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I've learned another lesson: Don't try to get fancy with my bread scoring. My loaves split in the wrong way, but they're still tasty bread and they're still going out to the peeps I promised them to. Lord alone knows how, but they're both going out on Monday afternoon.


Between then and now, I have PLNs to go forth and acquire vegetables. There shall be lots of cooking and packing pre-made meals. Plus documenting the same on my foodie blog.

I have learned not to put creamy sauces into the meals I freeze, because those things will break down when reheated and look gross.

It's going to be a LOOONNNNG weekend for me. Expensive, too. On the other hand, I shall have balanced nutrition for potential months when I am done. And I shall be VERY done when I am finished.

I shall attempt to enlist Beloved's help with all of this nonsense, but I suspect most of it will be just me. Ah well. I shall catch up on my rest soon enough.

The good news for my writing is that I was able to maintain my one hundred words a day for five days of the week. Next week, tired, busy, or not, I shall be writing two hundred a day, and seeing how I go with that. Careful monitoring of my energy levels is a must in this time.

I also attempted to do the journal again, and I need to lay my hands on a proper nib, or some proper ink for a glass pen because mixing my own is proving to be a pain in the butt.


Onwards to today's tale. May I write it quickly.

Bread Day and Muffins

Today I am making wholemeal loafs to go out to others not me. One for Chaos' teacher and one for Capt. S at her insistence. The starter harvest, gathered closer to midnight last night than the dawn, has gone into an attempt at Health Muffins(tm) that also utilise the bruised and wrinkly apples that miss Chaos no longer wishes to go near.

Recipe will be appearing in my foodie blog as soon as I care to document them.

I am, however,

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Disorganised today...

...datorganised tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow never comes because it's today when it gets here.

I have PLNs to make some wholemeal loaves, starting tomorrow. I shall be gifting one to Chaos' teacher. What happens to the other one all depends on who puts their hands up for a loaf first.

I've asked MeMum. Next, I shall ask Capt. S. After that, Chaos' bus lady gets her chop. If all refuse, I might offer to neighbours, IDK. Or I might enjoy some toast

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From Mission Impossible to Yakety Sax

Today's PLN includes a trip to my shrink, a mission for cream and maybe strawberries, and the usual nonsense that is what passes for a life in my neck of the woods.

Thusly, I shall be posting what there is of my Patreon offerings first. I know I'm writing in my novel again, but there's still not a finished chapter because the chapter in progress isn't long enough.

I do not have more of much. Sorry Patrons. At least I should be

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Monday Morning Extended Version

Toasty has moved her stream times to Monday Morning at Fuckoff AM, my time. So I face the beginning of the week with lack of sleep as a bonus score. Fortunately, my Beloved did some of the good math and figured out I should fall asleep REAL early so I could get enough rest to face my long-arse day with at least vigor.

It's worked. I have some tinned caffeine to imbibe when I flag later on today. I have yet to

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Friday. It's time for bread

So. This morning so far is:

  • Feed cats
  • Consult with Beloved visavis bread making [it's white loaves this time]
  • Feed starters
  • Make pancakes out of harvest for Chaos
  • Realise that Chaos wants to eat them at home (fml)
  • See Chaos off to school
  • Finish making the pancakes
  • Prep for bread [weighing, sifting, containing]
  • Finally have coffee and pills
  • Unfuckening the house
  • And now I get to sit down and work for a change

It's been a busy morning, and I still haven't

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So Far...

It's headed towards the end of the week and I'm incrementally progressing on getting things done. This week, I managed to get all of my scheduled output online on time instead of derping out and forgetting for a majority of the time.

Tomorrow promises to be bread day(tm) and I'm actually pondering doing a wholemeal run and a whitebread run consecutively because some dough just rises quicker. The problem is - I no longer have proper lining for my proofing baskets.

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I feel better about today

I didn't get my coconut milk, yesterday. I was just too darn exhausted to drive to Costco and get it. Beloved could drive me there, but I had to remain conscious for two further hours.


I fell the heck to sleep.

After a decent night's rest, I shall be venturing to the shops later on in the day. Costco doesn't open before ten and, now that I can stay awake until the afternoon, I shall do that and go get my

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It's an INTERESTING day!

Woke up at a quarter to midnight and realised - hey, Toasty's having a stream and if I go back to sleep, the alarm is just going to wake me up grumpy and useless.

So I got up and pootled around [finished a chapter of Lust of the Demon Lord, to be posted on Patreon this week. Yay] and enjoyed some GOOD GOOD THIRST ART which is tickling the shipping receptors in my brain. This is a good thing.

Also today -

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Happy Birthday, Chaos!

Miss Chaos is fifteen today, and we have cake, noms, and no rules because the world is ending. I'm deliberately avoiding news today because I don't need any more anxiety.

I don't want to learn what additional fucked up shit is happening out in the world. People are filling up their entire card for Apocalypse Bingo. The hell with that noise.

Today is a day to feast and be happy. Therefore, I am not searching out things that make me feel bad.

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A taste of schadenfreude

The Muppet has been in close vicinity to someone who tested positive to the plague. It's in the White House, and of course all residents and staff are tested daily whilst the rest of the nation can't get anywhere near a test. This man is making it incredibly difficult to avoid crowing in joy at his inevitable downfall.

Of fucking course the extremely annoying orange is refusing to wear a mask or stop getting close to people. Yikes. Shades of Typhoid Mary

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I'm having a frighten

We went out for some hardware, yesterday and... oh my glob. There were more people than I've seen in any one place for a month or more. Every single one of them was bare faced and only nodding at social distancing when reminded to.

This is how following waves happen. This is what's going to stretch this plague out for most of this year, if not the rest of it and some of the next one. I feel like my entire life

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Some Fun Now

Miss Chaos is the only one staying home to prevent the spread of the plague. I might send her back to school as of next week, but this really requires a consult with Beloved and an honest discussion of the risks. Chaos can't take her phone with her and therefore can't use the alleged protection of the extant Covid tracking apps.


Our most vulnerable to infection and spread [with bonus points for being inclined to be asymptomatic] can't use the one

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Actual venturing out

Mayhem has work today. Chaos needs a better set of headphones with a decent dang mic to them. If this goes for the trifecta, we might be heading northwards to a place that sells bulk organic flour so I actually have a chance of regularly making some firkin bread.

So what am I doing? Scrolling through Tumblr!

I've had my coffee. I've had my meds. I've had a decent amount of sleep in that I'm not functioning tired. What I don't have

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Getting a Groove

This morning, I over-estimated my harvest and cut up twice as many olives and mushrooms as usual. Nothing was wasted, though. I added them to a quick two-egg scramble, added cheese, and called it an omelette.

Of course, miss Chaos got half of everything, but she didn't want the omelette. Meh. I thought it was tasty enough. Whatever.

I think, this Friday, I will only be making savoury pancakes. The bread flour starter is still getting healthy and I think another week

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