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Run the Fuck Out

Ok, so here's the situation. I got a son to deliver to graduation, a kitty to deliver for her hysterectomy, a child to deliver to her bus, and said graduation to attend.

Story is going to be hella late.

I can try to get stuff done, but I can't make promises.

I did wake up earlier this morning, but I dove into temptation and spent my energy on some self-indulgent claptrap that may never see the light of day.

...check my Patreon like a month later when I can't stand not sharing any more.

Let's see how far I can get.

OK. Here we go.

My schedule this morning is looking like this:

  • Do blog
  • Do as much Patreon stuff as I can, including a backlog of stories
  • Brat run
  • Come home and find Jolie
  • Imprison Jolie in cat carrier
  • Take Jolie to get jabs
  • Bring her back home
  • Release the feline (and be unforgiven for the remains of the day)

So today's tale may be a smidge late. Or more than a smidge. And I may not have the wherewithal to do a flash fanfiction, so

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Second Chaos Week

I have another week of disrupted schedules, running around for stuff, and generally being a disorganised loon.

I have a cat getting vaccinations. I have a cat getting desexed. Different cats. I have Mayhem's graduation plus hauling him to a job interview. I have the regular shuffle of Cleaning Days and the chaos of Whatever Is Happening To My Car.

Like, I should be finding out what's going on with my vehicle this week. I hope. If not, I'll have to ring

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My love still has to go to work on a weekend, and the Queensland Summers are making it nigh impossible to keep the cats out of doors in the daylight. Cleaning Day just got 1000% more interesting because cats.

Today is interesting because I'm planning a game day with DFATW. I need to get my story done or it'll never get done.

Let's get on with it.

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Interesting Day

There's an apocryphal curse, May You Live in Interesting Times. It's been an interesting day already.

Starting with:

  • Beloved home from work on a day off
  • Mayhem home from school because exams
  • Cleaning day
  • Jolie figured out how to escape exile in the Catio
  • Chaos and I had to chase her and chuck her out again

I've also learned that I need to launch in order to build anything in Roll20, so... I might not be building anything in Roll20... yet. I'll

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Shenanigans Wahey!

So. I think I have a rough handle on Roll20. I shall attempt map-making anon. What I really need to know is how to undo something I don't like. I shall be experimenting as I familiarise myself with the tools there.

I really want to make a campaign for D&D.

I also want to finish some fanfics and today is looking to be the day. Mayhem apparently doesn't have to be anywhere, so I shouldn't have to go very far

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Exam Shenanigans

Mayhem is entering the exam block, so the schedule is wonky. Not fun for the schedule, since today is also Cleaning Day.

I am taking it easy on my novel-writing this week because I know my schedule is going to be wrecked. Plus Mayhem wants to make me help him build dungeons for his friends.

I'm still doing the Instant, and any fiction prompts I have in my inbox... I'm just... taking my ease with the word count. Therefore, giving me space

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Dee un Dee! Dee un Dee!

It's D&D night and I am planning to at least combat the excess of the evening with the abstinence during the day. I shall be a good little nugget and expand my fasting window so I can gorge -as I inevitably do- when the game is on.

My Beloved is taking this old car of mine as a lost cause. Even if the motor is cheaply fixable, it's not worth keeping around. So... in perfect logic, they went and ordered

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Silence There

I haven't heard anything back from the car repair people, so I shall assume they discovered that they were the ones who fucked up and are now sweating cobs about how to handle this news.

I can hope for schadenfreude and not be evil, right?

Well, small sins aside, I took a sanity break from ficcing yesterday, and I fully expect my daughter-across-the-water to be slightly peeved about that. She needs her ficcy fix and I was unable to provide.

I needed

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So I'm visiting my Shrink today, and I have a revelation to remember...

My temporal challenged state is actually a comorb of Autism! It makes immense amounts of sense and can plausibly be used to construct Autism diagnoses for other adults who struggle for one because reasons.

I just gotta remember that S. I sent myself a message, so we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of how that goes, I am going to be writing my Instant and novel on my lappy

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Some Good Things

Okay. So. I got to play a game with my daughter-from-across-the-water. It was fun, I gotta admit. I did get to catch up a little further along on catching up on Critical Role.


I did not get to start printing my mini. Dag.

Beloved wanted to play WoW instead of helping me out so I didn't get that cheev. But I can still have a clean house and keep pestering Beloved to make my mini.

Speaking of, I have to do

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Plotting and PLNs

Today, my Beloved is home. Today, I have a chance to print out a miniature. A chance. Not a guarantee.

I'm not going to pay for the download until I know Beloved is awake because the longer I have money in my account, the better it's doing for me. Also because I don't want shenanigans from getting the wrong file. So I want to be sure I'm getting it right.

I have just enjoyed watching Toastyhat create more of her video, and

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I am so excited. I am going to play a slutty, slutty Tiefling who's basically Fantasy Nightcrawler. Because I rolled low for my constitution, I gotta clear with the DM about whether or not using a plotline to fix that could be a thing.

If not, it's still early enough to re-roll that and retcon some shit. We shall see.

I got way ahead on my word count, yesterday, which means my novel writing needs only 300-ish words before my 3K for

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Wednesday Already? Wow.

Today, I have to come up with something for Wordpress. Today, I also reach the bottom of the chocolate stash my daughter-from-across-the-water sent me in her last care package.

I owe her the good stuff, no joke. I just gotta scratch it all together.

Speaking of, I also need to scratch together today's content.

Here I go.

[Addendum: For those of you tracking my brain meds, I'm still waiting on the shipment]

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Once more around around again

It's Monday, and I have the usual shenanigans going on. Only this time, I have to schedule a trip to the post office because Capt S. Forgot some important things at our place and it's easier to mail them down.

Watch my forgetful ass mess this up in so very many ways.

I shouldn't forget the money run. If I hang around after getting the cashola, I should - underline should - be able to do the mail thing.

...except the Aussie

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