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Wednesday, Wordpress and Training

Mayhem's off on job training today. We quickly worked out that he can take the train most of the way home so that's a win. Morning traffic is a grind.

I don't want to get depressed all over my Wordpress, today, but I also have very few ideas as to what I'm doing over there today. I'll probably end up talking about what I'm doing to try to finish my enormous and epic WIP.

My alternative thought for Wordpress is a letter of apology to Greta Thunberg. BUT the internet in general and her in particular do not need my bloody self-blame issues out there in the open. I don't think I should do that.

The world does not need that noise.

I'd rather be helpful. I'd rather spread joy. I'd rather share the good things.

Speaking of good things: I started on my latest batch of Chia Bread at about 6AM yesterday, and wasn't finished until 11:30PM [I really wanted it done in one day]

Should have got up when I first woke up, at 2:30 AM.

Anyway. The findings:

  • Soaking 170g of chia seeds in 800g of water for four hours results in a jelly-like substance that's difficult to work with
  • Moving all the flour into a DEEP well in the bowl helped immensely
  • So too did moving the flour into the chia mix with the large bowl scraper
  • The motion's a lot similar to the stretch and fold for the dough, though the blade of the scraper is chopping the chia mix into chunks
  • There's a point in which that stops giving any reasonable result and you just have to work it all together with your (clean) hands
  • Which is one FUCK of an upper body workout
  • The dough does not start to behave until after the levan is mixed in
  • Dividing the two doughs by weight might have been the right idea, but I might want two scales in future. Swapping back and forth was a trial.
  • The breads came out a little undercooked. It may have been the "ice cube trick"1 or it may be the chia eating some of the sugars in the flour

Next time:

  • I'll halve the chia [85g chia/915g flour] and use 780g of water to see how it behaves
  • I'll maintain the baking process as it is to narrow down cause and effect.

More fine-tuning is in my future, but controlling the variables is all part of the science.

Onwards to the offerings.

  1. Putting an ice cube into the dutch oven for the "rise" part of the bake to put humidity into the container.

Monday, Continuing Meh

My eyes are tired, and I'm pretty sure that's just what happens when I'm off the Ashwagandha.

The alternative I'm using has yet to kick in and re-establish the energy I'm supposed to have when I'm on it.

It's day four [I think? I'm bad at counting] and this stuff's supposed to take weeks. At least there's no danger signs so there's that.

Rest assured that I WILL quit it at the first sign of trouble. I just haven't had any of

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Thursday, Day 0, Sleepless

Plague news: One new case, local transmission. Forty-nine total cases and forty-one are in hospital.

I've been awake since one-a-firkin-em this morning. I decided to use that time for a cooking experiment involving keto-friendly cheesecake. The cheesecake may be all fail, but it's the base I'm concerned about.

Basically, the base is runny nut butter thickened up with philly until it's mouldable like play-dough. If that works, then I can resume making cheesecake like normal.

What I failed at in the cheesecake

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Challenge #03034-H111: Obscured by Alchemy

There’s two types of people:

1- those that can extrapolate information from incomplete data -- Anon Guest

[AN: I love this but have to resist the urge to fill in the missing information. Thankyou, Nonny, for messing with my brain]

There are times in alchemy that the four elements are insufficient to explain what just happened. For instance, the metal of potash. Purging wood with fire, then soaking the char in water for a week, straining out the charcoal, and then

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Sunday, Day Zero, FUDGE!

Two more cases taking the total count up to eleven. Darnit. Still imports, still detected in quarantine. Still having the risk of One Karen to Ruin it All. Sigh.

I messed up two batches of fudge by getting the order wrong. You're supposed to heat up the condensed milk with the butter and then add the shredded chocolate. Doing it the other way around made it turn gritty and look unappealing, but it's still eatable fudge at the end of the day.

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Yesterday, I didn't need coffee. But I took a couple of cups anyway because I was feeling a little worn out because new meds.

Today, when I don't have to drive, I am having a No Coffee Day. If I wish to have a hot beverage, I will return to my childhood comfort - tea.

There's little that can't be fixed by a nice hot cup of tea. Ask Douglas Adams and The Doctor.

For me, tea is relaxing. It's the calm-me-down

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An Experiment

I have followed my dear family's advice and bookmarked the bajillions of browser tabs that I used to have open.

If this turns out to be the thing that was clogging my compy, then I shall publicly label myself a derpy derpington from derpton who derps all the live long day. Because I would be a massive derp.

The plus side of this being that I would then have $4K AUD to put towards a new lappy. Yay.

Which, in turn, would

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A social experiment for real men

WARNING: This social experiment is only for REAL MEN who are completely secure in their masculinity and are willing to go the distance and not wuss out at the first sign of trouble. If you, for any reason, feel you are not up to the challenge, then don’t come crying to me. I fucking warned you.

You will need:

  • Pins/stickers/a shirt that reads “I am participating in a social experiment. Please act normally”.

  • Some balloons.

  • Some

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