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Good Friday

I have learned that the absolute worst time to go shopping for Erastide Chocolate is the day before Good Friday. The shops are not restocking that BS.

I didn't get anyone outside the home any chocolate. I hope the surrounding family forgives me, but I had limited time and I had to see to my family first.

My masks' filter is only good for an hour and a half, so my Plague-specific protection routine goes:

  1. Start timer that's set for 1 hour 20 minutes
  2. Don mask
  3. Leave bubble
  4. Go about business as quickly as possible
  5. Return with spoils
  6. Remove mask
  7. Stop timer.

I carry a bunch of spare filters with me so I can change it if the time is less than half an hour. I've learned that, if I hurry, I can get my objectives and get back to the bubble [aka the car] in about half an hour. In that kind of rush... things have to be left out.

It's okay, though. Most of the people I know shouldn't have sugar anyway. When and if the panic buying ends, I shall create for them an entire loaf of sourdough as a semi-apology and hope that flies.

I didn't even look for flour, yesterday. I consider it a minor miracle that I was able to lay my hands on the normal stock of TP and paper towels. I also consider it good that the pasta is returning to capistrano to the shelves. Maybe people are finally calming the fuck down.

This week, I recognised that nobody wants my Sourdough Harvest Experiments but me, so I only added a minimal number of things to the harvest and fried it in coconut oil. Documented recipe up in my foodie blog soon enough to now.

Today's PLN includes dealing with the excessive amounts of veg we now own, possibly in combination with the salmon steaks that I also bought home for today. One way or another. It also includes your usual daily tale.

In Plague news, the number of new cases is declining, which means that something is working. When I stopped in at Spotlight, about half the customers there were wearing homemade masks, and many of them were there with plans to make some. We all know the masks are not there to protect us, but rather to protect others. This is good news. People are doing everything they can to help others out and that gives me hope.

There's still purchasing limits on TP, paper towels, tissues, pasta, and possibly flour. You know I didn't even look for flour. I have at least enough to last a couple of weeks if I focus solely on keeping my sourdough starters alive. The last thing the world at large needs is me panic-buying shit just because it's there.

There's a video going around of what looks like three craft going around the moon. It's definitely faked, but such a realistic-looking job that some people aren't buying the fakeyness. Cue the next set of tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories. I added my own flavour to the thing.

It's already the afternoon and I haven't done anything constructive. Let's go fix that real quick.

Nope, the world is still crabonkers

I checked the news this morning and... a shopper attempted to gouge out a shop staffperson's eyes for not letting them in. There are occupancy limits EVERYWHERE. Folks need to learn how to chill.

I also need to do some shopping before everything closes for Erastide. Chocolate for the family, cord for the masks we're making, coffee for my own sanity, and any little Erastide treats I can actually find after I unfuck my house.

I have actually started things in motion

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Bread Day part 2

Wholemeal flour rises REAL slow, so I give it the maximum possible time to do stuff. I'm worried that the dough is really dry.

Probably the third iteration of bread will be much better because I won't spill water on my surface and I'll know about a proper surface to flour and all that nonsense.

This lot will be better than the last lot. The next lot will be better than this lot. That's what progress is.

Speaking of progress, my breads

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In the annals of "that escalated quickly", we have:

  • Queensland closing its borders
  • Parents keeping their kids at home if they can
  • Schools remaining open for the parents that don't have anywhere else safe for the kids to go
  • People fistfighting THE ELDERLY for more TP than they probably need [yikes!]
  • Empty shelves... empty shelves everywhere
  • There's been mass layoffs and a subsequent mass run on firkin Centrelink
  • ...and in other news, I'm shifting where my stories go because Steem decided to
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Stream Morning!

I'm functioning on a thin chain of naps and a lot of caffeine this morrow. Yeeps.

I owe a thing about my bread since both loaves came out... edible. Not perfect, but at least edible.

Perfection will take time.

Longer than I expect because everyone and their kid brother's dog has emptied the shelves of literally anything that could plausibly be long-term food.

I can only hope that sanity returns before I run out of enough flour to keep my starters alive

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Bread Fail!

People should make their instructions (a) clearer and (b) linear. If you're doing an instructional video for noobs, don't make a big deal out of the allegedly proper way and then mumble something about never doing that in person.

Share. The method. That actually. WORKS!

::Anguished ASD gargling::

So yeah. Instructional video said "use this portion" with way more importance than what the guy who made it actually did. So my dough was too moist and the loaf turned into a roofing

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Bread Day!

I made starter harvest pancakes and I have one batch of starter growing on the countertop ready to make some firkin multigrain sourdough. YEAH!

I got maybe a half hour before I need to start mixing and whatnot. I shall be measuring some of the important stuff with the house scales after I'm done with the blog.

If you're reading this, there is already bread underway.

Today's nonsense is going to include another episode of Inter-Mission and attempting to refine the backlog

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Welp. It's a crisis...

I'm making a mostly-vegetarian stew because there was no beef available when Beloved went for ingredients. So far, the ingredients include an entire Wombok cabbage, 1.5 kg of "low carb" potatoes [really, love?] and a decent dollop of vegemite.

Next on the chopping block, a decent container of carrots. I'm definitely adding some celeries to offset the potatoes in there. Lots of celeries.

On today's agenda, the Patreon nonsense, blogging about bread, writing the Instant of course, and making a bloody

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Okay. Let's do this!

We have, my Beloved and I, located a one-stop shop where sourdough accessories can be acquired. The problem? Even the closest one is fuck-off far away. 46 kilometers versus 51. South versus North.

Shall consult Beloved about the routes.

Honestly, I think North might be less bother, but more fuel. Things be a little bit nonsensical around here.

On the plus side, I do have enough prepped meals to last me almost a month. If the rest of the family starts eating

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Stream morning yaaaayyyy

I set up the skeleton of ep 25 of Inter-Mission and because the stream is still going as I write, I can't edit. That might happen later today.

I gotta count my prepped meals to figure out how long it's going to be before I prep a buttload of meals again. Whether or not that's going to happen in the middle of the Covid Crisis.

Which would make everything... interesting to say the least.

Stream action's back on. Hang on.

Ah, that

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Fun was had. Friction is generating.

So we had some decent RP. Not a lot of decent fights, but some decent RP. We had all players but I didn't have enough warning to buy Krispy Kremes for the entire group. I let them know though.

I might be on the hook for a gigantic box of doughnuts, next fortnight.


  • Barbarian too scared to confront my Tief so he sent a note up with his invisible servant
  • My Tief gave him lines ["I will not shoot my allies"
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Finally! Rest... (sort of)

Well, today is the 7th day of feeding the starters, and I now have them resting in the fridge so that I have time for other things. Like taking a firkin BREAK.

It's the thirteenth this month, which happens to be a Friday, so there is an almost mandatory uptick in gambling. I won't be having a flutter via $1 scratchie. I am content in hoping my "cheesy bread" will actually turn out okay.

Chaos has swimming and I have D&

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Experiments underway!

I got some sourdough starters incubating on my kitchen countertop. One with almond meal, two with wholemeal. One is later going to use bread flour, the other is using wholemeal flour.

I might get a fourth jar to try the protein flour on one of the halved starters. I don't think sourdough is going to do well on protein though. Beloved suggested and... It could be worth a shot.

I'll be blogging about this here, I think. I don't think Wordpress needs

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Some Fun Now

FOF is now meeting me this morning so I have to hurry and make y'all an Instant pretty quick and I am off to a fabulous start by watching YouTube videos so today's tale might be WAY late.

I'm doing my best.

Tomorrow, I'm off to relatives' for something or other. I don't even know. So once again my weekend to recover from my weekend is delayed to a different weekend.

I'm going to demand a day to do nothing, next week.

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Set Course, Warp Ten Billion

I managed to back myself into some MEGA nonsense today. Purely by accident, of course. Nevertheless...

Today, I have the usual unfuckening and output shenanigans of course. I also owe my listeners a new ep of Inter-Mission since I forgot last week [thought I did it... didn't :P ] and this might as well be the new schedule because fuckit.

I also have a shrink visit because this Tuesday gone was supposed to be the visit, but I had to reschedule. Now here's

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