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Happy Erastide!

It's chocolate day here in sunny rain-soaked Queensland. We have, for the little darlings and ourselves:

  • A big bucket full of small mixed chocolates
  • TWO firkin huge assortments which will be for sharesies later on
  • A mind-boggling amount of sweeties.

So yeah. Today counts as a carb feast.

Tomorrow, it shall be a supreme effort for me to ration out anything that's left over. It will be a herculean effort of will to avoid whatever's lying around, too.

Today, though, my herculean effort seems to be in staying focussed enough to actually write something. I've been faffing about online for two freaking hours, some of which was consumed in making some audio for my upcoming podcast.

Which, thanks to the helpful brain of Mayhem, is now called Inter-Mission. We decided that nut puns would not fly in this day and age. I didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about what kind of podcast this is going to be.

I have decided that I'm going to use the Story-Advert-Story-Music format until such time as I have Q's to A, sponsors to spruik, or longer stories to get through. A half hour of stuff, for your listening pleasure.

As soon as I know how long it takes to make one, I can have a regular release schedule.

Of course, I'm still working on the stuff for just episode ONE, so this is going to take a while.

In the meantime, I shall focus on my usual bizarre output.

Five Weeks!

I just looked at my little self-memo this morning and realised... I have FIVE WEEKS left of writing this dang book.

Five weeks until I take a week (or more) off from novel writing before doing the deep dive into a trilogy. There will be world-building. There will be tears. There will be desperate attempts to get someone to consult on things I might be accidentally insensitive to.

Multiple someones would be better. The more people to let me know about unnecessary

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Nothing PLN'd

Today's a public holiday, so after the mandatory Instant, I may well disappear. Beloved may whisk me off to parts unknown and adventures unpredictable.

About all I can rely on is a piscine type dinner.

I've procrastinated a lot already. I should get a wriggle on so y'all get content, today.

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A Modestly-laid PLN

My car is ready from its rehabilitation, today. This simple O-ring replacement is going to cost over a grand. Ouch.

Like... I have that much squirrelled away, but it's putting a dent in my finances for sure. Like... half of my luxury expenses fund dent.


Also on the menu this morrow is: Unfucking the wreckage of the three days where I was not around to prevent it, a money run to pay for same, the usual tales to tell, an uber

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Back on track?

So I've kept forgetting to make sure a blog entry is actually published. Chalk that big mistake up to travel weariness.

As Bullwinkle J. Moose said, "This time for sure!"

I'm back on to work, today, resuming the routine that keeps my equilibrium. I'm not overtly invested in working on my novel. If I write something, then I'm ahead for next week. If nothing happens - nothing happens.

I'm headed for the most tempting time of the year for Keto people -

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I'm on my way... soon

So here's the PLN:

1) Take my pills [done!]
2) Write this blog [almost there]
3) Gather all my shit into one place and start the long-arse journey to Tullagawupwup [not there at all]

I've packed most of my stuff. I've got clothes, pills, the basic tech I need to be mobile and keep y'all up with my nonsense. I made certain I have that one trinket I've been obsessing about.

...I have my hopes that the Vestigial Arsehole - aka the

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Last Day

I got some last-minute stuff to get, including some leggings to protect my shins during the autumn-winterish chill of the more southern climes, especially when it's close to beddie-byes time.

I need a power board, because nerds like us tend to use/abuse/need them as soon as they come into the house. Maybe a smallish extension cord in case the only spare plug is located under the bed or whatever.

I know I have a room with a microwave, so I

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I can do this...

I accomplished my 3K for this week, so I have today and tomorrow relatively free to be sure my assorted shit is together.

I could lay in supplies of road snacks. I could pack a suitcase. Or I could procrastinate literally everything and leave it until tomorrow.

Place your bets, folks.

I'm at least going to try and pack so I know what I need to get.

This whole thing is doing my head in.

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Gone to the Procrasti-Nation

I wasn't able to 'push' my novel's output this week. I've barely been able to line up what I'm taking.

Procrastination is happening because I don't want my friends' death to be real. I don't want things to be final. As if putting off the entire journey off is somehow going to make my friend come back and tell me that this was some kind of bad joke.

...I wanted to believe that when my Grandfather died when I was about ten.

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I am a Donkosaurus

I forgot to do my Patreon stuff, yesterday. I'm more than likely to skip out on that again today.

Today, my car is going in for a service because we suspect that it is leaking coolant. It needs an annual or semi-annual top-up of the stuff and that, apparently, is not normal.

So the PLN is to take it to the repair place today and hope they can squeeze my little car in and see if they can spot a leak. If

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Resolving Issues

So. Next week, there's going to be three days when I'm both on the road and emotionally compromised. I'm not going to be writing my novel on those days. I might not contribute to it for that entire week.

I might not be doing my daily stories. I can try, but... they just might not happen. Not for three days.

Rest assured that I am still alive and doing my best.

Daily blogs will still happen because 3AM is apparently my jam.

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A Good Turn-up

Yesterday, Free Fiction Daily up and decided to make me their feature article and put the one from the day before above "the fold". Just. Two of my stories right there on the attention-grabbing part of the page. No scrolling down, just -boom- there.

One day, I might just have more notice than that, but it's my current high point. I love it.

I am having so much fun with the D&D game and I want to share it, but

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So stoked for tonight...

I got my Crit Happens shirt, I got a new dice bag, I got my tablet charged, I got my batteries... I got Mayhem home with the vomits at home because antibiotics kick your arse these days.

Last day of term, and I don't even know if Chaos is going today.

If the kids are at home, I'm still taking a journey out to be sure of victuals for the evening.

That's what passes for a PLN.

I'm gonna be riding the

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Dis... Dat... De Other

My Friendo's funeral is happening soon. Not too soon, just... soon. There's probably going to be three days of radio silence or a reasonable impersonation thereof. Frankly, I'll count myself lucky if I can keep the Instants going out.

So much to do in-between.

My car is having coolant issues, so I have to do something about that. The Doctor's office gave me the number for Q-Tax, and I have to do something about that... I have to pack...

At least now,

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It's April 1

The pranks will be flying, but not here. Here, I'm what passes for serious.

On Tumblr, though, a friend and I are doing a collab for a prank. Instead of me doing the story and her doing the arts, I did the arts and she's doing the story. We shall see whether anyone else notices.

I bet they will.

The TangleBag(tm) is three stitches away from a complete top, and then I shall work out the handles. Huzzah.

I'm also squeezing

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