Bread Day

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Saturday, Day 0, Bread Secundis

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Forty-three total active cases, twenty seven are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

My wholemeal bread's been in the fridge all night and is now both thawing and rising in the bread incubator. I've been working with Ingrid, this week. Which is kind of fun because Beloved has taken a little dab of Ingrid to grow their starter.

We're calling it "Ingrid Secundis" aka Is-ie. When we're not calling it "the pet".

Today's PLN includes bread, another stream, one more month of tags and one more board for the campaign. Seven done, six to go.

In the news:

  • AstraZeneca kills thousands! Not because of side effects, but by scarelore spread by the news. Stay classy,
  • Olympic shenanigans, including the fact that athletes are expected to sacrifice their health and mental welbeing for a national brag token that will then be forgotten as soon as they can no longer perform
  • Simone Biles has some hot goss about that
  • ScoMo reveals vax hurdles
  • Blood clot risk from the vax is higher if you've already had the plague. Maybe test for antibodies before a jab?
  • Hotspots hurt property values
  • Long Covid is now called PACS and it's hurting thousands. I'll get back to you on the acronym because memory of concussed whelk
  • Woman scammed for $250K by alleged kidnappers. Yeah, it's a variant of the Spanish Prisoner
  • Knomira in Aldi deliberately spaces out their wares on the conveyor so they have "time to pack". Stay classy. Just bundle everything in the trolley like everyone else and use the firkin counters that are THERE FOR YOU TO USE. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Firkin Knomiras inconveniencing everyone else for their selfish alleged needs

I shall now prep for stream. Huzzah. Maybe I shall catch you there.

Friday, Day 0, Bread Day

Plague News: One new case, an import. Forty-two total active cases, twenty three are in hospital and one is in the ICU.


I have a starter in the fancy-arse bread incubator this morning. It's still growing, but I got to keep an eye on it. I can only cook the bikkies after Miss Chaos has got on her bus. Timing is everything.

Meanwhile, I fear my wholemeal flour has gone sour. This is an immense pain in my butt since it's

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Friday, Day 0, Bread and Nonsense

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fourteen active cases, twelve in hospital.

I'm having a second go at making bread, the bathroom is done, and I have made zero programming progress last night. We installed some more stuff that we need to make the User Interface.

The bathroom ended up on the heftier side of a three-figure purchase. Bills all paid. Next on my agenda - working firkin DOORS. That shouldn't cost much, so I'm putting my funds towards the editing

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Friday, Day 0, Bread!

Plague update: 2 new cases, both imports. Thirteen total, and ten are in hospital.

We're almost out of bread. So I need to make more. I need to make more of the wholly wholemeal too, but I don't have 48 hours to do that because...

  1. I may or may not be doing some programming on the weekend
  2. I will definitely be helping MeMum with varying tech solutions
  3. I would actually like some time where I'm not up to my elbows in horse
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Friday, Day 1, Bread Day

No new cases! That's Day 11 on the domestic scale, by the way. There's forty-three total cases, forty-two are in hospital and only one is technically loose. In captivity in a hotel with the potential to breeze past security measures version of "loose".

I'm starting the process on some wholly wholemeal loaves so I can maybe regulate the plumbing. I have the bikkie going [nine sliced olives on it BTW] and Wilson is on my desk and growing up for a special

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Saturday, Day 6, Mor Bread

So one loaf made on Wednesday turned out to be a sod [bum!] but we turned it into bruchetta-esque [bruchettesque?] and now there's a slight need for more bread because there's still only one loaf in the freezer.

I'm working with Ingrid today, and since I had a sod out of the batch, I'm going back to the four-hour proof in the hope that that works. Still going for the double breadpan thing. Eliminate the variables one at a time. Even if

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Friday, Day 0, Bread

If I hadn't been irrevocably awake at 1AM, I would not be trying this. But yes, I am making bread with my new stoneground Lauke brand flour which is like the second-healthiest bread I could possibly make. Yay.

The fam wants white bread. I can make it today, thanks to the head start involved in being awake at F-off AM. It's already at the autolysis stage, so I should be baking by the evening. Yay.

How I'll fare at my 1K goal

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Saturday, Day 0, Bread Day part 2

I have one lump of dough is both proofing and defrosting. Another set of dough-in-potentia is waiting for Wilson to rise to the occasion. There's one new case in the books, keeping the total at twelve.

Twelve is better than twenty-five. I gotta say it. It's still not as cool as six or less.

It's feast day, so I have nebulous plns to indulge in the carbs. All whilst making breads.

In the news:

  • Continuing hilarity as Redditors and common folk firkin
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Friday, Day 0, Bread Day part1

There are zero loaves in the freezer as of this morning. One new case and a total of active cases coming in at twelve.

I'm making four loafs with a side-pln to make more bread on Wednesday.

The single biggest and most joyful news of the day is that about 200 redditors decided to unanimously wreck the fuck out of the market by doing what rich people keep telling poor people to do - invest in stocks. Now billionaires are losing their

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Friday, Day Zero, Bread and Business

One new case today, and the total's at twenty-three. One patient in the ICU, which is worrying me a bit.

Restrictions are easing, and the most important part, government sponsored daycare schools are allowed to remain open. Huzzah. Even better news from my perspective - I scrolled most of the way down my phone's news feed this AM and only saw that saggy orange canker sore once. Bonus - he didn't look happy.

I'm still breathing sighs of relief over here. It's

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Friday, Day Zero, Bread

Four new cases, taking the count to twenty-seven. They're all overseas cases and the authorities are looking for the daughter of a case who may have been infected during a hospital visit. She might have somehow missed all the PSA's all over the place with pictograms and simple language as part of their design features.

The Repugnicans left their spines at home during the Impeachment vote. Only ten of them actually stood up and admitted their alleged leader was a sack of

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Friday, Day Zero, Bread Day

Another case from overseas, detected in quarantine. The system works. Huzzah. Eight active cases. So less opportunity for random Typhoid Karens. I feel better about my place in this world.

Not completely safe, but better. Better is good enough for me. I'm actually contemplating hanging up my mask. Just... not... yet. See how this weekend goes.

Turns out I've been having a bout of depression, that was way beyond overdue. So once more I'm not paying a lot of attention to the

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Saturday - Day Zero - Bread Part 2

Two cases again from overseas, on a boat. No word as to whether they're staying on the boat or what. Blargh. My dough is thawing on the dining room table as I write this blog.

I'm leaving the Wordpress results of the troll up. It's a part of my learning journey and that kind of documentation might be important at a later date. Whatever. It is a piece of my past nevertheless.


It's Saturday and we're out of cream, I'm running

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Friday - Day One - Bread Day

This morning I fell for a troll, fed my starters, and measured out the stuff to make bread with. I have confirmation that the ducks are marching towards a final destination of getting Miss Chaos on the NDIS. I have made The Bikkie and am eating chunks of it as hunger nibbles at me.

I have yet to take my coffee and pills, but all in all, it's not bad for being awake since 3AM. I'll take the positive. The thing I

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Friday - Day Zero

One new case linked to a previous case, and already in quarantine. A week left, more or less, until the Brisbane anti-lockdown protests blow up in a spate of new cases.


The more it goes on, the more it keeps on going on. Blurgh. It's almost bus o'clock right now, so I will be working on potentially the last 100 words in my novel for two weeks because school holidays.

I'm back and my PLNs include: bread, unfuckening, and today's Instant.

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