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Sunday, Game Night and Expenses

I forgot to check my alarms this morning -_- Bleh. Still managed to get a game sesh on for my international peeps.

The cats are now fed, and I am currently watching the Foundry until it's time to my story stream.

The rest of my day is for offerings and other shenanigans. Including working out the schedule for the rainbow crowd game night henceforth.

Whee fun.

I might even have time to fix my "evil" playthrough in BG3. Or I might go back to trying my "heroic" Dark Urge. Or even get back to Kosh's misadventures. I love Baldur's Gate 3 :D

I am going to play through each of my alts before I load up mods and play through as Gaarsh just for the lols. I shall be recording that for later laughs.

It's bound to be hilarious. Gaarsh is a Bugbear. One of the traditional enemies of Faerune. I dearly want to see how well that plays out.

Anyway. There shall be stream, and there shall be offerings. And there shall be fun times as I prep to have a party with friends in Sydney next week.

Interesting times ahoy.

Sunday, Games and Streams and Fun Times

We're back into the game and, after some MONDO dicking around, the crew got into some PLOT!

Fenri has a surprise sister. Fiver's found her kid that she forgot she had, and both of them and the asshole that killed Fiver's lover are in a carnival in the thrall of an Archfey.

And I threw Marvellous Magical Marvin in there too. For the lols.

I have to make up a bunch of intelligent attractions that are also in the thrall of a

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Saturday, Parkrun and Impending Panic

I am waking up early tomorrow morning, and it looks like the rainbow crowd is having a game night tonight.


I shall probably end up spending a lot of my weekend asleep, this time around.

I don't expect a lot of extracurricular activities until after Monday.

I shall get my offerings done, maybe play a bit of Baldur's Gate 3, and then catch a napnap before tonights game.

I'm going to check that it's really on before committing to being awake

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Thursday, Aftermaths and Twofer Day

We busted our voices singing the Greatest Hits of Queen among other songs, I consumed WAAAAYYY too much sugar. Great bonding experience all around.

For a majority of yesterday, it was Hurry-Up-And-Wait. Followed by Go-Places-And-Do-Things. So I didn't get many of my offerings out yesterday.

Plus, when I am roaming around the place with the security blanket lappy, my brain goes on "Must write book" mode.

Eh, at least I got some extra verbiage done.

Chapter Count: 3/5ths through Chapter 300.

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Saturday, Parkrun and Game PLNs

Whoopsydoodles, I forgot to work on the blog before setting off towards today's story.

Successful parkrun, today. Beloved walked, and had to slow down because OW, fractured arm. She didn't take her sling, which she still needs when doing a lot of moving about.

Derp de derp derp, my love.

Something we will remember for the next time.

We have to wrap that lovely lady in cotton wool.

The three of us managed to get Miss Chaos moving faster than a taffy-esque

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Thursday, Cyclone Headache and Game Nite

I awoke with a cyclone headache, which is still persisting despite the painkillers I took with my coffee. It's VTTRPG [Virtual Table Top Role Playing Game] night and the further adventures of the chaos crew are bound to contain lots more dicking around.

We spent at least half of last sesh adapting to the new Owlbear, and this is the crew that takes two hours to cross a bridge.

We have fun.

The painkillers are starting to make my head fade from

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Saturday, Parkrun, Bikkie, and Game Night

I didn't do the Bikkie yesterday because I was offski with the family tech support. So I shall be working on that, later today.

For now, I rest my feet and prepare my offerings for my lovely readers.

Miss Chaos managed to do the whole 5K walk today, so now she's in the system and may even persist in what parkrunners refer to as "the cult".

She doesn't like the pain, but she may yet appreciate the gain.

The game that should

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I spent another night alone because Beloved was off helping Friendo Awesome fend off a house inspection yesterday.

I get to cuddle her again when she gets home at noonish.

And that I shall enjoy.

I shall be working on my offerings via stream today. Just as soon as TaleFoundry has finished the reads.

I might even write a little bit of a chapter at a later hour. Speaking of...

Chapter Count: Finished chapter 278 and about to launch 279. Hooray.


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Thursday, Assorted Shenanigans

Tonight, I shall be playing D&D on the move. I can do the thing on my lappy, and I shall have to tonight.

Beloved and Friendo Awesome and I are going to have an involved gasbag concerning shared involvements on seemingly random things.

Further bulletins as events warrant. I can't really share until I know what the flip is actually going on

I also have to arrange a Cans Run at some point. Possibly this Monday.

Hooray for I Have

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Thursday, Game Night and Dunwannas

The mood is "flop around and whine about everything" today. I took an abundance of time to haul myself out of a nice comfy bed.

I'm feeling "heavy" today and that generally means that I'm having a stealth asthma attack and can't get enough oxygen. Usually, the humidifier is a good option for making that go away.

If that fails, it's up the meds and hope for the best.

Or I figure out where the hair up my butt is and work

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Sunday, Game Nite Twofer

Thanks to assorted shenanigans, I have two games going in a 24-hour period. One will be going a little bit late.

So it's therefore in my best interests to publish my daily offerings and then go the fuck to sleep for the rest of the day.

Let's see how great that goes for me. Luckily, I know where there's a spare caffeine tube.

Speaking of luck - I now have my OG good phone back! I also have a complete stock of

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Streaming Nonsense

I've already done the Game Stream, and I'm watching Tale Foundry. I can't do my usual stunt of writing the next story in advance. Because the leads on the vote are tied.

So I shall spend the intervening minutes working on another chapter of A Devil's Tale because I need to have those to keep my Beloved happy. Well. I also want to have those. Because this whole book is fun.

For the second time, DungeonDraft crashed as I was trying to

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Sunday, Game morning & Tale Foundry

Just finished game time with the international maniacs. I'm watching Tale Foundry and about to ponder the prompt.

I also wish to get onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons to do the whole turnip thing. It's a THING. Turnips == profit + stock market joke.

So I'll be warming up the Switch to play whilst I listen to the Foundry.

Story happening live on stream after that. It's going to be fun. The cats wish to be fed hours ago.

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Nite

Tale Foundry is about to stream, I am going to try recreating my usual trick of writing a story before the stream ends.

See how I go, as I have zero ideas for this week's prompt.

I shouldn't force it to be KoshDelia, but I keep thinking KoshDelia thoughts about it.


Also at some point today, I should make The Bikkie.

Tonight, I shall do the stream thing and y'all have a chance to catch me writing even more of A

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