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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon...

It's a public holiday and some people don't like it. We should, at minimum, rename it to Invasion Day and memorialise all the First Australians who perished as a direct result of White Colonialism. And don't give me any of that "their lives are so much better" bullshit and hold all the "well if [OTHER WHITE NATION] had invaded, they'd have it so much worse" while you're at it.

We have to face facts. WHITE PEOPLE DID BAD THINGS. End of. Now it's time to attempt reparations or at least give the First Australians a little bit of a leg-up so they can have a fair go. I recognise my white privilege and I want to even the playing field however I can.

We can't reset, but we can at least try to repair the way things are.

Today is Patreon Day, so I shall be posting arts and farts and checking on the poll I put up after the Administration decided to do something silly. Admin doing daft things is why I flipped from Steem to Peakd, so I might be moving my bullshit to a new arena if problems persist.

A look at the news:

  • Sexual assault survivor who exposed her (then) pedo teacher named Australian of the Year
  • Israel closes its borders to tackle the plague
  • Biden scraps Muppet's transgender military service ban
  • Amelia is the new top name for girl bubs
  • Pedo sex offender shipped back to Australia to face charges (yay!)
  • ScoMo defends UK Ambassador's holiday in QLD while hundreds of Aussies are still trying to just get home
  • Even if you've had the jab, you can still spread the plague
  • California might have it's own brand of the plague
  • Giuliani has been sued for $1.3 BILLION over promotions of false election fraud claims
  • Melania due to rid herself of a large orange growth that used to be by her side
  • 3YO dies because the hospital was out of AA's
  • A pub in west QLD serves a burger the size of a wedding cake
  • Pfizer vaccine gains provisional approval in Aus
  • LAX airport official jailed for tricking a woman into revealing her breasts
  • Conspiracy theories rise up over the death of Brittany Murphy
  • Facebook Oversight Board to decide on unlocking the Muppet's account
  • There's going to be an electric ute
  • Australia/China tiff still not done
  • Australia's making more money shipping its stuff elsewhere so ner

Off to Patreon. Woot.

Monday, Day 2, Early Start

I woke up at a little around half-past two this AM. Refreshed and such because Essential Nanna Nap is part of my Sunday Routine. I didn't want to get up and do my arts and farts stuff, but I made myself do the thing. I can get two pages written before my hand starts to cramp. Good progress. Or at least, progress.

If I can do that every morning I wake up early, there's a good chance I can get the journal

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Sunday, Day 1, Slob Day

The total active case count is at twenty-one. Better, but still not fantastic. Having a day two would be nice. It's been a while. I got to watch ToastyGlow create more video and chat with everyone there about utter nonsense. You know. Lots of fun.

I have a story written and vague plans to do some art progress after I take a nap because I've been awake since midnight. Yay.

In the news:

  • ScoMo caught out being a hypocrite. Again
  • The plague
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Friday, Day Zero, Bread and Business

One new case today, and the total's at twenty-three. One patient in the ICU, which is worrying me a bit.

Restrictions are easing, and the most important part, government sponsored daycare schools are allowed to remain open. Huzzah. Even better news from my perspective - I scrolled most of the way down my phone's news feed this AM and only saw that saggy orange canker sore once. Bonus - he didn't look happy.

I'm still breathing sighs of relief over here. It's

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Wednesday, Day 0, Seeking Return Policy

There's three new cases today, and the total is at twenty-six. All from overseas and so forth, but still concerning. I have my new glasses and I have to go back to the place I got them from because the magnetic sunnies that came with are chockerblock full of bubbles, rendering a coherent view of the world - and therefore their purpose - moot.

I'll see what can be done about that ASAP. I need my sunnies.

The good news is that

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Tuesday, Day 0, The Shuffle On

Not only do I have Patreon nonsense to organise today, but I also have my new glasses ready and a Miss Chaos to outfit for the school year ahead. Also a new episode of Critical Role dropped on YouTube so you know I'm going to binge me some D&D.

Currently, waiting for the shops to open whilst getting my mandatory creative nonsense done. Soon on my agenda is a lot of copy-pasta to get the Patreon stuff out there at

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Monday, Day 0, need to get wriggling

School holidays are coming to an end, so Miss Chaos and I need to make some decisions. Undies, lunch box arrangements, water bottle nonsense, pants, but shoes are a MUST.

Last year's shoes should really be found and tossed. They were three breaths from falling apart anyway.

But not today. Today, I am unfuckening the house and cleaning away the bread mess of the weekend, and then slobbing for the rest of the day. Perhaps working on the prompt from Tale Foundry.

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Sunday, Day Zero, Lazy Day

Twenty-nine total cases, only one of which is new. I'm still nervous about the high number of cases. Paranoia is fun.

I got a LOT achieved yesterday, mostly on the "while you're there" principal. Let's see. In order:

  1. Start bread thawing
  2. Fetch parcel [I now own two copies of the TAZ board game and I don't know how that happened since they didn't ship to Aus when I ordered it]
  3. Cash in bottles and cans at the recycle place [something close to
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Saturday, Day Zero, PLNs

I have another parcel waiting for me, and the creeping realisation that I need more stuff than I thought. Today is going to be expensive.

Two of today's three cases are from overseas and the third is "an historic case" according to the QLD Premiere. The news there doesn't say how it's historic and I couldn't see anything about it in the headlines.

The young lass in the news for potentially spreading the plague in Queensland is actually NOT a trouble. She

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Friday, Day Zero, Bread

Four new cases, taking the count to twenty-seven. They're all overseas cases and the authorities are looking for the daughter of a case who may have been infected during a hospital visit. She might have somehow missed all the PSA's all over the place with pictograms and simple language as part of their design features.

The Repugnicans left their spines at home during the Impeachment vote. Only ten of them actually stood up and admitted their alleged leader was a sack of

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Thursday, Day Zero, Arts and Farts Time?

Two new cases from overseas, taking the total to twenty-six. We're approaching critical mass for the One Arsehole Theory. There's also a potential for a Karen from across the waters to find a way to bypass security and bring an even more virulent strain into our sunburned land.

Last I heard about things, Queensland -and then the rest of Australia- is reducing the number of people from overseas allowed to come in.

I am enacting some PLNs to get back into arts

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Saturday, shenanigans

I'm not looking at the stats, I'm not looking at the news. I am, however, looking at less than an hour to get my story out there, so it's an interesting day.

We're on the road and headed for Scenic Coominya RSN.


Let's get some narrative done.

And if it isn't out in an hour? It's probably posted on roaming charges. You're welcome. Stick a Ko-fi into my kitty if you can. Thanks in advance.

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Wednesday, Day Zero, at the closing of the year

Two new cases, the total's down to eleven, so that's a hope for tomorrow. I'm going to actually write a Wordpress Wednesday this week because it's the last one of this year. I should review 2020.

"Half a star, would not live it again," is not going to cut it, but it will be somewhere in the opening paragraphs.

That's my sense of humour and I have to live in it.

In the headlines:

  • Muppet wins "most admired man" in the US.
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Tuesday, Day Zero, big day

There's FIVE new cases today. They're all from overseas and caught in quarantine, and the number is back up to thirteen. Yeeks.

I hate it when the total cases are in double figures. Yes, I am aware that other nations have it worse than us, but still. This pairs well with the news that the UK variant of the plague has come to Adelaide.

Brief reprise of Huzzah, We're All Going to Die by Morons...

I have unfuckening PLN'd and Patreon stuff

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Monday, Day One, a breather

The grand post-crimbolio unfuckening is happening tomorrow. This means that I'll be arranging all of that and mixing in Patreon stuff as well.


I may have to throw out food. Not my favourite thing. The rest of the family is not a fan of sweet things and the sweet things are going off.


I'm going to write an Instant. I may post some Patreon nonsense early. I don't know. I'll see how I feel about things when I get there.

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