Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season

A 8-post collection

Tuesday, Patreon and Shenanigans

Good news: Some nice fam has been helping MeMum with the disaster that is her yard and now all she has to do is keep it maintained.

Bad news: This also means more petrol runs.

Good news: I get paid for that.

Bad news: I still have to haul my asthmatic arse over there from the other side of town to help with that.

Also bad news: I'm having Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season so a good lungful of oxygen is harder to obtain this morning.

Working on Patreon whilst also working through my meds is the priority of this morning. I may also invest in a bungee cord to help keep Mum's petrol containers upright on the journey there and back again. Huzzah.

IF I have time and energy after all of that, I may get some summarising, tagging, and dungeon done. I need ALL of the best of luck.

Monday, Day 2, Labor Day

Seventeen total cases, sixteen in hospital, and only one left chilling for the all-clear. I'm feeling better about the numbers but not completely secure.

The steam machine is doing great, but I still need to dose myself RSN because I'm horking up bronchial casts of my alveoli. Fun. Also gross.

The bad air days may be coming to a close. I can hope. Thanks to the water vapour, breathing is easier, but I really need to shake the clinker to have better

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It's the Most Horrible Time...

At least for my asthmatic arse. Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season has commenced. I can tell by the way my throat feels closed up and I suddenly have a need for my preventers, puffers, and occasional nebuliser doses of my meds.

I have my faithful Max within arm's reach. And I always have a modicum of medication squirrelled away within the cargo space. I've had the better part of my entire life coping with not being able to breathe so this is more

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This bug... clings.

I just can't shake it like I'm used to doing. And Sneezin' and Wheezin' season is not helping.

I have three sticks of cinnamon. I can plausibly make cinnamon/ginger/citrus tea. Lord knows the Shamdy didn't help as much as it should have. But getting a good ginger garlic chicken soup going is going to have to wait until I have more money.


I just want to sleep. But I owe y'all a fresh story and a

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Lurgi, Wheezing, and Other Noise

Lurgi: The seasonal sniffles of the It's-Going-Around have definitely hit, if my crunchy eyes are any indicator. Still living on Shamdy and hoping for the best and peeing like a champion.

Wheezing: The curse of the season has bit me on the arse and I actually horked up a small bronchial cast this morning. Gasp. The bad news is, I swear I had some atrovent nebules somewhere and I can no longer remember where the hell I left the fuckers. They have

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Sneezin', Wheezin' and CYCLONE Season

If there's anything worse than Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, it's that plus fucking Low Pressure Systems making my face firkin hurt.

Today's episode of Fuck My Life began at half-past one in the morning and only abated because I finally got to the Ibuprofen plus Acetaminophen at 8ish. For Australians: Neurofen and Panadol. For the Americans: Nurofen and Tylenol.

I don't know any other nation's brands. Fill me in. I love to learn things.

So yeah. Spotty sleep. Painful face. An air

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Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season has hit, I am sure. The sniffles that only plagued me in the bedroom have migrated outwards. The good news is that I am only slightly miserable, as opposed to the last bout of immense misery that had me pondering whether or not to break Keto for my usual cure of juice and ginger ale.

I still have to go out and get some bulk vinegar, and a replacement thing for the window. Because I was a dummins

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It's 4AM and my life sucks a little

Got woken up by another asthma attack at two in the morning and didn't take a nebuliser dose until 3. I'm going to need another dose long about 6AM. This is indeed a Bad Air Day.

I'm now worried that I may cause alarm and despondency if I need to use my machine in public at Tucson. And to that end, I've warned Miss Bennett about me and put an FAQ on my phone.

I still have no idea if Bunny sees

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