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Gotta unfuck on Friday (Day 3)

It's foggy, we're on day three of no new plague cases, even though there's that one bloke who broke quarantine five days early and is in parts unknown. Last I heard, anyway.

I've fed the cats, fed the starters, and my harvest pancake is currently cooking. Yay. I still have yet to unfuck the house, but that is scheduled.

I'm feeling organised as heck.

Let's check the news.

  • Authorities all over the place looking very hard at frozen foodstuffs
  • NZ clamping down hard and working to contain their outbreak of plague
  • Security guard once blamed for Victoria's outbreak innocent, it was a night duty manager
  • Woolies is apparently phasing out the deli section
  • Bunnings Karen now practicing witchcraft to end the reign of the politician responsible for "evil mask laws" 9_9
  • Plague is under control... ish... in Melbourne, and is now spreading to the countryside
  • ScoMo's under the mark of shame for the inadequate aged care facilities
  • Phillipines leader publicly offers to take Russia's vaccine... and then privately backs down
  • Health authorities pushing ahead to spread testing in regional Victoria
  • Muppet picks plague advisory who agrees with his POV 9_9
  • Aussie tourism industry is not getting government handouts
  • Muppet removes water-saving restrictions on shower-heads because he wants his hair looking right 9_9
  • More palaver involving China sending packets of mystery seeds to randos all over the world. I have to wonder WTF the agenda is
  • Elon Musk claims to have broken the brain-to-compy barrier, leading to us using our brains to control our PC's

It's kind of a good thing I have to wait a few years for that level of tech nonsense. That way I can watch and judge how it goes.

It's Bus O'clock. Let's get on with nonsense.

Still Exhausted

I can't sleep, my body is tired, my brain is wired, and my eyes don't know where they are. Let's get today over with so I can try again tomorrow.

Apparently, I have to be willing to help Beloved cut mask pieces because they really don't want to do that one thing. Sigh. So I have to have razor-sharp timing to catch a moment when we both have time to spare and oomph to do something.

Not gonna lie, that's hard.


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Day Zero. Sigh.

Two idiots in Noosa went to Sydney and then lied about where they'd been back when the borders were still more or less open. Sigh.

I think I'm detecting a pattern.

1) Idiots go into plague zone for nonsense
2) Idiots return to the alleged safety of Queensland
3) Idiots elect to LIE about where they've been
4) Idiots cavort around the scenery, potentially infecting thousands

These two particular idiots are underaged and will therefore be also suffering the wrath of parentals

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Long Weekend? IDK (Day Three!)

Miss Chaos thinks today is a schoolday and she's eager to rock and roll. I don't blame her to be honest. The desire to return to routine is strong. I miss being able to go about and do whatever whenever without fear of nonsense.

...speaking of wherever and whatever, I fully expect to get that power supply for my Drobo and therefore have less to worry about when and if my extant compy dies. I still have $1.3K to save up

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Sunday (Very) Early Morning

It's still Saturday as I start writing this and you know what's going on in the wee small hours during Sunday morning.

My plans today are uncomplicated.

1) Watch Toasty's stream
2) Write story
3) Look after self

There's a second day of no plague in Queensland and once again hope rises. Especially since Queensland has closed its borders once more.

I'm still trying to stay away from the news.

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A Day of Indulgences

It's Saturday and I've already had way too many carbs and I'm loving it. The PLN, such that it is, is to write today's Instant and then spend the rest of my day just faffing about. Pure nonsense, no news.

Apart from this: Dogs are apparently better at detecting Covid-19 than any man-made test. Good news for us, and I hope those brave pooches don't get the plague from us Humans.

I for one welcome any appointment with Doctor Rover.

But enough

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Day One Once More

No new cases today and some rumblings that yesterday's new case may be a false positive. I refuse to take chances and count the false positives as positives anywhere.

Today's agenda includes household unfuckening and no bread. We still have an entire loaf that the family is disinterested in. I shall leave the baking of bread alone for another week. The family tends to tire of a homemade loaf now and again.

Shit happens.

Speaking of immense piles of shit:

  • Calls arise
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Day Zero Once More

Another case has arisen in Queensland and it's most likely to be incoming from outside of Queensland because most of us aren't selfish buttwipes.

The continuing clusterfuck caused by this plague has given rise to a new insult: "rat-licker". Meaning that the person on the receiving end is one of those people who would lick rats during the bubonic plague eras. Translated - they're acting in a manner that spreads disease rather than preventing such.

Beirut blew up because the building that

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Day Two! Whoo!

Watching a little number climb has become exciting again. I'm gaining some hope at firkin last. Things might actually begin to look up.

In personal news, I actually finished a story I started. It was one of the things I've been writing for fun. Not anything I've been writing with money in goal. Meh. I'm taking any singular win I can grab, these days.

Now onto the losers:

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Day One! At last!

Queensland's being smart and taking no shit, and big anti-shocker, we're back to zero new cases.

Victoria continues to battle with things like... policing illegal gatherings put on by the kind of people who are used to using money to skate away from consequences. They seem to have a lot of them down there.

Also in the news:

  • Muppet mocks Victoria for following the lead set by his own astroturf campaign to re-open businesses way too early to avert another outbreak
  • Bloke
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Good Morning! It's Day Zero!

...for the fourth freaking time in a row.

It's been one case a day for four days after the initial three were discovered. We're watching the numbers and Chaos returns to school if, by the end of the week, there have been less than three cases in three days. If there have been more than three cases in three days during the week, Chaos stays at home.

Frikkin covidiots...

Victoria has entered into severe quarantine and the exact people who've caused this

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Three Day Zero's

Three of them. In a row. Three days of new plague cases, two of which were actually caused by the lying criminal plague-vectors who decided it would be fun to go to Melbourne, shoplift, and then lie about being there. One such case was found in a nursing home and by now we all know what that means. Huge outbreak because nursing homes are universally underfunded and neglected by anyone with a four-figure retirement payment in their wages.

But hey, as long

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An Milestone!

It's taken me literal ages, but I finally accomplished 108K in KOSBOB. Were this my normal output, I would have four weeks to go in the writing thereof. But these are not normal weeks and I should not feel guilty about that.

This entire clusterfuck of a year has done things to my brain. I swear I have trauma exhaustion. Worrying about the plague, worrying about people I love stuck in the middle of it. Worrying about (seemingly) Round 2398654 of the

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It's a Clusterfuck Morning!

The LAN is down so I'm using precious phone data to do my thing, so I shall be not present online until such time as the household interwebs is back to fully operational status.

Which means working solely on my laptop again, whee!

In the news this morning, Victoria has finally made mask-wearing mandatory. A move they should have done when the alleged "second wave" hit certain select suburbs. At least this has a passing chance of stopping the Karen Squad before

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Of all the fucking dipshits...

Two teens in plague-riddled Melbourne decided they could skate around the rules no problem. They did this by flying to Sydney, staying inside the airport terminal, lying about where they were from, and then subsequently flying to Brisbane and repeating their Great Lie Schtick.

They've now been whacked on the head by a $4K fine, but that's small comfort. Why? Because they were rattling around loose for eight days. Unaware that they were spreading plague everywhere they went. Including the private school

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