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There goes that PLN

I woke up at arse AM again, and I set down with a solid plan to edit an episode of Inter-Mission for y'all. Good plan, right?

Except Mayhem was also awake at arse AM and that lead to a shitpost philosophy session that is fun, but... no editing possible. Bleh.

I'm waiting for the still of the day then.

In the meantime, I have identified an agency that says they want scifi, so I'm sending them my scifi. I'm giving them two weeks, since they haven't given me a time limit to expect a reply, and then I'm out after the next one.

The query letter is off. Cross your fingers, pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, fold a thousand paper cranes... invoke your luck roll, whatever. Send me all your good vibes.

I'm not giving up on this.


So. Yesterday's PLN to go seeking publishers/agents went awry. Why? Because yet another instance of site skimming apps cropped up and this time, I had to take action.

Site skimmer apps are more or less little bots that go through other sites' content and present it as their own. Some are little more than cosmetic windows by which users can interface with the site, others... copy without permission.

What they all do is remove traffic from the origin site, so statistics

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Okay. Now that I am no longer obsessing about getting last year's Year of Instants out into the world, I can now obsess about selling off Adapting to some luckless lucky soul out there that I can find who might just be interested in this kind of thing.

The usual run of madness be happening today. Money run, house unfuckening, Instant and 500 words in the novel. I have money in the bank again, but I'm still pulling my head in because

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Good Morning!

Thank goodness Beloved woke me up at Midnight because I forgot to re-activate my Toasty Stream Alert (tm) so I could be there for the creation of wonderful.

There is a very strong temptation, now to write a new ficcy in the Divinity Universe where the Old Executioner [you see him in the opening minute of the Church Animatic] escapes with kid!Sanga and Ashivon. Because a found family on a road trip home flicks all my buttons.

It's going to be

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We had fun.

Too much bad food. Just enough bad TV. I heartily recommend Velocipastor as the new Plan 9 From Outer Space. It is very clearly something some people filmed in and around their homes, with their mates, possibly while drunk.

Beloved suspects it was written, directed, and edited whilst drunk. It would explain a lot, actually.

For those of you who love terrible movies, this one is a GEM. 10/10, would laugh at again.

Since my family actually got out of bed

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I edited the heck out of an episode, but I've yet to introduce the background music. I've also found out that I'm an episode behind, so there goes some significant portion of my weekend.

I'm short by one episode so, theoretically, I should be able to make that happen during the following fortnight. Theoretically.

Today, I should be able to get the music in the current episode. Tomorrow, recording the next batch of stories. The day after? Who can tell.

It's Valentine's

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Thursday Already?

Well shoot. I really need to edit that episode because a new one's gonna be published TOMORROW and oh my goodness what a mess.

I also need to find time to get Chaos some regulation pants. So that promises to be "fun".

I'm going to do everything I can and hope the windows align. Hope the money lasts. Hope for deliverance (cha cha cha).

I seriously have to get my shit together.

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I have finally published 2019's Year of Instants. Huzzah.

You can buy it here for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. W00t!

I notice my "sales" of all my free stuff have already spiked. Thanks all'a y'all.

So today, I'm going off about the government's committee nonsense in regards to Autism and what Autistes like me (a) are like, (b) actually need, (c) definitely want to exist in this world.

Like, for serious, I could go on for DAYS about autism

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Well, shit

So the heavy rains have cut off our interwebs and I am using my phone as a hot spot so I can get the message out. I can hope that the internets will return to my locale, but it's not looking that great. The network literally had all night to reboot, but it's still a notwork. Bleh.

So I'm keeping my activities to a minimum because phone data CO$T$ a fuckbunch. So... no Patreon and no Wordpress until the data starts

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Monday Again? Okay.

This week's goal is a total of 81K in KOSBOB, and today's goal is unfuckening the house followed by adjusting the new cover for 2019's Year of Instants.

If I can get that done with relative ease [I mean, there's not a lot I have to do to the cover to make it ready] then I can try to focus on finishing off the formatting. THEN I can maybe just post the dang story.

Fingers crossed.

I have maybe three quarters of

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It seems to have worked?

Like... I didn't have any freezing. I was able to do other things [though I did move the writing of the Instant to my lappy whilst the main compy did the Disk Doctor thing] and all SEEMS okay.

Acid test #1: Making the cover to 2019's Year of Instants.

Acid test #2: Creating and adjusting the Word97 version of 2019's Year of Instants.

All these compy shenanigans have been why I've procrastinated all of that noise. So. I'll do the important stuff

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OK here's teh PLN

In order to try and make my compy last a little longer, I am trying to fix it myself. Brace for explosions.

Step 1) Backup the drive [currently in progress]
Step 2) Run Disk Doctor on it all
Step 3) Pray hard

If this works, then I don't need to fret about any further fixes... for now.

If it doesn't work, then I have to make an appointment with the local Apple Store to get the hard drive replaced. Sigh.

The backup's

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So my main compy is dying and Plan B is just using my laptop 100% of the time. Not fun since the lappy refuses to let me in to my own forum for reasons that perplex me.

It might need a new hard drive installed(Plan A), which would honestly be cheaper than the roughly $4K needed to replace the entire machine.

I could NEVER afford $4K for a new iMac. Not the way things are at the moment, anyway. So I

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Okay. I think I've got this

Today is Thursday and, if I push, I can maybe get 1K out of me and into KOSBOB so that I have Friday as free as any other day of the weekend.

I should also record some stories and edit another episode of Inter-Mission because that needs to be ready for next Friday. I've got a chance of doing some recording today whilst the rain doth not fall...

But for now? I'm writing as much Instant as I can before I have

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Okay. I think I've got the hang of things...

The weather has turned rainy and I, for one, am glad that some of the blistering heat has toned down more than a smidge. However, Australia is still on fire, there's a plague running rampant all over the world, and our politicos are failing us in a very big way.

I have "rediscovered" the secret of not twiddling off on distraction-fueled browsing - and that is to shut off every window but the one I'm working on so I can actually firkin

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