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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress and Tech Support

Plague news: 1 158 new cases. All locals. 4 779 total active cases. 89 of those are in hospital.

Vax news:

  • Australia's at 94.2% first vax,
  • 91.2% fully vaxxed
  • Queensland's at 90.5% first vax,
  • 86.1% fully vaxxed
  • Western Australia's at 90.9% first vax,
  • 83.4% fully vaxxed

I'm starting to believe that maybe Omicron might be the variant to get... but I'd still rather wait until those miracle drugs are available before I take the risk.

IF the weather is willing, I shall be poddling out to MeMum's to assist with the dang speakers. We got a set with the wrong power adapter and it needs to go back to JB's for a working replacement. Whee. Or an adapter exchange. Whichever's better.

Which means that today's Wordpress entry may be happening tomorrow. Be prepared.

In the news:

  • Omicron has this nation in an official mess
  • We may have picked the wrong vaccine
  • WHO says hospitals could be overwhelmed with Omicron patients
  • Muppet friend Huge Jackass catches the plague. I hope this becomes a learning experience for him
  • Blind Prophet says we're going to meet aliens in 2022
  • Testing fuckup continues to spark a clusterfuck
  • Plague invades body in days, hangs around for months
  • Yet another Knomira throws a tantrum on a plane
  • Assassin with crossbow threatened the Queen. Did not succeed
  • Cyclone up near the pointy bit of Queensland
  • Boss gives worker a hard time for... [checks notes] wanting to be with her dying sister in her last moments. Of course this is happening in the USA
  • WA tells firebugs they're going to go to jail

And now I check on things, publish my things, and maybe prepare for the day.

Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: FIFTY-NINE new cases, forty-nine local, ten imports. There's one hundred and ninety-seven total active cases, sixty-six of those are in hospital. Australia's paused at 93.9% first vax, but crawling ahead to 90.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still tangled with WA for last place, with 89.8% first vax, 84.7% fully vaxxed.

Crimbolio might be cancelled because of Omicron. We have to wait and see.

Ugh. I do NOT want Crimbolio to be cancelled, but nobody knows how

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Sunday, Day 0, Tech Support

Plague News: THIRTY-ONE new cases! Twenty-four local, seven imports. One hundred and nine total active cases, fifty-one of those are imports. It's all going to shit, and it's going to get worse. Sigh. Australia's at 93.7% first vax, 90% fully vaxxed. Queensland's edged ahead of WA, at 89% first vax, 83.6% fully vaxxed.

"Learning to live with the virus," should have meant, "Change our habits to prevent or slow the spread of the disease," and NOT "lol let it loose

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Sunday, Day 0, Madness Soon

Plague News: Seven new cases, five local, two imports. Australia's at 92.8% first vax, 88% neat for fully vaxxed. Queensland's tied in last place for the race to 95%... for shame. We're at 87% first vax, 78% fully vaxxed.

Omicron's loose all over the world and I blame Capitalism and Selfishness. This is a disease that hits kids HARD and it's all because Humanity failed to unite and beat the first version over the head all over the world.

I am

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: Five new cases, all imports. There's twelve total active cases, seven of those are in hospital. Australia's at 92% first vax, 86.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still second-last at 86% first vax, 76% fully vaxxed. It's looking like NSW will be the second to get to that precious >95% status. ACT was first.

I'm posting my bullshit on Patreon today, then working on Dungeon then farting about. Possibly a mix of Koshdelia and Satisfactory.

I'm having some fun with this.

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Saturday, Day 0, Crimbolio PLNs

Plague news: Four new cases, two of each. There's nineteen total active cases, fourteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 90% first vax, 82% fully vaxxed. Queensland is lagging in the rear at 81% first vax, and 69% fully vaxxed.

We're making PLN's for the festive season. When or if I'm ferrying MeMum somewhere on the day. Also we shall be stocking up on supplies so I can minimise potential exposure to The Little Drummer Boy.

Once you've heard the Whiny

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Friday, Day 0, Busy 'Nutter

Plague news: Three new cases, two local and one import. There's sixteen total active cases, twelve of those are in hospital. Australia's at 89.9% first vax, 81.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 80.5% first vax, 68.8% fully vaxxed. My fair sunshine state is the LAST ONE in the race to fully vax the population. ARGH...

Today on my agenda (in no particular order):

  • Feed starters
  • Cook bikkie
  • Consume same
  • Capture and vaccinate Jolie
  • Phone the landscaping people and ask
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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: Two new cases, both local. Damnit. There's 24 total active cases, fifteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 87% first vax, 74% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 75.7% first vax, 61% fully vaxxed.

Mayhem is over the reaction to his second jab, and heartily endorses the vax mandates. We need those things for public safety. Just like we need road rules, traffic lights, and handrails on walkways.


Doctors, Nurses, and the entire Service Industry NEEDS to have

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Saturday, Day 0, Woodworking!

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. There's twenty-nine total active cases, eighteen of those are in hospital and one of those is in the ICU. Australia's at 84% first vax, 66% fully vaxxed. Queensland's reached 71.7% first vax, and 55.5% fully vaxxed.

Today, my love and I are adding some much needed shelves to the ensuite so there's room for all the little bottles and things she needs for her beauty routine.

That may take most of the day.

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Saturday, Day 1, PLNning

Plague news: No new cases! Thirty-one total active cases, nineteen are in hospital. Australia's at 81% first vax, 60% fully vaxxed. Queensland's up to 51% fully vaxxed. We're getting better.

Today, I cook and eat my bikkie because I forgot about my Starters until long after I had other forms of nutrition. Whoops. Today I also indulge in other tasty treats. Hooray.

Otherwise, I post my story and then goof off for the day.

I have to be asleep by six to

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Thursday, Day 0, Prep Window

Plague News: Three new cases, all imports. There's twenty-six total active cases, fifteen are in hospital. Australia's at 80% first vax, 58% fully vaxxed. Queensland has finally reached 50% fully vaxxed. Huzzah.

Today, I'm reading up on my adventure book and picking voices for the NPC's along the way. Which I must add to my Trello board so I can remember these things.


I broke a record making some simple maps for my group of murder hobos, now I have to

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Wednesday, Day 0, AUGH

Plague News: Two new cases, local transmissions. There's twenty-seven total active cases, sixteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 79.9% first vax, 57.4% fully vaxxed. Queensland's STILL at 49% fully vaxxed.

It's 6 days until Miss Chaos gets her second jab. Mayhem gets his later on in the month. Drops in the ocean still fill it all the same.

Today, I am taking a bit of a holiday from my novel because it's fighting me. I need to catch

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Sunday, Day 0, D&D Nite

Plague news: Four new cases, two of each. Twenty-five total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 79% first vax, 56% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 48% fully vaxxed.

I have woken at 2AM to discover Toasty was streaming -- Sigh. So I stayed up for Tale Foundry since I'd _just had my coffee... and now I'm done with my stream.

I am going to sleep soon so I can more easily transition from Trainee DM to Baby DM.

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Friday, Day 0, Lockdown Looms

Plague News: SIX new cases, all local transmission. Twenty-two total active cases, nine of those are in hospital. Australia's at 77% first vax, very nearly 78%, 54% fully vaxxed. Queensland is at 47% fully vaxxed.

The spawn are getting their second jabs this month. We are part of the plague protection force.

Today: I feed the starters, clean the catbox in the catio, at least do some cleaning and write 1K in my novel.

In the news:

  • Victoria having their opening plns
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Thursday, Day 0, Finagling

Plague news: One new case, a local transmission. Twenty-three total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. I've had my second jab and my arm is very sore and my head is slightly floaty. Australia's at 73% firxt vax, 48% fully vaxed. QLD's at 43% fully vaxed - and ME!

I will immediately be lying down with fluids after this part of my workday is done. Chicken soup, drinkies to suit my palette, and a lot of rest.

Sometime later today,

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