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real life

A 1005-post collection

Friday Fun

Mayhem has new travel arrangements. He's riding as far as Beloved's work, and then catching public transit the rest of the way to the new digs in Toowong. Then doing that in reverse on the way home.

Which means I don't have to drive anywhere at all.

I just hang out at home all day and only make appearances for Miss Chaos' bus.

Best. Day. Of the week. Officially.

At least for hopeless hermit me. Who would much rather be chilling in a Kigu and uggs and writing ludicrous amounts of fiction for my own entertainment and maybe a few bucks down the line.

The only downside is that my Beloved still has to go to work, so I can't snuggle them at whim.

That's what weekends are for, I guess.

Today, I will hit 12K in B'Nar, and so far most of it is both sides worrying about the other. This could be fun. It could be boring. I don't know. All I know is that I'm having fun with the relevant perspectives and so far, nobody at all is white.

Making Time

So much can occupy a mind. In my case, The Adventure Zone, Mumbo Jumbo, and a bunch of like-minded nerds on Discord.

They ate my morning.

I have ten minutes or less to do this, post something, and get my kids pointed in the correct direction for school. Huzzah.

And the Ekka Flu this year is (a) looking like a digestive bug and (b) attacking my insides. Fun times for your local 'Nutter.

I still have to do my Wordpress Wednesday, too.

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I Hate Ekka Week

Turns out the Wednesday I thought we all had off is only applicable to Beloved because Ekka Week Be Fucked Up. Ugh.

And I suspect I keep forgetting this lesson every goddamn year.

My brain is like a sieve, dear readers. And things like "Day off" get stuck when knowledge like "not a day off" just fall through the gaps.


I should just focus on writing stories. I know where I am with those.

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Day Off, Day On, Day Off...

Today, everyone is back to the grindstone. Assuming there aren't the massive amounts of sickies being chucked because who wants a week like this, right?

If there's ever a campaign to make the entire Ekka Week a holiday, I'm in. Just because of this shit.

My little darlings are both ready to rock and roll. Which makes a pleasant change from the death scenes of the week prior. Mayhem continues to claim he's cured and we're all working hard to get him

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Ekka Week

It's the most... fuck'd up-ish tiiiiimmmme of the yeeaaarrrr...

Monday: Chaos stays home and Mayhem goes to school
Tuesday: Mayhem stays home and Chaos goes to school
Wednesday: Public holiday for Queenslanders. Everyone stays home
Thursday: Everybody back to what passes for the normal schedule
Friday: Mayhem off to his new Traineeship workplace. Huzzah

And then next week, everyone comes down with the Ekka Flu. Yay.

It happens with every big gathering of like-minded weirdoes. People go even when they're feeling crummy

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Lazy Sunday

Nowhere to go. Nothing to do if I got there. No money to afford anything because spending spree yesterday.

Jamaican chocolate cheesecake is very rich and very dense and I may spend weeks whittling mine down to next to nil. The rest of my family aren't fans. On one hand: more chocolate for me. On the other... Carbs are a weekends-only occupation. Boo.

I plan to freeze any remaining slices so that they don't go off in the interim.

Mayhem claims he's

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Step 1: Wait for Beloved to drag self out of bed
Step 2: Go fetch them chicken thighs
Step 3: Also cheesecake, cream, and goopy naughty foods for some weekend indulgeance
Step 4: Play time!

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Reasons to Focus

If I get done early, I can listen to a new episode of The Adventure Zone. Which I can't find at the moment because it isn't yet out on iTunes.

If I get done early, I can work on that painful fanfic I'm writing and thereby be able to torture folks when I'm done posting Fifteen Little Words. [Because all writers are secretly arseholes, that's why]

If I get done early, I can fart around in Factorio, Minecraft, or one of the

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Time Flu

I don't know what's going on with me, but it might be interesting to look into it. My batteries are regularly drained by the end of the day. Protein doesn't help. Sugar certainly won't. Having a meal doesn't quite get me back up there, but the willingness to cook it is missing.


I probably have the morbs plus anxiety because trying to sell Adapting is getting to me. That and the fact that I'm only halfway towards the Lappy of my

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Mayhem is sick at home. Throwing up. So I'm dragging him to the doctor's a little later on. Story is happening whenever because this.

On the plus side: The Gold Coin Grass is working. All the you-have-gallstones side effects are present. On the other hand, that includes vomiting which means another trip to the doctor's.

The other plus is that I now know of Ursodeoxycholic acid. [ur-so-de-ox-ee-ko-lick]which will dissolve the gallstones and bypass the need to get the gall bladder removed.

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Crowded Day

Along with the usual running about, I have a shrink visit and little to show for it. Will endeavour to remember to bring the iPad so if any ideas pop out, I can start them right there.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram. If I do any art, it winds up there. Apologies in advance for my scrawly handwriting.

I also have the usual gamut of fetch quests, escort quests (aka, the Brat Run) and honedews that I swore I'd do

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The wait begins

I could not recover the email that my system ate. Woe. So I rewrote it. And sent it. And now I am merely attempting to not perish from the sheer anxiety of it.

8th House, the first publisher on the block, has stated nothing about simultaneous submissions nor a turn-around time. Darn. I feel like I should wait until September before trying another publisher, repeat in October, and then lurk off the radar until February. Thus avoiding the stench of NaNo.


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Time on My Hands

Good news bad news. Good news - I don't need to fret about posting my Blasts From the Past any more. And therefore have more time in my day.

Bad news - the draft I thought I had saved of a carefully-worded and exciting pitch to a publisher vanished without a fucking trace.

I can't even get rid of the window full of the empty document. It's just. There. Unkillable. Uneditable. Unbelievable.

So yeah.

Some of my morning will be absorbed by

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An End, A Beginning, A New Way

Today's the day I reach the end of my Blasts From the Past. Which means I have to find three other things to write about to keep my scores up, OR... focus intently on the one Instant and just go from there.

If I choose the latter [because lazy] I will have more time for Other Projects, which will be something of a boon.

I could also post sample chapters of whatever whenever so I can maybe entice people over to help

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Almost There!

Nod to the Disney song of the same title. I have almost caught up with everything. I have almost sent off a query and sample to a publisher, bu-u-ut...

My email server decided to up and DIE. For all of yesterday. And today isn't looking so swell either.

If y'all really need to contact me about something, then get to me via nutter (no spaces) buttler (at) gmail (dot) com. That's my alternate email and -so far- no spammers have found it.

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