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real life

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I'm having a day

There's a thing on today about the NDIS, what you need to know, and all that blabla. Since both my kids have a mental disability, I have to learn things like:

  1. Where the bar is set on "disabled". Like, whether or not autism counts.
  2. If autism does count, can adults get in on it?
  3. How much is this going to cost me?

Meanwhile, I also have an Instant, the Patreon posts, my usual word count, and three -count'em- three TAZ prompts in my Tumblr in-box. I'm going to have to pace those bad boys out if I want my wrists to live.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, I've got a rocketing start on Yes, Chef! and I should be within range of pasting in that excerpt within -oohhh- ten more pages or so.

Novel writing has spoiled me for writing short stories. I'm ten thousand percent into all the worldbuilding and character establishment, and fifteen pages later I'm like, "There was a point in here somewhere..."

At least nobody complains about the volume of my chapters any more.

Doing my diddly darndest to get things done early before I get exhausted by the stuff later. Stay tuned, folks.

Pupil-Free Day

The kids have a short week, this week, because the Governments like to have paperwork, but not giving teachers time to actually do any of it.

I have to do a money run, of course, and thanks to paying for our tax financials, I'm not sure if I have the money to survive this week. If I don't, I'm just getting the cash to pay for the cleaners and that will be that.

I've squeaked through cashless times before. Hell, I've frisked

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Let's Have a Whole Weekend

My fic-less Saturday lasted for pretty much most of it. Then I got a prompt at chapter 17 of Tumbl Into TAZ and now I have more stuff to keep track of. Whee!

I have another fanfic prompt via Tumblr, so I'll be messing around with that today rather than getting on with any given one of my in-progress fics or the other ideas I have in my Plot Kittens File

I'm also going to begin tracking what I'm eating because my

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Et Finis

No, I'm not done with my novel. I'm done with writing Free Katz and I'm taking a day off from fanfic. Mostly so my brain gremlins get sorted on which is going to be the next fanfic I do because some ideas are shinier than others and the gremlin debates are getting a bit wild.

I might put it up to a poll, using the fic ideas that have excerpts as potentials.

If I had anywhere to put up a poll besides

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Mayhem needs some paperwork signed at his traineeship. I, therefore, have to uproot my usual Friday routine, get a transit card, travel with Mayhem to the city, sign documents, travel back, go home, and then fulfil my usual daily tasks.

At least I'm taking my lappy with me so I can work on my novel in transit. One bright point is that I get my 1K words in relatively early so I can focus (ha!) on other things.

What it means to

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Edging Towards Normal?

So, my internet went do-lally at the exact same time that YouTube crashed, and I only learned it was a thing after some semblance of connectivity restored itself and I saw all the memes.

I missed an international event because my internet access was that shit.

Only I could roll a nat one on perception like that, folks.

It's cleaning day, so things might be delayed.

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The Internet is So Slow

It's not fair. I only just got used to the relative breakneck speed of the NBN and now flood season has firkin ruined it with moisture adulterating the signal. I can barely get my normal shit done.

Good news: We have meat to satiate my little darlings' need for variety.

Bad news: It all needs packing up.

Good news: I have the gigantic crochet hook for my gaseous project.

Bad news: I have to go hunting for a really big ball of

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Oh, it's All So Nice...

There's an old comedy song and, like most old comedy songs, it hasn't aged well. I don't remember all of it because I have a mind like a steel seive, but the chorus has stuck with me.

Oh, it's all so nice in the nuthouse/ All alone in me little padded cell/ Oh it's all so nice in the nuthouse/ And the doctors and the nurses treat me well...

Today... promises to be one of those days where I wish someone else

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Hello the Clusterfuck

Beloved hasn't done shit for the taxes save for printing their information, so now it's up to me to do the thing. Before Friday.

Fortunately, the local accountants are amenable and I have an appointment early tomorrow so I can get this shiznit out of the way ASAP.

Come next financial year, I am pestering Beloved to get things over with before their weekends are eaten alive by the Melbourne Cup Monster.

Things to look forward to - a new episode of

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The internet is back up despite the sogginess of the atmosphere, so my best guess is some form of minor corrosion has reconnected the points. One would think that an internet system would be built to ameliorate minor flooding, or major flooding. Especially in a land where droughts and flooding rain are a cyclical thing.

...but here we are, I guess.

Followers of my Plot Kittens File will note that there's another plot kitten and another exerpt waiting your eager eyes. The

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Not Much Data

The weather has knocked out my usual internet connection. You read that right. A system initially designed to survive the Nuclear Holocaust has been knocked out by water getting into the connections.

Real life sucks.

So. In order to actually get today's tale out into the world, I'm currently using phone data to transmit.

The effort to not procrastinate is intense, y'all. I'm not succeeding that great at it either.

When my Instant is done, I get back to the shittier side

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I made it another week

Critical Role will be live in five hours. I hope to be able to view it. That gives me five hours to do my Instant, write one thousand words, and generally make sure my meat suit is fed and healthy.

This whilst experiencing intermittent internet problems for some reason.

First diagnostic revealed that I was hooked up to the wrong wifi. Fingers crossed that that is all that's wrong with my connection.

I have my phone, so if things go very south,

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Thursday Already?

I can deal with that.

I've started taking Magnesium because I have no other explanation as to why I'm constantly out of energy.

Good news (for me) I finally got the Taako's School mysterious package and I already stalled on the first [orange feather] puzzle.

My process:

  1. Listen to all the Stone of Farspeech messages I could find [Did anyone else find Magic Brian's answerphone message inside the box?] and thus get spoiled for the ending.
  2. Realise that the SoF had letters
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It's working...

Positive attitude works a little bit. I was able to focus on getting my shit done as planned. I ran out of energy to play, but I got all my nonse done. Huzzah.

I'm back down to the heavier end of 77 kilos, and lower than my previous low before this week's hike up to 78. So now I have hope that I can do the thing and get back to my previous low of 72, and perhaps get to my goal

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I'm Happy

I got to see the new Doctor on the big screen. A little too uncomfortably close to the big screen, but I saw it and I'm happy. Jodie Whittaker is going to be brilliant, I can feel it.

I got to have some sushi last night. Some had chilli sauce on it, but I regret little else bar seeing the lighter side of seventy-eight kilos again. That's what happens when you have too many carbs. But I got some delicious foods and

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