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Well, shit

Or, in this case, no shit. Chaos has the Keto Clogs and convincing her to take the guaranteed-to-work Pink Drink is an uphill battle.

I'll be looking into everything I can do to help her out, today. But first...

Today's the last day we've got to talk re-enrollment for Mayhem's year eleven, and the only time slot is this morning. So I have Chaos in my trail whilst we talk proper schooling with Mayhem and the people whose job it is to educate him.

And I know damn well that certain schools are quite happy to take a kid until it effects their success tally. So this is deep beans.

On the plus side, Mayhem has a traineeship with a game company, so that may be a foot in the door. If he can focus on his work for a change. I know for a fact that this child can't focus on anything at home, so it's a leap of faith to trust him in a workplace.

Big leap for my young man.

Big life lesson no matter which way it goes.

I have to find out what else can help her out, today. Doctors might not be able to see her.

And sometime after that, I still have to deliver content for all of you. Fun times. Fun, fun times.

I can do this... i hope

I have some potential agents lined up to get query letters. I have some novels that really, really need to get out there if I have a hope of earning money at this.

I know that I have to get several agents to handle all of my stuff, because I write across a wide and varied field of fiction. Which I hope is for everyone.

One day, I will find one agent who is willing to take me, and all my assorted

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Firkin Telstra...

I swear to the Powers That Be [pick your favourite] that tech support would be so much easier with people who understood what the fuck was going on.

I tried to get help from the alleged pros at Telstra. Several times. Concerning both getting MeMum's new compy online and accessing her Bigpond/email account.

I actually got assistance from Beloved about the former.

And as for the latter...

Cue the Benny Hill music.

Five calls. Two texts. One attempt by MeMum to

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Okay so my own system has up and decided to lock me out. None of my passwords work at the mome. And if I can't log in to NodeBB, then I can't add comment abilities to my stories.


Patience, my dear readers. You will be able to comment again soon. Not that anyone has as of yet... Ah well.

This is going to take a bit of a while. I'm sorry.

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It never rains...

It firkin floods.

Bad news has a tendency to snowball around me. I don't just get one bucket of poop descending upon my life like a fateful, fragrant comet. No. I get trucks of it. By the dozen.

And there is something drastically wrong inside my head that makes me blame myself for shit that's out of my control.

Beloved's work superiors act like whiny, micro-managing idiots and make Beloved want to quit? Somehow, it's my fault. Fandom friend some literal thousands

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