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Sunday, Day 1, Game Night

Plague news: No new cases! There's nineteen total active cases, fifteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 90% first vax, 82.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland is STILL dead last at 81.7% first vax, 69.9% fully vaxxed.

I think I've got a handle on things with the irrational sleep schedule of Long Monday. For those of you not in the know, Long Monday starts at about 10PM Sunday night, when I awake from an afternoon nap I arranged so I could do this.

From there, I acquire caffeine and snackabobs, and set up for D&D, which runs between 11PM and 3AM Monday morning. I get more coffee, soup, and meds in the hour between that and my Monday Morning Stream. Which promises to be wild.

THEN I get onto the Tale Foundry reserve readings which serves to keep me awake until Miss Chaos gets home.

If I can stay conscious until 5PM, I will take that as a win.


When I get back to writing a novel, I think I may reduce my expectations for word counts on that day. Maybe do 1K Tuesday as well as 1K Friday. Just to keep the 3K/week goal that has done me good things so far.

I think, when I write the final words of this trilogy, I shall focus intensely on reviewing/rewriting/editing my extant finished novels. I have enough of a backlog that, if struck with a new idea, it's not going to hurt any expectations a publisher may have.

Which means I may have to poke my editor into action. To be fair, life is being mean to her, so I shall be gentle.

In the news:

  • China gives ominous threat to Australia
  • More Meghan Markle Malarky
  • When we open up, there's going to be chaos
  • Earthquake in WA
  • Doctor says to stop giving kids a particular treat
  • Plane crash on Perth beach
  • Melbourne protestors against the tradie vax law were spouting QAnon horseshit
  • Billionaire warns against inflation. Maybe stop contributing to it, ya mungbean
  • Thames is no longer biologically dead
  • Paris Hilton marries
  • Flood warnings for Eastern Australia

I am waiting for Tale Foundry to stream. Then I shall stream. And then I shall have some fun with the family. Yay.

Until four PM. That's when I sleep so I can start Long Monday.

Fun was had. Friction is generating.

So we had some decent RP. Not a lot of decent fights, but some decent RP. We had all players but I didn't have enough warning to buy Krispy Kremes for the entire group. I let them know though.

I might be on the hook for a gigantic box of doughnuts, next fortnight.


  • Barbarian too scared to confront my Tief so he sent a note up with his invisible servant
  • My Tief gave him lines ["I will not shoot my allies"
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Finally! Rest... (sort of)

Well, today is the 7th day of feeding the starters, and I now have them resting in the fridge so that I have time for other things. Like taking a firkin BREAK.

It's the thirteenth this month, which happens to be a Friday, so there is an almost mandatory uptick in gambling. I won't be having a flutter via $1 scratchie. I am content in hoping my "cheesy bread" will actually turn out okay.

Chaos has swimming and I have D&

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It's the morning after the night before and, despite having D&D, I'm reasonably well-rested.

The session ended early - about 9:30ish because new shenanigans should really include more people at the table than my immediate family members plus one.

Boy howdy, there were shenanigans.

The rescue of the nobles in the house turned into a clusterfuck when the Lord told us his wife was indirectly responsible for the fireballing of some innocent children. This made the Barbarian rage and

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Two of our players are out on other business, and we still have four players, so the sesh will be going ahead. WOO!

Character hints ahoy :D gonna drop some backstory clues and hope other players pick it up. I might get a Glare from the DM, but damnit, I love having a few gems for excavation.

Today includes unfuckening the house again, one thousand words, and of course the D&D. It's gonna be fun.

Tomorrow... I am going to

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That Went... Okay?

The first sesh of the year and we have a completely new player with us, as in, their first ever game of D&D was with us last night. So of course, puns, shenanigans, and at least half an hour debating the renovations we were making to our base of operations.

Fantasy The Block, coming soon to an adventuring table near you.

Lowkey though, I do want to create a replica of this place in Minecraft, even though that's pretty terrible

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Tonight is game night and I am so pumped about it that I awoke at 3AM and had various difficulties sleeping the remainder of the morning.

I am going to be WRECKED tomorrow. Be warned.

With the grace of the Powers That Be, and a LOT of caffeine, I and my character will survive the evening. I plan on having fun with everything, no matter what.

I also have to unfuck the house today. A PLN somewhat helped by the fact that

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Level Up!

My Tiefling Monk [and Nightcrawler Expy] hit level 2 and gained Ki points... Alas, we missed out on RP of a cool training montage. So I did what any writer would do - I wrote five pages of training montage to kind'a share how cool it all looked inside my head.

...I may be forced to DM something because of this, IDK.

Maybe authors shouldn't be allowed to play D&D because we're wont to pull shit like this.

Anyway. 'Tis

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Dee un Dee! Dee un Dee!

It's D&D night and I am planning to at least combat the excess of the evening with the abstinence during the day. I shall be a good little nugget and expand my fasting window so I can gorge -as I inevitably do- when the game is on.

My Beloved is taking this old car of mine as a lost cause. Even if the motor is cheaply fixable, it's not worth keeping around. So... in perfect logic, they went and ordered

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So That Happened...

We had a short session last night because (a) One party member was away sick and (b) the plot arrived quicker, but...

Despite all that...

I was bloodied twice in one fight, surprise-attacked by a troll, and learned that my faux german accent was too much for our new DM so I'm toning it down next sesh.

It's not easy being squishy.

Thankfully, I have tactics of a sort. Tactics and ten darts. I'll have to engineer a system to make sure

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I am so excited. I am going to play a slutty, slutty Tiefling who's basically Fantasy Nightcrawler. Because I rolled low for my constitution, I gotta clear with the DM about whether or not using a plotline to fix that could be a thing.

If not, it's still early enough to re-roll that and retcon some shit. We shall see.

I got way ahead on my word count, yesterday, which means my novel writing needs only 300-ish words before my 3K for

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Aftermath, Part 1

Fun was had, last night. Fun will be had during the wee small hours of tomorrow's AM. I will be WRECKED, but I'm going to enjoy it.

There are the remains of two cakes in the house. One is almost doomed, the other is only initially doomed. I've gained some significant weight, and I might diet all through the rest of this month and the next one... but not today.

Today, I have treats.

I also have a Tiefling Monk who's basically

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Early cleaning == maybe time to go out and get a replacement autohinge because dummins I broke the other one... but potentially not time to install it because Game Nite plus writerly nonsense plus... whatever.

I'm planning on breaking Keto this evening and Madness Burgers are on my menu!

...also potentially a shitton of forbidden fruit, so to speak. All the things that are bad for me but taste SO delicious. I may gain an entire kilo from the feast.

Worth it.


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It wasn't as late as it could have been, but it still ran me a teeny bit ragged. I hope not ragged to the point where I fall over with this damned ekka flu.

Chaos brought it home. Mayhem caught it. I'm... in close vicinity to both these darling little vectors of mine.... Getting run down is a guarantee for catching Lurgi.

I owe y'all a story, too. But if I need to take a week off from the novel so I

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Challenge #02422-F232: Crit Happens

Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out 'til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along. ~Terry Pratchett

Also known as being a DM. (Dungeon Master) -- Anon Guest

Imagine a game so complicated that even the experts have to look up the rules. It is not just played with dice, but also cards, charts, tables, books, miniatures, and a hell of a lot of imagination. There is only one person at the

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