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Pump the Brakes!

Okay. So. This autumn season combined with the novel recovery efforts have made writing a literal pain. Fun.

It's okay if I take it slowly. I pause when my wrists start that low warning ache. Find something else to do.

I'm not going to power through it. That noise leads to worse pain and me laying up for who-knows-how-long with all sorts of medical intervention. Been there, done that, and it's amazing that I don't have lingering scars from the bracers.

Don't want to do that noise again. Especially since any efforts at speech to text have a higher chance of Google interrupting with "I'm sorry. I can't help you with that."

Give it five years, and Google thinking it's hearing its own name is going to be "ghost phenomenon". It isn't. It's the hypersensitive listening algorithm suffering from pareidolia in the ambient background noise.

In brief, the computer thinks the neighbourhood birds/traffic/dogs want to ask it a question.

But it can still scare the fuck out of you when Google decides to pipe up out of nowhere.

It's all I can do to not feel guilty about providing a steady stream of fanficcery to all the nice peeps on AO3. When I know I'm hard pressed getting my pro stuff organised.

Tomorrow's going to be "fun" because that's when I do 1K so I have my weekends off, but I have an added 500-minimum in the 12K recovery process.


I will take it at whatever speed I can manage. That's all I can do.

And if I have to do pro writing on the weekend, then so be it.

Lazy Saturday

It's 9AM, I'm watching Black Lightning on Netflix, and I'm still only wearing me undies. I haven't moved out of my bedroom and I'm loving it.

It's a time to be an absolute slob for at least half a day. Because we have plans to see Black Panther this arvo.

It's gonna be a good day today.

I'll get to my word count in Rael whenever I feel like it.

I'm having a good, old-fashioned Slug Day.

For those keeping track of

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I like Friday. It's the one day of the week when I only have to drive once. The one day when I can relax and just get on with it.

My wrists are complaining, so I'll be taking it real slow with my words, today. I'm going on the hundred-and-break plan, which is explained thus:

  1. Write 100 words
  2. Take a break and fart around for about 10-20 minutes
  3. If total < 500 goto 1, else quit.

This way, it takes two and

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Okay. I can do this.

I have three thousand Steem Power in my Steemit account. I need 1800 to convert to the money I need for computers that will not soon die on me.

Stage One is "powering down" from Steem Power to plain old Steem. Which I have set up to start happening. I'm getting about 250 Steem a week on top of what's already there.

Stage Two is converting that into a bitcoin account. Which will involve paperwork and a website I can't remember from

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Best-laid PLNs


Things have gone agley again.

Beloved booked my car in for new tyres and the soonest they could get was next Tuesday.

So their day off has changed. My opportunities have changed. And so have my PLNs.

So now I'm spending a day at home with Chaos, since Mayhem is back to his traineeship, this week. Dinner is going to be something quick with mince and possibly riced cauliflower. We don't have a lot, but I can probably whip up a

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This time for sure!

We have all the shit collected. We are GOING to get Mayhem his dang tax file number and sort out all the financials thereafter.

Deep breaths.

And then I can give Mayhem some rational reasons to have an afternoon/after-school job once the Traineeship is over with. We need more money and I need a flying hope of being able to buy my new compy sometime real soon now.

But I do have to say that this compy has gone an entire

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I got a phone call from Capt S, yesterday. Right in the middle of tidying the house, so double inconvenience.

She calls me FOUR DAYS before Christmas to invite me over to someone ELSE'S Christmas party and tries to strongarm us into coming the day before.

Like. Excuse you? I made fucking PLANS. Some of those plans involve picking up half the damn feast on the day before, and prepping the other half on the same damn day.


The actual.


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Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

Tomorrow, there's a new episode of The Adventure Zone going up. Tomorrow is also Cleaning Day. Tomorrow's tomorrow has my Friendo coming over from Tullagawupwup to learn as many Ways of Keto as I can firkin teach.

I shall also attempt to impart my love of the aforementioned zone where adventure happens.

It might not stick. But I gotta try.

It's nice to have someone to nerd out with.

Tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow is the Big Push to have everything ready by Christmas.

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Two hour focus issues, folks.

I sat down here at about six to do my blog and Instant and now it's EIGHT.

I need to do some pre-yule rattling about for bits and pieces. Make sure I have enough stuff and things. And basically cram the fridge with whatever for the day before the Big One.

I already know that I'm making festive GORP for nibbles so I can get the biz for that, no problem.

Eggs, cream, oranges, and other perishables

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Counting Down

I need to make sure I have The Stuff(tm) to make the semi-fancy desserts I have planned for the yule feast. I need to make sure I have oranges, eggs, cream, nuts, dried fruits, little containers for the aforementioned desserts. A clean firkin table...


And next week, it's YULE!

Thank the Powers that fortune smiled upon me enough to have my dang novel finished before the Big Rush. So now I don't have to fret about doing my five hundred

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It's beginning to look a lot like summer

While I haven't seen the obligatory dead snake, we did narrowly avoid a red-bellied black as it was crossing a road, so I'm going to count it. Deadly though they may be, I cringe at killing out shy and venomous retiring wildlife. And it's summer. There's pretty much part of Australia on fire every day.

I have the AC on in the computer room and I'm not wearing much more than my cotton nightshirt... and I'm sweltering. And it's only halfway 8AM

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A Change of PLN

I love using Sir Terry Pratchett's feegle word 'pln' for a plan that is not... the best-cemented plan on the old drawing board.

Today's pln was to go and fetch Chaos back from her stay with Capt S. Bring along KIABIL to fix some shit, eat a lunch and finally go home.


Today's pln is now tomorrows pln and I get abandoned to my own devices [fanfic] whilst Beloved and KIABIL go to Capt S, fix some shit, eat a lunch,

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Another fabulous workday

Mayhem is due for another fine day of his traineeship. I am overdue for Yuletide shopping.

I have some squirrelings from previous weeks, but I gotta say it is not looking that great for the gift front. Plus practically my entire family is difficult to shop for.

And I should really lay in a supply of diet fizzy water for the feast. And hide it somewhere or the kids will drink it all in less than a day.

Today's story will be

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Contingency PLN

So. Patreon pulled a genuine Dick Move, charging all the Patrons for their patronage. Some folks can't afford that and it will kill the staple of Patreon income, the One Dollar Donation.

And this will obliterate half of my Patronage. And, currently, drop my income from that down to $9 a month.

Not exactly inspiring, is it? All this work for such little reward.

In other news, this is the last week of writing Rael. A story that covers quite a few

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I have gifts to pln. A feast to pln. A house to prepare for the yule.

And all the usual nonse.

And this during the time of year that I'm least inclined to go out and spend money.

I have secured duck and prawns, but we can't feast off of just that. I need a few li'l extras. Veggies will have to wait until practically Christmas Eve. Drinks... I can stock those up.



Everyone in my family is hard to

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