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Mayhem has a free day - allegedly. I have already said that he's going to be in trouble if I get any contact from his school about this. Meanwhile, he's helping me with the kittycat shelter.

All things going well, we should have the front entryway side assembled - or mostly assembled - by sunset. In the rain.

This on top of getting a cavity filled. Today is going to be fun.

Story will be happening during any breaks. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Around and round I go...

The family and I got the frame... mostly up. There's still a lot of jiggery-pokery involved, including the assembly of the front door to the little place.

It's only now that I realise that the kitty enclosure is going to be firkin huge and Kitty is truly, truly going to be spoiled. It's a room that's only a smidge smaller than the dorm room my love used to live in when they were in uni. For a human, that's criminally small. For

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We have a PLN

Today, we shall be boxing out and digging the footprint, if all goes well. Similarly, scattering the base of the footprint with drainage gravel because that's how it works.

Ten o'clock is almost here, and that means noise shall be allowed.

The story, of course, will be happening. Just later than normal and possibly dripping with frustration because... Even though we can do all this, the forecast is for a week of rain :P

I hate that this is taking so long.

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A PLN of Action

So. We have a guest from the States who's due to fly south for the winter to do some technogeek stuff over there. I know not if they're coming back for another sleepover before they head home.

Either way, Beloved is taking them to the airport this AM so we're delayed in going off and seeking things to make the Kitty Kondo(tm) be real. That's fine. It lets me attempt to focus and make at minimum, this blog entry.

It's... not

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Good News, Bad News

Good news: game night is back on.

Bad news: next week.

Good news: I finished all the sawing and we made a door.

Bad news: without thinking that we needed to paint that mofo first.

Good news: The second episode of Inter-Mission has launched and you can listen to it minus the playlist here, or check out the playlist linked in the menu up on the top right of the page.

Bad news: Yeah, now I have to do a new ep

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This time for sure!

I only have a few more boards to put notches in. Which means that I will run out of things to do for the Kitty Kondo(tm) in time for the weekend. Which I am praying will be dry enough for the concrete nonsense so we can finish this darn thing whilst Meep is still a kitten.


At least I know she's loved in her current home, so there is that.

Meanwhile, I'm approaching 1K in the first words I shouldn't

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All right. Here's the PLN

I do my blogging and Instant only vaguely out of order. Whoops. I got caught up in other things. Again.

After that's done, I spare a moment to make the bed in the spare room for Impending US guest, making sure the path is clear and there's some room for whatever luggage they have. Then I go out and saw holes into boards until noodle arms happen or lunch is necessary, whichever happens first.

After that is all done, or mostly done,

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Busy-arse day

Following a worse night. Like, shit. I was already exhausted from a combo of eff-off AM wake-up and stressing about the Kitty Kondo(tm)... but last night.


I went to bed at like 6:30, sure I was going to sleep the night. Nope. Twenty-minute naps at best, interspersed with waking up to either Beloved's television choices or Chaos on her giggle runs up and down the hall.

Until nearly firkin midnight. Like cheese, peeps. Have some mercy.

The rest of

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Working on the Footprint

We are now in progress on a University-dorm-room-sized rectangle that is going to contain the concrete bed of the Kitty Kondo(tm). Once we've moved all the grass and created a really interesting rectangular muddy hole, of course.

We're in overtime. I'm freaking out. Baby Meep is ready to have a new home, but her home isn't ready yet and everything is going so slowly and AUGH!

It's stressing me out, but I gotta keep going. Otherwise it'll never get done. It's

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But I Wanna...

I have to notch the last post in my queue, measure a bunch of boards and cut them to size because they don't match the measurements in the PLN, mark them up for notches and then calibrate the circular saw so the notches match the PLN.

But I wanna...

  • Stay in bed
  • Do nothing
  • Zone out on fids all day
  • Binge Good Omens again
  • Eat ice cream all day
  • Catch up on Critical Role
  • Just fucking chill.


But I can't. Because

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I did it!

Episode six of Inter-Mission is now a finished thing that is ready for export into Soundcloud. Yay.

Just because it can take me a week to do an episode, doesn't mean it will take a week. My sleep is unpredictable, and my time windows are varied. My plan is to 'push' to make a new episode as soon as one is out on the aether, so I still have my buffer zone.

I'm fast approaching an impasse with the Kitty Kondo. Notching

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Busy Day Ahead

I have to do the writing things. Obviously. My Tumblr inbox is empty so any TAZ flash fanfictions I come up with will be my own. Yay, I guess. One less thing to fret about.

I moved a whole pile of dirt [and likely 14 nuts within] to fill a hole, and that was hard yakka. I need to finish notching the posts, but I need assistance on that shiznit, so the PLN, such as it is, will include more ground prep.

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Yesterday was a complete and total fuckup. Today's not looking that fantastic either. Like... 90% of my life was in transit to get something else done.

Not just the brat run, but a shrink appointment [I'm still anxious, big shock] and fetching my long-lost lappy back from the Apple Store.

Good news, though, I got my lappy back for free. Which meant that I was free to go pick up some necessary sanity supplies. AKA cheese and Halo Top tubs.

By the

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Three out of the four corner posts that I need to notch are warped. This wasn't a problem in the middle, but it is a problem at the ends. I lack the muscular strength to hold down a post to the point where the limiter actually hits the line, and the accuracy to actually hit the line with my own limiting of the saw depth.

So I thought I'd disassemble the problem garden bed.

Problem 1: It's fastened with big-ass screws

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Another Early Morning

A nifty combo of full bladder, overheating, and Beloved's snoring had me awake at half past one this AM. Not the best start in the world, but at least I got five more stories recorded for Inter-Mission and I got some episodes edited for Oh My Mods that just sneaked in under the wire. Yay.

I probably won't have time for more, as it is fast approaching the hour in which my little darlings shall be awake and needing their internet fix.

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