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Wednesday, Wordpress and Errands

I have made the video to my satisfaction, hooray. Now I need to get that onto a thumb drive. And the music onto a different thumb drive. Because technical nonsense.

And then chase down a little something-something for the ceremony. We're telling everyone on the day what that is. No spoilers.

Thumb drives still wig me out a little bit. In this era of clouds and remembering disk drives, it's still ridiculous that you can store a novel or three on something small enough to lose between the floorboards.

I shall be putting everything important together in a big, unlosable kit. And because I am that level of paranoid, also make sure it's in my car on the day.

All of this shall help you understand why this week's Wordpress will be yet another installment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. I'm very, very busy.

Priorities, paranoia, and a lot of caffeine are in my immediate future.

But I will still find time to write stories, because my mind is never far from fiction.

Tuesday, Merry Birthmas to Me

I'm fifty years old, today. I am doing small celebratory things and being as ridiculous as I want to be because it's my birthday.

I have a set of shelves from Beloved for my birthday. I know this sounds ridiculously mundane, but those shelves shall house my record player and soon-to-be new sound system and I will be able to play my vinyl again! Huzzah!

I've been waiting on this for the better part of a year. I'm firkin excited about it.

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Monday, Complications, and Plotting

We will be bidding a final farewell to Capt. S later in the week, and preparations are underway for the ceremony.

Later this week, there will be another cancellation of my stream, because I will be off on family stuff. And I'd be useless for streaming anyway because whilst my tears work, my voice quits. I can either speak or cry, and crying is no good for stream.

So my expected output will be... variable. Bereavement takes priority.

As for today... let

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Sunday Complications

I'm writing this on Saturday night so that nobody panics on Sunday. There's a memorial for Capt. S at her church and we have to be there EARLY.

Which means we have to take off EARLY.

Which means that I won't have time for any of my scheduled shenanigans AT ALL.

Including my blog here.

Tomorrow is all about being there for the fam.

IF I can squeeze in an instant at a later hour, it will not be streamed. If I

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Saturday, Day In or Day Out?

...I have no firkin ideas. I am feeling run down and frazzled and frayed around the edges. I might just take a Mental Health Day.

Possibly involving Beloved.

Powers know that we all need a breather to just chill and zone out. Have a bath, watch something stupid, whatever we need to achieve a new equilibrium.

Or maybe another extended nap like the one I took yesterday. And neither of us are allowed to feel bad about not making content/solving problems/

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Friday, Recovery time needed

Something's in the air in the mountains of Rosewood, and I am SUFFERING, this morning.

I'm going to lie down for a bit after I'm done this morning and see how I fare after a good secondary nap.

I have no idea if I'll get going on any of my projects, today.

I need sleeps.

I also need to clean the Catio and feed my Starters at some point.

Publish first. Rest, next. Other nonsense thereafter.

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Thursday, Leyland's Tour

Today, all bets are off regarding output. I am driving/escorting my love all across the country so we can all deal with funerary arrangements and organising the final farewell.

I'm taking my iPad on the off chance that I may have an opportunity to add a sentence or two to the continuing story of a devilborn whose love life is going to hell.

...better known to everyone in the loop as A Devil's Tale.

It's a security blanket and we both

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Wednesday, Continuing Shenanigans

I have individuated thirty chapters for Mum's ease of access and... she can't access them for some reason -_- fml...

I asked her what she meant by "it won't Expand" but there was no indication about that from her. Fun stuff. I might find out at a later hour. I might have to go there and find out in person.

Not tomorrow, since I am helping Beloved with funerary arrangements and doing the whole prop-up and support thing. I shall be

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Tuesday, Patreon and Plotting

I am going to be set dressing in TaleSpire today. All the closer to swapping over to DungeonDraft and thereby speeding up the dungeon-making process. And also making a new process, huzzah.

I shall also be putting my continuing novel, A Devil's Tale, into a special folder so my mum can read it. Her compy doesn't like the huge master file, so she's getting a bespoke folder with each chapter in a separate document.

It's going to take me ages. I might

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Long Monday, but not really

It's school holidays, so I don't need to fret about anything. I can turn varied alarms off and just snooze.

After I'm done with the stream, of course.

Beloved has work-related nonsense early in the day. Blargh. Given how much running around she's doing for everyone else, I'm starting to feel a little neglected. And I'm worried that talking about that is going to make me selfish.


Even finding the time to talk to her is a problem. Given the running

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Sunday, Game Night and Shenanigans

Tale Foundry is about to commence the weekly reads. I am prepping for the stream and the entry for this week's competition.

I voted for this one, but I only had a vague idea of what to do with it so... hoist by my own petard, I guess.

I also forgot what day it was, yesterday, so I owe my audience another read to make up for it.

I think I'm getting over the mild lurgi I picked up at Woolies, so

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Saturday, Rhinovirus Embuggerance

So my blood test results were inconclusive. Just below normal, and the Doc wants another go as close as possible to blood lab opening hours.

Problem 1 - I have a rhinovirus
Problem 2 - I have to book the appointment or wait for everyone doing a fasting test before I get jabbed
Problem 3 - I may have to cancel a stream to do it.

Fun times.

So I must wait for the mild sneezies to bugger off before I book,

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Friday, Unfuckening and Shenanigans

I need to clean the catio today, and also see the local medico visavis my blood test. I also may have picked up a rhinovirus at Woolies.

Some dingus didn't cover their firkin mouth at the ONE place I forgot to wear my dang mask. FUCK.

I'm going to be exiled to the plague seats out in the open air. All the better to prevent the spread of disease.


Beloved and I have begun to work together on the budget, which

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Thursday, Game Night and Other Things???

My compy almost died last night because of some weird-arse crap. Something needed scraping out of the circuitry and I was lost for what the problem was.

A problem that did not get fixed until pretty fucking close to midnight. Thank the Powers that I napped between the time of the problem (9PM) and the time of the fixing.

Otherwise, I would be useless for everyone and everything.

I need to talk to my Beloved about how to guarantee contact with her.

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Wednesday, Wordpress & Organisation

My love spent the day and the night and the morning at work. She didn't turn up at home until like 2AM :P At some point, we need to get supplies and do a budget. Balancing things we need to pay for versus things we want to pay for et cetera.

One bit at a time, we shall manage stuff. Wrangle our income, wrestle our expenditures and get things sorted out.

I don't even know IF we're having a date night this

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