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Damn I'm good

I posted another chapter of Babes in the Woods this morning and got eight comments on it before I settled down to this blog. For limited definitions of "settled down". And seven of those eight comments are all about the feels.

Which is firkin GREAT for a writer.

It's good to get feedback. It really is. Even if it's something like:


Because realtalk - writers firkin love this shit.

So if you love a writer's writings, leave a little love note. Even if it's a keysmash. Because keysmashes are love, too.

...I Forgot

to post my Patreon stuff yesterday. Whoops.

I also messed myself up by forgetting to give myself $70 when getting my cash, this Monday.

I am just full of fuckup this week. Probably because coming down off of carbs.

Today's Instant will likely be late because of fixing some of that, but at least I shall schedule my Blasts before I go on a journey to unriddle whatever dinner's going to be.

Though it shall likely be leftovers, since the fridge is

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My little darlings are returning to their emporiums of education today.

Which means that I have the house to myself again.

BUT it's also the day I plan to post all my Patreon stuff, and I need to get ingredients, and keep myself awake for the multiple trips I need to take.

AND I need to learn to focus again because I pretty much spent an hour doodling about on the interwebs instead of writing this noise.


Guess my scheduled activities

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Last day of the kiddies' holidays. Last cleaning day with me barking the little darlings around. Also last day of having to remind myself to go out and get some dosh.

Tomorrow, I shall remind myself to post the Patreon rewards EARLY, and make sure everyone knows that I'm also using the Ko-Fi pool for names I may need.

I may or may not run a competition to name ancillary characters as needed. I dunno. Murder Dollhouse is still zero buzz, and

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Almost Back to Work

We have today and tomorrow as slob days. And owing to yesterday's MASSIVE INGESTION of sugar, I have a phlegm flare-up. And swelling in my fingers. And a general sensation of wanting to go back to sleep.

I'm gonna binge as much stored TV as I can because Beloved is salty about that. And when I'm not working on fanfic, I will be working on the nut notes for Murder Dollhouse which I predict will be pretty much writing at light speed

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Ice Cream at Last!

I have been waiting since BEFORE EASTER to finally had a tub of ice cream from Messrs Ben and Jerry. So here's a recap of what went agley:

  • Chocolate takes priority - actual Erastide loaded with the chocolatey goodness and an ENTIRE BIG BOWL of fun-size sugary temptation. Did not even consider ice cream
  • Big Day at the Movies - Going out to see some action thing with the fam. And an assortment of carby deliciousness that survived through the NEXT FUCKING
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One More Long Weekend

The kids return to schooling this Tuesday. Which means that I have until Monday to get them sleeping during the night again. Not. Easy.

And it's Friday, so that means some nice treat-style foods for dinner. And since I plan to finally get into my promised ice cream, that means a Keto-but-still-a-treat dinner. So... probably cooked chook salad because easy, and quick, and lets me use Saturday for my carb feast.

That's the PLN.

Today, I have a thousand words to do.

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Another Cleaning Day

I'm starting to greatly dislike these, tbh. Fortunately, I put aside a chunk of Speck each for just such an occasion. Deep fry those gorgeous shits and dinner is DONE. Boom.

Best fat delivery system ever IMHO.

On sleep news, I think I may have finally re-settled into a regular sleep cycle. Just in time to get it frelled up again by this coming weekend's indulgeances.

If I'm lucky, I might actually get my tub of ice cream.

For those lovely readers

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Long Term Development

Since Murder Dollhouse is currently slated for the late 2030's [subject to change depending on audience anticipation] I'm going to take my sweet time getting the nut notes together.

I think I'll post updates and whatnot to my Wordpress account. Powers know that thing is almost dead.

It's hard to network and I don't know how it's done, and I keep thinking that all I have to do is keep pumping out content and the peeps will come. And because of that

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::static noise::

Beloved is home and sleeping it off. I wish I could be that lucky or that able to follow suit.

The best option I have is caffeine. Which sort of works okay, I guess. But ceases working long about 5PM. But I should be done with the important stuff by then and honestly - who cares that my sleep cycle is broken and needs new tyres?


Sleep aids have to be herbal, dear readers. My biology is such that if I

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So I irrevocably woke at 1AM today.

It's going to be nasty.

I need to do my monetary fetch quest for cash before I'm too tired to drive. It's cleaning day. I have a sore throat. I have asthma because too many sugary treats are just lying around in the open and I have the self control of a hyperactive toddler.

I need to work on that.


Today IS the day that I make an actual conscious effort to use the

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I can DO this

Broke Keto pretty darn hard, yesterday. Feeling bloated and retaining water today. My fingers are awkward sausages and I only JUST got over yesterday's carb coma.

My focus ability is going out of the window.


I have an Instant to write, Blasts from my Past to schedule, and MeMum to visit. Mayhem has already volunteered to "guard the house" - translated, stay at home and play games all day.

Chaos, however, is glad to come along for adventures, so MeMum gets

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::Deep Breath:: Aaaahhh...

Posted all the Patreon stuff at record lateness. Posted the latest chapter of Babes in the Wood. Also figured out that I used the wrong email to send my imagined items of to those marvellous McElroys, and sent them all off to the correct email with minimal edits.

Loyal Patrons have already received the unedited version at no extra cost. I honestly don't know if concocting diabolical artifacts for a podcast I like counts as fanfiction. And since it's a completed work.

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Bad start

I got up before my alarm. Yay. I posted the latest installment of Babes in the Woods. Yay.

I have also procrastinated for three solid hours. Boo.

On the plus side, I don't have a huge amount of work to do today, IF I don't have to haul Mayhem across country to Banyo. Just fetching him in the afternoon is fine? But going there and back twice just about wrecks me.

I need coffee.

The worst thing about my sleep issues is:

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