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More Shenanigans

Yesterday, our internet access went down. Our Wifi LAN was fine, but the internet connection is down. This has been happening on and off since we moved in, and through various ISP's, it's been the same. Every now and again, with no hint that things are going to go pants, the internet connection just firkin DIES.

This morning, it's back up again without so much as a how-do-you-do. Whatever.

At this point, I'm starting to wonder if it's us. This area, some kind of internet vortex or whatnot. Whatever it is, it seems to be a semi-regular pain in the butt.

Nevertheless, it's gone for now, so I've taken the opportunity to post the next episode of Inter-Mission before the interwebs vanishes again :P

Also attempting to focus with house cleaning due [my beasties get locked 'out' in the cat enclosure with foods and Human visits] an Instant story to write, and 1K words or bust plus ferrying Mayhem to the doctor's because yet another firkin lurgi hath strick.

Plus the not-so-little darling wants to go make a deposit and otherwise act like a responsible adult human, so I gotta support that too.

Fun times ahoy.

Busy Day Ahead

Because Ekka Flu, the nice people who help me unfuck my house are a day late in helping me go do that thing.

I have Patreon things to post, the Instant to create, five hundred to one thousand words to accomplish in KOSBOB. At least I was able to get the kittens exiled for the unfuckening and the kids pointed towards another day at school.

Now? My battle is with my own procrastination.

Have at thee, foul fiend.

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Mayhem's Merry Birth!

On this day, long about four in the afternoon, Mayhem was extracted via surgery. He is now adult. Officially. He is now entitled to do the adult things.


So of course he can't make up his firkin mind about what he's doing today, so the default is farting around on his compy. Kids these days.

Still, his default allows me to go do the thing you are looking forward to - writing my weird little daily tales and maybe even getting

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Looking forward to chaos

Tomorrow is Game Nite Friday. I am stoked. Mayhem is stoked, but also under orders to keep his virii to himself.

I do not want to catch the Ekka Flu. Those things are arseholes.

Today, with luck, I shall record some tales, since the 5-htp is working to help me maintain a sound night's sleep. On one hand - yay. On the other hand - now I have to find a new time window for recordings and maybe build an improv sound

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Hello, Ekka Flu...

Goodbye art...

Mayhem's contemporaries in math class shared their Ekka Bug(tm) with Mayhem and I had to drag his arse home in the middle of the day. He wanted to repeat this performance, thus ensuring the spread of the plague to further corners of the globe and disrupting my day.

However, I have an ace up my sleeve - I didn't wake him up. Sick boi needs sleeps, so I let him sleep. I will likely see him in the afternoon,

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Okay. NOW I can do stuff...

It's been a sideways kind'a morning, starting with a fresh dose of Cyclone Migrane [thanks NSW, for having all those blizzards] and a solid side of disorganisation because my last 48 hours were like this:

  • Run out of my own battery power at like 7PM
  • Take a 5-htp to make sure I get a good night's sleep
  • Can't sleep (WTF mate?)
  • Beloved stays up because they have to be at work at 1AM (server nonse)
  • Kittens having a dinglefest until the wee
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Changing My Hair

With all going well, my hair should be a bright new shade of purple by this evening. This entirely dependent on both my Beloved and I actually remembering to do the thing.

It's been three months since I started the Kitty Kondo project, and I was overdue for new dye then, so you can picture what a wreck my hair is by now.

Soon fixed, though. Just need to remember to do the thing.

Yeah, I'm gonna have frosted tips on long

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A Day Off?

As far as I'm aware, I have nothing planned. What I do plan to do is enjoy it. I got myself a fanfic prompt as well as the Instant to write and after that? Well, it's all Critical Role and playing with the kittens and lounging around in my kigu and fluffy socks.


If Beloved actually has PLNs to drag me off anywhere and do anything, there are going to be complaints. I shall make them pick out my clothes and

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A Challenge!

Today is Thursday. Though I have everything in place for the finishing of episode ten of Inter-Mission, I haven't had the wherewithal to sit down and just edit sound.

So yeah, this is close to the wire because cats. And procrastination. Cats and procrastination.

Speaking of, my little creature decided to inspect my lap (got scritches) and inspect my desk this AM. Cute as hell, but it didn't help me get anything accomplished.

I have my focus music on, and after I

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I Have a PLN

I often say that I think about things way too much. We have a lot of problems in this world, not the least of which is a megalomaniacal oligarchical wannabe tyrant with his finger ready for the Nuke button. I can't solve that problem, and I lack the resources to solve the rest...

But by golly, I have a PLN!

It's in several pieces and requires me to rule the world with an iron fist, but I'm pretty sure most folks would

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Car Rescue: Burpengary!

Today, I have a brat run to make, which means I can't just glom a lift out of Beloved. This, in turn, means I have to rent a ride up to North Lakes, pay for my car on a borrowed card (eep!) and then finally drive it back home.

Then I make an appointment for Pippi to see the vet, get her shots, and make an appointment to have her neutered.

It's a busy week for this 'Nutter. Also, there should be

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Week Five? Week Six?

I have lost count, and the person who said they'd take six weeks max to get back to me hasn't got back to me and I think I should scour my sent box to see if a reply wound up in my junk folder and... PARANOIA!

Anxiety is sometimes a sack of suck.

Today is Ekka Monday, and the kids are at home, but Beloved is going to work. Once it hits 7:30-ish, I shall have to lock the kittens outside

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Two wee sleekit beasties, now

Beloved wasn't just gassing about getting that second cat. We wanted one with the same rough age as our new kitty, now christened Pippi.

[Shown here: A black and white kitten with white spats, one white sock, and a white blaze on her neck and chest]

Say 'hello' to my little friend. This is the kitten I've been working for for so long. It's been nineteen weeks she's been alive, and it's been nineteen weeks we've been working on the Kitty Kondo(

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I has a very frightened baby kitty

There is a wee sleekit timorous beastie in the house and this time, it's a cat. Yes, folks, I have finally finished working on the kitty shelter and obtained my little feline from a friend.

She's 19 weeks old and absolutely terrified of this house and all the weirdoes in it. Not surprising in the slightest, IMHO.

For those disinclined to do the math, that's three months and one week old. 1/4 of the way to being a grownup kitty.


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Trust me to write this nonse just before I have to watch for Chaos' bus. I'm THAT organised.


Mayhem is home sick with what's looking like a contender for the Ekka Flu. Yay. We didn't even go, and he has it. He's going to be helping me with my bullshit as the day progresses.

I also pln or getting a reserve roller support so Mayhem can join in with the bullshit.

And then... WE PAINT!

...I'll get the story done sometime

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