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Don't Panic!

I plain old forgot to write a thing for my Wordpress. Those who come here to find out what the fuck will be glad to know that I invested my time in...


Thirty seconds of animation in a music video I'm making in Adobe Animate. Yay.

I will be writing something Op-Ed-y eventually. I already have a title: Re-spec Mah Prioritah. Which is basically "I didn't do anything productive" in another hat. This hat is called, "I did something productive, but not in a direction you'd like".

Also, because of shenanigans, I am now the proud owner of a "Spiro" kigurumi. No, I have not played Nintendo beyond Animal Crossing and everything I know about other Nintendo games, I have absorbed by osmosis. So I know that Spiro is a purple dragon in one of Nintendo's many jump-and-die themed games, but I've never played one.

I like it because it has teeth in the hood and it's purple and it's cute. And it's also amazingly warm and THE BEST thing to slob around in during the cold weather. Of which there will be a lot of for the next handful of months. Also of which I hate with a passion.

But now I own a betoothed Kigu and I am a happy little 'Nutter. It even has a zipper trapdoor in the buttockular regions for the obligatory calls of nature. My winters are promising to be toasty and slobtastic.

My days are promising to be increasingly busy. Best to get on with this one.

Another Odd Day

Apparently, this series of make-up days on Sundays is so that the Year 12's in the system can exit school with a green mark in their ledgers. Mayhem's year 11 as far as my spotty memory serves me. But whatever. The sooner he's done, the sooner he can look for after-school employment.

I won't be doing my Instant until after I get back from my round trip, because time in a nice warm bed on a weekend is indeed precious.

Today, fates

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I am taking a day

I need a day, so I'm taking one. Self-indulgent self-care is happening.

I'm doing this blog and my daily Instant of course but after that, I intend little more than faffing around and doing little at all that's productive.

Hot bubble bath, maybe a DVD or two on my 'to watch' list. And after that exhausting itinerary, a good long nap. After that, I may even leave the bedroom to mess around with a game or two.

It's the weekend. I am

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Gotta get my work done QUICK

There's a new episode of The Adventure Zone out and I plan to be on that like flies on a backyard barbie.

But first! Today's instant and a thousand words towards Clockwork Souls. And once I'm down to three weeks and 9K left to my novel, I can dive into the lands of imagination care of the McElboys.

I am excite.

I am also distractible in the extreme because I wanna give it a listen NOW NOW NOW NOW...

But that won't

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What the Actual Fuck?

Yesterday, I had a sore left foot. It was a minor annoyance and I tried to walk it off to no avail.

This morning, I took a look and discovered that I had a HAIR stuck under my skin, much like a splinter. 5cm hair, 3cm of which was embedded under my skin.




Of course I pulled that annoying little mofo carefully out from under my skin, but it's anyone's guess as to how the flying shit it got

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Out of Focus

I managed to daydream the morning away, today. I still have to arrange some dinner protein for the family, but first... I am getting the Instant done as quickly as my fuzzy brain can manage.

And since we're just about out of MCT, I have to go snag some more of that or I'll get worse.

Horrifying thought, that.

So of course it's taken me an hour to get this far and I'll likely take another three hours getting my Instant done

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I Live Again!

So in this episode of What's Fucked Now, we investigate one of the multitude of reasons why Java firkin sucks.

1: It's too new for anything else to use it.

That's right, my dear readers. A Java Update caused my site to go do-lally and the Java had to be downgraded for everything to work properly.

There's new security for everything because shithole hackers view Java as a challenge and everything runs on Java and we only updated last firkin week what

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Unfucked! ...sort of

And it wasn't as easy as it could have been if Beloved had just listened to me in the first place.

Here's how it went:

  1. Attempt to hack Beloved's Adobe account [with prior permission!] and get into Animate failed
  2. Asked to be certain of Beloved's email just in case I got that bit wrong
  3. No response for 48 hours
  4. Finally pin down Beloved to learn that everything is in my account
  5. WHEEEE!
  6. Now whee because updates that literally take all night
  7. Finally
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Let's Get on With This

I had planned to get some animation done, yesterday. BUT... I had a critical brain fail.

Basically, my Beloved owns Adobe Animate and there's no such thing as a family account with Adobe because they firkin suck like that. So, in order to use Animate, I have to remember my lifemate's email and password.

In order to use Photoshop, I have to remember my email and password. Janked, I know, but that's the way this particular cookie crumbled.

Now, because my office

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I'm tired and I can't sleep, so I'm blogging.

I have stuff to do and I'm playing that old game: Am I really tired, or is this depression/asthma/some virus?

Do I want coffee, or do I need coffee? Does this make me an addict? Am I overthinking things again?

Can I summon the mental fortitude to summarise my novel and fix the markdown formatting while I'm at it?

If I try to nap now, will I even be able to?

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Things are going glacial. I have hit a wall.

This wall is all about me versus the edition of Adapting I'm using to create the two-page-max summary of a 120K-word novel. Which sucks ARSE.

The sooner I get to not doing summaries, the happier I shall be. I much prefer elevator pitches. I can do that. Watch:

  • Adapting: Sufficiently advanced technology versus sufficiently mysterious magic.
  • Beauties and the Beastly: British werewolves in paradise.
  • Rael: Technology finds worth as a person.
  • Clockwork Souls:
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The Internet is So Slow

Welcome to Australia. Where the internet is substandard and everything alive is going to try and kill you.

The marsupials hate us. The birds hate us. The lizards hate us. The snakes and arachnids hate us. We have a deadly damn jellyfish that can be invisible. And now our internet is attempting to kill us by old age.

The NBN phone line inspector still hasn't called by. I doubt they will this early in our four month window, but there's ever a

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Fuck My Life

I had an unusual case of the Faerie Curse, yesterday. Here's how it went down:

  • Usual barking my little darlings into order with few hitches.
  • Go to ATM for moolah
  • Card reads as expired
  • Check card. Due to expire in 2020
  • Re-run ATM looking for a balance
  • Still expired
  • Watch another citizen use the ATM without a hitch
  • Ask incoming bank employee if they can possibly help. They can't.
  • Curse
  • Go to a different brand ATM that still serves to see if
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Procrastination Power

I just spent a majority of this morning making sure that anyone checking my stuff out can easily read my plot kittens file and therefore vote for what I write next. So far, I have three different votes for three different things, so when I finish Crime and Punishment I'll probably grab the next-shiniest idea that has excerpts.

I now have $1K out of the six I'm s'posed'a have in my bank. Soon. Yay. No announcements from Apple so we cool. With

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I did another thing on world-building, philosophy, and the writer state of mind over on my Wordpress. I was honestly trying not to be salty about my choices versus my criticism, but... Yeah.

I'm going to be on someone's shit list for a handful of months for sure.

I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to hit a favourable amount so I can actually has my cash. One sixth of the amount I should have. But I'm patient enough to wait and get there.

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