A 802-post collection

Monday, Boxing Day and Recovery

I dropped off MeMum to her home and got home JUST before the roads filled up with migratory beachgoers. So I consider myself lucky to have done that when I did.

When I got home, Beloved needed cuddles. And that's why I'm returning to my nonsense this afternoon.

I owe my readers some twofers and I owe my Twitch viewers a read in lieu of Fic o' the Week. And I should get back to D&D Prep, fic tagging, and all the other whatnot.

I'm taking a short holiday from Keto because Festive Food Too Tempting. Let's be honest.

I'm still taking my ease today. So it's stories and then radio silence because one of my Crimbo presents was a Nintendo Switch Light and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I aim to enjoy slobbing around for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, as well as the Patreon stuff, I shall aim to tag some fics again.

Baby steps. After a relaxing time off, I need to get back into the swing of things.

Let's start with the stream.

Monday, Internet Fail

I had my internet connection bork out on me last night. Right in the middle of a stream. I gave up on reconnecting closer to the end of the game stream and went to bed.

Now that morning has broken, and the internet is back, I shall be streaming once all of my nonsense is organised.

As for PLNs for the day? I might actually do a cans run since I'm adequately rested and the Foundry isn't doing any reading. Any extra

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Saturday, Parkrun & PLNs

Second complete parkrun. I get a milestone after about a year of these, so I shall see if I can make it that long.

There's another after TEN years, and I'm currently like haha good joke there mate.

We will be able to do Crimbolio shopping when we have money again, this coming Tuesday. THAT is when I shall go out into the wilderness and attempt to return with something cool for everyone I love.

With a very limited budget.

I have

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Thursday, Scrombling PLNs

I have worked out that I am going to have to set up each map before my players play it. Huzzah. In the meantime, I can make sure there's counters for all the mobs in advance and do the reading ahead and all that nonsense. Huzzah.

So I am scrombling to make sure I have all the tokens. Which means that I can go on and start drawing the next level so this whole thing can maybe go faster.


I should

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Sunday,Plott'n and Pln'n

I am streaming early today so that I have the time to go do other things. Like get the supplies of cat food up to snuff. Or finally do the sullage pipes because the hours my love and I actually share are ridiculous and it takes some mutual planning to get things done sometimes.

So after I'm done prepping for the stream, I shall be sending out the "soon to now" notice.

Watch my Tumblr for further bulletins. Or just tune into

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Thursday, Tech Support Speed Run!

I have PLNs to sort out MeMum's trouble with GoogDrive.

Which means that I do my stream, do the publish, and then haul arse to the other side of the big smoke to see what the fuck is up with GoogDrive on Mum's ancient lappy.

Since it's also raining, I will be taking the ultimate care on the roads. There's a lot of idiots out there still driving like it's dry. And also driving like everyone else out there offends them personally.

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Saturday, Parkrun and Organising

I almost got to 4K on the Parkrun this morning, but I did also get some paragraphs in during some waits.

With Eggs Benny and Iced Coffee for brunch.

...I just got Taste Demerits from MeMum.

My immediate PLN is to do my stream and then reply to all the comments on my entry for TaleFoundry this week. I've had stuff in the way before now.

I should not have stuff in the way next week.

...fingers crossed.

After I do all

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Sunday, Brunch Complications

Beloved is taking me to a brunch day, so I had to stream early and throw to Tale Foundry. Huzzah.

No time to do the prompt early, either.

I'll probably do some of that on Monday.

Today, soon as I post everything I have to offer, I am preparing for a day out in the sunshine. Grass-touching may occur.

I probably need it.

...but I'm still taking my iPad because I never know when I might have a chance to do some

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Saturday, Catching up

The Gayening has commenced. We have some rainbow flag bunting strung up near the front door. Very tasteful. Almost discrete. Only those prone to being offended could take offense at it.

In the acquisition of such, I missed out on Catio cleaning and the Starter feeding. I will get on with that after the story is posted.

After the Catio and Bikkie stuff, I shall get on with summaries, chapter separation, chamber dressing, and fic tagging. Yay.

I'm getting closer and closer

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Friday, Recovery time needed

Something's in the air in the mountains of Rosewood, and I am SUFFERING, this morning.

I'm going to lie down for a bit after I'm done this morning and see how I fare after a good secondary nap.

I have no idea if I'll get going on any of my projects, today.

I need sleeps.

I also need to clean the Catio and feed my Starters at some point.

Publish first. Rest, next. Other nonsense thereafter.

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Thursday, Leyland's Tour

Today, all bets are off regarding output. I am driving/escorting my love all across the country so we can all deal with funerary arrangements and organising the final farewell.

I'm taking my iPad on the off chance that I may have an opportunity to add a sentence or two to the continuing story of a devilborn whose love life is going to hell.

...better known to everyone in the loop as A Devil's Tale.

It's a security blanket and we both

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Tuesday, Patreon and Plotting

I am going to be set dressing in TaleSpire today. All the closer to swapping over to DungeonDraft and thereby speeding up the dungeon-making process. And also making a new process, huzzah.

I shall also be putting my continuing novel, A Devil's Tale, into a special folder so my mum can read it. Her compy doesn't like the huge master file, so she's getting a bespoke folder with each chapter in a separate document.

It's going to take me ages. I might

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Saturday, More Catching Up

I should get a chamber or a void done. I should get some more chapters summarised. I should also spend some time with my Beloved because quality time is important.

I shall work at what I can work at whilst my Beloved sleeps.

After that, my schedule is filled with a huge question mark. Hopefully with some R&R but you never know.

I think five chapters per diem is being kinder on myself and letting me have more mental health/

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Thursday, Maybe Game Night?

My GM is down with a sickness, so there might not be any D&D tonight. So I therefore have more potential time for making certain I have all my stories prepped and ready for the publishers. Yay.

Today's goal is to get the chapter headers sorted for Beauties and the Beastly and from there ready all the samples.

IDK about doing advertising blurb.

Looks like I have everything from Rael onwards. But I'm also prepared if I don't. Bless Patreon

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Thursday, William Tell Overture

Today is Mayhem's bifdy and what he gets on graduating to official adulthood is working for his keep. If he can't pay rent, he pays sweat equity.

Welcome to adulting, kiddo. Nobody rides for free.

My PLNs today involve travelling down to MeMum's, taking her shopping for nonsense whilst Mayhem does the tech support. He's already demonstrated that I can't trust him to wait for Miss Chaos, so...

I'm taking him with me and that cuts my time in half. Blargh. BUT.

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