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Last Week of School

Miss Chaos is in the last week of her education, so I can accurately predict a whole bunch of late stories in the future because slobbing around and doing nothing is my jam.

I will endeavour to get all my shit done before sunset. No guarantees.

Asterisk: Reminder that sunset in Sunny Queensland happens at around six to seven PM because Summer.

Today's a cleaning day, and I have to do a cash run, but beyond that, there are no plans. Not even PLNs.

As far as the Yule PLNs are concerned, we have ham and prawns secured. Things like salad bits will have to wait until last minute or next to last minute. Same with the eggs that will be pre-boiled for the yule feast.

I will float the possibility of Festive Gorp for the whole nuts and stuff... but I'm not getting thirty billion cheeses again. Nope. Cheese cubes or rack off.

Of course I decided to be a little bit extra and got some fancy cups to set gelatine into for dessert. I'll give folks a choice between cheesecake mix with flavour [Probably lemon or peppermint] and the good old fashioned whipped cream.

Fortunately, we should also have a bunch of berries and I could plausibly whip up a keto custard as well, so there's the option for a make-your-own Fool1.

I might even finally bust out the chocolate fondue set so folks can dip what they like. Which means that a stash of chocolate is recommended for just-in-case.

Lots of PLNs. I just gotta make sure Beloved is OK with them.

  1. Fool: A dish made of fruit, custard, and cream; either in layers or sort of folded together. Sinful and delicious.

FUBAR'd Again

Last night was fun. The session went on WAY too long [half past midnight!] and I probably ate too much. Doesn't matter if you're on Keto, my dears. If you snack too hard, then you gain weight. End of.

I'm up by a kilo this morning and I have a persistent headache that may or may not be related to a cyclone somewhere. And worse - I came over with some sudden nausea that may also be related to watching Mumbo YouTube.

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Game night tonight!

Obviously, I didn't finish novelising the last installment of Gerroff's adventures. I'll get there. It's just... really low priority.

The mystery of the multiple postage companies has been solved so much that I can timeline the events:

  1. Stevia Company sends me my stevia via Shipping Company 1
  2. AusPost won't take none of that shit
  3. Shipping Company 1 returns parcel to Stevia Company
  4. Stevia Company sends me my stevia via Shipping Company 2
  5. Who immediately just send it of via Australia Parcel Post
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I just remembered this morning that I didn't put my Patreon stuff up yesterday. That will happen today. Promise.

Also happening today is a new dishwasher. This means I really need to think about my next Ko-Fi goal because just about all my gaseous dreams are coming true.

Air con for the entire house? Check.
Improved solar and wall battery unit? Check.
Actual non-sabotagable power system for the shed where we park our cars? Check.
Drainage and fucking driveway for that same

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So here's the deal:

  • Beloved has a Thing where they have to turn up for Loser Gambling Corp and smile and be nice to people who might not be employed for much longer
  • That thing starts in the afternoon
  • Therefore, I have to be home by the afternoon, so the household has one fully adult occupant or I can be dragged along, I'm not sure.
  • Therefore therefore, I must get the stuff for MeMum done quick-ish and take off home before lunch
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Non-lazy Weekend

So here's the PLN:

1) Obtain a weed wand with the rope nonsense so I don't accidentally poison the plants I like
2) Poison the plants I don't like
3) Do all the daily palaver I do every day [this list is not in order obviously]
4) Tomorrow, I trundle out to the opposite side of the Earth Brisbane to see MeMum and sort out some of her tech for her.

I really, really want to share The Adventure Zone and sitting

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Friday Already?

Mayhem's going to school to finish up the final things. Chaos is just going to school. I have to juggle my thousand words, Instant Story, minific du jour, and bratfetching this afternoon.

At least I don't have to drive into the Valley to play D&D until nearly firkin midnight.

I got a good sleep. I'm taking my proper pills. I'm doing everything I can to be certain I'm rested. And yet... Every. Single. Morning. I wake up firkin tired.


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I can do this!

I have an appointment with the people fixing my car, today. The door latches on my car have been recalled and need replacing.

Thus, my PLN for the day includes bringing along MY NEW LAPPY to do all my work whilst on the move. I have everything set up.

Thus, I'm letting myself relax this morning and only focussing on this blog.

If I get as far as the Patreon stuff while on remote, all y'all will miss out on is the

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Merry Birthmasween to MeMum

It's MeMum's birthday! Yay!

Can't deliver the tech support until the upcoming weekend, but it promises to be a definite delivery because I won't be up until like 2AM because D&D.

I got the brat run, soon, and all the other things that happen on a Monday. Plus the chance that Mayhem's school won't want him there for reasons. I dunno.

I'm hoping he can have a chance to catch up on everything and then get it signed off. Otherwise,

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5hrs Sleep or Less!

Lesson 1: D&D Sessions can be LONG.

Lesson 2: Most of it is arguing.

Lesson 3: If you can give the crew a good belly laugh on your first try, you're good.

I fucked my stealth check on the first try, introduced that particular mechanic about my Kobold. Kind of stumbled into a puzzle quest and accidentally ended up being the bravest member of the party by being the last out of the room when it was a room full

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Friday! Yay!

Today's the day that Gerroff starts their adventures. Tonight, myself and Mayhem will be trundling down to town to join in with a party of adventurers currently in the Underdark.

I'm excited.

My main task du jour is to focus enough that I can actually get shit done so I have the time to go and play.

Of course, Mayhem has been super-excited about going out to play, so he's talking a mile a minute. Keeping me derailed.

For the record, flipping

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Mayhem threw up again, this morning. His skin is looking a little sallow, too.

I'm worried that the medicos are going to demand they take his gallbladder out regardless of the possible benefits or definite detriments.

Fingers crossed, some sunshine will help him out.

My plns also include depositing my scratchings from this year into my Dreams account. Something for which requires my actual physical presence in the actual physical bank. Because my scratchings are a loose collection of random bills and

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Coming Soon...

This Friday, I join up with a D&D group at Beloved's workplace. I may or may not have the little darlings in tow. That would make the evening more interesting, to be certain. And more expensive, since taking the train in is my pln for that evening.

I'm going to be documenting the adventures of Gerroff, a Kobold bard with an INT score of 10. They're agender and never saw why that was important. Whatever passes for puberty amongst Kobolds

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Happy birthday, dear Beloved

It's my Beloved's birthday tomorrow, and I have enough scratch to pay for anything they want for this weekend. Not only do I have spare spondooly from buying my laptop, but I have scratchings in the piggy bank and a willingness to make the love of my life happy for a whole weekend.

They, of course, have started their celebrations by staying up until fuckoff in the morning [2AM] and waking me up in the process. They are now having a scheduled

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Here's today's PLN

First: do my work stuff.

Second: change up my Ko-Fi so my goal is New Dishwasher.

Third: add photography of the air con so ppl can marvel at it

People who visit my Ko-fi page can already see my latest haircut, by the way. I can't afford to give these folks money so that photos aren't limited to people who pay to see it. Weird how that works.

Meh. I'm just going to keep being careful about what I choose to share.

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