A 43-post collection

The system is down. AGAIN!

Honestly, if I ran the world, I'd make sure the Interwebs service providers were only paid by the hour of use. That way, the greedy sods would actually be invested in making sure your connection worked 24/7

Anyway, you probably won't see a lot of me after today's Instant and I can't publish Inter-Mission until the internets is back up because my main compy doesn't like doing internet via my phone and all my podcast files are on there.

Thanks in advance for your patience. I'm doing the best I can.


So Steemit is down. For now. Which means I can't earn fractions of a cent per diem that I post. I honestly thought this nonsense would last less than a day. Now I'm stuck with a story in limbo and little in the way of a PLN in order to line up what happens next.

Those of you who know me from my days as and XME fanwriter will know that I have ALWAYS had problems with what happens next.

My kids

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Back at it...

So. I have no idea how our time got stolen this weekend, but it did. I suspect most of it was in the discovery that our Pocket Hole Joint Kit (tm) failed to contain a specific size of screws. Running around after that noise definitely crimped our style.

The one place that has them was shut, too. So that's added to my itinerary today. Brat run, money run, screws if possible.

THEN unfuckening the house, doing the Instants, writing 1K, and building

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The Imp's Arse

So now the problem is getting the parts to come together for a crucial last few centimeters/millimeters/nanometers because working with warped wood is just a firkin barrel of arseholes. I suspect aggressive work with the angle grinder may eventually save the day. Mostly because tensioning that beeswax sure didn't.

I'm so close to finishing the structure and it's looking like we could maybe put the concrete in on Tuesday. TUESDAY.

::foaming at the mouth and flailing::

On the plus side

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School Hols. Yay?

On one hand, a lot more free time because no brat runs. On the other hand, I still have a lot to do and convincing the kids to come help is an uphill battle at the best of times. Sigh.

In progress news, we fucked up one of the posts, and now I have to go make another one. Boo.

We have a lot of lumber lying around now, thanks to various fuckups.

In other progress news, we have reached the "Fuckit"

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Mayhem has a free day - allegedly. I have already said that he's going to be in trouble if I get any contact from his school about this. Meanwhile, he's helping me with the kittycat shelter.

All things going well, we should have the front entryway side assembled - or mostly assembled - by sunset. In the rain.

This on top of getting a cavity filled. Today is going to be fun.

Story will be happening during any breaks. Thanks in advance

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We have a PLN

Today, we shall be boxing out and digging the footprint, if all goes well. Similarly, scattering the base of the footprint with drainage gravel because that's how it works.

Ten o'clock is almost here, and that means noise shall be allowed.

The story, of course, will be happening. Just later than normal and possibly dripping with frustration because... Even though we can do all this, the forecast is for a week of rain :P

I hate that this is taking so long.

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Yesterday was a complete and total fuckup. Today's not looking that fantastic either. Like... 90% of my life was in transit to get something else done.

Not just the brat run, but a shrink appointment [I'm still anxious, big shock] and fetching my long-lost lappy back from the Apple Store.

Good news, though, I got my lappy back for free. Which meant that I was free to go pick up some necessary sanity supplies. AKA cheese and Halo Top tubs.

By the

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Three out of the four corner posts that I need to notch are warped. This wasn't a problem in the middle, but it is a problem at the ends. I lack the muscular strength to hold down a post to the point where the limiter actually hits the line, and the accuracy to actually hit the line with my own limiting of the saw depth.

So I thought I'd disassemble the problem garden bed.

Problem 1: It's fastened with big-ass screws

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Another Early Morning

A nifty combo of full bladder, overheating, and Beloved's snoring had me awake at half past one this AM. Not the best start in the world, but at least I got five more stories recorded for Inter-Mission and I got some episodes edited for Oh My Mods that just sneaked in under the wire. Yay.

I probably won't have time for more, as it is fast approaching the hour in which my little darlings shall be awake and needing their internet fix.

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Another early start..

I took half an hour to get out of bed this AM, but I did it, and I've caught up on most of my bullshit. That means my Patrons have stuff to read, my Wordpress peeps have a new thing to peruse, and I am now doing my blogging.

Soon, I shall set up the circular saw so I can put holes in things. I don't anticipate more than one post per diem unless I have Beloved's help, but I'm getting there.

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Wuzgunnas and Disorder

I wuzgunna enjoy a nice night of chaos and D&D, but our DM is down with a Lurgi, so the game is off. Which is a good thing because I succumbed to a frighteningly interesting asthma attack on the same evening. Possibly a combination of anxiety, Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, inhaling pine particulates because sawing notches into wood, and maybe a white chocolate and almond Magnum I had that evening. Or any combination of those numbering greater than zero.


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Fixed today? Pls?

I took my erratic lappy up to the Apple Store as a good owner should... and it’s going to be five days to get it back once it’s been repaired.

Of course it behaved like a saint when it was seeing the techsperts. The bugger.

They’re replacing the entire keyboard which, as you might know, is pretty much the entire business end of a laptop. Seems to me it might be quicker to make a complete clone/backup of

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Okay, so here's the PLN...

I have something dodgy happening with my lappy, so I made an appointment with the Apple Store to get it looked at. For some reason, it can't recognise it is a lappy for a good five minutes if opened whilst plugged in to power. Weird. I suspect a connection gone askew.

This thing isn't even a year old, I'm sure. I'm getting very upset about the frailty of Apple products. I mean, otherwise, they're pretty reliable, but... Do one wrong thing to

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Day 6: 7 days of free internet left

It's almost been an entire week and here's what we know:

  • It's not the internet service provider
  • It's the NBN
  • The connections to the NBN have possibly got water in them or got eaten by a wombat or something and we suffer because of it.

So (I hope) Beloved has got onto A. Guy, who is going to take a look at everything and sort shit out.

Meanwhile, I continue to at minimum push out the Instant and then vanish off the

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