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Fuck My Life

A 7-post collection

The Waiting Game

I have one agent left of the three I sent my queries off to. One who has no turn-around time and no indicator of whether or not they'll get back to me.

Streemian is still down and out for the count.

The next step of my power down happens in three days.

And the soonest my bank is taking calls is Monday.

So my schedule is:

  • Monday, call bank, get network banking fixed up
  • Also clean the house and do the school stuff and everything else
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, check my Steemit wallet to see how much Steem I have
  • Check daily to see whether or not Streemian is back up
  • Wait for that agent-borne sword of damocles to come down vis-a-vis representation with bated breath
  • Once that happens, follow whatever the next step might be.

It's weird that I dread failure as much as I fear success.

Broken trust. Again

Once again, I put my trust in my family and once again I got stabbed in the fucking back.

I trusted my son to put the fresh groceries away. He left them out to go fucking rotten.

I trusted my Beloved to help me out. They denied me to my face. Even when I said it was important.

So yeah. I'm salty as fuck today.

I need hugs and love, but I can't trust anyone to see to that.

Fuck today.

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Cue "Yakety Sax"

That's "The Benny Hill Theme" to many of you dear readers. Ideal music for running about like a chook after a chook with a curly grub.

So this was yesterday:

  • Get Chaos ready for her psych visit
  • Forget to urge Mayhem into motion
  • See Beloved off to work
  • Prepare for a long-arse trip there and back again
  • Just as it's time to go, realise that Mayhem fell asleep instead of getting ready and have an emotional blowout
  • Drive Mayhem to school
  • Realise
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Cue the Lone Ranger Theme Music

This is the email I got from Hello Cosplay. You can understand that this is nails-down-the-chalkboard stuff for me.

My corset is in transit because I now dwell in the 91Kilo zone. My dress is in limbo.

I had to rush arrangements for the kids because I will be in Boronia Heights, 80K away, getting a kludge skirt together out of whatever we can manage.

At least Spotlight takes Amex.

Alas, I shall also be rushing today's Instant because I only have

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It never rains...

It firkin floods.

Bad news has a tendency to snowball around me. I don't just get one bucket of poop descending upon my life like a fateful, fragrant comet. No. I get trucks of it. By the dozen.

And there is something drastically wrong inside my head that makes me blame myself for shit that's out of my control.

Beloved's work superiors act like whiny, micro-managing idiots and make Beloved want to quit? Somehow, it's my fault. Fandom friend some literal thousands

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2:02 AM

Chaos woke me up at 1 with noisy cartoons. Beloved was still at work.

FYI it is a bad idea to use sneak previews of Vice Quadrant to try and relax back into sleep. Too excited to try sleeping now :P

I pre-ordered ages ago when SPG were giving out badges… And I am still jealous of the people who get to hear The Pulls ahead of me. Go figure.

I gotta try to sleep. The live stream is on in

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Fuck infographics

OK, so I saw an infographic about common things we take and medications we should not take those things with.

One of the potential deadlies on that graphic was coffee and “asthma medication”.

Fine, thinks I. I shall quit coffee and play it safe.


For some reason, I was unaware of the time passing until it had gone half-eleven, last night. And this morning I was seriously weighing the pros and cons of staying awake so I can ferry the kids

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