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Saturday, Day 0, Feast Day

Plague News: Three new cases, all imports. Twenty-nine total and twenty-two in hospital.

Mum's got a sore arm and has trouble raising her jab arm because pain. Otherwise, all seems relatively well.

Today, post-story, we need to do stuff. The dinner plates are going extinct, so we should get another cheapo set from Kmart. There's also something I forgot to get and still forget now.

Like... I remember that I remembered when I was scoping out the fridge... but I forget what I remembered.

ASD, folks! ::jazz hands::

I'll remember when I want it again, for sure. Ages after I've been to the place where I could get some. Or when I don't have the money to get it.

My brain is broken and I just live here.

In the news:

  • Conspiracy theories! Is one of ScoMo's mates linked to Q-Anon? Who the fuck knows? Not, apparently, a journo at Four Corners who allegedly duped the entire nation
  • Gang war dawning in Sydney
  • Enid Blyton has been cancelled
  • Gladys Berejiklian is dating again
  • Missing mum's body found
  • More virus warning
  • Cruise line now taken to court by victims of volcano blast
  • Mother criticised for... ::checks notes:: buying her kid nice things
  • M-F'in Huntsman on a M-F'in plane

And now... storytime.

Thursday, Day 1, Continuing nonsense

Plague news: twenty-one total cases, twenty of those are in hospital. That's a bit of a scary leap.

Today, Mayhem has a PLN to learn how to fix electronica. Starting with a friends' mouse. We all gotta begin somewhere. I have a PLN to go to Costco and get myself some prawns.

I used the last of my supplies to try making a keto version of Special Fried Rice, and... I'm the only one in the house who was willing to eat

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Monday, Day 0, Sideways!

Plague news: Seven new cases, all imports. Twenty active cases, ten in hospital.

I have just programmed an entire feature into my app all by myself and I'm very proud of myself. It's just missing some iconography, but that's all that's holding it up IMHO.

Tale Foundry was late reading stories because Lurgi. Therefore, the assorted readers will be late reading theirs communally because the late reading put delay into everything. Similarly, I can't post my Amalgam Universe story as an offering

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Friday, Day 0, Deeeeeep Breaths

Plague news: Eight new cases, six imports. Two local... THANKS KNOMIRAS! Eighteen total, ten of those in hospital.

We have local transmissions again. Fuck. I was just starting to wean myself off of carrying my mask literally everywhere. No chance of that now. Thanks, Knomiras.

Despite some massive emotional upset, last night [I glitched and focussed on the wrong thing, much to Beloved's distress], Beloved still maintains enough faith in me to believe that I can make the end-user interface all by

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Monday, Day 0, Some Damn Fine Shenanigans

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Eleven total, nine in hospital.

Yesterday, I have learned some leet interface skillz. Enough to maybe outline a bare-bones tag entry system. I can only try. Just... not this morning because this nerd needs to go shopping.

Bulk bacon bits [because we go through them like billy-oh], coffee, vegemite, rubbish bin and laundry hamper. It's the little things that make the difference, sometimes. And these little things will be making a lot of travel for

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Sunday, Day 0, Programming Shenanigans

Plague news: One new case, an import. Eleven total, and nine in hospital. Numbers-wise, things are looking good in my sunshine state.

Meanwhile, south of the border, things are utterly pants.

I have half-plans to do more programming today, with an uphill battle versus Vue in the mix. The only true high point of yesterday was futzing around with an in-system feature called "this", which allows you to toss about whatever data is currently in the system. Beloved uttered the phrase, "We

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Monday, Day 0, On Yer Marks!

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fourteen total cases, twelve in hospital.

I did the coding yesterday. What I lack is the skills to understand a decent half of it. That's my job this morning.

The bread I made on Friday is not fit for human consumption. I make more this Friday. I also order more flour because I'm running a smidge low on supplies.

The daily morning vegemite soup seems to be working. When skin does slide off, it's sliding

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Sunday, Day 0, Something New

Plague news: One new case, an import. Thirteen total cases and nine are in hospital. We're holding steady. Ish.

Bad news: the bread I made on Friday turned out to be sods. Dough in the middle. Bleh.

Good news: I now have purple hair. Pretty much the colour of plum jam.

Bad news: It's not that great a look considering my usual pallor. I need more vibrant colours in my life.

Good news: It was a great stream this morning and later

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Saturday, Day 0, Tech Support

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fourteen active, and eleven in hospital.

Today, I go forth into the wildernesses of Logan to sort out varying technical snares for MeMum, including but not limited to: Getting onto podcasts, using her portable speaker, and figuring out how to access her keypad during a call.

Fun times ahead.

Following that, I zoom back on home to maybe squeeze in some programming for my proposed app. Yay. But definitely to go to bed early so

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Three new cases, all imports. Fifteen total, and twelve in hospital.

Today, I'm about to splurge a whole bunch of nonsense on my Patreon. You're welcome? Maybe?

I'm also plotting to learn how to fly Javascript. So I can make an app so that people can access my Instants anywhere anytime.

I have a Goals Document, which I will be sharing for free over on Patreon.

It's bus o'clock. I don't have time for the news.

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Thursday, Day 0, Scam Day

One new case, an import. Fifteen total cases and thirteen in hospital.

Today, I have to remember another scam, and I don't think I ever got onto the whole Microsoft Refund thing that's still going around. I think I almost fell for a refund scam, but again I refused to play along because it involved logging into a website.

In the news:

  • Man dies of heart attack after waiting more than an entire day to see a doctor. This happened in Queensland
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Saturday, Day 2, PLNs

No new cases, leaving thirteen active cases, all of which are in hospital. I now have my hooks into a tradie and the deal goeth thusly:

  1. Acquire the materials
  2. Including the taps and stuff
  3. Call the dude and arrange things thereafter

Fifty bucks an hour, and it should only take a couple of those. Fingers crossed, but I have enough stowed away in case of the fuckup factor.

It's only after we have the new vanity that I will siphon off the

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Friday, Day 1, Impending Birthmas

Miss Chaos turns sweet sixteen this Sunday. Huzzah. There's already enough sweet things in this house to change the shape of my hands, so I am doing Keto in Hard Mode(tm). I'll do some solid fasts next week and get back on track. Not looking forward to living off of mostly salty broth, but it's what I gotta do for my health and here we are.

Adulting is terrible at times.

Today is household unfuckening plus one thousand words in the

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon Day

One new case, an import. Eighteen total, and seventeen in hospital. It's less than it was, but it could also get big again. Today's the day I should be googling bathroom rennos to get the vanity fixed in my slo-mo disaster area. Whee fun.

After I recover from THAT, I need to talk to the doctor's about getting the family jabbed against the plague and what would be best for Beloved (diabetic) and myself (asthmatic) as well as the kids (who have

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Monday, Day 0, Late Start AAAAUUUUGH!

Three new cases, all imports. Nineteen total, of which fifteen are in hospital. That leaves four in the relative freedom of a quarantine hotel somewhere.

Today, my alarm didn't sound for some reason. I may have accidentally turned it off. I shall be more aware tomorrow. Maybe an "update" has eliminated the trick I use to mute the ads in my games but still hear the phone. Note, Google execs, that updates are supposed to improve things for your user base, not

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