this.

Good news: Beloved apparently has a stock of Ashwagandha at work. Enough to see me through until the eventual delivery day if there are no further complications.

Bad news: Beloved is not back to work until Tuesday because they were working on Saturday.

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So. I ordered my Ashwagandha, but... the place I ordered it from is out of stock.

I have to wait a WEEK to brain properly again. At minimum.

On the plus side, a parcel from the states arrived and I'm busily attempting to figure out all of the assorted nonsense within. The cat toys have been distributed to my little fluffy friends. Everything else is a matter of my int rolls at the time.

Not looking good on that count for next

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I can handle this (I think)

I did order myself ten months' worth of Ashwagandha, at a hefty knock to my wallet. I'm... "fine". Sort of.

I can cope. I can deal. I can make it.


It's gonna be tight for a little while. I can squeak by. I'm avoiding cash purchases this week, but that's me punishing myself for making a purchase that is more than my weekly budget.

...I should probably stop hurting myself like that.

This is another scar from growing up poor and

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I woke up in the wee smol again, so I used that chance to finish up Episode Fourteen of Inter-Mission. Yay.

Which means that I can begin working on editing episode fifteen the next time I wake up in the wee smol. Yay.

Today, Mayhem is complaining about a sore throat whilst also having a wider neck than normal. Checked against other symptoms, it is probably not Mumps. Ye gods, that lad can catch anything.

On the agenda today is little more

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Nibbling to Death

I got another quarter of Inter-Mission done and managed to record five more stories for the next one. Yay.

All because I went to sleep long about 5PM and was out of it until 3AM.

Little kitties were wont to make pest of themselves, too. I stood firm and didn't feed them until it was five. I had to lock them out of the room because they were wont to trample my keyboards and get in my way and all that nonsense.

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Here we go

back on my bullshit

It's school time again and Mayhem is entering his last term. Hopefully he's still looking for part-time work to help fill the family coffers.

It's not his fault that the job market is so scarce. Late stage capitalism sucks major balls. Content creation for pennies on the hour might be all that he has, poor dear.

It's a Cleaning Day, and a Patreon Day, and I'm trying to do all my other nonsense... so yeah. Busy 'Nutter.


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::insert Law&Order doink-doink::

Toasty's released another thirty-second update to her new WIP music video, so you know what that means. Yes, folks, I'm writing another 3K in the novelisation of the video in progress because my demons will not leave me alone until I do.

It's such a thing to be possessed by a story idea.

It doesn't happen often, but it's a ride when it does. Teh pln for today includes a money run, the mandatory story, an attempt

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Aftermath, Part 2

So I managed to get to sleep real early, yesterday. This meant that I was no longer able to sleep at sometime closer to 10PM. Which, in turn, meant that I was prepped and ready for Toasty's stream, this morning. Yay for me.

Next week, the stream isn't on, so I'm slightly screwed if I find myself awake at the wee small hours of the morning.

I'll deal with that embuggerance if I get there. The trick will be remembering to reset

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Aftermath, Part 1

Fun was had, last night. Fun will be had during the wee small hours of tomorrow's AM. I will be WRECKED, but I'm going to enjoy it.

There are the remains of two cakes in the house. One is almost doomed, the other is only initially doomed. I've gained some significant weight, and I might diet all through the rest of this month and the next one... but not today.

Today, I have treats.

I also have a Tiefling Monk who's basically

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