Day Two

A 2-post collection

Tuesday - Day 2

I have shrinky business going on and talking about how to handle Miss Chaos being obstinate at school versus how to help Mayhem with the social anxiety. It's not my job to fix everything, but I should be able to help a little bit.

The blackout didn't happen because it's actually happening on the 28th. I got my wires crossed. Shocker.

Which is why I double-checked my calendar today to make sure I have the shrinky business. Which I do. Of course I'm stealing Beloved's car.

Thanks to the new Bread Plan(tm), I am now making more bread this Friday. The bread plan goes thus:

  1. Make bread
  2. Get Beloved, who does not possess an eye like a rotten eel, to slice bread
  3. Place bread in baggie and freeze if not immediately needed
  4. Maintain a minimum of two loaves in the freezer

It's a good plan. The family likes having sliced bread just available to nom when they want it.

I looked at the news and it is crabonkers. I'm done looking at the news for a bit.

Day Two and it's More Fuckshit

Science has discovered that the plague can hang around in the air in small doses, but it's unknown as to whether that's enough to infect someone. So far, the chain of circumstance is looking a bit convoluted for me to be very alarmed. Nevertheless, it does explain the Superspreader incidents.


  • Protests in South Korea have resulted in a spike in cases
  • More tears for tourism
  • NSW at under ten new cases per day
  • Covid-19 has a metallic taste according to one
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