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Wednesday, Rant Day and Running Around

I have two... "interesting" loaves of bread on the rack, today. After the shenanigans, I shall wrap them up in paper and pop them in the fridge.

I have just enough bread for today. Tomorrow, I can open a loaf and wrap the both of them in plastic.

Loaf tax:

[Shown here: Two photographs of homebaked bread, each loaf is made of two sections. Each loaf has split along the side, instead of splitting along the scores made in the top. The second loaf is resting on parchment and has sesame seeds on top]

Second loaf has the sesame seeds on it. A visual mnemonic I use to make sure I use my bread in order.

I am excited to do my rant, today. Going off about Autism done right, at least in my opinion. About how it's done right and is good representation. And about how better representations could be done later on.

Spoilers: it's the gender stuff. It's always the gender stuff.

I might just start working on it as soon as I sit with my main compy. BUT... I also have to ferry Mayhem around and do some finance for my next pair of glasses.

Gonna get on with getting on. I still have to torture my feet.

Thursday, Leyland's Tour and Pitch Adventure

Procrastination and Anxiety are holding the wheel, today. I am being social with Better Authors(tm), I am prepping the abbreviated pitch kits just for one pitching arena. I am also driving Mayhem to and from APM in less than half an hour.

In wet weather. On roads full of freaking maniacs.


I think that wrapping my loaves in plastic might be the wrong idea. So I've put them in paper bags and seeing if that helps my loaves stay proper

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Saturday, Parkrun and Snuggle PLNs

Beloved has had her meds upped and the subsequent blargies have hit her lightly this time. We did the parkrun, had a brunch, and she's watching court drama while I'm busy doing the thing.

I'm taking things VERY lightly with my WIP during the weekend. If I get a chapter finished, I get a chapter finished. That's a win.

As long as I write one sentence in the thing, I have worked on it that day.

This is how I win the

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Thursday, Shopping PLNs

I need coffee. More accurately, I need a supply of coffee pods and that requires a trip to Costco so I can get them in bulk.

I've just done my medication thing, and I'm in the process of recording more chapters. I'll work on the daily offerings until 10, when Costco is open at last.

My efforts at getting my Passport refreshed have hit the imp's ass, so to speak. I need a confirmation email to activate my account, and because the

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Sunday, Back in Brisbane

Let's recap.

We were supposed to board the plane at almost seven in the evening, get to Brisbane by eightish, and I would potentially have some energy to drive home and sleep in my own bed. That was the PLN.

However. The plane had a dodgy motor in its tail, the one responsible for driving the air conditioning in the plane. In order to get it operational, they needed a special charger at the airport.

Some other plane nicked it for two

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Saturday, Parkrun and further PLNs

I got Miss Chaos running to win this week. She really earned her sweet treat.

It looks like the game tomorrow morning might be off. Still consulting with my players about that.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

I might be spending alternate weeks doing book reads for my early morning stream. Stay tuned.

My immediate PLNs include my daily offerings, some chapter recordings, and if I'm still in a mood to stay awake, I'll likely play more BG3.

But I'll probably nap.

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Friday, Sleepover PLNs

I think five chapters' worth of recording is going to be my limit. And to clear confusion, I am NOT podcasting them. I'm just sending them to Adorable and LATER sharing them with a fairly high tier on the Patreon.

I aim to do that between other things during the day.

Gonna do this blog, clean the catio, cook the Bikkie [this time with olive oil as well as the other stuff, just to see what happens], tidy up the front room,

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Tuesday, New Developments and Patreon

Beloved is going back to the office today, and I was not given 24 or 48 hours notice about that. So much for my nebulous plns to keep her company.

There is another expert-go-round tomorrow so I shall be chauffeur, escort, and entertainment for the duration.

Today is blackout day. The day in which the power company is going to shut down a neighbourhood to remove a dead possum make some essential maintenance happen.

When that happens, I shall not have internets.

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Tuesday, Patreon and Laundry

I needed to do laundries for quite some time. So I made myself take a day to get that done.

With all good luck, it should be date day tomorrow. I plan on helping Beloved binge some chapters, have some indulgent meals, and otherwise share very careful snuggle times.

Then again, Beloved took another tumble because she mis-estimated her balance when she went to help pick up some dropped papers. Would have been all right if she hadn't landed on her owie

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Friday, Freedom and Shenanigans

Beloved is OUT of the hospital, but she has yet to escape the swarms of experts there to be assured of her full recovery.

I mis-reported her arm as broken this whole time, it's "only" fractured. If there's "just" a crack in it, they don't need to put her in a cast.

IMNSHO there's no such thing as "only" fractured.

So. Full update on conditions:

  • Broken jaw
  • with added plate and braces
  • which means liquid/puree diet.
  • A shoulder that
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Friday, Shenanigans Afoot

I managed to wrangle a day for my Beloved to go visit MeMum and thereby sort out some tech issues that I could not unfuck on my own.

The problem with this is that it's also the day that Mum's offski to do shopping thanks to an Elderly Care Transit System.

So I have to be ready to take off at a time of convenience.

Which means that I will likely be working on my Starter on Sunday [Wilson the Wholemeal Starter

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Tuesday PLNs

I'm doing a support run for MeMum today, so my PLNs are thus:

  • Coffee, soup, and meds (in progress
  • This blog (doy)
  • Nick off across the countryside
  • Help MeMum with thing at place
  • Back home and do all the offerings


I'm bringing the iPad with me for incidental inspirations and the hope that I hit literary zoomies at some point.

Chapter count: still crawling along in chapter 272

All right. I must kiss my Beloved and toddle offski.

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Monday, Labor Day

The Tale Foundry backup reads are on, so any other written progress will be S-L-O-W.

As I have low expectations for myself on Mondays, I shall attempt to at least finish a chapter in the midst of the rest of my messing about.

Chapter count: Still midway through Chapter 270. Hopefully I shall have an increment for you real soon now.

When I hit 365 chapters [very likely] I shall start sharing the first sentence of each chapter per day.

All the

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Saturday, Parkrun and Game PLNs

Looks like I'll be set dressing and Iconifying at 4AM tomorrow.

I did my first parkrun volunteer this week. I was a Park Walker. There to encourage the people who feel like they can't run in Parkrun.

The point of parkrun is to get out there and get some exercise. Even if all you do is parkrun once a week, it makes a difference on your health.

...says the bean who hasn't weighed hirself since the scales went flat...

Anyway. I have

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