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Communication misadventure happy fun times

I succeeded in getting MeMum online. Yay. Alas, the avenues of communication are only one way because in order to get a reply to her, she needs a working email.

And those are borked because Telstra is way more than lackluster at the moment.

So... Yes, mum. I did get the four separate messages you sent to me late last night for some bizarre reason. Put your hearing aids in. I just tried to ring you twice and you didn't pick up.

I'm not panicking until 10.

Firkin Telstra...

I swear to the Powers That Be [pick your favourite] that tech support would be so much easier with people who understood what the fuck was going on.

I tried to get help from the alleged pros at Telstra. Several times. Concerning both getting MeMum's new compy online and accessing her Bigpond/email account.

I actually got assistance from Beloved about the former.

And as for the latter...

Cue the Benny Hill music.

Five calls. Two texts. One attempt by MeMum to

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