Game Nite

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Game Nite!

Our regular DM is out for life reasons and will be back eventually, so tonight the gang and I are planning a horror one-shot IN SPACE. I get the feeling this is a playtest of a system under construction, but I don't care.

I rolled up a scientist and plan on having zero social skills for the in-character portion of the game. As well as baffling them with technobabble.

It's a one-shot. There's zero investment and maximum potential for fun.

I also have a thousand words to do today because I straight-up forgot to write part of my novel, yesterday. But after that, I should be up to my total goal quota of 69 (nice) thousand words.

I'm a mere few weeks from throwing my bread upon the waters once more.

Plus I'm having extended troubles with getting 2018's Year of Instants up on the Premium list. First it's the epub check. Then it's the pricing. Then it's apparently the epub check masquerading as the pricing? I don't get it.

It will get sorted. Eventually. One day. On that day, I shall revive Self-Shill Saturdays.

In the meantime... I have stuff to write. And HAM priorities.

Challenge #01737-D276: Welcome to My Dungeon

"Would you let me decide already. Are you my eldritch patron from beyond the stars or are you my DM?"

"Kinda both." -- RecklessPrudence

The people around the table erupted in laughter. Karel giggled a little bit herself. "Yeah, I'm playing all the fucking gods in this game, and the big bad terrifying threat, so... yeah. I better get some respect from you assholes."

"And mountain dew," added Ferni.

"Well, duh. Of course mountain dew. That's what runs my magnificent brain and

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