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Happy New Year!

This is it, friendos. My PLN today starts with early-morning, last-minute shit only slightly complicated by the fact that my Tumblr has been followed by two porn bots in as many days.

I really should make that 'safety poster' over again but nah. I have packing to do. I gotta pack my technoscrattle, load up the car, and take a long-arse journey to Tullagawoopwoop so I can share time with a friend.

It's probably a good thing I'm taking a breather from my novel. I've been hearing about plans to keep me -gasp- busy.

I wrote today's Instant last night. It'll be out very soon, and then I'm off. Essentially incommunicado for hours at a time.

At least the roads shouldn't be murder. But there's always the promise of some gold-class numpties out there. Any well-wishings to keep me safe are appreciated.

May your year be better than the last one, and may good news dog your steps.

So Here's the PLN

I got myself a long day tomorrow and I can't let most of it get absorbed in YouTube or any such nonse so for today:

1) Do the bloggity stuff for today
2) Do the Instant for this morning and all that associated nonsense
3) Pop out and pick up some sugarfree Fishermans' Friends so I'm completely prepped for a long-arse drive
4) Write tomorrow's Instant
5) Pack somewhere between 3 and 4
6) THEN worry about the rest of my day.

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Citizen of the Procrasti Nation

The pln this morning was to rise from my slumber and get the blog and Instant portion of my day out of the way so I could focus on other things.

You see, my morning agenda includes a visit to the doctor because it turns out I was correct about prescriptions only lasting one year. One would think that, as a former chronically ill person, I would have the majority experience with how long prescriptions last and all that noise, but noooooo.

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Slight Embuggerance

The pln this morning was to record another session for Oh My Mods. Alas, I had an update. It's currently going through an update and will be "a few minutes".

It's been more than a few minutes. It might be stuck. I can't tell.

And like a true cowardy custard, I dasn't do a thing about the planned sesh record until such time as the issues are resolved. Which may involve dragging my Beloved into the mess so that they can do

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'Tis the Day After Christmas...

...And all on the roads,

Are the people driving,

Who prob'ly drank loads...

I took MeMum home this early AM with a hope that we wouldn't cross paths with the really dangerous dickheads and thereby give her more stress than she ever needed for the rest of her life.

And then... not even halfway to Costco...

Doodling the wrong way along an off ramp, using the lane, seemingly completely unaware that they were GOING THE WRONG WAY... there's this Ute. Lucky there

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Call me Cheaty McCheaterson

I have nine episodes of Oh My Mods ready to rock and roll. Hooray.

I have two weeks coming up in which I will be busy off my arse with everything and a bucket of eggs.

We have ducted air con! YAYA! ...and getting used to that has given me a case of da sniffoos.

I'm currently uploading my episodes to the YouTube and I have them all on schedule. The first one will be appearing on the Thursday following Christmas. Watch

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All hail the new routine

I have wanted to do some Lets Play videos for some time now. Alas, we have lacked the internet, the wherewithall and the time.

However, the wherewithall has arrived in the form of my Spiffy New PC, the internet has arrived in the Shittiest Possible NBN, and the time has always been there between Fuckoff in the morning and whenever the little darlings wake up.

When they go back to school, the recording schedule is more likely to happen in the middle

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Hocus Pocus

I just can't focus.

Beloved was up at buttfuck AM this morning for server wrangling things, I have no doubt. I managed to dream about cuckoo clocks before Beloved's alarm went off - sounding like a cuckoo clock.

I don't know what's up with that, but thirty seconds of precognition whilst simultaneously unconscious sounds like the worst superpower ever. Fight me.

I did see Into the Spiderverse as well as Bumblebee and my impressions on how to do a Beloved Cartoon Franchise

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Almost done!

So... the quest to get my hair recoloured didn't turn out great. I was used to the warnings that came with Fudge, which stuck around for ages. I didn't expect stains to act exactly as they said on the tin.


The good news is that there are (allegedly) three sources of Fudge hair dye that are relatively nearby. So post-unfuckening, I will be off to two of those because...


I know for a fact that one of those sources is

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Last Week of School

Miss Chaos is in the last week of her education, so I can accurately predict a whole bunch of late stories in the future because slobbing around and doing nothing is my jam.

I will endeavour to get all my shit done before sunset. No guarantees.

Asterisk: Reminder that sunset in Sunny Queensland happens at around six to seven PM because Summer.

Today's a cleaning day, and I have to do a cash run, but beyond that, there are no plans. Not

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FUBAR'd Again

Last night was fun. The session went on WAY too long [half past midnight!] and I probably ate too much. Doesn't matter if you're on Keto, my dears. If you snack too hard, then you gain weight. End of.

I'm up by a kilo this morning and I have a persistent headache that may or may not be related to a cyclone somewhere. And worse - I came over with some sudden nausea that may also be related to watching Mumbo YouTube.

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Game night tonight!

Obviously, I didn't finish novelising the last installment of Gerroff's adventures. I'll get there. It's just... really low priority.

The mystery of the multiple postage companies has been solved so much that I can timeline the events:

  1. Stevia Company sends me my stevia via Shipping Company 1
  2. AusPost won't take none of that shit
  3. Shipping Company 1 returns parcel to Stevia Company
  4. Stevia Company sends me my stevia via Shipping Company 2
  5. Who immediately just send it of via Australia Parcel Post
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I just remembered this morning that I didn't put my Patreon stuff up yesterday. That will happen today. Promise.

Also happening today is a new dishwasher. This means I really need to think about my next Ko-Fi goal because just about all my gaseous dreams are coming true.

Air con for the entire house? Check.
Improved solar and wall battery unit? Check.
Actual non-sabotagable power system for the shed where we park our cars? Check.
Drainage and fucking driveway for that same

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So here's the deal:

  • Beloved has a Thing where they have to turn up for Loser Gambling Corp and smile and be nice to people who might not be employed for much longer
  • That thing starts in the afternoon
  • Therefore, I have to be home by the afternoon, so the household has one fully adult occupant or I can be dragged along, I'm not sure.
  • Therefore therefore, I must get the stuff for MeMum done quick-ish and take off home before lunch
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Non-lazy Weekend

So here's the PLN:

1) Obtain a weed wand with the rope nonsense so I don't accidentally poison the plants I like
2) Poison the plants I don't like
3) Do all the daily palaver I do every day [this list is not in order obviously]
4) Tomorrow, I trundle out to the opposite side of the Earth Brisbane to see MeMum and sort out some of her tech for her.

I really, really want to share The Adventure Zone and sitting

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