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Enter Procrastination Mode

...did I ever leave it? Discuss.

I actually got distracted into finding out about the thing I needed to do and this is one of the very few times that procrastination has worked in my favour. I'm taking that win. Mostly because now I have a PLN.


The PLN today is to get on with getting on. Money run, house unfuckening, output... All the juicy goodness I can expect on a Monday.

But first... I have a confession.

First, I slept most of yesterday and second - I failed to do my 750 words at the site. I was a much happier bean for it so... Yeah. I'm not doing 750 words any more.

It slowed me down, it drained my creativity, and I ended up getting obsessed with doing that number of words. It's not working for me. It might work for you, but it doesn't work for me.

Hypothesis, thesis, synthesis... result.

I think I'm good.


There's only three stories in Episode 21 of Inter-Mission because story #3 is We're Mostly Harmless, I Swear... the one that started off all the Space Orciness in my pet universe. It's a long, long story. So is the immediate next one.

The fires in NSW and Victoria are finally dying down. I suspect it's more due to there being little left to burn. Of course, there being an influx of severe rainstorms is probably helping with the lack of fire, but

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I need to brain

I tried getting up early, but it was too late to stream, so not a lot got done on the whole podcast front I have a LOT of editing to do and streaming kept me on task, but now I'm sleeping through my streaming time and I have no idea what to do.

What I can do is keep trying anyway. I could stream on Saturdays and get the same work done. It's not as if there was anyone following my streams

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New Year of Stories!

Yesterday was the last story of 2019. Now I go to write the first story of 2020. Just as soon as I finish my blog for today.

I've started up with to see where my mind doth wander and whether or not this is actually going to help me focus on my writing. Current results say no.

I have a month free trial, and I'm going to use it. If it doesn't help me in one way or another in

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A Milestone Approaches

This week, I shall write the last Instant for 2019. Which will set off maybe a week or more of me making sure every last entry is fixed and without flaws, firing up Photoshop to edit the new cover for the year of Instants, and getting it out there - for free - over on Smashwords.

Because copyright is a thing and there's stuff in there that belongs to other IP's and I can't even suggest a donation for that stuff. Sigh.

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Whelp... Here we go again.

After boxing up all of the meals - twenty-five of them, to be precise - there is one more enormous task to face.

Unfucking an entire kitchen.

This is a process that involves taking everything off the kitchen countertop, cleaning that, cleaning the stuff that goes back on, and then putting all the stuff back that belongs there.

What to do with all the stuff that doesn't belong there is the next problem.

I also have to scour my emails to see

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This is looking like one hell of a year. There are three hundred and twenty-one unique fires all over this country. A violent and misogynistic man with too much power has started another war and is calling it "de-escalation". Our world leaders think that listening to speeches is 'action', and we're obviously headed somewhere very warm in someone's hand-basket.

What a wonderful start to the new year.

Also I slept through until the morning light, so there's no stream this morning. Because

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Second Day On Meds! Whee!

Also day 2 of attempting to Art every day.

I went ahead and got myself some free animation programs for my iPad and... eeesh.

The free programs always have a "pay for features you need" aspect and it's getting on my niblets because not a lot of cash flow on my end of the chain. I get it. Animation is hard, I get it.

What's so wrong about making animation just a little smidge easier for noobs like me? Please inform me

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Looks like I forgot to write my blog entry before I got on with my story. Again. Even when I'm back on a routine, I forget important bits. It's a concern. I'm not even fifty, yet, and I have a life loaded with what you might call Senior's Moments.

I left my compy to go get tissues and then forgot what I was out for. Until I got back to my compy and remembered my semi-permanent sniffles. Whoops.

At least I remembered

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I think I made the good choice

Yesterday, since we spent most of the day on the road, I wound up VERY tired and just... slept... when I got home. Just... slump. Snore. Done until the wee small hours this very AM.

Useful for streaming, but not much else. But I did get the next five stories recorded so there is that. Even if nobody comes to watch, streaming keeps me honest.

When I'm ahead of my podcast buffer zone, I shall have to work on SESP so I

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Monday Madness

The house is a mess. I have not done a lot of maintenance there. Mayhem insists that driving to the local 7-11 is going to up his hours, but I refuse point blank to do any driving lessons less than half an hour. I know damn well he only wants to get crap junk food without being in the summer heat for the time it takes to walk there and back.

I have procrastinated now for a very long time so I

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Ah, Sunday.

I've been awake since half-past ten in the previous night. I have a story to write and likely a nap to catch up on. Mostly because I've been conscious for eight hours and will likely be awake for more than a few more.

Because staying focussed is not my strongest point on a Sunday morning.

I should pay some attention to what I should be doing instead of getting distracted by shiny things on the interwebs.

Let's get on with this.

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Play me some Yaketty Sax

Mayhem doesn't have to work today, so that leaves a day-long time window open. Yay! Which of course means that I'm destined for the outskirts of Logan to visit MeMum and sort out her tech nonsense.

I knew I'd have to wake up really early in the AM in order to have my day job done today, so being awake at quarter to four is no big deal for me.

For those of you wondering about the prawns - we did pack

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Crimbolio Eve

It's Christmas Eve, I woke up just minutes into it. Mostly because I made myself nauseated through other shenanigans.

We got our six kilos of prawns. We have a HUGE hunk of ham. We have enough veg and snackables to overload a horse, and possibly enough drinks to float it away downstream.

Good news - it's been raining! It's been raining very lightly, but it's been raining. That's taken a lot of heat out of the days. A blessing for anyone who

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::Hyper-frenetic Chase Music::

It's the day for laying in supplies, storage of same, and unfucking the house without paid assistance.

If I can convince the family to do some of the storage and unfucking, I might be ahead of the game. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

It's almost 6AM. I am going to try for the Instant before I go rocketting off on my assorted adventures.

I already know I'm coming home with six kilos of prawns and a big ol'

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