Day Two

A 22-post collection

Tuesday, Day 2, Patreon

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! We have twelve active cases, seven of which are in hospital. Australia has moved up to 76% first vaxxed, almost 52% fully vaxxed. Queensland is at 45% fully vaxed. My spawn are getting their second jabs next month. Yay. On separate days. Boo.

Thanks to Tale Foundry being back in action I have a NEW WORK for my $5 tier over in Patreon. Yay. The one person who pays for that should be glad. I hope.

I'm doing okay on the antibiotics and steroids. Yay. Still need Max this morning, but the breathing is so much easier. I get my prescriptions renewed this Thursday and a three-figure meds purchase immediately after. Sigh.

It's expensive to breathe, sometimes.

In the news:

  • Apparently there's been two mystery Covid detections between yesterday noon [where my figures come from] and now. Dag
  • Brexit and plague cause food and fuel shortages in the UK, which causes riots
  • Simone Byles can't catch a break
  • HJ's CEO bets the antivaxxers will crumble when they finally realise there's consequences for their inactions
  • Some fuckwit murdered a teacher in the UK
  • "Promising young man" with music career found guilty of sexual assault
  • Been to Maccas? You could have got Covid with that
  • Train strike imminent. Just firkin pay the people a fair wage, geez
  • Yet another convicted rapist with a foreign name is released to the public. Not a peep about the eurocentric-named rapists also released from jail
  • Aussie scientists discover non-toxic treatment alternative to chemo. ScoMo to sell it to megaglobopharmacorp for fifty cents
  • Dan Murphy's recall
  • Some fuckwit killed a student and left her body in a dumpster
  • Bounty hunter after Gabby Petito's alleged murderer boyfriend
  • Netflix made an expensive movie
  • Google's also racist
  • Canny parents buying their kids shares
  • HJ's going after KFC
  • Plague now impacting our ability to import stuff
  • My birthday's coming up and I have NOTHING planned

Anyway. Onwards to story.

Thursday, Day 2, Org Day

Plague news: No new cases again! It's been a hot while since that's happened. There's seventeen total active cases with thirteen in hospital.

Not going to jinx it. Not saying anything more about numbers.

Today, I wrangle finances, get money, spend money, and perhaps organise things for greater convenience.

On the Honeydew list:

  1. Get a slasher in to knock down the weeds and tall grass in our yard
  2. [related] Purchase a MowerBot to keep the grass in check
  3. Rent a huge firkin
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Wednesday, Day 2, GOOOOOO!!!!

Plague news: No new cases, thirteen active ones that are all in hospital.

The last stage of Fixit Day is happening this morning when the cabinet guy comes around to make sure everything is sealed to heck and back. But otherwise we have a functioning bathroom vanity. Huzzah.

I didn't have the wherewithall to code anything yesterday because tradies in my house. At least I got the Patreon nonsense done. And the Instant. And my 500 words. Output successful.

More Terrible Tiefling

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Saturday, Day 2, PLNs

No new cases, leaving thirteen active cases, all of which are in hospital. I now have my hooks into a tradie and the deal goeth thusly:

  1. Acquire the materials
  2. Including the taps and stuff
  3. Call the dude and arrange things thereafter

Fifty bucks an hour, and it should only take a couple of those. Fingers crossed, but I have enough stowed away in case of the fuckup factor.

It's only after we have the new vanity that I will siphon off the

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Monday, Day 2, Labor Day

Seventeen total cases, sixteen in hospital, and only one left chilling for the all-clear. I'm feeling better about the numbers but not completely secure.

The steam machine is doing great, but I still need to dose myself RSN because I'm horking up bronchial casts of my alveoli. Fun. Also gross.

The bad air days may be coming to a close. I can hope. Thanks to the water vapour, breathing is easier, but I really need to shake the clinker to have better

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Wednesday, Day 2, Debug the Mic

Twenty total cases, all of them in hospital. Things are looking up for me and my paranoia. Alas, the Death Cough remains, so I too remain in personal quarantine until I either shift the stuff that's making me bark, or Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season draws to a close.

Something there is that does not like me drawing breath. I'm used to it.

I tried to record an episode of Does Not Compute but there was NO SOUND. I gotta debug what's going

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Thursday, Day 2, Getting on with it

Active cases still hang at seven. I'm hoping for the best all the same.

I have learned some things about the music machine, and in an effort to churn out some chunes (tm) I shall be downloading loops ten at a time and trying to install them for use. I'm doing some LEARNING today. Maybe with a mallet.

Music might not happen but education certainly shall.

In the news:

  • Teenagers falling victim to bad relationship boys in school, send out the red
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Tuesday, Day 2, PLNs

I'm seeing my shrink today. Guaranteed that I'm going to bitch about the spineless jellies in the Repugnican party. And entheuse about the new bread flour because it's pretty awesome.

There's still seven active cases in the quarantine hotels, and a whole lot of nonsense going on. All over the firkin world.

Speaking of:

  • Deadlier pandemic "inevitable" say experts. We wouldn't be here if you wore your fucking mask KAREN
  • Our shy and retiring wildlife want to play some tennis, apparently. From
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Friday, Day 2, A PLN

There's things I need to do and stuff I need to arrange, and places I need to shop at. Funsies.

Starting with the search for decent kibble for the cats. Some more apple varieties for Miss Chaos. Some ice cream for tomorrow's feast. All of which is going to have to happen post-unfuckening.

I've fed my Starters, I've added more pages into Kosh's journal, and I have made some temporary PLNs to deal with the day.

Today is my ultimate test of

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Monday, Day Two, Let's GO!

Today, I have a lot on my plate. Today, I am putting more words into KOSTSS. Today, I am unfuckening the house. Also today, I am getting hold of our financial moguls to attempt a tax sortening. On the PHONE.

I'm going to be blasted by four PM for sure.

IF I have the energy to do any arting, I will, but... I probably won't have the energy to art.

Tomorrow, I may make an expedition into a dollar shop for art

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Monday, Day 2, Early Start

I woke up at a little around half-past two this AM. Refreshed and such because Essential Nanna Nap is part of my Sunday Routine. I didn't want to get up and do my arts and farts stuff, but I made myself do the thing. I can get two pages written before my hand starts to cramp. Good progress. Or at least, progress.

If I can do that every morning I wake up early, there's a good chance I can get the journal

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Wednesday, Day 2, Wordpress

There's prawns all over the place if you're willing to shop around, and I am willing to shop around. Unfortunately, I just looked at all the prices online and... yeah... Prawns cost the same no matter where you get 'em from.

So I'm gonna make sure I have a bunch of dosh and get a lot of the dang things. In one place. And then hide them and forget I have them until the next time I get ice cream because I'm

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Friday, Day Two, whoopsydoodle

I keep forgetting it's November. Which means that I am overdue for Cashmas Panic. Hell, I haven't even gone looking for MeMum's bifdy present [I even almost forgot the nativity anniversary was yesterday -blush] and that's usually the precursor to Cashmas Panic.

So. Sometime this weekend, I shall be venturing forth from my bunker my bubble my home and either acquiring or sourcing places with which to accomplish a safe and sane yulemas.

Honestly, having a lo-prep Yule is a firkin fantastic

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Tuesday, Day Two, SIDEWAYS!

So here's the situation... Miss Chaos fell off a bouncy ball at school and bumped her noggin in a worrying way. I had to take her to the doctor's, then home for observation. She's staying home today.

The problem with this? Today's the day I'm taking my car in for a service. I have to keep her with me for those shenanigans. Which means bring along some entertainment devices for the love of Harry and St George.

In a few short hours,

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Monday - Day Two

It is the day of the Great Unfuckening, which promises to be expensive because I spent an ENTIRE WEEK noping out of smaller unfuckening tasks. I get what I deserve and the consequences of my inaction.

I still have to get the following:

  • Coffee
  • TP
  • Cream
  • Heat lamp bulbs [not red coloured because OMG]
  • new shoes for Miss Chaos
  • new shorts from the uniform shop for same

And SOMEHOW save enough cashola to pay for the bathroom rennos because the bathroom sink

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