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Wednesday, Proceeding Apace

The Tesla has been cleaned out. It's been detailed. Tomorrow, I take it over for inspection and that shall be the last we see of it.

I shall be taking the train mostly home and either walking or taking an Uber the last bit of the way back home.

Expect tomorrow's offering at a nonstandard time.

At midday tomorrow, we shall be a one-car family.

Now I shall proceed with my offerings and disorganised side-projects as per normal.

I will be making time henceforth to summarise my extant novels. And all the other prep work necessary to flick my things at publishers.

Need more moneys.

Gotta get paid to has moneys.

Gotta get published to get paid.

Gotta prep so I can get published.

Whee, whee, huzzah... [/sarcasm]

Onwards to those goals.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Further Shenanigans

Beloved has work, and I have not received any further bulletins as to when I can expect her lovely company. Guess that happens later.

Looking forward to some delicious carbage and delightful company tonight. All going well.

Heck, I might even find out where books 2 and 3 are. Fingers crossed.

I'm still doing all the other offerings, but my schedule may be interrupted with barely a moment's notice. I anticipated this when I sat down to write today's tale. Still on

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Patreon, and a Date

I forgot what I should also have been doing yesterday. Concentrating on the daily tale and the meme.

Also it rained pretty hard and I could not internet easily. On the other hand, I did complete a couple more chapters for the eventual Patreon posts.

I should be picking up my Beloved really soon now. So I'm not investing a lot of time in the usual morning BS.

[One expedition later...]

I'm counter-reviewing all the ppl who reviewed me on the Foundry.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

Beloved surprised me by heading home this morning, so I had to drop everything and scoot. Wheeee.

So now she's here and I've got some lower budget PLNs for fun shared space time together. Which have to wait until I am done with the offerings for the day.

Which are:

  • Wordpress
  • Fediverse meme
  • Tale Foundry entry
  • Daily tale

The prompt got announced sometime whilst I was unconscious, so now I hustle to have a go at someone else's universe for the Foundry.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and NEWS

All going well, Beloved shall be returning to my abode next week. Probably.

She will want to binge some chapters since...

Chapter count: About to commence Ch 310

I've been busy despite the Lurgi.

I also need to figure out the time windows for arting. I shall sit somewhere comfortable and at least do a sketch layer for one duck. Possibly whilst semi-watching some comfort entertainment for the white noise.

I have some Wordpress to publish, some chapters to record, some plot

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shopping

I forgot a few things when shopping yesterday, so I have to do a remedial shop today.

One among our prizes from yesterday was a cow tongue. Which Mayhem and I are going to turn into a very nice soup. He doubts that I've done this before, but I know I firkin did it.

Okay, yes, I did feed the kids pig tongue earlier, and they had zero objections. Miss Chaos even snaffled the tongue skins for snackage.

We need ingredients for

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Wednesday, Date Day and Wordpress

I should launch soon, but I also need my nebuliser, so I take off after that.

I shall be shaving seconds on this.

Everything is going to hinge on my ability to fill my lungs with medication.

I won't speed. I won't drive dangerously. I'd rather be a little late than dead, on time.

Beloved is seeing experts, so I am chauffeur, escort, and entertainment for the day. And then it shall be dinner and Karaoke for the QPP.


I shall

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Wednesday, Wordpress and EXPERTS

Beloved is seeing the arm experts today, and hopefully getting a judgement on how wobbly things are in there. I have my fingers crossed for a fix for that nonsense, but there's an equal chance they'll tell her everything is perfectly normal and expected.

I would very much LIKE a fix because the wobbling is painful for Beloved and disturbing to the rest of us.

This weekend also features a REN FAIRE! We've been looking forward to this thing for a month

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Other PLNs

Beloved is in the wars, and due to be out of hospital tomorrow. So that's the new Date Night(tm) this week.

IDFK what I'm doing with myself today.

I'm probably taking Beloved to a controlled environment tomorrow evening, all the better to ease her recuperation.

So the final tally is:

  1. Broken arm
  2. Broken jaw
  3. Added plate in the jaw
  4. Braces to restraighten her teeth

While they were in there, they took out some teeth that were just about gone anyway.


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Wednesday, Wordpress and Remote Dating

Both my snugglebuddies are down with a sickness. Beloved caught a Lurgi while she was over at Adorable's and we mutually decided not to give me another threat to my lungs.

BUT it's also date night and bonding exercises have to be a shared experience we can do together. So we're doing that.

Technonerds for the win, I guess.

I already did the meme on the Fediverse this morning, so all I have left is the daily tale, the Wordpress entry, and

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Wednesday, Date Night, no current PLN

I'm going to place and do thing with my love tonight, but I have no idea which place or what thing. Nevertheless, I have my Torture Shoes(tm) on for whatever may happen.

I'm sure we'll figure something out in due course, but it will probably be involving the Jacka's iced caffeine with bursties in there.

It's not often I get my hands on sugar, you know.

I'm kind of running out of new things to experience, or ones that are easily

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night, and Revelations

Yesterday, I finished Chapter 280. All I needed to do was have half an hour away from the temptation of Dwarf Fortress.

So that's what I'm trying today.

After I write this blog, I shall have to leave to go shopping for essentials [cat food, tinned fish for the fam, more cream for my good self]

The kids have been on a tinned fish bender lately and supplies are running low.

So my day started with needing cream and graduated to a

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