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Friday, Recovery time needed

Something's in the air in the mountains of Rosewood, and I am SUFFERING, this morning.

I'm going to lie down for a bit after I'm done this morning and see how I fare after a good secondary nap.

I have no idea if I'll get going on any of my projects, today.

I need sleeps.

I also need to clean the Catio and feed my Starters at some point.

Publish first. Rest, next. Other nonsense thereafter.

Thursday, Leyland's Tour

Today, all bets are off regarding output. I am driving/escorting my love all across the country so we can all deal with funerary arrangements and organising the final farewell.

I'm taking my iPad on the off chance that I may have an opportunity to add a sentence or two to the continuing story of a devilborn whose love life is going to hell.

...better known to everyone in the loop as A Devil's Tale.

It's a security blanket and we both

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Tuesday, Patreon and Plotting

I am going to be set dressing in TaleSpire today. All the closer to swapping over to DungeonDraft and thereby speeding up the dungeon-making process. And also making a new process, huzzah.

I shall also be putting my continuing novel, A Devil's Tale, into a special folder so my mum can read it. Her compy doesn't like the huge master file, so she's getting a bespoke folder with each chapter in a separate document.

It's going to take me ages. I might

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Saturday, More Catching Up

I should get a chamber or a void done. I should get some more chapters summarised. I should also spend some time with my Beloved because quality time is important.

I shall work at what I can work at whilst my Beloved sleeps.

After that, my schedule is filled with a huge question mark. Hopefully with some R&R but you never know.

I think five chapters per diem is being kinder on myself and letting me have more mental health/

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Thursday, Maybe Game Night?

My GM is down with a sickness, so there might not be any D&D tonight. So I therefore have more potential time for making certain I have all my stories prepped and ready for the publishers. Yay.

Today's goal is to get the chapter headers sorted for Beauties and the Beastly and from there ready all the samples.

IDK about doing advertising blurb.

Looks like I have everything from Rael onwards. But I'm also prepared if I don't. Bless Patreon

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Thursday, William Tell Overture

Today is Mayhem's bifdy and what he gets on graduating to official adulthood is working for his keep. If he can't pay rent, he pays sweat equity.

Welcome to adulting, kiddo. Nobody rides for free.

My PLNs today involve travelling down to MeMum's, taking her shopping for nonsense whilst Mayhem does the tech support. He's already demonstrated that I can't trust him to wait for Miss Chaos, so...

I'm taking him with me and that cuts my time in half. Blargh. BUT.

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Sunday, Game Night

Tale Foundry cancelled because Meatspace shenanigans. I should take the time to do a self care, but... eh. I have the dunwannas.

At a point between tonight and tomorrow, Fenri is running a game. This is going to be especially interesting since his computer is a pile of dogshit with a monitor attached and a few computer chips stuck in it.

I predict chaos.

I'm filling in time until I do my story stream for the day. I'll begin with the sifting,

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Saturday, Day of Rest?

I am experimenting with my sleep cycle today. Seeing if getting to sleep in the vicinity of 10PM will help me not run out of battery at midday.

Beloved is off visiting Capt. S and will be off all day. I hope she takes one or both of the kids as company. She needs it, methinks.

I will be feeding my Starters and making the Bikkie, since I ran out of oomph to do it yesterday.

I did manage to re-filter the

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Thursday, Catching Up

Good news! We found a complete copy of Adapting to throw at publishers, and I have pasted the last words into the master document, as well as saved the spare to my drive. That will do until I find more robust storage methods.

The magic cable was one that interfaced with Beloved's Cricut. So yay. Love of magic devices pays off at long last.

Bad news! I also have to edit the master document to make sure all the breaks for chapters

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Friday, Plague Day 25, An Attempt?

I now know that the tremula is one hundred percent the result of the roid puffer. How did I learn?

I forgot to take it last night so this morning was amazingly tremula-free until I took it. Yay.

It did take most of the day, but I got most of Mum's online stuff sorted. She still can't do internet banking because of an ouroborous entry system. That's going to necessitate talking to a person at the branch.

Today, I am going to

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Tuesday, Plague Day 22, Patreon & PLNs

I am officially off the roid pills today. I'm still on the puffer though and I shall see how that goes for me.

On the pills and the puffer - shaking like a little wet dog but also clear nasal passages. Off the pills but still on the puffer - the nose is closing up and I am still shaking like a little wet dog. I can still breathe, but the tightness in the throat that "reads" like an incipient asthma attack.

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Friday, Teh PLN

Miss Chaos comes home this afternoon. Which means we can perhaps get all the nonsense together for the NDIS sign on process. The longer we procrastinate, the worse it gets for her. Therefore we need to get a wriggle on.


Why is everything both needlessly complicated and also expensive? It's not fair.

Today, I do another chamber. After I sift through ten potential publishers and find the ones who may be amenable to my nonsense. I procrastinated out of doing it

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Nonsense

I don't know what to write for this week's wordpress, so it will likely be a copy/pasta of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. It feels lazy, but I am also stuck for what to write that doesn't sound like even more angry leftist ranting against the fascist machine grinding everyone into the dirt.

I think there's plenty of opinions about that flying around right now.

As I did yesterday, I will concentrate on my content and perhaps have a

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Wednesday, Wordpress, and Merch Maybe?

I have some Thoughts about the latest bout of Transphobic Stupidity. So that's today's Content Challenge dealt with. I will be ranting. I may be frothing at the mouth.

I am pissed. Be warned.

Beloved has some Badge Making Stuff, which she is using to create some pride pins for her work. Huzzah.

I might wrangle my way into making some Merch Pins for loyal followers or peeps wanting to support me by purchasing merch. I have two symbols and a bunch

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Chill

I think my loyal Wordpress followers are going to get a new part of A Devil's Tale today. Mostly because I don't want to think about the bullshit that's been going on. So much of the world is unfair to the people I love.

Dragging me through that stuff just for an article is only going to hurt my heart. Whilst also repeating what's been already said by others about the entire mess. I've had enough horseshit for a while.

I wish

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