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Step 1: Wait for Beloved to drag self out of bed
Step 2: Go fetch them chicken thighs
Step 3: Also cheesecake, cream, and goopy naughty foods for some weekend indulgeance
Step 4: Play time!

An End, A Beginning, A New Way

Today's the day I reach the end of my Blasts From the Past. Which means I have to find three other things to write about to keep my scores up, OR... focus intently on the one Instant and just go from there.

If I choose the latter [because lazy] I will have more time for Other Projects, which will be something of a boon.

I could also post sample chapters of whatever whenever so I can maybe entice people over to help

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Almost There!

Nod to the Disney song of the same title. I have almost caught up with everything. I have almost sent off a query and sample to a publisher, bu-u-ut...

My email server decided to up and DIE. For all of yesterday. And today isn't looking so swell either.

If y'all really need to contact me about something, then get to me via nutter (no spaces) buttler (at) gmail (dot) com. That's my alternate email and -so far- no spammers have found it.

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It's Patreon Day (tm) and I hope to get some different things up. For those of you following my fanfic shenanigans, I have two offerings and one may be full of squick. Approach with caution. I will add squick warnings for all things squickable.

Maybe even a squick tag. That can be a thing.

Now that I've said an invented term too many times, [urban dictionary is your friend] I can move on to other business.

The TAZ Fic Writer's Discord remains

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Once again, the week starts sideways. I'd forgotten that I'd silenced my phone so I didn't have to listen to annoying ads about games I didn't want to play whilst I was gathering fictional money in a game I did want to play. And that might have been a contributing factor to my Beloved and I missing out on the bi-election in our area. Whoops.

For those unfamiliar with mandatory voting, that's a $20 fine for each of us. We should keep

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Relax Day

Beloved is off to help their mum. I am superfluous to proceedings, so I'm in my Kigu and not doing a very lot at any pace at all.

Frankly, you're lucky to get this much blog. Starting this Monday, I will be chasing myself to submit Adapting to assorted publishers depending on their needs for approval.

With any good luck, I shall get something out there on the Pro Scene(TM). And if not... there's always Smashwords and Lulu.

It will feel

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I have a day to myself, huzzah!

And I have to stay determined to focus on my work because I entered a new Discord chat server which is very active and very tempting and could potentially eat my entire day.

The ribs went well. Kids loved them. I liked them. Turns out the sauce could easily be improved with a single spring onion, finely chopped.

I'm gonna do that to all of my beef roasts from now on.

For those Keto followers

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The entry I just posted was actually meant to go up yesterday. Whoopsydoodles.

I forget the most incredibly mundane things.

But I shall make a concerned effort to remember this Wordpress Wednesday. Even though I've only the vaguest ideas concerning the topic for this week.

I'm sure I could come up with something interesting, regardless. We'll see.

I have eight minutes to finish here and maybe post another Blast From my Past. And those are going to run out soon, so my

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The Quest Begins

I have a list of publishers who will take works without agents to back them up. I'm going to look up the submission guidelines for three of them and go attempt to sell myself.

If they can handle Adapting then they can handle anything else I come out with f'r sure.

And getting something Out There might get me the representation I have been fruitlessly seeking for so very, very long.

I pretty much have to sell Adapting so I can afford

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New Limits

In a valliant effort to save my diabetic Beloved from a sugar overdose, I threw myself onto half a tub of unexploded Häagen Däazs Strawberry and Cream ice cream.

I am paying for it now.

No puffy fingers, thank goodness, but I am having an asthma flare-up that will likely end in a dose on Max. OR it's Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season and the sugar has exacerbated an attack.

::mumble:: and I gained another half a kilo or so. Whoops.

Mayhem threw

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We just paddled up to the organic butcher's and got ourselves half a cow. An entire cardboard box of which is full of 500g baggies of mince.

We'll have fun gnawing that lot down to nothing. And in the meantime, we have a lot of steak and chops. And approximately seven kilos of mince. Whoops.

Given that my little darlings and I have put a dent in six kilos of chicken thighs, this past week, I don't think it's that much of

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Today's delay was caused by Beloved being a fluff-head. They wanted to check on Factorio, and I just had to check with them by some kind of mutual telepathy or something.

It's a cleaning day, today, so today's story may well be later than usual. Fingers crossed, I get there anyway, but... my brain is now set on 'wannaplay'. Thanks, Beloved.

Loyal visitors to my Patreon will note that I've switched things up a smidge in anticipation of even more books that

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When I was a kid, you could get mutton everywhere. For those poor babies who don't know what flavour is, mutton is a full-grown sheep's meat. It completely mystifies me as to why everyone wants random lamb a-ding-dong, because mutton has a rich flavour that should be experienced.

And since Australia flourished on the sheep's back at the time, you could not only get mutton for cheap, but there were also plenty of sources of a thing called 'hogget'. Which is Olde

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Set Your Timers

My car is going in for a service at 10 today. That gives me a little less than three hours to get my shit together, and in the middle of trying to write this post, I got this bullshit:

[Shown here: Error message over an empty post titled (Untitled), message reads "Are you sure you want to delete this post?" and in a smaller font, "You're about to delete "(Untitled)". This is permanent! No backups, no restores, no magic undo button. We

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Finishing Season

Seems to be the time of year for finishing stuff up. I'm 1500 words away from the end of Clockwork Souls and I've just-last-night reached an ending for my fanfic, Crime and Punishment.

I'm going to ponder which fanfic I'm doing next because I can't not write. There's a few juicy ideas I have excerpts for. I just need to pick the shiniest one.

Announcements when that happens, of course.

Today's another cleaning day, and having our new toy means that all

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