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Long Monday, New Map PLNs

I finished level 8 of 23 and have begun level 9. Yay.

Given that it's a map with actual right angles, I shall heartily enjoy making this one a virtual reality. So to speak.

I'll leave all the trickiest parts for last. Save what there is of my sanity for another day.

That's IF I feel like rising from my bed before the afternoon.

It's a day that I do not expect very much from myself. It's allowed. Thanks to wonky sleep stuff, I have been awake since 7PM last night. It is now approaching 4AM the next day.

I am allowed to blob, today.

Anyway. Have a story. Free of charge.

Sunday, Sleeplessness Sillies

Beloved and I went out anyway. Because Kitten D'amour was releasing new clothes.

Beloved has new business outfit. I have a new witchy outfit. LOL.

I also fell pretty fast asleep after that nonsense and THAT was why I was awake at fuckoff-AM unable to rest at all.

On the plus side, I did get a lot of a chapter written. On the minus side, it wasn't for the book I was trying to write for pro reasons.


I am going

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Friday, Unfuckening PLNs

I'm going to have to swap my boots for wellies just to clean the catio. For my next trick, I shall make a chart of potentially random potions.

All because my crew of chaotic murder hobos planted their Rando Beans and now have a bunch of potion fruits. Because of course they do.

There's TONS of potions you could have.

I have to work out how to randomise them all.

Also in my PLNs is to work on more of level 8,

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Thursday, Chambering and Shenanigans

Having company whilst building chambers in TaleSpire is way more productive for the building of said chambers. It's easier to do things with company.

This set of chambers is going to be waterlogged and I need to check and see if the Kobold will drown when the water is where the book says it will be.

It's my universe. I decide who drowns.


Yesterday, my love and I tried to reach a Fish and Chippery called Yabby Road. Alas, it was

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Sunday, Mother's Day

Today is the last Mother's Day I celebrate for myself. Rennie's Day, as I have just discovered, is the third Sunday of April. Could have been informed sooner, but... meh.

Beloved is taking over the accepting of Coffee Cups, gimcrack jewelry, and macaroni arts with beaming smile and that weird soft feeling one gets when the smols make a thing just for her.

Motherhood is many things, and one of those things is wearing a macaroni necklace like it's diamonds and feeling

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Friday, Unfuckening PLNs

The house has got away from us again, so I have PLNs to at least unfuck a small area in betwixt my other nonsenses.

On my Schedule(tm):

  • Catio duty
  • Big 'n' bulky stuff dishwash
  • Populating the level I finally finished building
  • Maybe starting on the NEXT gotdang level
  • And perhaps some other shenanigans besides

I have a new enthusiastic fan and that's a cool thing. Another Rennaisance Bean has found me. They have fingers in a lot of pots just like

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Tuesday, Shrink Times and Needs

My shrink has the Rona, so we're doing a Vidcall Headshrinking for maximum safety. My Beloved has been cooking, and I have some more cooking to do as well as meal packing.

I also have to nip out and grab myself some more vegemite.

And I'm plotting to help Beloved with the habitat unfuckening.

With firkin borked wrists to get going on.


Also I plot to do two chambers and maybe some passages before the next couple of chambers that I'll

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Friday, Unfuckening Day PLNs

It's been raining, so all the fair-weather plans are tucked aside. Not that we had many plns to begin with.

What I am plotting is to do some house unfuckening to help my Beloved. All I will say to her is keep both sinks clear and she may get a nice surprise.

Which will be me hand-washing all the meal prep containers she hates putting through the dishwasher. Mua haha.

Also the usual nonsense of the day, and fixing a map because

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Thursday, Changes

I have made a decision. It's no fun to be on a diet during Date Night. Therefore, my Feast Day is now Wednesday so we can both have some fun.

Which is going to be "interesting" when it comes to my Sourdough Starter Harvest. I can either move the Feed Day to Wednesday, or just keep on going with working with it on the weekend.

Meh. The starter is small beans.

Being able to have more fun with Beloved is better beans.

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Long Monday PLNs

It's a long day for me, and only the fact that it's still a public holidaylet me crawl off to bed without disturbing my love in the process.

Tomorrow is the fun day. I have to be certain that Miss Chaos is school-ready and able to stay alert during the day.

The rest of today will be relatively quiet. We might yet finish the rennos we had PLN'd since about Saturday. It all depends on Beloved's need for sleep.

But I have

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Friday, Unfuckening and Changes

Beloved's gradual beautifying of the entire dang house has influenced me... into doing little things to make the household environment a smidge more catalogue-ready.

I tidied up the ensuite this morning, and added some pretty soaps to the larger bathroom. And now I wait to see if anyone notices, just like any true chaos gremlin.

I like being benevolently sneaky :D

Today's agenda includes cleaning the Catio and possibly ranting about Everything, Everywhere, All at Once because that movie KICKS ASS. If

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Thursday, A Day Out

Beloved has booked us to go watch Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Which is only on in limited theatres for a limited time. But it does mean we go out shopping for things and looking at cool nerdy stuff so I shall count that win.

Other PLNs may happen later in the day.

IF I get any progress, it is double win.

BUT for now I need to focus on doing stuff that happens every day.

Let's nyoom.

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Sunday, Rennos?

Beloved is gathering materials to make a thing. My players are restructuring their Box of House. I have already decided that I'm calling this game session Better Homes and Goblins because why not.

It's been a very social week, this week, and my ability to stay awake for any of it is waning. I want to be awake for D&D and Beloved's renovation shenanigans. Everything else is gravy.

Toasty's still taking a hiatus. Tale Foundry has taken a week off.

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Friday, Divergent Paths

Beloved is offski on assorted nonsense with the relatives. I am lingering at home to both rest for tomorrow, and wait for a delivery.

Tomorrow involves more travel all over the countryside. Huzzah.

I have a nice outfit for the occasion, and it needs to be rearranged with steam because of how it was packed. High volume object in low-volume bag. You know how it goes.

I may or may not have time to rearrange the Box of House set with my

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Tuesday, Patreon and unfuckening

Thanks to Beloved being yet another whirlwind, I now have a small store of prepped meals so I don't default to potentially unhealthy nonsense when Beloved is not otherwise around to cook. And it will save money on restaurant stuff.

...though it does look like the spawn have noticed the meal trays and thought, Aha! Easy food.


Same as it ever was.

Today, I shall finish writing my Tale Foundry entry, post on Patreon, and tidy up around the kitchen a

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