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Monday, SNAFU all over again

I forgot to write here and dove straight into the daily tale. Blame the Tale Foundry Backup Readings. I got in the fiction creation mood.

Beloved is arriving in this fair city at 11:30 PM so I won't be able to be there to greet her. She has medical intervention soon in the next morning... I probably won't have her in my arms until maybe tomorrow evening.


Tomorrow, the gravel arrives. I shall be camping near the front door and doing things there until the stuff gets there. I don't know about moving it around thereafter. It depends on the heat and humidity at the time.

Either way, I am going to get the swamp fixed.

Today, I'm back to taking things easy. A bit into the WIP, and a different side project is the goal per diem. Anything extra is a bonus. I have learned that two per day, every day, is a bit more stressful than I like.

Henceforth, I shall be counting bonuses for bragging rights. Like: I did four last week.

Onwards to my offerings.


Once again, my inability to count is hurting my day. I have to go through my master file and be sure all the numbers are incremental. Whee.

That's going to take a little patch of time.

Things will be fixed. Eventually. From thence onwards, I vow to check my counting accuracy every fifty stories. That should keep me sorted. I hope.

It's been raining here - which I like - but not on the fires. Boo.

I also binged The Witcher and

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So here's the situation:

  • Car's in the repair shop. Again
  • They have managed to duplicate the big problem [suspected misfiring]
  • BUT they still don't know what is causing it

Trust me to get a new engine and have it turn out to be a lemon.

So my car is in limbo once more as the techie people unriddle what the actual fuck... My Beloved has had a birthday and some SINFUL amounts of carbs to go with. There is a pavlova in

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Insert pictograms and grawlixes here.

My car has a little problem. According to KIABIL, it's misfiring, and the engine light is on constantly. This JUST after it's been allegedly fixed. I swear to firk, I have the worst luck with technology. Especially technology I only peripherally understand.

Anyway, part of my shenanigans today involves getting my jumpy car out to the repair peeps, getting a lift back home, and returning to stealing my Beloved's car. Sigh.

At least I have ice cream.

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I will not ask what else can go wrong, because it more or less has. My car is due to go to the repair people today. That's going to cost a honkload.


  • I can't start Audacity - the program I use to edit my episodes of Inter-Mission [have no fear, there is a new episode today and there are like three more waiting in the wings]
  • One of the cats broke down the pet door that was their only safety from
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It's expensive, this week

So. I have registered our pets, splurged on my birthday present [it was preset moneys, so it's technically not out of my bank] and am waiting on an AUS$600 car repair bill.

This alongside the usual food/petrol/shenanigans nonsense that happens on the daily.

It's a sock in the gut, for sure, and I could really use a safety net to feel relaxed about this sock in the gut. Like, I know, on an intellectual level, that I can make

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Okay. I've got this.

My car is officially out of commission even though it's technically driveable. The coolant leak is pretty fast and I don't want to be stuck in the middle of busy morning traffic with a non-functioning accelerator again.

That was hairy.

So I'm stealing my Beloved's landbarge for all my errand shenanigans. My car has an appointment in likely-early next week, and I was told to bring it in on Friday. It likely won't be fixed before Tuesday.


It's going to be

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The system is down. AGAIN!

Honestly, if I ran the world, I'd make sure the Interwebs service providers were only paid by the hour of use. That way, the greedy sods would actually be invested in making sure your connection worked 24/7

Anyway, you probably won't see a lot of me after today's Instant and I can't publish Inter-Mission until the internets is back up because my main compy doesn't like doing internet via my phone and all my podcast files are on there.

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So Steemit is down. For now. Which means I can't earn fractions of a cent per diem that I post. I honestly thought this nonsense would last less than a day. Now I'm stuck with a story in limbo and little in the way of a PLN in order to line up what happens next.

Those of you who know me from my days as and XME fanwriter will know that I have ALWAYS had problems with what happens next.

My kids

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Back at it...

So. I have no idea how our time got stolen this weekend, but it did. I suspect most of it was in the discovery that our Pocket Hole Joint Kit (tm) failed to contain a specific size of screws. Running around after that noise definitely crimped our style.

The one place that has them was shut, too. So that's added to my itinerary today. Brat run, money run, screws if possible.

THEN unfuckening the house, doing the Instants, writing 1K, and building

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The Imp's Arse

So now the problem is getting the parts to come together for a crucial last few centimeters/millimeters/nanometers because working with warped wood is just a firkin barrel of arseholes. I suspect aggressive work with the angle grinder may eventually save the day. Mostly because tensioning that beeswax sure didn't.

I'm so close to finishing the structure and it's looking like we could maybe put the concrete in on Tuesday. TUESDAY.

::foaming at the mouth and flailing::

On the plus side

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School Hols. Yay?

On one hand, a lot more free time because no brat runs. On the other hand, I still have a lot to do and convincing the kids to come help is an uphill battle at the best of times. Sigh.

In progress news, we fucked up one of the posts, and now I have to go make another one. Boo.

We have a lot of lumber lying around now, thanks to various fuckups.

In other progress news, we have reached the "Fuckit"

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Mayhem has a free day - allegedly. I have already said that he's going to be in trouble if I get any contact from his school about this. Meanwhile, he's helping me with the kittycat shelter.

All things going well, we should have the front entryway side assembled - or mostly assembled - by sunset. In the rain.

This on top of getting a cavity filled. Today is going to be fun.

Story will be happening during any breaks. Thanks in advance

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We have a PLN

Today, we shall be boxing out and digging the footprint, if all goes well. Similarly, scattering the base of the footprint with drainage gravel because that's how it works.

Ten o'clock is almost here, and that means noise shall be allowed.

The story, of course, will be happening. Just later than normal and possibly dripping with frustration because... Even though we can do all this, the forecast is for a week of rain :P

I hate that this is taking so long.

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Yesterday was a complete and total fuckup. Today's not looking that fantastic either. Like... 90% of my life was in transit to get something else done.

Not just the brat run, but a shrink appointment [I'm still anxious, big shock] and fetching my long-lost lappy back from the Apple Store.

Good news, though, I got my lappy back for free. Which meant that I was free to go pick up some necessary sanity supplies. AKA cheese and Halo Top tubs.

By the

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