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Wednesday, Wordpress & Date PLNs

I am very tired -_- So tired that I slept until the alarm this morning. The wet weather is getting to me and all I want to do today is Be Blob.

BUT we also need to purchase kitter foods, cream, and probably some other essentials [like our favourite flavour sauces] and that's going to take even more out of me.

I might propose a Grand Day In for date night this evening. Get some ridiculous face masks, order a platter of sushi or two, and then do Home Spa stuff whilst watching ridiculous television. And cuddling. Gotta have them hugs.

It's not like the world outside is particularly fascinating at the moment. It's cold and wet and squishy and some pampering in a nice warm house seems to fit about right for me.

I shall consult.

As for wordpress... head empty, no thoughts, so y'all will get another installment of a Terrible Tiefling Tale. I will not take criticism at this time.

There's been another shooting in the US by a "mad lone wolf" who just co-incidentally quoted Fox News in general and Tucker Carlson in particular. Specifically the spurious replacement narrative that gets the White Is Right mob screeching in terror. Naturally both Fox News and Mr Carlson deny responsibility. And say this is why America Needs More Guns, as well as blaming Biden.


This on top of the kerfuffle surrounding the potential dissolution of Roe V Wade. The one thing that made abortion safe for everyone.

I am so mad at the USA right now. It's like it's on the verge of total collapse, or at least another civil war.

If I want to feel better about my life, I need to not engage with the news. So with that in mind, let's get some fiction going.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

We're having the second once-in-20-year rain event THIS YEAR and I'm having flashbacks to 2012 when we were having once-a-century rain events every other week.

MeMum's "looking forward" to a reflooding, but fingers crossed the measures she has in place now actually work to keep the water out of her house.

The rain may interfere with Date Night, which has previously involved visiting a fish and chippery called -get this- Yabbie Road.

If they don't have yabbies on their menu, I shall

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

I actually had an idea and it's going to be slightly interesting in the carrying out. Basically, I have to take public transport again after literal years of not doing that. And then I get a lift back. Whee.

Because instead of a day off, Beloved is off cityside to do some training stuff, so I shall meet her in the city for our nonsense.

I shall need my walking shoes, and a transit pass. The latter of which I shall be

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

I have a wordpress to write sometime today. I may or may not be building dungeons for my players to dragon in. I may or may not be writing High Adventure for either Kingdom of Sand or Devil's Tale.

What I will be doing is having an adventure with my Beloved.

I have successfully given my players conniptions by ageing up the Dragon in the game. I mean, they are OP enough to handle it, but they also believe they could be

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Catching up

I forgot to post my Patreon stuff yesterday. Assorted nonsense with entire habitat unfucking got in the way. I am an easily-distracted gremlin.

The house is starting to look nicer in very specific areas. Shame about the piles of boxes and wrapping stuff. We'll deal with those anon.

Today, my PLNs include more set dressing for the dungeon and an evening at home because the movie we want to see is only on tomorrow.

Beloved stayed up all night to do housework

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Wednesday, Wordpress and shenanigans

I have PLNs today. PLNs to take Mayhem all the way out to MeMum's and then help her move a heavy object to a place where the neighbours won't nick it.

IF I get around to doing a Wordpress Wednesday, I shall likely concoct a topic on either of the drives. There, or back again.

Beloved is off to get her face zapped again, today. So we should be done with both of our respective shenanigans about roughly together. And then it's

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Hairdo's

Today, my love and I are getting our hair did. I think I shall stick with getting the roots refreshed. My other idea of having a full rainbow happening was likely too expensive.

We have many more expensive things afoot.

Starting with PLNs to have storage space for all our assorted garments. And shoes. And getting all the garbage out of our house. AND rennos.


I have finished the primary layouts for the dungeon level I'm working on, and I may

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Wednesday, Spa-Wordpress

It's supposed to be Wordpress Wednesday, but it's also a Spa Day for my love and I so it's anyone's guess as to whether I can get that accomplished or nay.

Whatever happens... happens.

I may be late on the Wordpress stuff. Plotting to just enjoy myself during the Spa. Feasting on carby treats included. No guilt. Just chillaxing.

I might even get the knot in my shoulder unravelled.

I made a sort of seafood chowder, last night. Using the new toy

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Unfuckening, and Nonsense

Yesterday was A Day(tm). The difference between "a day" and "A Day(tm)" is that during A Day(tm), you get slapped in the face by Murphy's Laws. A lot.

So. Firefox kept crashing because of a search engine famous to Windoze users for eating up processing power. And I lost all my browser windows and tabs. AND I had to rebuild the bare minimums and keep it down in future or suffer the consequences.

As a confessed tab hoarder, this

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Anniversary

Beloved and I will be celebrating our Silver Anniversary real soon now. Methinks today's date will be all about buying each other something silver. She's worth it, I know that.

For the rest of today, I am trying to gather peeps from the D&D game to help design the Box of House.

A brief explain:

  • Players got hold of an item called a "Folding Boat", this got quickly nicknamed "the box of boat" in game.
  • This INSTANTLY gave them the
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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Day

This afternoon, all being well, my love and I are headed off for a nice evening out. Considering that things are SOAKED right now, we may have to cancel. Or be prepared for elongated travel times.

I want to write about Jigsaw Worldbuilding in Wordpress today. It is, more or less, writing about one thing and making lots of stuff clear about that one thing. I'm still at the point of getting nonsense nailed down and not a single one of the

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Every time I even think of looking at the stats, I get the morbs. So I'm going to try not doing that tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Speaking of luck, I tried to get some testing done to be certain of my body chemistry, but the doc couldn't understand why I wanted all that. The tests the quack wanted to do were all for a certain thing and they have hoops to jump through and bleh.

So my beloved went and got them

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 7 588 new cases
  • 63 164 total active cases
  • 868 hospitalisations
  • 54 in the ICU
  • 10 new deaths
  • 13 512 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 262 036 national doses
  • 41 868 Qld doses
  • 12 632 ACT doses
  • 73 329 NSW doses
  • 2 402 NT doses
  • 17 647 SA doses
  • 6 173 Tas doses
  • 67 648 Vic doses
  • 40 337 WA doses

I have a wordpress to write today and my brain is heavily on Koshdelia for the

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 9 546 new cases
  • 76 417 total active cases
  • 928 hospitalisations
  • 51 in the ICU
  • 11 more deaths
  • 9 408 total cases in First Nations people

...at least some numbers are going down.

Vax news:

  • 322 467 national doses
  • 52 218 Qld doses
  • 9 497 ACT doses
  • 99 440 NSW doses
  • 2 574 NT doses [did they hear me? o_O]
  • 22 671 SA doses
  • 6 900 Tas doses
  • 87 779 Vic doses
  • 41 388 WA doses

Thanks to Clive

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 15 962 new cases
  • 86 561 total active cases
  • 819 hospitalisations
  • 50 in the ICU
  • 16 new deaths
  • 5 897 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 115 279 national doses
  • 23 200 Qld doses
  • 3 898 ACT doses
  • 27 467 NSW doses
  • 877 NT doses
  • 10 652 SA doses
  • 5 719 Tas doses
  • 29 759 Vic doses
  • 13 707 WA doses

I have a Wordpress entry yet to write, a dungeon chamber to build, fics to tag, and

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